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  1. Lambies Lost Doo

    Boycott Stranraer Game?

    Never thought I would propose this. I'm a season ticket holder. Mild mannered. Happy clapper. Never boo and shout encouragement. Need a real protest. Boycott the cup game. Caldwell has to go. One of our best players has went from bottom of chamionship to top 6 premiership team. Illogical. Relegation must be avoided. Need to send a message.
  2. Lambies Lost Doo

    May plods on with her deal....Low plods on with Caldwell

    This is worse than Brexit
  3. Lambies Lost Doo


    Caldwell out. He's killing the team. Alienating the fans. Results terrible. I'm a mild mannered happy clapper season ticket holder but enough is enough. He needs to go now.
  4. Lambies Lost Doo

    Falkirk game

    Got time for Osman and Paton. One helped get us Top 6. The other gave everything for promotion.
  5. Lambies Lost Doo

    Falkirk game

    If we replaced Harkins with a more mobile player like Penrice (although who plays LB?) or McCarthy and Storey with Erskine our team would (hopefully) be more mobile and linked up. Defence looks better. Midfield is talented. But no service to the forwards and Harkins is just too slow in the tackle. Good skill but better in a number 10 role as its like watching your old Da playing 5 a side. I am very worried.
  6. Lambies Lost Doo

    Dundee United vs. Thistle

    Were we playing with a diamond in midfield? Harkins at back. Slater and Bannigan central. Spittal as #10?
  7. Lambies Lost Doo

    Winter window

    The club have done their business quickly. Well organised on the target and admin front! Would still love a return of Balatoni, Paton, Welsh (and Forbes if he was fully fit).
  8. Lambies Lost Doo

    Thistle vs. Morton, 29/12/18

    :-) With 2 kids under 3 my drinking days are way behind me and my capacity is at an all time low. If I'd try to keep pace I'd be trying to get into the bing at the old turnstiles. "£3? Brilliant!".
  9. Lambies Lost Doo

    Winter window

    Sad how his career has panned out. Loads of talent. Good to watch on his day. Very calm. Other issues may have caused him not to fulfill his potential.
  10. Lambies Lost Doo

    Winter window

    Good article here https://purefitbaw.com/2018/12/27/5-players-that-partick-thistle-could-sign/amp/?
  11. Lambies Lost Doo


    Buy your season ticket here https://www.ptfctickets.co.uk/login.php?redirect=%2Fmembership%2Fmemberships.php&sReason=MustBeLoggedIn: %2Fmembership%2Fmemberships.php I'm all for moans but the ability to buy a ticket is advertised and easily done.
  12. Lambies Lost Doo

    Thistle vs. Morton, 29/12/18

    A neutrals view. Nice wee blog to follow. https://thefitbanomad.wordpress.com/2018/12/30/finishing-the-year-at-firhill/amp/
  13. Lambies Lost Doo

    Thistle vs. Morton, 29/12/18

    The team is playing with no identity, bad structure and no direction. Yes we were spoilt to an extent with the previous 5 seasons especially the Top 6 season where we would switch from a back 3 to a back 4 easily but any team in any league needs to have something about them to compete and we unfortunately don't have it. The first half was terrible. A bad mistake by Sneddon but with his youth and inexperience we need to give him a break. The back 3 does not work. We end up having 3 defenders in a row and we lose the midfield battle. No one can bring the ball out 10 to 15 yards and make space. McGinty is an ok player but I feel Caldwell is making his life difficult by making him have too much of the ball. He does have a decent pass in him but at this level you cannot expect him to be successful all the time. Scobbie is ok and Keown of 2 seasons ago is all but a mere distant memory. What I would give to have a Balatoni in there. right now. Elliott and Penrice played better as full backs and I though both managed to get past players in the 2nd half. WE need a centre half be it O'Ware or another like when we got Lee Mair in the 2nd half of our 1st season back in the top flight. Midfield was lost in 1st half. Slater, McCarthy and Spittal were ineffective. Better in the 2nd with the move to a back 4 but I struggled to see what the real formation was and only the official site said 4-2-3-1. Slater is a good player with a cracking goal. McCarthy brings in more defensive solidity and I thought he did ok. Could he be the player to protect the defence ala Paton and Osman role? We have a strong midfield with Bannigan to come in but I struggle to see how we can accommodate everyone to their best strengths. Do we put Penrice in DM and get a LB? Something is not clicking when it should be the easiest area to fix. Attack 1st half nothing. Storey is playing as a number 9 but while is strong and quick he cannot cross or shoot. Yes he was unlucky with Dools touching his shot in an offside position as it was going in I think but he needs to go. It is just not working. Doolan is not playing in his best position. Erskine came on his limited link up play with Doolan was more effective. However it seemed that Erskine and Spittal were almost playing in the same position and getting in each others way and Erskine should have taken out their player when they broke for their 2nd. Our attack has no plan or structure. We should have had a penalty with a push on Doolan. We could maybe have had another penalty when the ball hit Morton defenders arm as he slid to tackle and we almost snatched a draw with a deflection but ffs it was poor. 3500 crowd was ok and the fans got behind the team when we equalised and pushed on for a win but Caldwell is really in a bad place and I have lost faith in him already.
  14. Lambies Lost Doo

    Thistle vs. Morton, 29/12/18

    I'd love to be able to get out the house to a game on Christmas Day. Christmas Day is unnatural. Too many people fill a house. Difficult to cook for them. Kids kicking off. Dark by 15:30.
  15. Lambies Lost Doo

    Winter window

    Liked the look of Gordon. Decent attitude. Unlucky to be injured.