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  1. laukat

    Vs Morton

    You might be right that it was a yellow and not a red that sent him over the points threshold. Defintely remember thinking as soon as Rowbottom brandished the card that he wasn't going to play again that season and that our chances of avoiding relegation had gone with him. To think that its been 21 years since that game makes me feel old, not being able to remember if it was a yellow or a red makes me feel I might be losing my mind. I suppose being a Thistle fan it was bound to happen at some point.
  2. laukat

    Vs Morton

    My memory was we needed to win that game to help avoid relegation and we were level going into the last few minutes. An attempted pass to Charnley from one of our team was clearly heading into the stand so Chic instinctively caught it to get the ball back for the opposition to take a throw in. The referee who I think was John Rowbottom deemed it a deliberate handball, gave him his second yellow and off he went. Ironically Rowbottom had a reputation of not being card happy so perhaps Charnley's reputation influenced that outcome. As Chic has only signed to the end of the season it effectively ended his Thistle career and our hopes of avoiding relegation. His previous disciplinary problems meant his suspension was about 7 games and we ended up being relegated in a winner takes all last game of the season v Ayr at home.
  3. Yip, Inspired substition by McCall. I think he maybe touched the ball 4 or 5 times and 2 of thoses were goals
  4. laukat

    Vs Morton

    That was a big win today. I don't remember the last time a 10 man jags team scored 2 goals and won. O'Ware looked like the leader that we've been missing at the back. Kakay was really good and I think his performance today will mean it will be a long time before we see Williamson again. Hall looked a better fit if we continue to play 3 at the back and McGinty looks more comfortable in that system. Cole could have had a hatrick in the first half. Clearly the manager pulled a stroke of genius by putting Gordon on but his other subs were also spot on and well timed. Slater brought a bit of energy when Cole was beginning to tire and Mansell plugged away when Miller had ran his course. P.S. Chris Iwelumo will be relieved after todays game. Millers miss was worse than his. It was bad enough missing from so close with an empty net but how he managed to put the ball 40 yards in the wrong direction defies belief.
  5. The problem with puns is as soon as someone does one then another poster follows suit - I believe they call it the Dominos effect
  6. Agree with this and particularly the bit in bold. Fox may have his faults but he has been proven to be a very good championship keeper and a reasonable SPL keeper. I can only really think of the goal at Morton as a real gaffe. He has at times pulled off some wonder saves. Whats in front of Fox is the bigger problem. We do need the team to be more aggresive and physical. The saying used to be 'you earn the right to play' and in championship football thats by winning the physical battle.
  7. I would agree this is Fox's main problem. He doesn't like to come of his line and isn't commanding on cross balls. However from what I've seen of Sneddon its also his weakness. Whilst Hazard had other problems you could see we were more vulnerable at corners in particular when Sneddon was in goals. Sneddon in general did ok when he played last year but he did have a proper defender and organiser in Steven Anderson in front of him. Sneddon's till young enough to develop some aspects but he still looked like he could so with a season loan at a lower level to get comfortable with the physical element.
  8. One of the problems with the centrebacks is that we have 4 and 3 are right footed. Penrice could cover as a left sided one in emergencies but in effect McGinty is guranteed a place which is never a good thing. Playing 3 at the back looks ok on paper but in general it requires 1 comfortable on the ball (O'Ware) and 2 that are commanding in the air. Saunders just about does that but McGinty isn't commanding enough in the air to do that role. Whilst he was good taking the ball out from the back in that system you can't play him in the sweeper role as he's our only left footer.
  9. I think Zanatta needs a spell on the bench. He tries really hard for about 30 minutes and if nothing comes off he gets frustrated at himself and his teammates. For a young guy he carries too much of our attacking hopes. I'd much prefer to see him coming on with 30 minutes to go. Agree with this. Looked at good player but he's not what we need and if we signed him now we would struggle to get him fit enough to offer anything before the January window. Also can't see much value in signing ATS when we already have 2 left backs. We desperately need a left sided centreback, a CDM, a striker and another winger. Probably need another right back. If we were taking a chance on an unsigned player at this point you would want it to be as a CDM or centreback and I don't see many of them knockin about in Scotland. So unless McCall has found someone in another country we're probably going with what we have until January.
  10. I would drop Miller as I ythink he's off form at the moment but I don't see any other options. Mansell is at best an impact sub and that concludes our striking options. Williamson for Kakay is a disctinct possibility. I don't think its fair throwing Sneddon into our back 4 just now. Time for our experienced highly paid players to stand up and be counted.
