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  1. flashman

    Queens park game at Airdrie

    I blame it on the boogie.
  2. flashman

    A night with GC

    Ho ho! Caldwell & Low? They have more balls than the national lottery...
  3. flashman

    Ryan Williamson signs

    A certain Stephen McConologue scored twice on his debut as a 2nd half sub...
  4. flashman

    A night with GC

    Kb'd. Surely they could just move it to the Aitken Suite and fit more people in
  5. flashman

    A night with GC

  6. flashman

    gerry britton- where are you

    Agreed. To me Doolan did not fit in with Caldwell's tactics and when he did have chances he didn't put them away as I would have expected previouly. I'll be at his testimonial to pay tribute to a club legend. Also the manner his departure has been handled was deplorable. To me Lindsay was the biggest miss out of all of these and was probably the difference between staying in the SPL and getting relegated.
  7. flashman


    I would prefer players to aspire to playing in the number 9 shirt worn by Kris Doolan.
  8. flashman

    Caldwell Like or Loathe

    Seems like a good statement even if some of the messages are difficult. It would be nice to see something similar from our own board.
  9. flashman

    Season 2019-20

    Swansea I think. Potentially signed a pre-contract.
  10. flashman

    Season Tickets 2019/20

    To increase the OAP season ticket after relegation was a scandal. A double blow with the league cup games coming off.
  11. flashman

    vs Alloa 20/4

    I'd rather have had a few more players in the Scott McDonald mould over the last 2 seasons than some of the hopeless but nice failures who have put us in this position.
  12. flashman

    East Fife v Jags, 9/2/19

    The 2 guys singing "There was something in the air that night, the stars were bright, BIG ANDO!" on the way out the stadium topped off my day
  13. flashman

    Falkirk game

    Yup. Sitting on his backside moaning to the ref as Dundee (?) were playing on and scoring at Firhill was a particular low point. Leaning over forwards when he got the ball and then losing possession in a high percentage of cases was a famiar sight last season when he made it onto the park. He was definitely pretty good for about 18 months or so, more than Barton or Dumbuya, similar to Higgy. Between Abdul and Archie, his time was soured last season
  14. flashman

    Falkirk game

    Harkins 2nd booking was never a foul, never mind a yellow. My issue is that Harkins should have been subbed off earlier in the half as both he and Bannigan were sitting on yellows, so I put Caldwell at fault for that. Dallas lost the plot and we should have had a penalty in my opinion. Caldwell should walk and he can take Storey with him.