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  1. A Reading from the First Book of Lambiticus

    Brilliant , any objections to sharing that on Farcebook ?
  2. Ross County 3/4/18

    We are done, bunch of shitebag players and useless tactics have killed us. We will be straight down , no way do we even make the playoffs.
  3. St Mirren Game Tv Malaga/costa Del Sol

    If you have BT Sport its on again at 21:30
  4. Player Sponsorship 2017/18

    I'm in for whoever
  5. Pre-Season Friendlies

    Maybe a wee trip down south on the 8th then ? Hope so
  6. Attendances

    Yesterday Thistle were up against - The OF game - Warriors at home - Braehead Clan at home. Like it or not we compete against all these others for fans and I know there are quite a few who go to Warriors/Clan games as well as Firhill so they had a choice to make and it looks like a lot chose to go elsewhere. Are our crowds good ? Far from it but we are trying our best to get it right (kids for free etc) and IMO the cost isnt the issue, the other teams/sports in Glasgow charge a comparable amount for their games (Clan season tickets are over £300, matchday prices for Warriors are £20+ although season tickets are better value value).
  7. Player Sponsorship 2016/17

    £25 from me just let me know where to send it
  8. Pitch Renovation

    sell bit of the pitch off to fans at the end of the season , wont raise much but a few people might like to own a bit of the Firhill turf
  9. Celtic Away

    http://www.vipleague.is/football/355253/2/celtic-vs-partick-thistle-live-stream-online.html Commentary is laughable but the Thistle one is about 1 min ahead of this stream
  10. Centenary Fund - October's Results

    Yup me Ive won 2 out of the last 4 months now
  11. Saints V Jags

    Tremendous win, thought first half we played some really nice football and deserved the lead. Second half we held on at the end but wow that was nice. Was sitting beside Gary Millar's dad and he was yelling something down his phone after he scored
  12. Jack Hendry

    And how long do you give this to happen ? If we are sitting 10 years down the line and we haven't had any players consistently in the first team then your argument may have some merit but to call to bin it after 2 years is IMO bonkers.
  13. Crowd V Killie

    One thing the club should be doing is making more noise about the Fan Cards getting people in for £20 instead of £22. Its not a huge difference in the overall picture but it may entice a few more along if they know its a wee bit cheaper for them.
  14. Bought the 2 I need , that will be all we get as the rest is season ticket holders.
  15. Player Sponsorship 2015/16

    Stick me for £20 in total , sorry meant to say in my initial post. Not worried about what top , the more we can sponsor the better it will be