  11. As much as Saturday was desperate I still think we have the right manager and management team. The only real question is can he get enough points out of the current playing squad to give us a chance of staying in the league. I watched Morton against Dundee on Friday night and they have a similiar lack of balance in their playing squad. They look weak at rightback, slow in central defence and with limited striking options. They were playing fairly direct football. However they put their bodys on the line and scrapped against Dundee and almost stole a point. If we were able to match the physical endeavour we should have enough quality to win but right now we lack heart and commitment. I hope this weeks training consists of showing our players how to get in the oppositions faces and show more aggression. In attack I've been wondering why Miller has not been getting chance and I wonder if it doesn't suit him playing with wingers and trying to get on the end of corners. From memory he's always been someone who scored from getting in behind defences. Morton's defence are not the quickest so perhaps we should be dropping the wingers and trying to get the ball in behind.
  12. Glad to hear McCall on the radio telling the players they have until January. Sounded like a man who's patience had ran out and he was indicating that he'll need more than 2 or 3 he originally thought. Assuming he gets some in the real question is how to make the current lot get some points on the board before then so we don't get isolated. I think he needs to look at a few changes and maybe go for something like this Fox Williamson-Saunders-McGinty-Robson Slater- Palmer -Penrice - Bannigan Harkins Miller We're starting games with all our attacking options on and very little way of changing it so I think Cardle and Zanatta need a turn on the bench. I think they'll provide more against tiring defences. We've also got defensive problems protecting the right-back and centre-backs so perhaps Slater might better provide right sided cover and Penrice as a CDM might be worth a go. Bannigan needs released from his CDM duties so perhaps moving him left midfield frees him Harkins may have no legs but he's probably out best chance at creating something so putting him behind Miller has to be worth a go.
  13. Last season our results picked up with the introduction of Scott McDonald and Steven Anderson. This year the strongest personality in the team is probably Miller but after that the rest are wallflowers. We have some reasonable players but no one with a will to win or do the nasty part of the game. You would expect in a struggling team to see the back four pick up bookings but we don't. I don't remember the last time one of our centre-halfs went through a player just to show them they are there. I'm not advocating we become a team of hackers but right now we've gone the opposite way and became a soft touch. We need to sign a on field leader as soon as possible.
  14. ATS, O'Donnel and Harkins are actually pretty decent examples of the type of players McCall recruits. All of them were players that had been at 'big' clubs (Aberdeen, Celtic, Blackburn respectively) but then started to drop down the league. McCall has a habit of identifying which of these types of players could be picked up and given a new lease of life. In terms of playing style he tends to go 4-4-2 or 4-5-1 in defence that becomes 4-4-3 in attack. The back 4 usually contains 2 centre halfs (preferable over 6ft) that do the basics well. At Airdrie and I think Falkirk his defence centred around Kevin James who was 6ft 7 and was only on the park to head the ball away or cause chaos at corners. One of the funnier moments was the Thistle support signing the circus music everytime he touched the ball as he was just such an oddity. At Thistle he signed Harkins initially a central defender but also got back Archie. Also signed Maxwell who was in the Kevin James mould and guys like John Robertson who was the epitome of consistency Fullbacks are usally very fit players that can defend but try to overlap. ATS, SO'D, Paton, Twaddle are examples. At Ayr he's had Smith and Harvie who look in the same mould. Midfield is usually based around an experienced leader (Rowson at thistle, Geggan, adams, Kerr at Ayr) mixed with hard workers who can score (Chaplain, Cairney. Keown) He's normally pretty good at identifying a striker that will score 20 goals a season (samuel, coyle, buchanan, doolan, shankland) I don't remember him signing too many non-scots at any of his clubs (couple of Jamaicans at Falkirk are all that spring to mind) and I don't remember him ever doing well at signing a big target-man striker (maybe coyle at Airdrie but Coyle was better on the ground than in the air) He usually brings a player or two from his previous clubs. Archie had been a Dundee United with him, he had Adams at Thistle and possibly Queens before taking him to Ayr likewise Kerr at Falkirk, Dundee United and Ayr. So I would expect we will sign a couple from Ayr. Not sure who (apart from Doolan) but perhaps someone like Geggan to beef up defence and Forrest to offer another wide option might be in his thoughts. Also wouldn't be surpised to see Erskine back.
  15. Fox, Williamson, Gordon and Zanatta are the only ones who have a contract beyond May 2020 so there shouldn't be any costs to get players out. I would suspect McCall will have less budget so he'll have to recruit cheaper players or have a smaller squad. He'll have his work cut out but identifying players and building a squad is probably his greatest strength. I think 5 (Hall, Cole, Kakay, Palmer and De Vita). There are not the worst in the squad but some of them will be sacrificied to get others in January.