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  1. flashman

    Sack the Board

    Do you think we would be getting a training ground, or having a meaningful academy, if Colin & Christine Weir had not won the Euromillions?
  2. flashman

    Training Ground

    Just get changed at the Leisuredrome and run them along the canal to the training ground Or for those fading in tbe latter stages of games, full run along the canal from Firhill
  3. flashman

    Team rebuilding

    The potential to get injured is an accepted part of being a professional football player. He had a fixed term contract that was coming to an end and if his employers, the club, did not wish to renew the contract they would be under no obligation to do so, injury or no injury. Unless there was a clear fault by the club in terms of the diagnosis or treatment of the injury before his contract was due to end, under what grounds do you feel he would have had a case at a tribunal?
  4. McDaid will deservedly have a big smile on his face at the end of this game
  5. flashman

    Questions for Archie

    The coaching staff also saw the players in the relegation squad every day and thought A - they were good enough in the first place and B - should continue to play. I am not entirely confident in their judgement. I think that unless players are causing unrest, a mentalist a la Lee Griffiths would be worth a punt. 5 and a half seasons Archie has been in so we have brought through by my count 4 players (Lindsay, Hendry, McCarthy and, generously, Penrice). that is less than 1 per season. I agree that he persisted with Lindsay, but in my opinion none of the above would have gotten a fair crack of the whip unless Archie's hand had been forced. To my recollection the Lindsay/Hendry partnership got about 6 games to establish themselves due to an injury crisis. Both players sold for a relative pitance, though that is down to the board.
  6. flashman

    Questions for Archie

    Yup, in a threadbare squad. Hendry and Lindsay, also got in when we had no other option. McCarthy struggled to get a game despite last season's midfield being the worst and most out of form for at least 6 years and probably more. Penrice recalled from a loan, MOTM against Celtic, barely seen again until now, when again we have no other option. A couple of decent development players let go when we have a threadbare squad. If we have 4-5 first team or even squad players who are brought through by the end of next season then I will eat humble pie, but seems Archie prefers loans and journeymen to me.
  7. flashman

    Questions for Archie

  8. flashman

    Albion Rovers v Partick Thistle

    Seems odd that other players, e.g. Christie Elliott always get an update in the press or official site, that's all. As fans I think we generally like to know roughly how long a player might be out for or if he is likely to appear in a particular match. It is clear we are better with him in the team, even in his brief cameos over the last year or so. I think it is unusual for any club, and ours in particular, not to comment at all, even to say "Stuart is out for the long term and we can't really put a timescale on it.". So why don't the club want to tell us? Notwithstanding the Sean Welsh 'back in 6 weeks' Experience.
  9. flashman

    Albion Rovers v Partick Thistle

    Again. Why is Bannigan's fitness such a closely guarded secret?
  10. flashman

    Team rebuilding

    Need to free up room for Adam Barton's massive wage...
  11. flashman

    Hearts friendly

    Because you get a slap up feed from the Indian restaurant right next to the ground.
  12. flashman

    Team rebuilding

    Number 16 I believe.
  13. flashman

    New Signing - Sean Mcginty

    No idea, but we've Goat him now...
  14. flashman

    Commercially Inept

    Hospitality is, on the whole, horrible value. If Ross can sell it out on a regular basis then fair play to him. Fans are treated very poorly by the club and I know my dad took it very hard that his oap season ticket price was put up and the league cup games removed. As a result he has not renewed.
  15. flashman

    Team rebuilding

    Looking at our position every season we were in the premier league, either at Christmas or the end of the season, yes. It would be a sensible contingency, so that we would not be trying to cobble together a list of targets at the last minute in the event of relegation. We obviously wouldn't get everyone on the list, particularly as other clubs certain of their league next year earlier than us, probably have been working on deals already, but it would be a good starting point. For clarity, the club may have done this and if so, fair play.