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  1. flashman

    East Fife v Jags, 9/2/19

    The 2 guys singing "There was something in the air that night, the stars were bright, BIG ANDO!" on the way out the stadium topped off my day
  2. flashman

    Falkirk game

    Yup. Sitting on his backside moaning to the ref as Dundee (?) were playing on and scoring at Firhill was a particular low point. Leaning over forwards when he got the ball and then losing possession in a high percentage of cases was a famiar sight last season when he made it onto the park. He was definitely pretty good for about 18 months or so, more than Barton or Dumbuya, similar to Higgy. Between Abdul and Archie, his time was soured last season
  3. flashman

    Falkirk game

    Harkins 2nd booking was never a foul, never mind a yellow. My issue is that Harkins should have been subbed off earlier in the half as both he and Bannigan were sitting on yellows, so I put Caldwell at fault for that. Dallas lost the plot and we should have had a penalty in my opinion. Caldwell should walk and he can take Storey with him.
  4. flashman

    Winter window

    Not liking or enjoying being a football player probably doesn't help.
  5. flashman

    Banzo signs on

    Good stuff. Hopefully he can continue to improve and get back to his pre-injury best
  6. flashman

    League Cup Final re-enactment

    Ooft this was a well intentioned shambles. The 'players' were rubbish with little to no apparent ability... and then they sent these actors on to do a choreographed re-enactment of the Cup win. I think they might have done a commentary, but what was happening on the park bore little relation to this. It was a bit cringe, a bit surreal and very much trendy West Endy
  7. flashman

    Record number of ex-Jags to line up against us?

    Nope. Maybe just 3 with Dundee United with Booth, Frans & Barton.
  8. flashman

    Dunfermline 8/12/18

    Everyone played their part today, Sneddon made a couple of vital saves and kicked well as usual; Jeffries didn't do anything wrong, steady; McGinty won a lot of balls, some crap long passes; Scobbie read the game well; Elliot unlucky not to be man of the match, looked threatening and got up and down the park well; Penrice looked good cutting in from the left, particularly 1st half; Banzo nothing too flash but kept things moving; Spittal had a very good game all round, took his goal well and was sprinting back to close men down late in the game; Mutumbo looked threatening but wasteful with the ball on a few occasions; McCarthy had a few nice touches after coming on; Storey worked hard had a couple of chances before the goal, heading in the right directon, fingers crossed; Dools looks short of pace, but used the ball well and was helping out the defence on a few occasions. Erskine had no real impact in the time he was on and Quitongo rummled up their defence a bit when he came on for Storey. Dubious as to whether Storey's goal from the little flick actually crossed the line, but after the ghost goal I'll take it. Dunfermline were pish, but for the most part we looked motivated and well organised.
  9. flashman

    Dunfermline 8/12/18

    Ho ho ho!
  10. flashman

    Meet the Manager - Tuesday 6pm

    Meet the manager if this works, you should be able to listen for yourselves
  11. flashman

    Meet the Manager - Tuesday 6pm

    Can anyone tell me how to upload an m4a audio file of the q&a? My uploads from my Google drive keep failing.
  12. flashman

    Meet the Manager - Tuesday 6pm

    I intend to be there.