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  1. laukat

    Kenny Miller scores v Ross County 17.08.2019

    Totally agree. McGinty made the goal with his cross field pass to Gordon. The pass left County out of position and created a masive overlap on the county left back
  2. laukat

    Dross county Saturday bet fred cup..

    On another note, such a relief to see Blair Spittal is no longer a Thistle player. We've had some dross over the years but the worst type of footballers are those that have some ability but don't try hard enough. He thought he was the big man with the 'shush' motion after his goal as he thought he had won the game. He then goes off when his team needed him to stay on and see the game out. Also noticed that county didn't let him take a single free kick or corner which to my mind was his area of expertise. I hope for County's sake the see Spittal as squad player and are not relying on him otherwise he might have another relegation on his record.
  3. laukat

    Dross county Saturday bet fred cup..

    Great result. I can't remember the last time we beat higher league opposition. Still got some defensive problems but we look a lot better team playing 4 at the back. Saunders was decent, Penrice was good but McGinty was the star man to my mind. He created the first goal which put us back in a game that we would have normally struggled to score in. Williamson still looks akward defensively and whilst having bannigan picking up the ball from the back 4 is good to get us moving having him as the only defensive midfielder player does leave gaps. Once Palmer and Robson cam on we looked a lot tighter. Fox is not great on crosses but his save in the second half from Gardyne is probably a goal with Sneddon in goals. In attack Jones and Miller look like they will develop a partnership. Jones still lacks some sharpness but he does look like he hold the ball up and link play. However we lack any real pace in any of our front 3 and will struggle to create against teams that sit in. The manager got his selection, formation, tactics and subs pretty much spot on todayso I think he is due much of the credit for todays result.
  4. laukat

    New Owner

    They need to move the agenda forward. By all means respond to the Colin Wier statement but add a bit that either lets us know the timescales on the takeover or make a hint at a signing some thing that provides an indication of the way forward rather than fire fighting press releases. The current statement just leaves everything hanging with a greater suspicion that the youth setup and the womens setup will be downsized which plays into a greater suspicion that we have financial problems.
  5. laukat

    New Owner

    Are we trying to challenge Sevco for the 'statement o'clock' title? Can we make sure the next statement includes the word 'concomitant' just for giggles?
  6. laukat

    New Owner

    The statement today says there is budget for the season but doesn't say if thats based on the takeover happening or not.
  7. laukat

    New Owner

    From memory the 'Save the Jags' season started because the propose takeover by the steadmans fell through and we had nowhere else to go. It would be useful to know that there is backup plan should the proposed takeover fail.
  8. laukat

    New Owner

    On the first point I agree. In fairness it states at the bottom of the article that " Partick Thistle have been contacted for comment and are expected to respond soon" which is a bit strange as I would have thought they would have held the story until they had a reply form the club or the statement would have read that 'the club were contacted but declined to comment' GC's signings are a bit all the place with a tendancy to sign experienced players but Barnsley's are most defintely not. Barnsley have already stated that even after promotion to the championship that will continue to recruit players under 25. Totally agree that a younger team could get ripped apart and it might not work. I'm also not saying that GC's signings are bad I'm just saying that what the new owners want to do and what the managers wants to do are quite far apart and in those scenarios the manager is the one that usually goes.
  9. laukat

