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  1. This has had bad news written all over it in so many ways. 1 Game moved (to suit TV) and to an incredibly silly time which has rarely been used in Scottish football 2 One of three home games in a month with a non regular KO time. And each one has a different time. Football fans are creatures of habit don't you know? 3. Home fans moved (to advantage club / other fans) and not for the first time. If you don't look after your own then you get what's coming to you. 4 Horrible triumphalist attitudes from the self proclaimed BFITKU. Would you really volunteer to be in the company of these people +esp The GB and their illuminated methods 5 Twenty quid three weeks after Christmas with , for many, pay day still two weeks away. Really, is there any (negative/faintly positive) factor that I have missed? And some ponder why others among us want to avoid this train wreck in the making? Go if you wish but please don't go pointing fingers at those who choose to be elsewhere in Saturday
  2. It's been a while but let's see if this still works Thought 1 Maybe we ought to have seen this coming. by "we" I mean those of us who braved Tuesday night with Alloa. Where we saw this group of mediocrity venture no nearer than the centre circle at the end of the game. And certainly they showed no signs of acknowledging the support. Did they have no shame? Apparently not ( in fairness Kakay, who hid his head inside his shirt, did seem to get it and he has a least shown signs of giving a hoot). Thought 2 I think that some people should be more oware of reality. How things really are, instead of living on some sort of invulnerability cloud. If a referee books you for virtually nothing one Saturday then it's a racing cert that on the very next Saturday, four minutes into the game the very same referee will can your donkey into the changing room for a very stupid foul. Notice how we managed not to mention the word professional there? Thought 3 Not that it in any way is a defence of deep levels of stupidity, but I do wonder about the decision of the SFA having the same official refereeing the same team two Saturdays in a row. I mean, if we get sick of the sight of the same personel week after week then I am sure that's a good that swings both ways. See you same time again next week Mr Macaroone? Well, we hope not. But this is the SFA we are dealing with. Thought 4 To the Jagszone that maybe concerned. Please, please please refrain from trotting out which ever poor mug employee whose turn it is to give the rousing speech for the forthcoming week. We simply no longer believe what you have written for them; most folk don't even bother to read it and it beggars comprehension that you have not figured out yet what a gross insult this ghastly exercise is. Thought 5 We here at the SMCF don't boo players. Others might express themselves in this way. And you are free to do so. Heck you might even start by booing them on to the park at the next home game. But I'm not sure that it would work (See Thought 1 above -I'm not sure some really care anyway). So how about this sad shambles get the stoney silent treatment from the get go. A sort of Play for Applause type clause. Nobody gets a clap or a cheer until they at least find one of their colleagues with a pass. A tall order for some perhaps?Maybe then some folks might get the idea that things have to be earned with hard graft. And that showing up is not nearly enough to be successful. And finally The Spiderman followers know this by heart. With great power comes great responsibility. So we should not be hearing from low-level apologists after recent calamities. Somebody needs to put their foot on the neck of this situation. And I dont mean just a coach either. This needs to come from the very top. A message to one and all that clearly states what this organisation is all about and the expectations that go along with it. If anyone in the room feels that the words don't sit well with them or that they cannot rise to these expectations then it will be that exaulted persons job, may duty, to point said individuals and their agents In the direction of the 61 bus stop. Enough.
  3. If the SEA are truly intent upon following through policies in regard of fan behaviour then why have clear and overt steps not been taken in the aftermath of the events at Rugby Park? Without doubt visiting fans damaged property, endangered other fans and invaded the pitch (and if you looked closely there were players not retreating to the half way line and were by default part of the situation). The answer is that the SFA are nervous to the point of being afraid of the Ibrox organisation and the media lackies who support them with the oxygen of positive publicity.
  4. Twenty four hours. Twenty comments And no one has dared mention it. He is coming (back). Be afraid (should we)? 9
  5. MMCF


    There is a lot of steam being let off in the direction of the Chair and the Manager in this matter. There is, however, one senior member of PTFC who is conspicuous by his silence. Et tu Britton?
  6. Since Jan 5 the team record (please note the wording) is League P17 W8 D5 L4 Cup P4 W2 D1 L1 A cause for optimism? But let's proceed with caution. Perhaps the Tam O'Ware experience is a salutary tale. Happy summer to all. Especially those seeking employment.
  7. For people who have experienced the loss of someone close I would recommend a look at Russell Howards interview with Rob Delaney (Catastrophe) on dealing with the death of his two year old son. It is both amazingly human, brave and moving. Can be googled and found on Youtube.
  8. Reference The West Wing Episode "Two Cathedrals". At the end of Bartlett's rant insert "You get McCoist" You feckless thugs. Done
  9. MMCF

    Who we are

    I am sometimes concerned by the level of commentary on the site, especially in time of stress and strife. We are all entitled to our opinions and respond to challenges in our own way but we are all driven by the one Calling (and the Calling is always greater than whatever cause we are involved in, whether it is League or Cup, Promotion battle or Relegation struggle). So, on a relatively quiet night, such as this evening, the following came to mind and it's one of the lesser advertised Shankleyisms but it does seem like something that we should all aspire to no matter the pressures or what level we serve The Calling at : “Above all, I would like to be remembered as (a person) who was selfless, who strove and worried so that others could share the glory, and who built up a family of people who could hold their heads up high "
  10. As an experienced Championship colleague remarked : Beware the 5:00 K.O. for BBC Alba.
  11. Speaking of which, is there any indication of next season ticket costs being revealed?
  12. Now you're getting it! The old column always had the Reithian intention of "Inform, Educate, Entertain." Even now we continue to exceed.
  13. Apologies for presuming that properly constructed English was not your primary language. If you would care to express a preference I will have it translated forthwith.
  14. I am no great fan of Churchill. I blame that on my mother. But that's for another time. Having read my history books and been reminded by the excellent performance in "Darkest Hour" of Gary Oldman, I have the strong impression that Churchill's skill as a great crisis leader was that he managed to convince everyone that, despite overwhelming odds and in the face of massive evidence to the contrary, victory could still be won. Perhaps we need to show continued solidarity with our leadership, unyielding faith in those young men who are fighting the good fight on our behalf and give our rivals the impression that rather than falling apart we, the Thistle Nation, are in it together to the end and beyond. Believe.