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  1. I've not been to our hospitality for about 3 years so can't really comment. My post was more about the mood, attitude and atmosphere around Arbroath - a real buzz about being the over-achieving part time team. Dick Campbell recounting stories about how managed to get Craig Wighton, comparing to how much McCall had managed to spend to get Rudden.... I can really identify with it - supporting Arbroath must be a really rewarding experience just now. Supporting Thistle isn't and hasn't been for a good few years. The only Thistle game I could say I enjoyed in recent seasons, was last game of last season at Dumfries.
  2. I was at Arbroath hospitality too. Totally agree with you. There was a really club/team feel. Everyone enjoying themselves, everyone chipping in. I felt more at home there than I do with my own team. Crossed my mind to support Arbroath for the remainder of this season.... But nah - that's what glory hunters do - I'm lumbered with this dull non-entertaing team whether I like it or not...
  3. I'm tuning from football for the rest of the season. We are caught in a never-ending downward spiral. It is just not worth any emotional energy. Sad to see what was a promising managerial appointment fail so miserably.
  4. What ever happened to 4-2-3-1 which was the default formation for a few seasons? Is it no longer fashionable?
  5. I agree. We looked like a football team and while there were no stand outs, every player looked up for it. If we were sitting mid table I think everyone would more or less accept that, but when you're stuck at the bottom , everything other than a win triggers a meltdown...
  6. Deserved to win that. Not alot of chances for either team but we were mostly the team on the front foot. Can't really fault the players for effort. More points dropped though and that's all that matters.
  7. That was just a sh#te moment which sums things up for us. Let's just get a grip of this game.
  8. I completely agree. What we have lost as a team more than anything else is the ability to pass and retain the ball in all areas of the pitch - from the keeper passing or throwing it out to the defenders through the midfield to the forwards. Maybe managers are only willing to play a short passing game when their team is nearer the top end of the division...
  9. Hope Slater gets himself a club this window - easily good enough for the Championship. Just wasn't going to get an opportunity at Thistle.
  10. Would rather have Slater playing alongside Bannigan or Cole. Reece had a few good performances at the right time to catch the new manager's eye, but he really is nothing special.
  11. I was reflecting on the bigger picture. But whatever, everyone's pissed off post another loss. No point in arguing.
  12. Exactly that. A collective failure both halves.
  13. I just can't get over how naive we were. What is the point of having professionals in the dugout and on the pitch if they can't adjust the way they play to the conditions?
  14. Don't think it'd make much difference who we signed....