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  1. Fragile defence? Thistle have played a game less than QOS, and conceded 9 more.
  2. Can`t. Dunfermline v ICT Tuesday.
  3. Our home game v ICT on Sat 18th April will now k.o. at 7.20. Live on BBC Scotland.
  4. Saw Thistle play at Cathkin a few times. Still remember turning up at Cathkin in 1963, to learn that full back Sandie Brown had just been sold to Everton. Just checked, we lost 3-2 that day.
  5. Not sure if it`s on BBC Alba, but is available on BBC iplayer on channel S4C.
  6. Absolutely delighted. Good riddance. Only disappointment that it wasn`t done sooner.
  7. Gordon and Bannigan both straight red. Ban, 2 - 1st team games immediate.
  8. BILL.H

    New Owner

    The Davy McParland stand, after the failed training ground.
  9. As usual BBC Sport get it wrong. Showing East Fife & Morton both finishing with 7 points, when in fact both have 8 points.
  10. Dundee are not out (yet) If they beat ICT tomorrow, they qualify as group winners.
  11. They draw seeded team 1st (H) against unseeded team (A) Then draw Unseeded team 1st (H) against seeded team (A) and repeat. 2 pots. One with seeded teams, one with unseeded.