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  1. fenski

    Falkirk vs. Thistle

    Agree with all the praise for Bannigan and pointlessness of Storey. I'd like to see Bannigan get more involved in play further forward. Remember when he used to score goals and combine with Erskine and Doolan?
  2. fenski

    Falkirk vs. Thistle

    Bannigan best player. Just about deserved to win, but so predictable. Desperately need someone who runs at or is capable of creating things in the centre of the park.
  3. fenski

    Thistle vs. Ayr

    Reasonably so. He's obviously been a player with a bit of potential in the past given under-21 caps for Belgium - I live in hope he'll come good. Sometimes it takes time for a player to find their form at a new club - some of our best players had reasonably inauspicious starts. However given current crisis situation at the club, I doubt we'll ever find out - he's likely to be one of the first players to be ditched.
  4. fenski

    Thistle vs. Ayr

    I still think Brice is our best hope as an out and out defensive midfielder who would allow other midfielders to contribute more in an attacking sense.
  5. fenski

    Thistle vs. Ayr

    Doolan's injured
  6. fenski

    Alloa away

    But not 3-4-3 which I think is the formation that best fits our current strengths based on the assumption that either McCarthy or Ntambwe can provide cover at the back.
  7. fenski

    Gary Caldwell confirmation

    Storm in a teacup. And if Chesterfield really did threaten legal action then hell mend them. Their board must be very thin skinned...
  8. fenski

    Gary Caldwell confirmation

    I think physical fitness plays a huge part in any team's performance late in games. They drop deeper and deeper because they don't have the energy to press or get the ball forward. It comes across as a negative fragile mentality, but it's just being physically incapable of anything else. I always remember a masterful display from Bannigan late on in a game at McDiarmid before he got injured - he was still chasing everything down and running forward with the ball - makes a huge difference when you have players capable of that.
  9. fenski

    Gary Caldwell confirmation

    Although I do believe basic analysis of team performance might lead to the conclusion that there is a general issue with fitness, given how often the team start brightly then fade out the game in the latter part of first and second half. That's not the same as individual assessment of players and associated training plans - I would imagine that would require more time and interaction with players on the training ground and in the gym.
  10. fenski

    Gary Caldwell confirmation

    That's the only thing I don't understand - how could he have done proper squad assessment prior to being appointed?
  11. fenski

    Thistle v Dundee Utd

    Last game I was at was Dunfermline away. I thought 3-4-3 formation would make sense given our strengths and weaknesses. We would need a proper defensive midfielder to shield the defence. If only Ntambwe could give us that.
  12. fenski

    Who's next?

    I don't get the fascination with Jim Goodwin either. Compare him to Ian McCall for a moment (who I know is out the running). McCall has several years experience with several clubs, has a real soft spot for Thistle, kicked off our most recent rise, is generally a known entity, has Ayr United playing decent football and currently sitting pretty at the top of the table having just been promoted. Goodwin is at the start of his career and manages a part time club sitting one place below us in the league. I just don't get it?? If it was me recruiting he'd have to play an absolute blinder at the interview, otherwise there is no way in hell I'd be taking the risk. There's just too much at stake.
  13. fenski

    Who's next?

    It was a one off game with my mates at the pitch that was opposite Ibrox. We were short of players and he was a friend of a friend. He was 10 times better than the rest of us put together!
  14. fenski

    Who's next?

    Having once played in same team as Ian McCall and done a throw-in to him, he's got my vote too. More importantly I think he's a decent manager...
  15. fenski

    Ross County Home

    3-4-3 Bell Keown Scobbie McGinty Spittal Slater Bannigan Penrice Mutombo(Fitzpatrick) Doolan(Coulibaly) Quitongo ...for the LOLs