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  1. Bitter Jag

    71 Club

    Instead of restricting it to 40 members, they should have made it 41 so it would be 41 in 71 club.
  2. Bitter Jag

    Gary Caldwell confirmation

    Whats the story here? It rings a bell but can't remember the details.
  3. Bitter Jag

    Ross County Home

    Happy 666th Birthday. Following Thistle it probably feels like that anyway.
  4. Bitter Jag

    Albion Rovers v Partick Thistle

    To provide suggestions for forum user names?
  5. Bitter Jag

    Stenny Away

    From bbc report - The newly-promoted Championship side did the damage early, on-loan Motherwell midfielder Shea Gordon scoring twice in the opening five minutes to give Thistle a lead they would maintain until the end. They really just shouldn't bother.
  6. Bitter Jag


    I suspect they will offer Scully a deal now.
  7. Bitter Jag


    Ditto. Ever since the IPS theme changed the forum on my mobile has gone to pot. Really hope somthing can be done because it is painful. Dealing with enough Thistle pain as it is...
  8. Bitter Jag

    New Admin

    Thanks and good luck...
  9. Bitter Jag

    Ptfc Charitable Trust

  10. Bitter Jag

    Memorabilia Thread

    I don't have them anymore (gutted) but just last week I was reminiscing about a pair of Thistle sweatbands I used to wear with pride!
  11. Bitter Jag

    Doolan 100

    I just bought one online through the shop link on the website.
  12. Bitter Jag

    Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    Colin McAdam and Marr?
  13. Bitter Jag

    Pre Season Fixtures?

    Says the Guy from Bishopbriggs LOL!!! http://www.discovernorthernireland.com
  14. Bitter Jag

    Rangers Fc- A Nation Mourns?

    What would be funny is if their appeal failed because no one would risk being on a panel that agreed with the original verdict.
  15. Bitter Jag

    New Sponsor

    Or possibly City Barbers.