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  1. Pinhead that was ment to be a down arrow, but apparatly I can't correct it as I've used my daily allowance! I will update tomorrow.
  2. Bitter Jag

    New Owner

    Do you know you're right about that, you got me there. I'll take your dig on the chin and have a wee chuckle at myself for being foolish.
  3. Bitter Jag

    New Owner

    It was a very good, very wee joke! Pity GRE had to throw his dummy out the pram!
  4. That's brilliant, loved the screaming lol.
  5. Bitter Jag

    New Owner

    This and why people can't see or admit this, is beyond me.
  6. Bitter Jag

    New Owner

    What about the question raised about the difference with the moneyball principle with the first pick option across the water, that doesn't happen over here. A key factor in making the moneyball work surely?
  7. Bitter Jag

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    What about this reply? I honestly don't know how any fan can still seriously believe selling to this consortium is going to be a good thing considering what the fans of Nice and Barnsley have advised based on their experiences!
  8. I'm not in the know for the avoidance of doubt, but I suspect he wasn't offered one because Archibald would have been told by Lawless's Agent that it would be pointless.
  9. Bitter Jag

    New Owner

    Was there any timescale given/hoped for for the take over if it happens?
  10. I booked 3 seats by email on Thursday (2 adults and one kid). Just checking you got this OK? Cheers Tony
  11. Maybe when Aiden (and going back Liam), agreed to sign their contract extensions, it was only on the provision we would accept any offer above a low set amount. Maybe if we didn't agree to this, they would have been happy to let their contracts run down, in which case we would get feck all. In which case the board have done the best they could.