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  1. QoS are the only team in the league who's last 6 game form is worse than ours 1pt vs 5. If we can't beat them then I reckon we will be in even more serious trouble than we are now.
  2. Worrying news. Get well soon
  3. Z88

    Jags v Celtic

    Don't know how miller managed to miss.
  4. Z88

    New Owner

    Absolutely right. I'm sure these best people will be identified or will step forward as the transfer to the fans progresses.
  5. Hapless and hopeless. 2 very good Fox saves between them an 0-3. We could have played all day and not scored. Hugely disappointing.
  6. Z88

    New Owner

    Ta for that info. I've also found this on the interweb re UK clubs https://www.southwalesargus.co.uk/sport/football/newportcounty/17876989.success-fan-owned-clubs-like-newport-county-big-boost-bury-39-s-woes-says-andrew-penman/
  7. Z88

    New Owner

    Are there any examples of clubs being successfully run by fans?
  8. So, is this essentially McCall as Director of Football, Archie as 1st team coach and Scally as assistant coach?
  9. Am i being cynical? I reckon Ayr have pulled a fast one here. We can't announce til the compensation is agreed with them. Their announcing before this has been done helps ensure they get the max £ they can? Imagine the backlash if we don't agree to the money Ayr want??
  10. Caldwell has to go. The uncertainty created with the proposed takeover could make appointing a new permanent manager difficult however. I'd doubt anyone would want to come with the prospect of being punted early doors if news owners come in. A temporary fix could be Gerry Britton and Scott Alison until the ownership issue is resolved.
  11. Z88

    New Owner

    The 'I'm away in a huff' stand?
  12. Z88

    New Owner

    Yip that money was to build the training ground and then lease it back to Thistle. The money wasn't Thistle's. The complex was due to be opened in time for the start of this season but nothing has happened for months. I smell a convenient excuse to say its canned.
  13. Z88

    New Owner

    I think that it proves (once again) that football clubs shouldn't rely on wealthy benefactors to subsidise their activities.