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  1. Might be worth noting that the article was published in The Spectator. The same mag/rag that published an article by Mary Wakefield describing how hubby Dom Cummings was incapacitated by Covid while the same bloke was out on epic motorway journeys to the Far North.
  2. This should be simple. It's a football association. Members should be asked do you want to play fixtures? If the answer is no, step aside, move to the back of the queue and let those who can and are willing participate. Its a bit of joke teams (Ayr Utd?) saying we can't play unless the govt provide financial assistance (not going to happen) and those blocking teams preventing others from playing.
  3. First every death is a multiple tragedy that simple numbers cannot even begin to convey. I also wonder, in suggesting that attendance be restricted to those under sixty, if the writer has a clear understanding of the fan profile of those who attend Thistle fixtures. I don't mind paying for a Season Ticket, last season and for 2020/21. But I do draw the line at the suggestion of naked ageism (which would in fact place the business at risk of legal action against it)
  4. This may be about survival. Looking clumsy or doing the ugly to reveal the awful things that some people - SPFL management group - are doing is necessary. People in our organisation are going to suffer, many of them monetarily. But hey, let's give the SPFL plenty of room to wriggle out of what they have created? As I said perhaps it's time to pick a side because the SPFL have drawn the line in the sand.
  5. I'm impressed with how you put "clumsy" and "SPFL" in the same sentence without actually connecting the two. If you think that the enemy is within then that's old news and actually helps only the SPFL. This is a group who need seriously looked at and to provide them with a smokescreen is unbelievable (except that it happens here too often), this shooting ourselves in the foot while others are busy stabbing us in the back. It may be time for some people to pick a side. And in this case the sides are PTFC v SPFL cabal Ltd.
  6. It's difficult to beat eleven players +2/3 of an officiating team who could barely be described as competent.
  7. You may be pointing your guns in the wrong direction here. So let's focus on the real villains, the management of the SPFL. This group have most assuredly mis managed a crucial vote, been less than open with a so called "investigation" (did anyone actually get to read their report?), misdirected the football community with a potential reconstruction and now pretty much unilaterally vanished their own reconstruction. Now their are more important issues according to them. Well perhaps there are. But the issue is would you trust any of the current "leaders" of the SPFL to deliver us from the crisis? The recent track record indicates that there is further calamity down the road. But the likelihood is that the last people to ho down when it's all collapsing are the management of the SPFL having become massively skilled at ensuring their own survival at whatever the cost.
  8. I have not followed all of this debate. Regularly however I see mention of clubs not surviving in the near future. And this might have an impact on where Thistle might find themselves plaui g and the structure of the leagues. My question is, who are these clubs in peril? Clearly during the "Votegate" affair representatives of Inverness stated that they had "one knee down". But are there significant others who may just vanish? And please no daft Parkhead driven the lights are going out at Ibrox stuff because its just part of their on-going boring spat and I can't really get enthused for any more of it.
  9. Section 5 Essentially no pubs open or large gatherings /events for the foreseeable. If they can't open the schools before August (?) then sadly football is probably much further down the list.
  10. Here is the problem. No-one really cares outside of Scotland about Scottish football. Looking around, the only mention of the current events that you might see is in The Guardian. Because it attaches the name Steven Gerrard to the story. And the reason for this irrelevance is simple Scottish football is built on hate. Celtic hate Rangers. Rangers hate Celtic. Most other "football supporters" hate the Old Firm. Hearts hate Hibs. The feeling is very mutual. And all those fine folk from Edinburgh hate Wee Gees. Dundee hate Dundee Utd. And it seems that Dundee Utd actually hate each other. People from the City of Discovery regard their neighbours in Perth with utter contempt. Aberdeen hate everyone who is poorer than they are. I could go on. Morton - St Mirren, Hamilton - Motherwell, Killie - Ayr - Queen of the South. And who can explain the mystery of Fife? And on a national level we, allegedly, all hate England. It is poisonous and like everything when you are addicted to poison it will reduce you and then it will kill you. And when did hate ever help us overcome adversity? Did Manchester Utd rely on hate to rebuild from Munich? Did the community of Liverpool F.C. recover from Hillsborough through hate? So I'm not going with all this Get the Board. / Sack the team. / Penalise every other footballing organisation in the country because I am angry. Because, in the words of the Twelfth Doctor "Hate is always foolish. Love is always wise." I love my team. I reject all the hate and fear that created this current situation. Today I bought my season ticket. Onwards
  11. This comment was sent in the 1950's and has only just arrived at weareetc. Fully expect a follow up requesting that it be ignored in the mode of the current era.