    New Owner

    I have no inside knowledge but I tend to believe generally that the truth lies somewhere in between all the information put into the press. Assuming that £200k is being withheld is it not more likely that the new owners have stipulated they don't want GC using it to buy new players and would instead would like to appoint their own manager? or that GC has been told he can't recruit his targets and instead been told recruit younger players ? The Barnsley model is to sign players under 25 and a quick look a the current Barnsley squad shows the 2 oldest players to be 26 years old. GC's signing policy is a million miles away from that Might also imply that GC was the person supplying the information to McGarry to allow GC to say he was hard done by when he gets sacked by the new owners? I don't think the new owners business plan would make any sense if the want us to stay in the championship and play Barnsley fringe players in the hope they attract a fee particularly as Barnsley are already playing a high number of younger players in their starting 11. More likely in my opinion that they want to build up a Scottish version of that by restructuring our playing squad. So promotion this year won't be their top priority, instead they will focus on recruiting under 25's capable of being competitive next season. Which is kind of what we should be doing as a club anyway and very similar to the make up of the squad when we last got promoted I think its a fairly easy business decision to bin the training ground. As for the Wier's, what todays information says in they end their involvement but doesn't actually say if they will or won't continue to fund the youth setup. Only thing that doesn't bit that worries me about the club finances and to which I can't come up with a logical explanation is why stop the players bus?
  10. laukat

    Stephen O'Donnell

    From what I've seen of Williamson he looks exactly as the Dunfermline fans described. Ok going forward not so good defensively. SOD was far better at both aspects even in his early games with us. To my mind we either need to be comfortable that Saunders could play right back in a 4-4-2 or look to recruit a right back that would allow us to play that system. To my mind Saunders is best as one of the two centre halfs in a 4-4-2 so I think we need to get a proper right back.
  11. laukat

    Championship summer transfer thread - all the ins...

    Couldn't agree more. I sometimes think that I go the over the top in telling my son how bad that period was but then I go and look at the odd starting line up from 84/85 through to 88/89 and realise it was worse than I remember. I would have liked to have seen Kenny Watson play with decent players but sadly he just missed the arrival of Lambie . Anyone know what Kenny is doing now?
  12. laukat

    Evening with Gary Caldwell

    Nothing mentioned or asked on scouting other than Scot Allison was in holiday in New York and took the opportunity to do some work whilst out there off his own back. It wasn't clear if that was scouting for players or something else.
  13. laukat

    Evening with Gary Caldwell

    Whilst its nice to hear the clubs ok financially and how we are/aren't progressing with a training ground I would much rather hear about football matters. Hopefully whatever happens next there will be more of these and they become a fixture with subsequent managers.
  14. laukat

    Evening with Gary Caldwell

    Agree, I was impressed and whilst not convinced about some of his philosphies you can't fault his preperation, how he is structuring training and approach to developing the team. He gives a very good presentation and I get why our previous chairman was so impressed at his interview.
  15. laukat

    Evening with Gary Caldwell

    Really enjoyed tonight so big thank you to Gary Caldwell for taking the time and having the patience to answer all the questions and for Gerry for answering the bits directed at him Gerry started by making a couple of jokes that basically implied he couldn't say to much about the boardroom changes but that it would hopefully be clearer in a few weeks time/ In terms of the content it started with Gary showing in some detail the pre-season training fitness regimes and anonymised player fitness assessments. He then showed in some detail the structure of how he wanted the team to attack and defend. From there he moved on to show how they prepared for the Hearts game last year by explaining how the chose to deal with Ikpeazu, how they wanted to defend Hearts corner routines, how they wanted to attack Hearts and how they changed that for the second game. He spoke a bit about developing a team identity and how he wanted the players to change how people percieve the Thistle badge The questions and answers were possibly the most enjoyable bit with. There were a lot of questions on tactics, formations with reference to how we setup against Airdrie and Queens Park. He stated he wasn't happy with the performances but was happy to be churning out wins whilst not playing well something in his view we couldn't do last year. General theme is he wants to see us pass out from the back, having the defenders drop into the box at goalkicks is a deliberate attacking tactic, wants us to attack by overloading the wings and by getting quick switches of play. In terms of the squad he still wants another 4. Looks like a fast winger from Australlia will be signing tomorrow. From how he spoke I think he sees Palmer as our main defensive midfielder and as a starter. Palmer's loan can be extended if we choose. Wants to get players with experince of winning the league hence Fox, De Vita etc. Wants to sign another defender but believes he can wait until later in the window for that one.