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  1. Who knows? Perhaps they would get more for the money if handled by an organization with charitable status? It was in accordance with the conditions of grant and James Anderson's intentions - not much more you can say with any certainty.
  2. James Anderson had an interest in the community aspect of this from the outset. Check out the quotes in the article below. I am sure the SPFL Trust conditions of grant are absolutely in line with his thinking - these conditions will apply regardless of whether the money is spent by the club or it's associated charity. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52992075
  3. It appears from the announcement here that passing the grant to club charities was entirely in keeping with conditions of grant. https://spfltrust.org.uk/all-spfl-clubs-qualify-for-covid-19-crisis-grant/
  4. Of course. Stupid me. I hadn't thought of that.
  5. Has anyone heard anything from McCall and the football management team? They have been very quiet in recent weeks/ months.
  6. I can't remember if I voted or not though????
  7. Great to see young Lewis getting to the shortlist for Championship forward of the year! I know it's been a difficult time - just a little ray of sunshine in the darkness... https://spfl.co.uk/news/ladbrokes-championship-team-of-the-season-forwar
  8. I agree that we are risking goodwill and good relationships with other clubs. What happens in future when we're in market for loan players? What about all the mutual back-scratching and favours that likely goes on, that ordinary fans never hear about? Good relationships are always critical. We may think recent events demonstrate these relationships are a bit hollow, however we have definitely benefited in past, and could've used the goodwill that extended to us as the injured party as leverage in future. That's gone now. For a court case that we will likely lose. Even with someone else picking up the bill, this is most definitely not a shot for nothing. I really don't see this playing out well for us in the long term.
  9. While it makes us all feel good that the club is showing a bit of fighting spirit, I do wonder if we will be better off in the longer term, given the damage it'll do to relationships with other clubs. They will get their own back one way or another...
  10. That's how I'm feeling too. The way this whole issue has been handled is utterly shambolic. Until there is top to bottom reform, I won't be back, and that includes listening to the pundits endlessly wittering on about the same few topics for days and days on Sportsound. We really deserve better than this from our supposed national game...
  11. I think you might find players happy to stay that wouldn't normally, because of huge amount of uncertainty there is about next season. Moving clubs unless it's to a Premier club is high risk and Thistle appear to be looking after their players better than others.
  12. And therein lies the real reason that a tech based approach to this will fail. It is at odds with the culture and attitudes to privacy people tend to have in old western economies. There is a much better chance of success in countries where people are more comfortable with digital identity management. I'm thinking of places like Estonia, Finland etc.
  13. I don't actually think contact tracing technology will work until we have specifically built hardware. But that's a whole other debate...
  14. I don't actually think the organisation structure of the health authority has anything to do with it. Bluetooth is used because it is about being in close proximity to someone else that matters, not absolute location. Also bear in mind GPS doesn't work indoors or wherever you don't have line of sight to the sky. I'm retty sure all contact tracing/ proximity detection solutions will depend on Bluetooth. https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20200415-covid-19-could-bluetooth-contact-tracing-end-lockdown-early
  15. I heard they are changing the mantra from Stay At Home, Save Lives to Bring Out Your Dead.