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  1. laukat

    Dunfermline 8/12/18

    I was going to suggest 12 points but we probably won't have them in time to appear in a Christmas song
  2. laukat

    Dunfermline 8/12/18

    From the offical site: "Gary Caldwell looks to continue his side’s improvement" Not sure if this is sarcasm, trolling or we have a spin doctor that would make Alastair Campbell blush but if 1 point and 2 goals out of 6 games is an improvement I would hate to see what a downturn looks under Caldwell.
  3. laukat

    Meet the Manager - Tuesday 6pm

    I don't get this. Surely there are more people with Thistle at heart who would scout players if asked and or offered some training? Also if thats correct we rely on Caldwell (who lives in England) and Kerr to Scout all of Scotland? When we got promoted last time is was built on several years of scouting young players at other Scottish clubs either plying their trade in the reserves of a club in a higher league (Lawless, Balatoni), picking up young players from lower league teams (Muirhead, Taylor-Sinclair) or by picking up a couple of undiscovered players in the juniors and devloping them (Doolan, Erskine). Our success in recruiting form lower leagues in England is questionable and creates a gap between players and fans as we know their only here for wages. This however appears to be the direction of travel and its not working. Surely the chairman's statement of " we must return to playing football like Partick Thistle – we can’t be anyone else" meant recruiting talent from Scotland not continuing to import older jouneymen players? P.S. Sorry for the selective quoting
  4. laukat

    Falkirk vs. Thistle

    Hoping for a Thistle win of any sort as we desperately need points. Don't care a bean about what sort of performance it is as long as we don't lose. However as Falkirk have figured out how to defend and we haven't I would guess that a 2-0 win for them is the more likely outcome.
  5. laukat


    Apologies for the selective quoting. Even if we sack Caldwell before the end of this year we will have had 3 managers in 6 years which is hardly chaotic or unstable. Whilst the counter to this is we will be heading for 3 managers in one season if we end up in that situation it will be because we will have realised we have made a mistake in apponting Caldwell and are heading for relegation. Last year County had 3 managers in one season. I think their supporters would tell you their mistake was not in getting rid of Mcintyre or Coyle but in not getting rid of Coyle sooner when it was obvious it wasn't working.
  6. laukat


    Yip, we are at a point and have been since before caldwell took over that performances don't matter its all about points. The next 4 weeks are probably make or break for Caldwell as we have Falkirk, Queens, Dunfermline and Alloa. Lose all 4, we'll be bottom and possibly adrift which in turn makes it hard to justify why he should get the transfer window. We really need to come out of that run with at least 7 points to have a fighting chance of avoiding relegation.
  7. laukat

    ICT vs. Thistle

    My point isn't so much about today when I say we are getting worse its more aimed at the results over the season. We've lost the last 6 in a row and haven't kept a clean sheet in the last 10.
  8. laukat

    ICT vs. Thistle

    Falkirk just got their first win. They got in a manager that has slowly started to make the existing squad harder to beat. Their squad is worse than ours but Mckinnon knows first thing is make yourself hard to beat. We're getting worse not better and unless something massive changes between now and next week Falkirk will beat us. I would forget about missed chances today the only thing that mattered was not conceding. With the line up we put out we were always going to loose at least 1 and to expect a team thats scored 2 goals in 6 games to score 2 goals in one game is not realistic. Every opposition manager knows we can't keep a clean sheet. All they do is defend deep and then know we will cough up a goal, we need to reverse that not expect to blow teams away. Its difficult to see where any points are coming from but not to worry the January transfer window will magically save us because all the other teams around us will obviously have a worse window than us and the people in charge at our club having shown such great sucess in previous transfer windows. This is slow moving trainwreck and no-one at the club seems to have an idea if how to stop it. Our support is sitting on its hand meekly accepting the performances and the inane excuses our manager, board and chief exec trot. Looks to me like apathy has kicked in.
  9. laukat

    ICT vs. Thistle

    Just seen the line up. looks like a 4-3-3 Bell Elliot-Keown-McGinty-Penrice Slater-Bannigan-Spittal Storey-Doolan-Quitongo Thats not a line up that can defend so we either have 90 minutes we either blow ICT away or get caught on the counter attack. Asking a lot of the midfield and of Spittal who has been anonymous. we are also very narrow so I hope Elliot copes.
  10. laukat

    Ntambwe, the new Santala?

