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  1. Probably feel a bit bruised. It's a thankless task putting £ and time in. The last "meet the board" event I thought was a bit cheeky. Fans now on these working groups giving grief as Colin Weir went incommunicado and pulled funding. A club our size needs to reach out, use contacts and networks to keep in with people in various industries. It worries me that the only boardroom person I recognise at the club is Jaqui Low.
  2. Has there been any attempt to have contributions from previous boards? I know this is a new dawn but we should get advice wherever we can. We had people who had started companies (e.g Apex Hotels), turned companies around (e.g Hunter wellies), ran companies for years and had decades of experiences in areas such as law and accountancy. All Thistle fans who put far more time and £ than I ever will. All I see now is the return of J Low (who i know is 3 Black Cats rep).
  3. It's days like this that make me seriously consider moving from Scotland. Weather is f&&&ing grim. The older I get the more it bothers me.
  4. Lindday and Fitzpatrick were not from the Weir Thistle Academy.
  5. And this is why I worry about a club our size with very limited resources having an Academy of this nature. Even the biggest most famous clubs for bringing through youths get a gem once every couple seasons with huge turnover in players. We are stretching ourelves. By all accounts have youth teams as part of community work and to help foster fanbase but we should be picking up players post 17/18 who have been let go by bigger clubs in Scotland and England.
  6. These are my fave players. Not always the bèst! Cerny - GK Elliott - RB Balatoni - CH Archibald - CH ATS - LB Paton - MID Rowson - MID Cairney - MID Erskine - FWD Doolan - FWD Lawless - FWD
  7. Any chance of Red Bull buying us to compliment Salzburg and Leipzig?!?
  8. Jim Oliver no longer Honourary President. Is this not a bit of a slap in the face to him for everything he did?
  9. No training facility is bad news for all players and coaches at the club. It's going to feel like a slap in the face to the family of Davie MacParland. It's another example of PR bullshit that the club did for 2 years totally over promising all involved. I'd have prefered the old board and training facility. It all went tits up when we named the stand for mr weir.
  10. I'd love a brand new stadium on a brownfield site near Clyde Partick way.
  11. I heard there was goings on Springburn way possibly near old St Rollox works. This was started 3 boards ago as Kirkintilloch was looking less attractive.
  12. Who owns the other 45% of shares?
  13. Successful businesswoman and friends with Jaqui Low. Dear God please not the return of her. That would be terrible PR which at least would be consistent with her.
  14. Ah what a nugget I am. Missed that update on the site. Got to say I have a lot of respect for the previous board. Smart. Succesful. Brought me much joy with what they did Big fan of Charan Gill. A superb capitalist entrepreneur. Def need some more biz experience in there.