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  1. I think the McGinty change last night was not to shore up the defence but in the belief that we might force a set piece at the death and that McGinty's height might have brought some joy. As much as we were better in the second half it looked unlikely we would score from open play so I can get that even though I would preffered Doolan or McDonald. Bringing on Storey when McMillan got injured made sense so that Elliot was protected defensively and denied Hearts width to get crosses into the area. Fitzpatrick for Cardle was almost like for like. The tactictal change at half time last night to reduce the gap between Harkins and central defense worked as it protected the back 5, reduced the possibility of Harkins being outstripped for pace and freed up Slater and Spittal to support the forwards. The real mystery from last night is the first half. I have no idea what we were trying to do. We didn't appear to have any real game plan, understand what Hearts would try to do or any idea how to keep the ball. The only positive in the first half was that we only lost one goal.
  2. laukat


    We're not. That ship sailed at the end of the transfer window. We're stuck with him until we are relegated.
  3. laukat


    As a Caldwell critic I think it only fair to say well done on the turnaround since the new year. Whilst there is still a lot more to do before we are out of the smelly stuff I think he has at least moved us out of the apathy stage. So kudos to Mr Caldwell, here's hoping it continues.
  4. laukat

    V Inverness

    Good result yesterday and having been a Caldwell critic its only fair to give him praise when he gets it right. So well done Gary long may it continue
  5. laukat


    I think thats a fair assessment. I've not been a fan but if he keeps us up then he probably does enough to deserve a chance next year. The games at Alloa and Dunfermline away are looking pretty big after yesterdays results. 4-6 points from those and we're looking at an outside chance of the playoffs, 2-3 points and we are in good shape to avoid relegation, 0-1 points and we're back in the brown stuff.
  6. laukat


    The point is its not about what was said at the interview it was about what was relayed to the fans so as an example below in bold is a quote from Jacqui Low. "Chairman Jacqui Low said the club were "blown away by Gary's interview preparation". "In the space of a week, he had done an analysis of each player, identified a training schedule to deal with the fitness levels and pulled together a vision of how to get Thistle playing well enough to secure promotion," she added. As I said before part of the problem is he was presented as being appointed to get us promotion not save us from relegation. Its not impossible we still make the play-offs but I think most of us would agree that we are in a relegation battle not a promotion campaign. The quote above also implies he could make the current squad better and not have to wait for his own recruitment which clearly hasn't been the case. The win yesterday buys him time to convince more of us that he is the right guy. An away win would be clear signs of improvement and hopefully thats what happens.
  7. laukat


    I am most definetly one of Cadlwell's critics and I fairly enjoyed my pint last night. If Caldwell can get us out of the relegation fight then thats going to be welcomed by all Thistle fans no matter you're opinion of Caldwell. I think for a lot of people, myself included, who haven't taken to Caldwell its because of what was said when he was appointed. You have to remember he was brought in to get us challenging for promotion not save us from relegation. We've only really started looking competent under Caldwell after 7 signings which is odd when he clearly presented a plan at interview that implied he could more out of the squad he inherited. Yesterday's win was promising but we beat QOS at home under Archie so have we improved or got back to our early season form? Only time will tell. QOS are an interesting bench mark as they are currently in the playoff spots and they don't look anything special. Had Caldwell got Archie-level of results from October to December then yesterday's win would be taking us towards the playoff not off the bottom of the league. So for me I'm still not convinced but I'll be more than happy to eat humble pie if he is successful as that means Thistle are successful.
  8. laukat

    Jags vs QoTS 26/1/19

    There were several good things today. Hazard looks way more of prescence than Sneddon or Bell. McMillan looks promising. Cardle ran the game until he went off. Saunders was to me the pick of the new signings as we have a central defender who can not only compete aerially but can actually tackle. Having 2 genuine wingers in Cardle and Fitzpatrick did make our attacking play more threatening. Spittal was good first half and his tackle to stop a QOS attack was a part of his game that just wasn't there a few weeks ago. Fitzpatrick was really good second half and his little move really creates the second goal. We're still missing a defensive midfielder. Slater was quiet today but he was playing further back today. There were too many times that the ball was cut back in front of the back 4 to an unmarked QOS player. Had Dobbie got his shooting boots on in the first half we might have had a different scenario. We still need a left sided centre defence. Saunders did well today in covering that position but he will get exposed if left in that position as he is very right footed. Doolan got himself in the right places but his touch is still not quite there. An on form Doolan probably scores 3 today. It would be interesting to see the Roy goal again. Fitzpatrick's pass is really good so if Roy is offside he only has himself to blame. Apart from Roy's goal he barely touched the ball and wasn't doing enough to stop the QOS players playing out from the back. Would have preffered to have seen Coulibally come on for Doolan. Overall a good win but we need a few more results and a couple more signings before we get close to saying we have turned a corner. If today's game had went on another 10 minutes I'm pretty sure we would have conceeded a second.
  9. laukat

    Winter window

    The jury is out on the new signings and what impact they will have but on the positive side the board have certainly backed their manager and whilst I've not agreed with most of Caldwell's decisions he has at least been decisive. In comparision towards the end of Archie's reign and in particular last season we became a bit of a home for broken down players and became afraid of upsetting some of them. Hopefully Caldwell's team start to show they can win today. Losing isn't an option and even a draw isn't enough.
  10. laukat

    Winter window

    I think the bit in bold is the key bit. He's now signed 7 players so there is no longer an excuse that the players Archie left him with are the reason for poor results going forward.
  11. laukat

    Winter window

    Sorry, not sure what you're point is?
  12. laukat

    Boycott Stranraer Game?

    The protests against Sandy Clark certainly had an effect. The 'boo boys' letter from Kevin Moore that was put in the following weeks programme certainly showed it got the directors understanding the strength of feeling with the fans
  13. laukat


    You can't really argue with a 4-1 win. If Caldwell can repeat this in the QOS game then great and he'll start to get the fans onboard. I think he still needs at least a right-back, left sided centre defence, defensive midfielder and possibly cover for Penrice. If he can get some of that in before the QOS game then we have a chance but the current defence against a striker like Dobbie would be a worry.
  14. laukat

    Stranraer Cup Game

    Yip, I have a horrible feeling that even if we lose the Board will still back Caldwell.
  15. laukat

    Winter window

    I can't believe we are this far into the season and not signed a proper right-back or even tried Duncanson in that position. It was obvious when Archie put together his squad that he had a gap in the right-back area and defensive midfield. When Caldwell came in it was equally as obvious but here we are well over half way through and having made 6 signings and we've not really addressed either. In my opinion we play so much sideways passing and are terrified of giving up possession because we know we don't have defensive midfield to break up play or a right back that hold a defensive line. Out of 6 signings so far only Saunders looks like he will improve the starting 11. Harkins might do if played as a number 10 but not as a defensive midfield. Loy and Mansell look at best like they are backup behind Doolan, Storey and maybe Coulibally. Hazard might be better than Sneddon but it'll be marginal. Cardle doesn't so far look like an upgrade on Fitzpatrick or Erskine. Its not looking good.