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  1. I know this won't be popular but last time I saw De Vita, against Stenny, I thought there's maybe a good player in there. Well until he made the mistake that ended with him getting booked....
  2. So much of it's down to team chemistry... Most of our players can play at this level, they've proved it in the past. They just don't work as a team... It'd be interesting to do player by player comparison of today's team against the team that won 5-1 against Dunfermline in the title winning season. Form in teams is such a difficult to pin down.
  3. Sounds like we've been well on top. Main concern is we rarely string two halves together...
  4. I thought Slater and Cole combined well in central midfield against Stenny. Then Cole has contributed a couple of goals since then. I'd start Slater, Cole and Cardle with either Robson or De Vita on left. I know De Vita has come in for criticism, however I think there's something there - seen a lot worse.
  5. fenski

    Jacqui Low

    Quite a lot of disdain for this forum on Pie & Bovril, because of threads like this and the one this replaced. You are right though, if i'm reading it it's a sure sign I need to put my phone down and find something more constructive to do.
  6. fenski

    Jacqui Low

    Yep. To think this thread started on the same day the New Owner thread was closed...
  7. Maybe not quite so defensive!
  8. Fox Williamson, Hall, O'Ware, Penrice Kakay, Slater, Cole, Robson Miller, Mansell with Palmer, Harkins and Zanatta coming on as impact subs
  9. I don't think the score flattered us. The goals just took longer to come. We ran them ragged apart from the 20 mins before they scored.
  10. Slater my MOTM - popped up everywhere, kept the ball moving. Penrice and OWare good too. Liked how Tam kept it simple.
  11. Is it the manager or the players though? Maybe it's just some sort of cyclic thing that no-one really controls. We had our rise, we peaked, and now we are in decline. The thing that makes it hurt is not knowing when you've hit the bottom of the curve....
  12. Would it be easier to rebuild from scratch in the division below?
  13. Maybe one of these season defining games - when confidence is low, results like this can have a huge impact. Maybe just maybe there is a team in there and this is the start of something...
  14. If we're needing a makeshift midfielder, why doesn't Penrice get a shot at it? Livingston supporters raved about him when he played there
  15. Remember Bannigan's performance fondly that game too. What is that changes? What influences a player's form? Confidence? Attitude? Game plan?