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  1. Impressive response from fans and the club. I've just increased by Centenary Fund from £5 to £10. It shpuld be pushed more as its a continual and reliant form of income for the club.
  2. Contracts/legals I have no idea. But from reading sensible outlets and wife in NHS this will peak in 3 or 4 weeks. Level out. Then peak again Winter time. So it's going to be stop start to society with restrictions lifted for society and economy where possible then brought back in. The season could stretch over 2 regular seasons in my mind. Finance, contracts etc would be difficult.
  3. Tommy Robson shirt Away purchased online for £100. Thanks all. I ended up buying another top for myself in a moment of madness!
  4. Thanks to those who have sent me £ so far. When all send it on I'll get the player sponsorship sorted and update.
  5. Sorry guys let me contact you individually tonight after kids go to bed. Its a bit manic with work and kids as with most people. Thanks all for making a pledge.
  6. Guys can we get this back on track please? There are other threads for the ownership debate. Even selfishly for myself it's given me a wee boost. 2 pledges to join Centenary Fund 7 pledges for player sponsorship 1 additional purchase in club shop 2 Nomads looking to donate Any more?
  7. 1 pledge to join Centenary Fund 7 pledges for player sponsorship 1 additional purchase in club shop 2 Nomads looking to donate Keep it going.
  8. It's a good start 1 pledge to join Centenary Fund 6 pledges for player sponsorship
  9. Anyone want to sponsor a player(s)? I'll start with £20 donation. Tommy Robson Away only £100. He's done well recently and deserves acknowledgement IMHO. Happy for other top.
  10. Absolutely agree. I'm lucky I work for a large organisation who should be able to ride this out. It's the small businesses which have a lot to worry about. Club will also have worries too. Shop local. Shop often. Keep things ticking along. (Even large firms like British Airways and hotels going to take a battering.)
  11. The club relies heavily on fans through the gates. With the shutdown we need to keep helping things to tick along. Season ticket sales will help but here are other ways to help. Join or increase your subscription to Centenary Fund http://ptfc.co.uk/fans/centenary-fund/join-the-centenary-fund/ Sponsor a player at a reduced rate. Could we do a message board collection? http://ptfc.co.uk/product-category/playersponsorship/ Merchandise http://www.teamwearscotland.com/category/professional-football-clubs/partick-thistle/ Online Shopping https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/
  12. F&ck me these communications from the working group, trust, club are so longwinded I need to write down and bullet point to get any logic from them. I cringe reading them. Keep it simple please. On another note we have all been in work where the manager/leader(s) are lacking something. Even teachers when you were at school. You can smell it. Everyone knows it. It damages the culture of the organisation. That person for us is Ms J Low. Very problematic.
  13. Defence solid but 3 at the back means you lose a man in midfield. We had no one who could step out with the ball and break the lines. LWB had width and got past his man but RWB did not do that much. Midfield lacked creativity. Penrice and Barjonas were poor. Big gap between them and attack. Forwards did not click. I'm a traditionalist of 442 but when I see 2 forwards stranded up front it makes me think maybe its not the best as again lose a man in midfield. We had no width and no number 10. We really miss Scott MacDonald. Subs were an improvement. Mayo looked impressive. Keep him and drop one for 4 at the back?
  14. FFS. That person is a PR disaster.
  15. Nobody puts money into Scottish football expecting a return. "Handsomely rewarded" is used with no proof. Money that could have been used on other ventures, time invested taking them away from professional and personal commitments and stress involved in running the club with criticism and abuse from fans. It's a thankless task for past and present directors.