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  1. Lambies Lost Doo

    New Owner

    Totally mental. Jaqui Low rocks up for a day at work. Season about to start. <Buzz> "ehm ms low there are 3 men here to see you." 5 mins later packing belongings into her sportscar.
  2. Lambies Lost Doo

    New Owner

    I don't see the training ground as an embarassment. It's planning and councils. Slow. Bureaucratic. Illogical to the lay person but demands for information mean they need to tell fans probably to early.
  3. Lambies Lost Doo

    New Owner

    It feels like 50% of the message board are speaking to people running the club and i can confirm none of them are me.
  4. Lambies Lost Doo

    New Owner

    Football can be as brutal as politics. 3 people out the door quick smart. No more super amazing comms. The Queen is dead. Long live the King.
  5. Lambies Lost Doo

    New Owner

    I'm so confused. Everything is confusing.
  6. Lambies Lost Doo

    What’s your favourite pre match boozers

    No idea about Landsdowne. If you can still get a beer then superb. Will head back to New Strathmore now I know it still has its bar.
  7. Lambies Lost Doo

    What’s your favourite pre match boozers

    Similar to @Thistleberight my drinking interest has been impacted by kids and hangovers are so depressing it's just not worth it. BUT if I do have a beer before or after then Before Aitken Suite - it's easy. It's close. I'm helping the club. That's it. Munros - it's ok. Beer selection has decreased in quality though. Crafty Pig - decent food. Crossing The Rubicon - was great for food when doing curry. Now rebranded and Scottish themed menu so no idea as not been in since. After Was Landsdowne. Gutted it's now a restaurant. Was always a nice place. Really liked it. Was Strathmore post gentrification. Not been in since it's changed. Can you still get a drink in a bar area or is it purely restaurant? After that Munros or Inn Deep. If heading city centre very partial to State Bar. Wonderful selection of beers.
  8. Lambies Lost Doo

    50/50 Draw - Season 19/20

    I was thinking with the 50/50 as we have funding for youth scheme via Weir Academy could we use the £ to get more fans to the game (have free tickets, buses and chaperones) or build something like a Cruyff Court? Just an idea.
  9. Lambies Lost Doo

    Kit 2019-2020

    I wore the away top yesterday and it was terrible. Car horns by every 8th or 9th car that passed. Walked past a building site and was pestered by muscle mary's on scaffolding. Others looking at my chest and bum in street. Ended up getting harassed like a Benny Hill sketch basically chased into a gym where real straight men working out was a safe haven. Now harassed on social media with multiple dick pics and offers of money. Shameful behaviour. Never again. (Suppose I deserved it though going out dressed like that.)
  10. Lambies Lost Doo

    Fixures date change

    I like a Friday night game. Summer so pleasant weather even if it rains! Straight from work, drink, something to eat then game I can bring a couple neutral mates out with me and it fits in better with my family life. We all have young kids so having a whole Saturday afternoon away is not fair on them or wives.
  11. Lambies Lost Doo

    New Owner

    That statement was dreadful. Defensive and shirty.
  12. Lambies Lost Doo

    Scott Fox Signs

    Fox got us promoted and was part of my fave ever Thistle team so he will always have my respect. Was also at Dools race night so a good guy. Never understood why he got stick for moving on. As a keeper he's alright. I preferred Gallacher at the time who seemed more solid and was good at stopping penalty kicks.
  13. Lambies Lost Doo

    Current squad

    For me we need one defender and one attacker. Jack McMillan would fill 1 spot if we could get him back. I really liked the look of him. Full back, Centre Half and Centre Mid. Scott Wright would fill the attacking spot. That type of player. Winger, number 10 and has some shot.
  14. Lambies Lost Doo

    New Owner

    Always amazed how people talk about investment and sponsorship like we are some big powerhouse. We are a yo yo club with a fanbase averaging 3000 in a city dominated by 2 other clubs. Resouces, finance and interest is increasingly being centralised into a small number of clubs in a small number of leagues so Rangers and Celtic (and Ajax, Anderlecht, Benfica etc) are on the outside looking in. We are so far from these previous big names the only people out there to give money to the club are fans themselves.
  15. Lambies Lost Doo

    Championship summer transfer thread - all the ins...

    Never understood the anti-Paul Paton sentiment. Gave 100% and was our captain in one of the best teams i have seen that got us promoted.