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  1. Is that a different approach for any other club or any other person/ team that has a target to achieve ? It is natural to relax once your target has been achieved
  2. Football is probably only going to resume when it usually does for a new season. If the social distancing measures are in place until the Autumn and this season completed, it might then be worth considering starting the next season in March. But I think clubs will need income.
  3. SPFL trying to put more pressure on clubs voting to end the season by suspending football until at least middle of June
  4. Then 3 Black Cats can do what they want with the stadium, I guess
  5. I would hope that as we have been on the wrong end of sporting integrity gone wrong that we would vote accordingly.
  6. So last season, with one game to go we should have been in the playoff ? It doesn’t matter where you are after 1, 10, 27 or 35 games - it’s where you are after 36 that counts.
  7. I can’t believe any fan is ok with us getting relegated without having the chance to finish the season. We have 9 games left - thats 1/4 of the season.
  8. SPFL have made sure that at least 75% will vote for this across the leagues. They have shafted us again !
  9. This should be all about the survival of all the clubs under the jurisdiction of the SPFL. So it is about money. Any prize money for this season and next should be divided equally among all the clubs.
  10. I am not arguing that we are in unprecedented circumstances, just that no one deserves to get promoted or relegated until the season is completed. It may be that the football authorities decide we are to get relegated and we would need to deal with that.
  11. You don’t deserve to be relegated until all the games are played.
  12. No matter what is decided, it isn’t going to be fair. For me the fairest option is to finish the season even if it is with different squads. We already can have different squads in the 2nd half of the season to the 1st. A few clubs might try to buy success, but with only 8 matches left it’s difficult to see how that isn’t just a gamble.