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  1. I am surprised that our record is so good. I started watching Thistle in the early 60s. So maybe for the 10 to 12 years until reconstruction we were in the bottom half more regularly?
  2. It has probably been mentioned in previous posts that the yoyoing began when the league structure changed. When there were only 2 divisions we probably fluctuated between 12th and 16th each season. We aren’t really that far adrift from that at the moment.
  3. It is funny how we can see a situation differently. I thought it was the worst time to come on. Game already lost, teammates given up an hour ago. Not much chance of making an impression.
  4. I don’t think Penrice in midfield yesterday worked or at Alloa 1st game this season. Maybe McCall will assess his decision and come to the conclusion that it was wrong.
  5. I think that is a tad unfair on Miller. He might wave his arms about and look disappointed when play breaks down - but I don’t think you can accuse him of not trying to be involved unlike Cardle yesterday who appeared at least to me to try as hard as possible to stay out of the road of the ball
  6. We also did this last year. Had a really good run at the start of 2019 - something like 7 or 8 games unbeaten but still needed a win on the last game to avoid relegation/play off.
  7. The thing is that even with this recent form we are in the playoff spot and 3 points adrift. We are so inconsistent from game to game and like yesterday from half to half.
  8. I don’t remember anything about the 80’s from a Thistle perspective having got married in 81 and moved to Edinburgh in 86 for a few years.
  9. Probably still trying to work out what funds are available.
  10. Just noticed a post on Facebook by Thistle. In the 10’s, we played nearly 450 competitive matches. In those games there was at least 1 youth graduate in over 400 of those matches. Don’t know if that means played part or all of the game or includes on bench but not used.
  11. Were neither of them part of our youth set up at all ?
  12. I think that is 3 games in a row with the same team
  13. Is he not going back to Brentford?