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  1. Agree with this. Which is why the SRU response was very good. By giving out giving out funding to clubs now it allowed time for the conversation about what should happen to take place and to give more time to make a decision. Articles like the one from the Sun that say Boris will stop the leagues imply that the SFA hope someone else will make a decision for them. I've seen other articles implying that we're waiting on UEFA or FIFA. The SRU showed that we're not and a way forward that should be copied.
  2. I'm not sure how there can be a quick decision on what to do with the remainder of the football season. The suspension looks like it will last for a while and the first thing the SPFL is going to have to find out before making a decision is which clubs are still going to be operating at the point football restarts. Promotion and relegation from the current season may be a moot point if 2 or 3 clubs go to the wall. Its hard to see how some won't go into administration and if so does the points penalty apply? In our league a 15 points deduction is almost the difference between second top and second bottom. I've seen a few sevco fans calling for this season to be a void to deny celtic 9IAR but Sevco finances are pretty precarious and they really need access to the prize money for finishing second now to have a chance to survive.
  3. Pretty much spot on The real issues won't be ICU beds, the hospitals have lots of other beds that could be utilised assuming non-emergency treatment stops but they won't have sufficient ventilators that are essential to the care of the sick that this virus will generate. If you are over 65 you can't afford to get sick as the current UK Government approach will lead to rationing of treatment. Italy are effectively not allowing over 65's access to ICU. The UK Government should have fully adopted the WHO advice. Reducing the rate of infection is essential not to stop the peak of infection but to allow time for ventilators to be built in the numbers required and allow the NHS a chance to changes its entire model of care. Current NHS models are built on the basis that relatively few people get seriously sick whereas this virus will mean a lot of people will get seriously sick. In the meantime if you are over 65 isolate yourself. Don't offer to babysit the grandkids when the schools shut, try to stay at home and avoid coming into contact with anyone for the next few weeks at least. For the over 65's this is most defintely not just another flu.
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51858736 had to happen
  5. The worldwide scientific and medical advise seems to getting sidelined at UK Government level in preference to behavioural scientists and physcologists. Whilst no one knows if restrictive measures put in place by governements in other countries bar the UK at least the citizens know their government has done all it can to protect its citizens. Even Trump has put travel bans in place. The UK government strategy is effectively let the old and weak die so we can get back to making money again. If it goes wrong Boris will be responsible for a lot of deaths. The football season looks like it will be suspended and I suspect there will not be sufficient time to play the games before starting next season. So the only real options are declare this season null and void or end the season and allow all teams in a promotion slot to be promoted and cancel relagation this season. It would mean a 16 team SPL, 10 in the championship, 10 in league 1 and 10 in league 2. If the top division wants to get back to 12 teams make it 4 down 2 up over 2 seasons.
  6. The clubs response looks pretty good and makes sense. I don't think you could reasonably expect them to do much else without something from the SFA or SPFL SPFL and SFA look like they have been caught napping again. They should have been in a position to say to clubs that they can stream if they want and that they would advise games to be behind close doors. Instead they're doing what the always do and running away from making a decision whilst hoping the Scottish Government will make it for them.
  7. We should have done this a week ago. Italy delayed an now they are in a bad way. Ireland aren't messing about and other countries such as Japan that have taken a more strict approach have massively reduced the spread. The UK government seems to be going for the idea of taking the 'hit' and hoping for the best. Boris's wooly words of 'We're going to lose many more loved ones' is effectively saying they are chosing to let people die. Scotland has slightly more people over the age of 65 and when you couple that with the remoteness of population from hospitals the impact could be proportionally worse in Scotland unless we take more measures. I'm more surprised that the schools are staying open and this weekends events are going ahead.
  8. I would have thought that clubs could have made matches all ticket and then the SFA could have allowed all clubs to stream pay per view games on their own channels. It looks likely that most people will be spending a lot of time at home it would probably increase the streaming audience and mitigate any loss in revenue. The greater risk to the season finishing is if players start catching the virus. At that point there's not a lot to do other than suspend the remainder of the season. The missing income that goes along with that might send one or two clubs out of business. Could Dundee United, Dundee and Sevco survive without the income from the remaining league games given the losses they have all posted?
  9. Bit in bold is exactly what I thought. After the penalty frustration at not taking taking our chances turned to desperation in the second half. Dunfermline offered nothing and we defended well throughout the game but I always felt they would score as a consequence of our inability to take our chances. First half pretty much all the team were playing well but Cole and Bannigan in midfield kept avoiding taking a strike at goal when the ball fell to them on the edge of the box. Second half we resorted to hoof ball too early, partly due to desperation to score but partly due to how poor Cole's distribution was. Whilst the pitch didn't help him he had too many miss placed passes for a guy who is our most creative midfielder. Hopefully his role in the last minute equaliser brings him a bit of confidence and in turn some form as he is essential to our attacking play. In general the formation and player selection is now looking pretty settled and we look a more solid unit. The back 3 look pretty good, front 2 with more game time should be a good partnership, Penrice looked better in midfield last night than the QOS game last week, Robson looks a different player at LWB and Gordon looked good at RWB as well as in midfield later in the game. If this was the team 2 months ago I wouldn't be that worried but we're now running out of games and need a couple of goals to get the team a bit of confidence and stop playing with so much desperation.
  10. Halftime today we looked pretty much relegated so to be no futher behind QOS after a visit to Dundee United is ok in that context. We really need a win against Dunfermline on Tuesday which would in turn setup a huge game against Alloa. Dunfermline will still be without Nesbit so I don't expect them to score more than 1. We could really do with Rudden and Graham getting off the mark. For those that went how was Gordon at RWB? I didn't think O'Conner looked comfortable a RWB so if we're going to play 3-5-2 we could do with a better option.
  11. I get wanting to drop Fox. I don't get why people think Sneddon is better. Didn't think Fox was a great signing by Caldwell but Sneddon looked very raw whenever I've seen him. We look like Falkirk last year. A club where the supporters and the board are going in opposite directions and a manager trying to salvage a mess. If results stay the same we will be a lot of bother.
  12. Glad to see Barjonas dropped but who's playing right wingback?
  13. QOS highlights from Tuesday. Absolutely shocking decision on the penalty