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  1. Lambies Lost Doo

    A night with GC

    That was a good watch. Articulate. Young and modern. Explained why and how. Hats off to the club and to Gary for doing this. Some background to me. I love Archie. Wanted him to stay and was gutted he left. In hindsight he should have left after relegation. Still can't work out how we were relegated 12 months on and the relegation was a perfect storm with Maxwell and Beattie leaving. Caldwell has been an improvement. I love Erskine. I'll bore my kids about this guy. I genuinely get excited seeing him and I'm 41. Was raging he left. In hindsight if pushed I'd say it was the right decision. I worship Doolan. It's embarassing. On and off field he is a role model for me let alone younger people. Caldwell made the choice. That's his job. I'm still not happy about it. It's made me give a lot more to his testimonial! But like the end of a relationship you need to let go or it eats you up inside. Partick Thistle is my club. It is our club. Forever and ever. It's genuinely helped me in tough times by just being there, losing yourself in the crowd and forgetting your worries by becoming consumed by working out our formation, frustrated at the full back leaving space and demanding a substitution. As I said after last season. We start again.
  2. Lambies Lost Doo

    U-16s go free, scrapped ...

    They can fill a form in and write John Smith if they want. They can move anywhere in the stadium in reality. Once you are in you are in. Who would let their u12 go alone to football? Realistically.
  3. Lambies Lost Doo

    U-16s go free, scrapped ...

    It said you can get a season ticket on the day so walk ups allowed.
  4. Lambies Lost Doo

    U-16s go free, scrapped ...

    Is that a big problem? I'm all for raising issues about the club and how it's run. But when it's a constant pile on of this and that the real message gets lost and people switch off.
  5. Lambies Lost Doo

    U-16s go free, scrapped ...

    It's still free. It still applies to walk ups. It still applies to randoms. They just need to fill a form. More hyperbole.
  6. Lambies Lost Doo

    Dools Race Night.

    Understood it was a sell out.
  7. Lambies Lost Doo

    Dools Race Night.

    I don't know the specifics but its to do with HMRC. He can't actively promote events and the organisers must be independent from the club. This ensures he gets to keep more £ and not the taxman. Players in attendance were Doh doh doh Conrad Balatoni, Scott Fox, Scott MacDonald, Stephen O'Donnel, Steven Craig, Chris Erskine. There were Q&A with them. Erskine bigged up the club, supporters, Dools and said he thought it was a disgrace he didn't get a contract. Erskine & Dools are real Thistle men. A rare breed. Was good to see Balatoni who was my fave player from the promotion season. His career didn't work out as he hoped or i expected which shows how fickle the game is.
  8. Lambies Lost Doo

    Dools Race Night.

    Was a really good night. Well organised. I didn't win a race so hopefully Dools benefited.
  9. Lambies Lost Doo

    Dools Race Night.

    Starts 7:30. Is that doors open or get there earlier for a seat?
  10. Lambies Lost Doo

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    Could he be the Ivorian cross of Adam Strachan & Steph McConologue (spelling?)
  11. Lambies Lost Doo

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    A friend of a friend knows a Killie player and he was not rated. The money they got for him they could not believe. His twitter output reeked of insincerity
  12. Lambies Lost Doo

    Reserve League

    I always understood match fitness was vital to a player. So if someone does not make the squad or is a sub why not have them play a reserve match?
  13. Lambies Lost Doo

    A night with GC

    If I look at the company I work for. There is the board and chairman for high level plans and "what we want to do". Then the Managing Director/Chief Exec. Its the MD/CE who manage the relationship with the staff and clients and makes the 1, 3, 5 year plan into something tangible. Gerry B should be leading this with Jacqui as backup.
  14. Lambies Lost Doo

    Out of Contact Players

    If someone offered you 50% or 100% wage rise to move to a new job you'd be away. I would. These footballers don't make huge money so are not in a position to say no.
  15. Lambies Lost Doo

    A night with GC

    I couldn't bring myself to attend. I like to think i'm a tactics nerd and fascinated by evolution of the game and insights from professionals but it feels like they are trying to flog me a timeshare or ponzi scheme. The language is just pure BS.