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  1. First game back was in the Glasgow Cup v Celtic Colts on 17 Dec. not long after getting here from Australia. Working his way back to match fitness and becoming familiar with his teammates I'd have thought. Played as a sub on Saturday. Would at least like to see if he might have anything before he is written off and would expect to see some more of him over the next few games.
  2. Facility around the Bishopbriggs/Auchinairn area that was relatively recently done up?
  3. Courtesy of Tommy Taylor on twitter
  4. flashman

    New Owner

    According to Companies House Jacqui Low is still a director of Three Black Cats, the new owners. However, since she has not yet been named as part of the interim board then hopefully she will get nowhere near the running of the club or the PR. If she is the yet to be named member of the interim board then that would immediately toilet much of the goodwill surrounding the announcement, given how unpopular and divisive she was as Chair.
  5. Erskine, without a second thought. Check out his goals that season and some of them were crucial goals, from about 8:08 onwards for the Championship season.
  6. I love Doolan and Erksine and feel they should have been kept on as squad players, if they would have accepted that, but they were part of gutless looking teams for two straight seasons.
  7. Is it not Charnley that is being quoted there?
  8. Yup, even Archie has acknowledged that his time was up and that he should have left after the top 6 season. If he managed elsewhere and showed he had developed as a manager then I would take him back, but then I have grown up with him almost always being around the club.
  9. That is true. Although neither the bookie who stated it nor the table above state it, this refers to league games only (including the play-offs). There have been cup games we have won that were on TV.
  10. Unfortunately yes. There are precious few draws in that sequence...
  11. What, like maybe as say a Defensive midfielder? Which would allow Bannigan to play further up the park...
  12. I believe so, although they used 3 different keepers and their manager came on for the last 5 minutes or so.
  13. Thistle Legends team taking on Maryhill at Lochburn today at 2.30pm, £5. Bound to be the best football of the day!