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  1. We have had loads of players with potential that just fizzled to nothing though. Nisbet admitted himself that he wasn’t applying himself properly at Thistle and it was only going to Raith that gave him a wake up call that it was last chance saloon for him.
  2. This may well turn out to be the case. However, I wonder whether we would have voluntarily social distanced or wear masks if we hadn’t had the shutdown - even for a short period. Where I live, we have been urged to wear masks for several weeks, but I would say less than 1/3 of people wear masks in shops.
  3. Have you tried it with specs. I am really struggling getting a mask that doesn’t steam up my specs after about 30secs
  4. I guess the arbitration panel will take into account his comments in the same way that he deemed that the SPFL documents have to be released and 2nd that the Court if Session trumps the arbitration panel. OK - thanks for clarification on expulsion. You can’t possibly know what the outcome of arbitration will be. You keeping tabs on the progress on the vaccine too. Aug/Sept was the timescale for a vaccine possibly being found. Not sure that you mentioned anything about how an arbitration panel would be made up before - but hey/ho. I am only asking questions. You don’t need to answer them if it upsets you so much. It was just an example - you chose to take that as the main thrust of my question. If you weren’t sure you should have asked me instead of assuming.
  5. To be fair, I used reconstruction as an example. My question was about the powers that the panel do have.
  6. I think that is a misrepresentation of the Thistle support- DD copied it a couple of pages back.
  7. Apologies for the multiple posts - I don’t know how to do more than 1 quote. What powers do they have ?
  8. Yeah - but compensation and reinstatement haven’t been ruled out. We are still in the game.
  9. I know he didn’t say it specifically, but he hinted at it and I would think that the arbitration panel would be a bit silly if they didn’t take it into account. Potentially, it would only prolong the waiting for a restart of the premiership and further repayments to Sky etc. Who knows if the clubs would have been ok with arbitration ? They may still have gone for expulsion.
  10. I think one of the benefits that has come out of the court hearing is that no further punishment can be dished out to us and reinstatement and compensation are still on the table. What other powers does the arbitration panel have - can it for example impose some restructuring of the SPFL ?
  11. For the arbitration panel, is there a list of people to pick from currently available or does each side come up with a name from their own contacts ?
  12. Is it not the case that the SFA are already prejudiced against us. It was their legal head that initially brought up the possibility of expulsion, was it not,when we didn’t raise a grievance with them.
  13. And Jakeys ? (I know - every town has their share)
  14. Was that an own goal by the SPFL or potentially a late winner ?
  15. The original SPFL resolution ? Pretty sure that if we had raised a dispute before the SPFL process was complete, we would have been told to wait.