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  1. Andréa Mbuyi-Mutombo New Signing

    I think that puts Storer's spot in the team under pressure. Looks more like a number 10/ attacking right mid than a threat to Doolan
  2. Thistle vs Falkirk - Relegation Decider?

    Gordon was very good first half. Sat in front of the back 4 and broke up the Falkirk play which in turn helped McGinty enormously who looked very comfortable. Storey as a the single striker worked very well and in my mind it was between Gordon and Storey for man of the match. In the first half we were very strong on the right side with Slater, Erskine, Elliot and any Falkirk attack was coming down Penrice's side. In an attempt to counteract this Archie moved Slater to left midfield but that then made us weaker on the right and Falkirk got more joy out of Elliot than they did out of Penrice and a more clinical team would have made us pay. We really needed to bring on another defensive midfielder and switch to a 4-3-2-1. The limitations off our bench mean the only way of doing that was to put Melbourne on and push Penrice into midfield but I assume Archie didn't want to alter the back 4. Not sure if we were better or Falkirk are awful. We still need another defensive midfielder, a right back and cover for striker
  3. Team rebuilding

    Also saw Abdul Osman at the game. I know its not going to happen but if he was anywhere close to his form of the season before last he would stroll this league
  4. Thistle vs Falkirk - Relegation Decider?

    Only difference I would have is to put Penrice at Left centre defence and put Melbourne at left back Unfortunately our 2 best central defenders are very much right sided. So its either McGinty or Penrice at left centre back and O'Ware or Keown on the right. At the moment O'Ware looks like our best player. However its difficult to pick a competitive starting eleven as there such glaring holes in the squad. e.g. Neither McCarthy or Slater are really defensive midfielders but we simply have no-one else. That's a pretty bad state of affairs when you are going into the 6th competitive game of the season. If Falkirk can defend reasonably well then I'm not confident as we are easy to score against on the counter attack as our lack of midfield defense puts too much pressure on a defence that is brand new and needs time to gel
  5. Archie out - Now or Never.

    I remember driving back home in the snow from that game thinking he had to go. That was such a poor performance caused by the manager getting his selection totally wrong and in particular playing a right back at left back when he had a left back on the bench. At the very least you would have thought someone would have said never ever play elliot at left back again but we all know what happened next
  6. JUST IN

    With the record of our physio staff I fear for your other knee however if you can play a slow sideways pass you meet most of the necessary qualities. Now if you can show us a playing record consisting of numerous lower league english clubs we never heard of and a goal scoring record that has more zero's than the japanese airforce then you'll be starting in place of Doolan for the rest of the season
  7. JUST IN

    You'd also wonder about who would sign for Archie under the current circumstances.
  8. Archie out - Now or Never.

    The fault here lies with the board who didn't want to make the clinical decision required in the summer. They did the same as the previous boards did when we got relegated. We are now in a situation were the board won't act so early in a season so are now relying on the manager to resign and the manager won't resign as he'll struggle to find a job. I don't really want Archie hounded out of the club as he has arguably been our most successful manager in the last 40 years, stuck with us when he had offers from elsewhere and at his age its not impossible that he might come back to us later in his career. We should use the league money to get rid of Archie and hire a new one. It would probably be better than another player.
  9. Archie out - Now or Never.

    I fear for Archie. Its no longer about him keeping his job, its about his reputation not being tarnished. I think the board thought that with a new chief exec and new chairwoman that keeping the management team was a necessity for some form of stability. However if the only constant is Archie and the performances are consistently poor than it leaves only Archie to blame. He would have been better resigning in the summer as he most fans would have kept their respect for him and he would probably have got another championship club. Now he has almost nowhere to go.
  10. Archie out - Now or Never.

    He needs to go an whilst I hope one day Doolan gets a shot at being manager we need fresh ideas into the club. Would gladly take any one of Robbie Neilson, Jim Goodwin, David Hopkin or Ian McCall
  11. I don't think Archie is a shit manager. He's a manager who's had his time and has gone really stale. But to answer you question having a bad manager does make you worse as a player as you loose confidence
  12. Don't worry I'm sure Archie will change the tactics at half time and utilise one of the many quality signings he made that are currently siting on the subs bench .....
  13. Message From Chief Exec

    Agree with most of you post however the part I think he can be held accountable for is having workable alternatives. We'll be in a group of teams that are bidding for similar players with similar budgets so the chances of getting your first or second targets are slim so having alternatives is key. To be starting the season with key positions unfilled is poor particularly when we have such notoriously poor start of season form under Archie. To my mind the only difference between staying in the premier league and the championship made to our signings was how successful we were in getting our number1 target as opposed to our number 2 or 3. Beyond target identification you have to wonder why we are so far behind other teams in securing our targets. Whilst Dundee United, Ross County maybe able to spend more and Livingston, Hamilton and St Mirren can offer SPL football you have to wonder if some players are not attracted to Firhill as they think we might struggle this season?
  14. Message From Chief Exec

    Looked to me like the failure to sign anyone in the last week made them feel like they had to communicate something to the supporters. Made me think that the 2 we lost out on were potentially the ones Archie really wanted and perhaps doesn't have ready alternatives. I think he'll be back to the drawing board and trailing the lower English leagues hence the comment about the English transfer window closing earlier creating opportunities. I assume one of them was Brian Graham and at a guess the other was Don Cowie?