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  1. Thought Galasso looked more of a threat and combined better with Miller than Mansell.
  2. fenski

    New Owner

    I think it is fairly obvious that this is an interim arrangement.
  3. fenski

    New Owner

    Probably because all parties on all sides are aware that they whole thing might come to nothing, and therefore talking up their plans would only unnecessarily raise fan expectations. It would also be unprofessional to openly communicate with fans if no formal approach has been made to the board. I don't really see how anyone on any side can say much, until formal discussions are in progress, at which point all they can really say is that formal discussions are in progress. There are loads of things going on at executive level where I work that I and other staff will hear nothing about. I understand why this is so and I'd rather it was that way than staff being unsettled by every draft proposal that doesn't get anywhere. We will hear in good time if anything is actually going to happen. It's a pity that these rumours got in to the public domain at such an early stage. Maybe the people that leaked them should have kept it to themselves. Maybe the people who leaked it wanted to unsettle the fans and put pressure on the board?
  4. fenski

    New Owner

    I thought the statement is pretty much as expected and all they can formally say in the circumstances, i.e. the matter hasn't been formally raised with the board. I'm happy that the management and board continue to focus on the matter in hand - performance next season - rather than field press interest and social media chatter. There just isn't enough hours in the day to engage to the degree some people on here expect.
  5. fenski

    Current squad

    Scott Fox would be a good signing.
  6. fenski

    New Owner

    I just hope those powerful people who have potentially sold their shares, have done it for the right reasons with appropriate care, and are not doing it because of personal animosity or whatever. Absolutely no dig at anyone here implied.
  7. fenski

    New Owner

    If this were to happen it would be hugely risky. There are plenty examples of failures where clubs have been bought over by wealthy owners with little to no knowledge of the domestic market and go on to crash and burn a few years later. So it really depends on the strategic plan. New investment, medium to long term horizon, sustainable, genuine interest in Thistle based on knowledge of the Scottish game? Yes please. Feeder club for Nice and Barnsley, assumptions made about the competitiveness of the Championship, job lots of development squad players on loan? Nope, not for me. That wouldn't be Thistle. Let's just wait and see. Interesting, but judgement reserved until it actually happens and the plan becomes clearer.
  8. fenski

    Vaguely Jaggy Factoids

    Liam Lindsay doesn't get near the Scotland team despite him being miles better than the current centre backs...
  9. fenski

    Chairman’s Statement

    What might help is if the club website had a comments feature, so people could comment directly on the statement, then the club could summarise common themes and issue a response. Potentially result in a more focused and constructive engagement. As it stands, it's all a bit disjointed. All they can do is to continue to openly engage and eventually build up supporter's trust.
  10. fenski

    Chairman’s Statement

    Not the point I was making. Just musing it must be really exasperating experience. I'd be gasping to wade in to the ensuing discussion here and elsewhere, but you just can't do it.
  11. fenski

    Chairman’s Statement

    Imagine having to write a statement like that, knowing that it is going to be dissected, discussed and scrutinised to the nth degree, knowing you won't be involved or represented in the ensuing discussion. It's a tough gig!
  12. fenski

    I have had enough of the clubs administration.

    Totally agree with this. I've been 'picking and choosing' the games I go to for years - it's a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon and if it's an entertaining game I'm more inclined to go to another game sooner. I'm just not in to it enough to be that bothered about how the manager engages with 'us' or whatever. No criticism meant of those that do - obviously following a football team means different things to different people.
  13. fenski

    “Get to the ball”

    That's not the point I was making though. I was disagreeing with your assertion that the meet the manager evening had been arranged purely as a deflection tactic. As to the club changes - Colin Weir stand, staff cuts, potential scrapping of the academy, etc - I haven't had a chance to form an opinion. It looks like this close season is being used to fundamentally re-structure club. Anything like that is going to be painful for a lot of those involved. No-one will be happy to see people out of a job. Is it necessary? I don't know, I don't have sufficient background information to make that call. Will the club be more successful as a result of these changes? Only time will tell.
  14. fenski

    “Get to the ball”

    ....In your opinion. In my opinion, I think that is really, really unlikely given the amount of effort that must have gone in to preparing for it, and the believeability of his delivery. Wish there was more leaders with that level of competency and commitment where I work!
  15. fenski

    A night with GC

    Just watched the first two videos. Looks an excellent event and Gary is an excellent communicator with a clear idea of what his and the team's objectives are. Hope they continue with these events. In case anyone from the club every reads this thread, maybe looking for feedback, one potential improvement would be to include a couple of senior players, who could provide a bit of insight of how this approach works from their perspective. I wonder if when they were planning this event, they were concerned that it was useful intelligence for opposing teams?