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  1. Ah balatoni still one of my favourite chants doo doo doo Conrad Balatoni scored some great goals with his head great loan and a great signing for us
  2. I was looking back at the footage of our winning the championship and was thinking who I would like to still be with us came to the conclusion Stevie Lawless or Lawleff as some thought what a right good player he was and I always thought if Stevie was playing well the team played well It used to frustrate me when he was on the bench or warming up at the side of the park and Archie would give somebody else the shout and you could see Steve’s frustration at not getting on what a waste of talent left on the bench I think that not fighting to keep Lawless was the start of our decline don’t think Archie saw his benefit to the team and when I see him doing well with Livingston it shows we lost a great player far to early would walk into any championship team and quite a few premier teams would love to see him back someday
  3. I will miss this as I’m on holiday in Majorca I have top signed by kris and it is framed and my pride and joy gets a lot of comments from visitors to the house always gets good word for me one of the best and most decent person o dawn a thistle shirt hope he gets a great turn out a true legend going to be a good day for all hope to see him back at this club in the future
  4. So how does Caldwell’s contract go can we not just give him notice that his contract is being terminated and tell him when his contract is up he’s gone we have nothing to lose if he downs tools it can’t be worse than the job he’s doing so far and it stops him going home to England putting his feet up and smoking a big cigar and saying cheers thistle Team might get a bit of relief that he has no authority and start playing football which is what they were brought in for just a thought but we seem to just pay out contracts I say get him doing what is needed no leaving with a big payday might make him think we are not the soft touch that we have been in the past As for the board maybe think on the next time you appoint a manager make it results based not because it sounds like a good appointment Caldwell’s old clubs all warned us what he was like and I think we can all agree they were right time to get rid and find somebody who can get this team playing with a bit of belief this can’t go on board has to make a decision now
  5. jaggyben

    New Owner

    I m with the second one can’t believe the board has managed to let this happen a good person like Collin Weir who gave our club so much and asked for nothing in return is an absolute disgrace we will look back and rue the day Weir cleared all our debts put money into the youth system and probably a lot more than we know about as a jags fan for 50 plus years I thought when Mr Weir decided to help our club it was all going to be good for thistle and with all the young teams at the club we were finally going to have young players coming through the ranks for the future but not to be I can see it coming to an end what a shame I honestly can’t see this new company taking over and being a success and I fear where we will end up the next Airdrie Clyde Gretna Third Lanark Clydebank a long list of failed clubs that were run into the ground and fans that lost their beloved football team through no fault of their own I dearly hope this is not what happens to my club as I am a bit old to support another team I hope the board thinks long and hard about the way they take our club I don’t want them taking a massive gamble with our future I would be happy for us to just be where we are now keeping our proud team of 140 years still here for us to support and not another club on the failed list we are a much liked club and fan base and All the other clubs in Scotland would be sad to see us fail even Morton and Clyde fans would miss the rivalry we have not to mention St Mirren and Airdrie so think on be sensible we have a lot to lose here
  6. After his decision to get rid of Dools today I think his days are numbered a shocking way to treat one of our best ever players
  7. Hi kris absolutely gutted that you are gone I am a proud owner of one of your signed tops from2 years ago it has pride of place on my wall framed and there as a great reminder of what a legend you are to me and all the rest of the fans I will keep it on the wall and it will only come down when I take it for you to sign when you take over as manager I so hope this happens your a true jag as you have proved over the years hope you come back to bite Caldwell’s arse next season thanks again for all the great times you gave us my fav was the ha trick against Hamilton a great night to be a jag all the best legend that you are
  8. So Gerry if you think Dools was surplus to requirements how do you think your doing in your job take yourself Lowe and that charlatan Caldwell and leave and give the fans something good to come out of this absolute shambles of a season
  9. GRE I know what your saying I know he ended up a failure but as I said he could get the team going for the last 5 games it’s a pity he couldn’t do it for the first 33 games but I feel that we just didn’t have enough talent to beat the top teams but until last season we could hold our own against the middle and bottom teams alas the scourge of being a jag but don’t suppose you and me will ever stop supporting them and there’s a lot of us still hoping and wishing hopefully a good result tomorrow will be the wee lift us supporters are desperate for
  10. I remember the buzz and the nerves when we played the last 5 games of the season nerves and excitement funnily enough I think we raised our game and got some great results I remember tynecastle when we came back in the second half and played hearts off the park Alan Archibald for all his failings could get the results time after time against the bottom six teams he must have got the team lifted for the last push and apart from last seasons disaster he was very successful at it not sure if Caldwell can replicate those times but we have to hope he can Maybe a good touch would have been get him in with Gary to gee up the team as he was part of this season I know we blame him for a lot of the crap that has happened but he was very popular with the players nd might just help with the run in I know this might not be popular with everyone but look back at the 5-6 years and see what his record was like
  11. I think I would prefer Scott Macdonald playing for us in this league as opposed to playing against us he will score goals so better its for us rather than Falkirk or Dunfermline
  12. Been a shit year but we’re still here mon the supporters cause the board is not listening lots and lots of fans can’t believe what’s happening to our team 2 options stick with the manager or prey there is someone out there that can persuade Ian Macall to come back We need someone with a bit of sense in the club we are floundering with the board and management at the moment Mr Weir if you look at this forum and I think you as a jags supporter see what’s happening with this shocking management give us Your backing to clear the crap that is drowning our club we need help
  13. Jackie Mac made it after he left us for five minutes
  14. That’s it official Gary Caldwell manager welcome hope he helps to steady the club
  15. I couldn’t agree more watched the game last night watched our chairman proudly speak about the club and thought can you not see what the fans are seeing a team absolutely dying on the Park because our manager just can’t cut it the board have to wake up it’s not going to improve with Archibald as manager I can’t believe we have went from the team 5 years ago to this we are dire and the fans know it and the opposition knows it times up chairman and board get Archie chased or you will lose the fans A lot of clubs like to see the jags supporters coming to support the team but I can only see it dwindling away as the team support turns up but the TEAM doesn’t ti:e to stand up for the supporters maybe a petition is needed turn up at the game turn your back to the footballs silent protest and jeer these idiots who chant Archie songs