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  1. "thats just a lump of pish referee" and "you're just a wife shagger" are the 2 that have stuck with me for years Cannae remember when though
  2. If the SFA pay out what would be the lowest prize money to every team then that should help a lot of clubs get through this difficult period. Saw a proposal for a 16 team league based on a model with multiple splits and playoffs in it , looked good , it retained the oft talked about 4 OF games (providing one of them doeant tank for a season) and also gives most teams something to play for right up to the end. Seen it before in I think Belgium and it seems to work there, so there is zero chance of doing it here This should be the ideal chance to look at proper league reconstruction and why not do something radical while we have a chance
  3. If they abandon the season which is unlikely IMO it will be mired in legal challenges across the board as it could be argued any team could get themselves out of the situation they are in , the only certainty being the likely league winners in 3 of the leagues. If they relegated us we would arguably deserve it as we have been shit but we could still get out of the position and denying us the opportunity to do so would be an interesting connundrum for the leagues - same with Hearts in the Premiership
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    V Alloa

    The big problem with the team is having to accomodate Miller wandering all over the pitch. As much as he is/was a good player we cant cover for him turning up at left back when we need someone up front. Given the other limitations in the team its like playing with a man short at times. As Jaggernaut said his scoring record is poor after a very good start , coinciding with McCall taking over ???? Maybe he only wanted to play for Caldwell ?
  5. Few random thoughts - Merge ALL fans sharholdings under one group, there are at best just over 2000 adult fans here who may be interested , we dont need multple groups IMO - Fans now own over 80% of the club. We make a commitment to sell some of the share to fans who want to invest leaving minimum 51% of the share in fans groups. Leads into next point.. - Follow FoH model and ask fans for monthly "donations" , maybe look to reinvent the Centernary Fund or repurpose that to raise money to be held "for emergencies". We dont need to raise to cover the share purchase but as a club you will have times you need an immediate influx of cash , this could be a method of doing so as long as its ringfenced and cant be just spent in a " oh we just need one more player..." scenario -Establish funds for specific requirements - stadium works etc and stick to it -Set a breakeven budget, fans will be unhappy as it will be a reduction in the playing budget - idiots last year setting a £1m deficit should be shot for that (not literally) -Make Jagzone free to air , yeah it will cost but try get sponsors to offset some of the cost and allow all fans to see the media content
  6. 1000 is c. 50% of the adult fan base, that IMO is unobtainable at present. I am more than willing to give fan ownership a chance but with little or no detail being given it looks like its one mans pope dream and he is leading others on his path. Cant see a scenario where it gets done in 90 days as I think it will be nearly impossible to put the framework in place to not only protect the club but to protect the people who will be giving their time to work on behalf of the club.
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    New Owner

    Yup but that's eventually where its going to end up (I think) . As fans I think we need to see that statement , the quotes from it seem to indicate that everyone thinks this is a good thing, still to be convinced. Doesnt excuse a fairly woeful statement though (IMO) Absolutely understand that but lets be realistic here that some form of contingency will need to be made available for the club and the only source is the fans. the quicker this gets off he ground then the better things will be. I suspect CW will gift some money to be held for this purpose but IMO we as fans need to be looking medium to long term for a contingency plan.
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    New Owner

    That's a fairly poor statement TBH which doesn't actually say anything nor answer any of the questions people will have. I suppose its only Day 1 of the takeover but you would've thought a number of the questions already submitted to them would be able to be answered. While I welcome this development I still remain to be convinced that the fans can actually run the club, the type of people who will want to be involved I wouldn't want them to be anywhere near it - looking at some of the people who were on previous Jags Trust boards who were only interested in promoting themselves and not actually doing anything to benefit the trust/club. We need information on who they plan to put in place to run the club till at least the end of the season , does the current board agree to stay on to help or do they (quite rightly) walk away and leave them to it ? Again while I think this is good news its still a bit worrying for the long term future of the club, with under 300 backers there is not going to be much "extra" money coming in to put aside as a fallback. FOH have 8000 people putting money in , we should be looking for 1000 at least making a contribution. You can argue about break even budgets and while that's all good in a perfect world there will be scenarios where the "board" will need to find cash and this is where it will come from. Anyway lets see what other announcements we get today, might actually get some answers
  9. Budge to lose the 650k + 300k loan , but get say 750k in transfer fees = break even budget. Also means we dont really touch the cash in the bank (which is a good thing) Thats the way I see it anyway
  10. The numbers show the fact that we ran at a small profit last year. The talk is that there was a deficit budget set for this year but it will only be confirmed or not in next years accounts. Player income for Fitzpatrick and Lindsay was after the end period so wont be shown until next year as well.
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    New Owner

    The TFE bid is an interesting prospect especially the part about returning the entireity of Firhill to the clubs ownership, however it does raise a lot of questions about who would run the club. There are a lot of people who will want to run it but should be nowhere near the place , speaking from my experiences with the jags Trust a few years back Any fans takeover should not exclude any existing directors from running the place as to be frank they have the experince of running the busines , and yeah I know there are many other fans out there running substantially bigger business.
  12. Got told on Friday it was a done deal and will sign on Monday ,
  13. Share most of the concerns around how this will happen, primarily the assumption that the 2 trusts can work together. They have shown no inclination to work as one in the past and in personal experince the Jags Trust is a clique and if you dont fit in with their way of doing things its very difficult to get things done. i wish these guys well and have pledged to support them but its an extremely ambitious target and will be very difficult to achieve.
  14. Caldwell cant GTF if this happens. 2 players who are proven at this level who you should be building a team around. Everything I hear about Caldwell just continues to make me shake my head and wonder how the hell he got employed by our club. Charlatan of a manager and one that will get us relegated
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    New Owner

    They meet the statutory requirement for reporting , not sure what you are trying to insinuate here ?
  16. Erskine to livvy confirmed from a livvy player, Caldwell needs to go and go soon
  17. Brilliant , any objections to sharing that on Farcebook ?
  18. We are done, bunch of shitebag players and useless tactics have killed us. We will be straight down , no way do we even make the playoffs.
  19. If you have BT Sport its on again at 21:30
  20. Maybe a wee trip down south on the 8th then ? Hope so
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    Yesterday Thistle were up against - The OF game - Warriors at home - Braehead Clan at home. Like it or not we compete against all these others for fans and I know there are quite a few who go to Warriors/Clan games as well as Firhill so they had a choice to make and it looks like a lot chose to go elsewhere. Are our crowds good ? Far from it but we are trying our best to get it right (kids for free etc) and IMO the cost isnt the issue, the other teams/sports in Glasgow charge a comparable amount for their games (Clan season tickets are over £300, matchday prices for Warriors are £20+ although season tickets are better value value).
  22. £25 from me just let me know where to send it
  23. sell bit of the pitch off to fans at the end of the season , wont raise much but a few people might like to own a bit of the Firhill turf
  24. http://www.vipleague.is/football/355253/2/celtic-vs-partick-thistle-live-stream-online.html Commentary is laughable but the Thistle one is about 1 min ahead of this stream