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  1. @javeajag has def got the hots for @Woodstock Jag There is a big difference between 1) what you want to happen versus 2) what will probably happen (explained by someone with a legal background who is not going to make lots of £ taking proceedings to court.)
  2. I received 4 adult and 2 kids masks today. 3 layers with filters. Far superior to other masks I have in my house. Would def recommend.
  3. Does the working group have Zoom? Its all very quiet.
  4. Yeah I agree it's not "back to normal" it's the (hopefully short term) "new normal". Face masks, hand washing and lack of crowds make a big difference. That needs to continually be pushed but is it a cultural thing? NHS Glasgow are complaining internally staff are not wearing masks and being to close to each other. A&E in West London shut with a mini outbreak.among staff accused of same thing. You also need to.balance health with the economy. It's f&&&ed at the moment. People need to spend to keep jobs. A fine balancing act.
  5. Yep and a lot of others unfortunately including Sweden who tried not to action a shutdown but their death rate is very high and they ack their care home policy was wrong. Maybe their policy will be better long term but we won't know for years. For me its way to early for any real understanding or conclusion to this. Westminster and Holyrood have made mostly the same decisons with Edinburgh 7 to 10 days after London. This thing will be with us for the next year or two minimum with more deaths and outbreaks like Leicester. Policies will change. We will learn more. Practices such as social distancing, face masks etc will hopefully become the norm to control. I am scunnered by it even though I have avoided any real pain and able to work from home. At the same time things are looking slightly more positive. In Europe kids going back to school stats = low to zero risk. That will help them and parents as we hopefully get 5 days education. Testing is increasing, track and trace and hopefully an app helps us all.
  6. There was a shortage in every nation across the globe especially care homes. No one was ready for anything like this. Public and private sector.
  7. Calm down Jeanne. The default move was get people out hospitals. Infected went into care homes. And left there. Scotland did nothing different from most but that does not mean they did better. It was the wrong move. My mates a social worker in the Paisley hospital and acks those actions killed a lot of people. It was process not people. And PPE was no better in Scotland. Demand was far greater than supply all over the world. These are all issues that impacted Europe.
  8. I don't think anyone (in Europe to keep it simple) has done well or badly. It's a historical global pandemic. Governments and advisors are learning all the time. I've raised this before but imagine in February even when covid news was in Asia creeping towards us we would have an almost 3 month shutdown. Majority of shops closed. Pubs, restaurants, churches closed. Sport stopped. No holidays. No travel. 95% less flights. Working from home or govt paying your wages via furlough. Face masks. Hand washing. Social distancing. It's still crazy to me. Percentage wise Scotland is one of the worst hit countries along with England and Belgium. Care Homes is a big reason and these were effectively abandoned by the First and Health Minister. But is it also down to people travelling on holidays earlier in year? Older population? Sicker (that we strangely revel in) population? Just unlucky genes? Core of super spreaders who do majority of damage? Still early days to work it out. The concern over BAME population my wife is working on that for NHS but Scotlands stats are less than England. We have a lower % population but also majority of BAME workers are either consultants (highest wages) or band 1/2 (lowest wages). NHS Scotland has a lot less band 1/2 BAME staff. Thats just one example of differences that we just dont know about. Pubs opening will be very interesting. Also impact of other physical and mental health that have mostly been stopped for 3 months. Over 60% of NHS have been doing a lot less work than normal as everything bar covid was effectively stopped.
  9. Thats me renewed my season ticket. The club needs it more than ever and (maybe its a slight on my personality) it's a big 2 V's to the majority of Scottish football. Im boycotting away games (but never go to any since kids appeared).
  10. Not sure if this helps on my cheapo samsung and bad lighting. Nice material. Wife even said it looked nice and she rolls her eyes when a 42 year old still gets excited by new strips.
  11. Got the training top and socks with new sponsor delivered today. Like the top. Good material for going out running etc in and keeps me warm as i wfh and refuse to put heating on in.....June.
  12. My music of lockdown has been Baxter Dury. Love all his stuff and new album "The Night Chancers".
  13. 2 tshirts delivered today and happy punters. Good quality and good service.
  14. He'll be getting more £ at Motherwell than Thistle so fair dos
  15. Can only people with legal education or employment comment on this thread? I am not in that bracket! While we are now experts in global virus pandemics the legal world is still very confusing
  16. I have no problem with Colt/B teams. Quite popular in Continental Europe.
  17. I have had quite a few 5 a side debuts like this. A few games later I'm a key man in organising, collecting £ and being emergency sub goalie.
  18. No other player has taken the relegation clause exit from official site.
  19. Best move for player and club. He's better than Div 1 and frees up wage. I was surprised he moved to us in first place. A promotion winning hero who got into Scotland squad.
  20. Walking up the hill in the pishing rain, never winning 50/50, getting a rogue pie both cold and scalding, sitting on a broken seat, cold water taps in the toilets. In the December dark and cold. I WILL GENUINELY HAVE A LUMP IN MY THROAT AND A TEAR IN MY EYE WHEN THE ABOVE HAPPENS
  21. If we can't afford it the players need to go. It's all about £ in and £ out. We need to run break even minimum. If not then the future of the club is at risk.
  22. Maybe we could bring in some part timers to bolster the club?
  23. At the same time a lot of people are not struggling. Anyone I know working from home is saving £ not travelling or spending on food or drink outside. Couple friends on furlough have a 2nd job. It's a weird economy and it will get weirder.
  24. A bit delayed i'm afraid as wife working on it. They are reassigning 200 current staff who are self isolating at home. Politically end of May is the govt mantra but will be early June. Then the long term staff come in. However it doesn't fill me with huge hope. If you have symptons you call a helpline. They ask who you have been in contact with. Then they call them. Not exactly rapid technology and loads of holes in it. I'm hoping the NHS smartphone app trialled on Isle of White is better. I just can't see that being the answer. I still can't see football in 2020 or even something like gigs. I guess as controls lessen (and people were doing more ignoring govt advice) we'll see what happens. Confidence returns and life gets back to normal in some way or other.
  25. I think our club and others will run with "lights on". Keep as much staff as possible and prep for a return. Honour the player contracts and unfortunately not renew those who expire. Fans will need to contribute to keep it solvent. There are things the club can do if they have the cash. Stadium improvements, plans for greater fan interaction and promotion etc.