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  1. Lambies Lost Doo

    Ptfc Trust Update

    You have got us hooked. You need to provide more detail instead of social media "scoops". On the other hand I heard it is going ahead.
  2. Lambies Lost Doo

    Aidan Fitzpatrick scores v Dundee United 09.03.2019

    Hat off to Mansell for pressing the defender and getting the ball off him. Lovely pass. Fitzpatrick took the perfect amount of time to slot it right in the bottom corner. Very composed.
  3. Lambies Lost Doo

    BBC Sportsound at Firhill Thursday

    Q&A with Dools, Julie Fleeting, Gerry Britton & Scott MacDonald. Doors 17:45 Alan Rough Lounge no ticket. Saw this on twitter
  4. Lambies Lost Doo

    Ross County 23.2.19

    Sitting on train in stunned silence. Need to process that 2nd half and watch Jagzone before commenting. 1st half = going for play offs. 2nd half = my 5-a-side team when we go a goal behind to 20 somethings.
  5. Lambies Lost Doo

    Ross County 23.2.19

    Any Ross County fan or person from Dingwell I have found very pleasant. The club itself is inoffensive. However I utterly dislike Ross County on the pitch. I think it's from Derek Adams teams and their awful but succesful way of play. Lets pump them.
  6. Lambies Lost Doo


    Who is starting a crowdfunder for a flag?
  7. Lambies Lost Doo

    Kris Doolan on Soccer FM

    The legend was presenting (in my opinion) the best podcast on Scottish football this week. https://m.facebook.com/soccerfmpod/
  8. Lambies Lost Doo

    Alloa 16/02

    May I respectfully ask what is the real story?
  9. Lambies Lost Doo

    Scottish cup quarters

    @jagfox I was meaning North sections of JHS where away fans sometimes go.
  10. Lambies Lost Doo

    Scottish cup quarters

    I'm being a nugget. Even though it said JL my brain turned it to JHS. Apologies.
  11. Lambies Lost Doo

    Scottish cup quarters

    Yes. Unfortunately.
  12. Lambies Lost Doo

    Scottish cup quarters

    Agree with @Prince of Partick I would go for giving Hearts the Colin Weir Stand and the first two sections of the Jackie Husband nearest to the Bing. Colin Weir is for Away fans. For JHS there was some movement from those sections to hold the smaller away numbers like Alloa and Ross County (no disrespect to these teams). We already have the solution.
  13. Lambies Lost Doo

    V Inverness

    Could McMillan go to LB and Penrice DM? Hazard GK McMillan LB Saunders CH Anderson CH Christie RB Penrice DM Slater Bannigan Spittal CM FIitzy #10 Dools CF
  14. Lambies Lost Doo

    Winter window

    Graeme McGarry in The Herald "9:34pm It's disappointment for Partick Thistle fans - well, more disappointment - as a last-gasp bid for a striker has fallen through at the eleventh hour. The Jags thought they had their man after putting in a bid with a club in England, but the deal has now collapsed and manager Gary Caldwell is satisfied to go into the scrap for Championship survival with what he now has."
  15. Lambies Lost Doo

    Winter window

    The relegation clause. Cast your mind back to the heady innocent times of 2016. I would have assumed Barton and Keown would have earned transfer fees if we were to lose them but it was not to be. If Keown didn't want to stay why not just cancel contract? He isn't as good as he thinks. Look at how we are celebrating a 33 year old from St Johnstone as the new Beckenbauer.