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  1. Lenziejag

    Fixtures out this coming Friday

    Sorry, I thought your point was that it doesn’t matter who we play when - we need to play everybody 4 times and we need to be ready for every game ? I was adding another aspect to the discussion. I think you need to exclude Celtic and Rangers from the general rule as they will sell out their allocation every game. Generally, though, I think 1st game anticipation brings out more supporters, then reality sets in.
  2. Lenziejag

    What’s our biggest game next season

    To be fair, the last 3 seasons league cup section games have been a pretty good indicator of how our league season turned out.
  3. Lenziejag

    Fixtures out this coming Friday

    There is a financial side to it too, though. First game of the season tends to attract a higher than normal attendance. Don’t think that applies for the 2nd game of the season.
  4. Lenziejag

    Fixtures out this coming Friday

    You may be right, but we were in different divisions.
  5. Lenziejag

    Fixtures out this coming Friday

    I think it will be a home game first as we were away at Ayr last year
  6. Lenziejag

    Lewis Mansell

    He is maybe a squad player just now(although being the only striker he is 1st choice), but who knows how he will develop.
  7. Lenziejag

    Chief Scout Appointed

    Absolutely. I see that we worked with him in the winter window, so maybe he had a hand in identifying some players ?
  8. Lenziejag

    Chief Scout Appointed

    I think I would rather see a list of players he has scouted rather than the clubs he has been at.
  9. Lenziejag

    Championship summer transfer thread - all the ins...

    On the other hand, it’s only 5 weeks till competitive football starts again
  10. Lenziejag

    Chairman’s Statement

    That’s what I mean. Because he doesn’t go to see them often,he trusts the academy staff to give him a steer.
  11. Lenziejag

    Chairman’s Statement

    Are we talking about the period between the end of the transfer window and May ? That probably makes sense in case we needed someone to come in. What about giving the 3 contracts just recently, though - who decided that ?
  12. Lenziejag

    Chairman’s Statement

    I am sure you or someone else has already mentioned that - but it doesn’t fit with his agenda so he chooses to ignore it.
  13. Lenziejag

    Chairman’s Statement

    How so, if there was 2/3 left ?
  14. Lenziejag

    Chairman’s Statement

    In your opinion. As far as I can see you have no facts. Well she definitely said that there is no ongoing financial support. That says to me, that if there was any funding, it wasn’t for the day to day operations.
  15. Lenziejag

    Chairman’s Statement

    I guess you must have contacts at Firhill. However, I am still struggling to understand. Are you saying that some of the under 18’s might have stepped up during the season but couldn’t because of budget restrictions ? That doesn’t square with him having only spent 1/3 of budget in Jan. Also, who decided to give the 3 contracts to academy players for this new season ?