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  1. 7.33 and it`s still there.
  2. BILL.H

    Who's next?

  3. BILL.H


    What was the team?
  4. BILL.H

    East Fife away

    I'm sure Storer will be suspended.
  5. BILL.H

    Crowd tomorrow

    The fans turned up. Unfortunately the players didn't.
  6. BILL.H

    Welcome Baily

    Now removed from the club website, and twitter account.
  7. BILL.H

    Team V Qos

    According to the SFA website, if the game is postponed, or a replay is required, then this will take place on Tues.30th.January.Meaning our game with rangers on Wed.31st would have to be rearranged.
  8. BILL.H

    Fixture Change Vs Hearts On 23Rd Sept At Firhill

    12.15. and 14.00.
  9. BILL.H

    Irn Bru Cup - 15Th August

    Now Friday 1st Sept. 7.45 ko
  10. BILL.H

    St Johnstone League Cup

    BT sport showed the goals from our game before the Dundee game. Don't Know if they are available to view anywhere.
  11. BILL.H

    Five Reasons Why We're In The Top Six

    You've taken that TWO far.
  12. BILL.H

    Fixture Date And Time Changes

    If by some chance Rangers reach the League Cup Final, the game on 26th Nov. will be cancelled, as the Final is due to be played that weekend.
  13. BILL.H


    Lets hope Tomas Cerny doesn't suffer any long term injuries.
  14. BILL.H

    Thistle Vs Accies

    Gallagher or under 20's keeper a better option. Scully just not good enough at this level.