  12. The carrot for some will be "vote for the proposal, you get the money and the possibility of reconstruction. Which will buy the vote of second place clubs except the FOD . But after thirty seconds of possibilities things will be "just too difficult to reconcile. And by the way Ms Budge, sue us if you like but you really don't have the money to sustain that .....
  13. Given the pause since Colin Weir 's death, just over three months ago, it's understandable that not much progress has been seen. Or is it the case that the call for unity is falling on deaf ears?
  14. This has had bad news written all over it in so many ways. 1 Game moved (to suit TV) and to an incredibly silly time which has rarely been used in Scottish football 2 One of three home games in a month with a non regular KO time. And each one has a different time. Football fans are creatures of habit don't you know? 3. Home fans moved (to advantage club / other fans) and not for the first time. If you don't look after your own then you get what's coming to you. 4 Horrible triumphalist attitudes from the self proclaimed BFITKU. Would you really volunteer to be in the company of these people +esp The GB and their illuminated methods 5 Twenty quid three weeks after Christmas with , for many, pay day still two weeks away. Really, is there any (negative/faintly positive) factor that I have missed? And some ponder why others among us want to avoid this train wreck in the making? Go if you wish but please don't go pointing fingers at those who choose to be elsewhere in Saturday
  15. It's been a while but let's see if this still works Thought 1 Maybe we ought to have seen this coming. by "we" I mean those of us who braved Tuesday night with Alloa. Where we saw this group of mediocrity venture no nearer than the centre circle at the end of the game. And certainly they showed no signs of acknowledging the support. Did they have no shame? Apparently not ( in fairness Kakay, who hid his head inside his shirt, did seem to get it and he has a least shown signs of giving a hoot). Thought 2 I think that some people should be more oware of reality. How things really are, instead of living on some sort of invulnerability cloud. If a referee books you for virtually nothing one Saturday then it's a racing cert that on the very next Saturday, four minutes into the game the very same referee will can your donkey into the changing room for a very stupid foul. Notice how we managed not to mention the word professional there? Thought 3 Not that it in any way is a defence of deep levels of stupidity, but I do wonder about the decision of the SFA having the same official refereeing the same team two Saturdays in a row. I mean, if we get sick of the sight of the same personel week after week then I am sure that's a good that swings both ways. See you same time again next week Mr Macaroone? Well, we hope not. But this is the SFA we are dealing with. Thought 4 To the Jagszone that maybe concerned. Please, please please refrain from trotting out which ever poor mug employee whose turn it is to give the rousing speech for the forthcoming week. We simply no longer believe what you have written for them; most folk don't even bother to read it and it beggars comprehension that you have not figured out yet what a gross insult this ghastly exercise is. Thought 5 We here at the SMCF don't boo players. Others might express themselves in this way. And you are free to do so. Heck you might even start by booing them on to the park at the next home game. But I'm not sure that it would work (See Thought 1 above -I'm not sure some really care anyway). So how about this sad shambles get the stoney silent treatment from the get go. A sort of Play for Applause type clause. Nobody gets a clap or a cheer until they at least find one of their colleagues with a pass. A tall order for some perhaps?Maybe then some folks might get the idea that things have to be earned with hard graft. And that showing up is not nearly enough to be successful. And finally The Spiderman followers know this by heart. With great power comes great responsibility. So we should not be hearing from low-level apologists after recent calamities. Somebody needs to put their foot on the neck of this situation. And I dont mean just a coach either. This needs to come from the very top. A message to one and all that clearly states what this organisation is all about and the expectations that go along with it. If anyone in the room feels that the words don't sit well with them or that they cannot rise to these expectations then it will be that exaulted persons job, may duty, to point said individuals and their agents In the direction of the 61 bus stop. Enough.