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  1. laukat

    Next Season's Championship.

    I think next season will be difficult for either Dundee club to run away with the championship. Having 4 derby games means you have 4 games where the result could go against form. Its probably easier in the championship to look at who's likely to finish top 4. Right now I would say Dundee United, ICT and Dundee would be most likely to fill 3 of those spaces. Dundee are the most likely not to make it as they could have similar problems to us. Ayr, Morton and Dunfermline all look like they have major rebuild jobs next season so I think they would be middle to lower half. Alloa and Abroath will be bottom half. Right now QOS look like dark horses for the playoffs as they now have an experienced manager, started to make some reasonable signings and have the bonus of Dobbie. With the teams that are in the league next season we really shouldn't have any excuses for not being in the playoffs.
  2. laukat

    A night with GC

    I didn't get a ticket for the session so its great to hear from those that were there. I would be interested if he expanded on why he is keen on 3-5-2? We really struggled with that formation particularly at home and with the current squad we only have 3 centrebacks signed so it means another 1 or 2 to come in. I think it places quite a reliance on O'Ware as he's probably the only one that is comfortable enough on the ball to play in the centre of a 3. Also not clear where Cardle or Fitzpatrick play in a 3-5-2?
  3. laukat

    Out of Contact Players

    I wouldn't be upset to see Elliot leave and he would go with a thanks for all he's done. He's always been a useful squad player due to the number of positions he can fill in. This year he's had a full year in a position and not convinced. He really needs to decide if he wants to make a position his own at a lower level or be a squad player at SPL level. Makes sense for Livingston or any lower end of SPL team who get a player with a good attitude who can fill in a number of positions. Still can't get my hear around how we are offering him a contract that would make him the highest earner at the club? Perhaps its a low basic with high appearance fee?
  4. laukat

    A night with GC

    I'm keen to get along to this if possible. I think its only fair to hear him out plus I'm genuinely interested to know what passes for "genuine football insight" With today's article in the evening times its hard to see how this event now helps him. In the newspaper article he's pretty much accepting that the supporters don't like him. So what can he say that will bring those in that camp back on board? However its not difficult to imagine him saying something that further aggravates the relationship. He's clearly believes in himself but the potential for it going badly wrong is quite high
  5. laukat

    A New Direction?

    I wonder if the Elliot offer will actually be a lower basic wage topped up with a testimonial so that theoretically he is the highest earner at the club but only for next season?
  6. laukat


    It’s in the evening times already First part NorgeThistle is referencing is here https://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/17632265.gary-caldwell-no-brainer-for-partick-thistle-to-sign-kris-boyd-or-kenny-miller/?ref=twtrec There is a second article to be release at 10.30
  7. laukat


    Fair enough, out of interest if he does sign Miller or Boyd would that change any of your thoughts on the decision to get rid of Doolan?
  8. laukat


    Sorry are you saying you now think Boyd and/or Miller would be a good signing? Its a damage limitation piece which can be seen from the following 2 paragraphs that try to show that he's really keen to keep players that the fans identify with "Meanwhile, HeraldSport understands that Thistle have knocked back a bid potentially worth almost a million pounds for promising teenager Aidan Fitzpatrick. The club are also awaiting answers on contract offers from various first-team players, including an offer to Christie Elliott that will make him the highest paid player at the club." If we are seriously making Christie Elliot the highest paid player at the club then he's lost his marbles. It would suggest to me the ground is being laid for Elliot going as well Also as much as I love Fitzpatrick if we're getting that sort of money offered to us we'd be crazy to ignore it
  9. laukat

    A New Direction?

    Looks like Caldwell has a damage limitation piece with Graeme McGarry in the herald tomorrow where he will give us more detail on his new direction. Early indications look like the 'new direction' might be as a retirement home for ageing old firm players https://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/17632265.gary-caldwell-no-brainer-for-partick-thistle-to-sign-kris-boyd-or-kenny-miller/?ref=twtrec
  10. laukat


    "...That was my plan when I came into Thistle. I even made up a slideshow about it. (it really impressed the chairman!) But them I saw the true horror of what Archie had signed in the summer, and I had to throw all my plans out the window." A perfectly valid reason for rapidly changing the playing squad. However I've not seen any reason why he hasn't headed his own advice on dealing with the fans From memory I think he has done 1 meet the manager evening, apart from that has anyone seen anything that suggests he is trying to get the fans on board to buy into what he was trying to do?
  11. laukat


    It would probably do some at the club no harm to read the article in the link below and take on board the advice offered https://www.coachesvoice.com/gary-caldwell-on-managing-wigan-athletic-chesterfield/ In particular I would highlight the following "At Chesterfield, I wasn’t one of them. I needed to connect with the players more. Connect with the fans quicker. I needed to let them know who I was as quickly as possible, so they could buy into what I was trying to do. That relationship with the fans can buy you time. In the beginning, that’s what you’re trying to do. Every result buys you another week. You try to keep adding those up to get you more time. But you can’t build anything unless you get that initial period to connect." "Second, I wouldn’t change as many players. That might sound contradictory, given what I’ve just said. And we made some really good signings – Dan Burn, Nick Powell, Nathan Byrne – but by bringing them in it upset the group we had and the spirit we’d created. I should have just brought in one or two, stuck with the rest until January and done it all a bit more slowly."
  12. laukat


    Its certainly a legitimate question to ask if Gerry was involved and if not why not However if our chairwoman and manager need the Chief exec around to show them how to manage this situation does it not further question Low and Caldwell's abilities?
  13. laukat


    In my view emotion is earned. Kris Doolan earned the right to have his feelings taking into consideration when dealing with his departure. Caldwell has done nothing so far that will make me upset should results next season lead to his departure. The way he's going they might be able to sell tickets for that day. Who is holding Low to account? What targets have they set her and how do we know if she has achieved them?
  14. laukat


    I don't believe that they didn't announce Doolan's departure before the QOS game because they feared Doolan would down tools. I think they didn't announce it because in a week that the squad was asked to pick the team they couldn't afford the negative publicity ahead of such a big game. They knew that if they did it in the close season there would be no opportunity for fans to voice their displeasure until pre-season and hopefully by then the anger would have reduced. In my opinion Caldwell didn't put Doolan on for the last 10 as firstly he hadn't told him it was over and secondly he wanted the only story to be of Caldwell's success in keeping Thistle in the league At no point was there thinking ever about Kris or how best to treat an employee that had been very loyal to the club. They could have sat down with Kris on Sunday told him that it was over and came up with a joint statement that best helped both parties. For example if the statement had been emphasing the testimonial arrangements as an opportunity for the fans to say goodbye properly. Perhaps even announce a couple of big names that would play in the testimonial. Yesterday's statement read like it had been hammered out on Monday with input from our chairwoman and manager alone. They've learned nothing from how they misshandled Erskine leaving.
  15. laukat

    Kris Doolan - a tribute thread.

    My son is only 11 so I'm having to explain why the guy he's grown up watching score goals for Thistle is now no longer able to play for us. He's grown used to Lawless, Erskine and Doolan so he doesn't know that they are exceptional talents. I suspect by the time he is my age he will appreciate how fortunate he was to see them play in their prime but he's struggling to say anything positive at this point. So I'll say it for him. Thanks Kris, its been a pleasure watching you and if you happen to end up at livingston with Erskine and Lawless I think we'll be taking in a few of their games.