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  1. Now Barney, I guess you are just trying to make a recovery, and I am not trying to minimise the point you make in your conversations, but if you are going to include the Juniors, there are a more than 5 teams in Glasgow.
  2. I agree that Kakay had a good game. He has a go at the opposition. However, he was way out of position when they scored. What was he doing away over on the left ?
  3. Hope I am not making a clanger here - but are Clyde still in Glasgow ?
  4. They can’t really afford him. Their wages are 130% of income and had or are about to have a loss of about £3M.
  5. Being at Dundee doesn’t say to me that he wasn’t given a chance. He had a reasonable season at Ayr, but isn’t setting the heather in fire at Dundee.
  6. He wasn’t doing the business for us and he said himself that it was only after we let him go that he realised he had to apply himself better. Good luck to him.
  7. I agree with your post. I was just saying that challenging the players publicly doesn’t always work out. It all depends on their character !(Caldwellism)
  8. They more often than not get another club, though - so maybe they don’t care that much. Not many players have a real connection to a particular club.
  9. I think he will be given time too. Up till now we are just about in touch with 8th & 9th. I am a little concerned that his criticism of the players and threat that their jobs are on the line might have a negative impact and we are out of touch come January.
  10. Lenziejag

    New Owner

    Agree with that. He hasn’t got all his past decisions right either.
  11. It’s a dangerous game to give players an ultimatum. I remember Terry Butcher ? doing that at Hibs and he ended up getting the boot as performances continued to get worse. Maybe McCall is safe as he has just been appointed - but the current squad might be more demotivated and we are further adrift come January.
  12. Lenziejag

    New Owner

    I get that you have started the scoring only in the last couple of years. But maybe the scoring should start from Beattie & Co’s appointment or at least when Archie replaced McNamara ?
  13. Lenziejag

    New Owner

    The main opinion presented as fact is that the supporters will own PTFC. It may be my interpretation, but that suggests to me that ALL supporters will be owners.
  14. Lenziejag

    New Owner

    Admin, I am not knocking this, but i think that it needs to be explained how the supporters will be owners. Only if they make a pledge before the takeover. ? Or what is the way to become an owner after the takeover.