    The bizarre thing was the next 2 corners after that we decided to play a short corner. In that wind anything in the air was going to cause choas in the box but the late run to the box worked well as it didn't allow the Morton defence to pick out who each had to mark and before the goal McGinty put a header just wide from a similar move.
  11. laukat

    Ntambwe, the new Santala?

    On Saturday he made a few mistakes by trying to be too clever. A couple of times he tried to dink the ball around a Morton player to a Thistle player in a forward position rather than play the pass he could see (did the same against ICT away). Also one other moment where he tried to outsmart the Morton attacker by cutting the pass off to the wing forgetting that he had just left a gap for the Morton player to run into. If Caldwell tells him to cut out the fancy stuff and play the pass he can see then his physique and positional sense should make him a very good defensive midfielder at this level.
  12. laukat

    Morton vs. Thistle

    I think Slater playing as the most forward of the midfielders could be good. However I would drop him in favour of a more defensive midfielder so that the central 3 midfielders becomes McCarthy-Brice-Bannigan and we can better protect the back 4. It woudl also allow Erskine on one flank, Fitzpatrick on the other with Quitongo or Coulibally as the striker to be less constrained by defensive duties. When we defend its a 4-5-1 when we attack its a 4-3-3.
  13. laukat

    Morton vs. Thistle

    Not sure I could cope with these fans looking for instant results and calling for managers to be sacked after only a few games in charge
  14. laukat

    ICT vs. Thistle

    Falkirk have just signed Dumbaya. If he's fit and in the mood they will start to pick up points.
  15. laukat

    Morton vs. Thistle

    Whilst I hated Saturday's game one of the things has been cathartic has been this forum and I appreciate others have different opinions so happy to explain my thinking in a bit more detail. Sorry for the length of the post. The starting premise for me is that the manager has stated he's done his homework on the players. You can't massively change a players technique once they get beyond their teenage years but you can change their positioning and tactical awareness. So no point complaining that Storey isn't Pele or McGinty isn't Baresi. They are the tools at the manager's disposal its up to him who he fields to create his best team and ensure they are in the right position tactically to influence the play. Turning to the goals. Slater, Elliot, Keown, Bell and McGinty are the only ones close enough to influence the outcome. Slater - He shouldn't dive in and he was beaten with embarrising ease. His defensive technique is to blame as he is the right position. He does the same at both goals Elliot - He's not close enough to stop the cross or in the box to get it away. He does the same at both goals Keown - He's out of position and therefore not close enough to stop the cross or prevent the run to the near post for the first. At the second the cross goes to the far post so he's not a factor McGinty - His starting position is correct. He just can't keep up with the morton striker. His problem is he isn't quick enough to get to the front post for the first or adjust to the wind effected flight of the ball for the second both of which are technique issues. If the wind doesn't change the flight of the ball so dramatically he heads it away. Bell - His starting position is correct for the first but he doesn't react at all to the Morton striker for the first so doesn't get off his line. For the second he can't possibly come for that cross and the header is well placed. So Slater and Elliot are the common factors in both goals. Actually about 5 minutes before that Morton had a very similar attack that resulted in a miss-placed shot. So they did the same thing 3 times. Slater's problem is his defensive technique not his position so I would suggest whoever told him to play that position created that problem as his technique doesn't really change. Elliot's problem is his positioning but we know he's not a right back so he needed someone in front of him who could protect better than Slater. Therefore the manager is cuplable. If at halftime Caldwell had a go at all his team and McGinty objected then the manager was correct to take him off. If however the manager singled McGinty out then the manager has got it badly wrong. I wouldn't say I'm a fan of McGinty. On another topic I said I was undecided on him and I still am. Playing alongisde O'Ware he looked like he was what we needed and they complemented each other. At that stage we missed a defensive midfielder to provide protection. Playing alongside Keown it s a different story. They are too similar and there is now reasonable defensive midfield cover. Neither Keown or McGinty feels comfortable taking the ball out of defence so we struggle to move forward quickly. Both would rather play a short pass or blooter it. However McGinty has on occassion shown he can play a pass (against QOS, the pass to Spittal for Doolan's goal). We need to recruit a centre half more comfortable on the ball. If he is left sided then McGinty will be sacrificed, if he is right sided its Keown.