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  1. BILL.H

    Jags v Ayr 23/27 April

  2. BILL.H

    Caldwell’s Massive 7 Days

    Have been following Thistle for 60 years, and am also a season ticket holder who will not be renewing if this clown is still in charge.
  3. BILL.H

    Conor Hazard

    Doubt that would happen, with it being a live TV game.
  4. BILL.H

    Conor Hazard

    looks like we`ll be without Hazard for the game v ICT on 22nd March. In the Northern Ireland squad for upcoming games.
  5. BILL.H


    And January`s. Last one was December 28th.
  6. BILL.H

    Scottish cup quarters

    Thistle now giving Hearts fans part of the Jackie Husband stand.
  7. BILL.H

    Caley Game At Home in March - On Telly?

    Time to re-tune your tv. The new BBC Scotland is on channel 9, and BBC 4 is now on channel 82.
  8. BILL.H

    Scottish cup quarters

    Let`s hope that game goes to extra-time.
  9. BILL.H

    Centenary Fund

    And so the shambles continues.
  10. BILL.H


    The manager.
  11. BILL.H

    let's think the unthinkable

    He has to go. NOW. 1 win in 12. Simply not good enough.
  12. BILL.H

    Centenary Fund

    Just another example of the shambolic way the club is being run. Quick enough to take the money from my bank account, with the January payment being due shortly.
  13. BILL.H

    Thistle vs. Morton, 29/12/18

    I'm almost certain Glasgow Corporation ran a limited bus service. Think it depended on volunteer drivers.
  14. BILL.H

    Thistle vs. Morton, 29/12/18

    Full card Christmas day 1971 Thistle 0 Ayr Utd 1
  15. 7.33 and it`s still there.