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  1. flashman

    Falkirk vs. Thistle

    Who is Falkirk Tam? Is 27/20 the odds or the score you're predicting?
  2. flashman

    ICT vs. Thistle

    Set up 2 good chances, missed 2 good chances, not much involved other than that.
  3. flashman

    ICT vs. Thistle

    Caley have had a couple of spells of pressure, but we have looked good so far. Spittal and Storey both playing well! Quitongo and Dools both missed good chances, Quitongo's being most glaring.
  4. flashman

    Morton vs. Thistle

    Everyone should be able to have their opinion Can you elaborate on how you arrived at yours? I was also at the game and he carried the ball some distance, but to little effect in my view, other than the move leading to the Spittal miss.
  5. flashman

    Stickers on season ticketed seats

    This should be fairly straightforward, the club should send you a sticker with your name and the season on it and you then take it along at the first game you go to. Even if they would make them and let you pick them up rather than posting them out. I would happily add £1-2 to my season ticket to get this. Although my pensioner dad wouldn't as he is still miffed they jacked up the OAP season tickets when we got relegated...
  6. flashman

    Thistle vs. Ayr

    The defence definitely needs to improve, but as we are unlikely to 0-0 our way out of trouble, the lack of goals worries me more.
  7. flashman

    Thistle vs. Ayr

    True Eta Although he might have been sent off if he was on for any longer...
  8. flashman

    Thistle vs. Ayr

    Storey did not play well! His only end product was when he was involved in the great move when Spittal knocked it wide. He must be Cristiano Ronaldo in training, because he can neither pick out a teammate or score a goal in a competitive game. Thought it was certainly an improved team performance, but toothless up front. No chances being created for Quitongo or Coulibaly and I can't recall the Ayr keeper being tested. The defence looks likely to keep conceding at least 1 goal per game, ergo we have to be scoring at least 2. Storer played some incisive passes in his short cameo and Coulibaly should prove a handful once match fit. Maybe playing Quitongo in behind Coulibaly or wide right could bring some joy up front in a few games time.
  9. flashman

    Thistle v Dundee Utd

    Disappointed it was pretty much the usual suspects from the start. I would have liked to see 4 or 5 changes to the starting line up, its not like Britton and Allison had anything to lose. Looked better after the subs. Storey had me tearing my hair out - had enough of him
  10. flashman

    Who's next?

    Martin Keown and Jonatan Johannson at the game, but neither to apply for the vacant position.
  11. flashman

    Thistle v Dundee Utd

    Its only rain FFS. I know was a nice summer, but this is what Glasgow is normally like!
  12. flashman

    Who's next?

    Also, are there any out of work managers who can also play right back?
  13. flashman

    Who's next?

    What is Derek Whyte up to? Get the old gang back together
  14. flashman

    Archie sacked

    I am sad but not disappointed, it was clear that this should have happened at the end of last season, if not before. I only wish he had walked away of his own accord, preferably after getting into the top six. Onwards and upwards. Mon the Jags!
  15. flashman

    Sack the Board

    Do you think we would be getting a training ground, or having a meaningful academy, if Colin & Christine Weir had not won the Euromillions?