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  1. World Cup Pop Up

    Yeh thought that too AJ, very apt.
  2. World Cup Pop Up

    Congrats thistle4celtic1 the winner of World Cup pop up as run by BowenBoys. At work so final table published soon
  3. this ^^^ what a great community we have.
  4. World Cup Pop Up

    He told me before leaving that he would be un-contactable whilst away however any mention of Brechin City in thread I was to ignore all protocol and contact the Chinese Embassy as a matter of urgency.
  5. World Cup Pop Up

    Possible outcomes today:- If France win the World Cup then thistle4celtic1 will be our champion as they will finish on 52 points plus bonus point accrued giving final total of 53. The closest rival assuming a France win would be jags on tour who would finish on 50 points plus bonus earned giving 51 final total (although they could earn extra bonus point with France ending WC top scorers which would involve France hitting 6 today but even if that happens it would not be enough to catch thistle4celtic1. However it gets interesting should Croatia win WC. Peaty FC would finish on 48 points thus pipping thistle4celtic1 by a point. Peaty FC has no bonus points and cannot earn one today. jaggy who picked Croatia would finish on 47points but has earned a bonus point to date giving them 48points also to tie with Peaty FC however jaggy has a chance of an additional bonus point to earn today and basically for that to happen would involve Croatia to win in extra time as jaggy has put 10 of the last 16 games to finish in 90mins which to date is correct, this of course jump to 11 should game be settled in normal time thus denying jaggy that possible vital winning point. So in a nutshell:- France win (normal time,et or pens) then thistle4celtic1 is our winner. Croatia win (in normal time) Peaty FC and jaggy will tie. Croatia win (in extra time or pens) then jaggy would earn vital extra point thus pipping Peaty FC. My head hurts now so will work out later going by BowenBoys rules how we would decide should it end a tie between Peaty FC and jaggy. Will post final standings as soon as free time at work allows. Good luck all. ps elevenone earns 1,000 bonus points should commentator mention England during match.
  6. World Cup Pop Up

    Update after 3/4th play off. Anyone spot any mistakes please let me know. Bonus points could defo come into play after final tmrw.
  7. Davie McParland

    Sad to say has passed away. RIP club legend.
  8. Stenny Away

    Very true, wasn’t meant as a criticism just an observation. Thought both centre halfs today were a massive upgrade on last season.
  9. Stenny Away

    Sneddon looked good after coming on, very composed. Few seagulls may have to alter their flight paths with McGinty’s clearances. Penrice some nice stuff. End of day job done, debuts given and clean sheet.
  10. Team rebuilding

    Joins Frans and Booth at Dundee Utd.
  11. Team rebuilding

    Wasted talent. Hopefully a clean parting of ways and no pay off involved.
  12. World Cup Pop Up

    Hi all. To fill in the blanks here are everyones final selections where choices still have to be made. The rest of the auto selections are shown above in BowenBoys chart. 3rd place match:- Jaggernaut - Belgium Final:- Rid Skwerr - France thistle4celtic1 - France jagfox - France ThickAsThieves - France Will do my best to get updated tables posted asap. Good luck everyone.
  13. Stenny Away

    No idea how we will line up but looking forward to seeing a few of the new boys. Watched some highlights of Stenny’s friendly defeat to Hamilton the other night and the main thing of note was quite a bobbly artificial pitch so fingers crossed no more injuries tmrw. Side note is that really 2 years since last there and did Azeez and Pogba both really score or was it a dream?