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  1. elevenone

    Jags v Ayr 23/27 April

    1066 is the count Ayr are saying.
  2. elevenone

    Jags v Ayr 23/27 April

    Cardle and Fitzpatrick both start tonight, look to be set up to have a go.
  3. elevenone

    vs Alloa 20/4

    Please tell me that is not 5 at the back...
  4. elevenone

    vs Alloa 20/4

    Sun is shining, should not be an issue to our Tenerife heat acclimatised troops. Agree with above, GC should not over think this, a simple John Lambie-esque team talk of just go out and f****** win! Cmon the Jags.
  5. elevenone

    Jags v Ayr 23/27 April

    tis the structure, discipline and professionalism bits that worry me
  6. elevenone

    vs Alloa 20/4

    or during
  7. elevenone

    vs Alloa 20/4

    Just over 48hrs to ko so best get the ball rolling with match thread. Will start with getting some cliches out the way but it’s... ‘a must win’ ‘season defining’ ‘day of reckoning’ ‘now or never’ ‘most important game of season’ Really got the nerves tingling with this fixture, we must be quick out the traps on Sat and not have the kind of start vs Dunfermline. Would like to see us along the lines of 2nd half v Dunfermline and throw caution to the wind. Sneddon, Elliot, Anderson. Saunders,Penrice, Cardle,Spittal,Gordon,Fitzpatrick,Doolan and Mcdonald. High tempo pressing and hopefully be holding a decent lead for our inevitable wobble towards end. Win it and it keeps hopes alive, anything else would be a disaster for the club. Weather forecast is good so hopefully decent turnout and colourful vocal support, cmon Jags! ps feel free to cut and paste the cliches or add some
  8. elevenone


    Fair play to Alloa as a lot of people (myself included) thought they could have been the Championships Brechin this season. Too many ifs and buts but going on the assumption we survive I would rather they did also. I expect Goodwin will be onto pastures new at some point and if so they might find next season in Championship a struggle so lets get rid of Falkirk instead who may be a different kettle of fish next season. Whilst on the subject of next season (again assuming we survive) lets also get rid of Ross C, Dundee Utd and Morton along with Falkirk and replace them with Dundee, Hamilton, Arbroath and Forfar. That would be a bang average division for us to compete in. Thats my ifs and buts.
  9. elevenone

    Wilson & Ntambwe Prediction Leagues

    Very sporting gesture, thanks Sandy and congrats on double victory. And cheers BB for all the hard work, was following the excitement live first half but then had to drive to work.
  10. elevenone

    Ryan Stevenson

    Whilst I agree with this I would change football fans to society in general and a lot of these numbnuts would behave in that way away from a football stadium too. Footballers are more high profile so these incidents are highlighted more but lets not forget the swearing,aggression,sexism,homophobia and racism is played out every day to nhs staff, police, public transport workers, taxi drivers, shop staff, civil servants and all for simply doing their jobs.
  11. elevenone

    Ryan Stevenson

    Remember that well, there was mass booing but only towards ref who took an age to allow Ryan back on after treatment. He was standing on half way line in front of JH stand so was prob taking pelters from Celtic fans however if this is what he is referring to he has misinterpreted the booing from us.
  12. elevenone

    Player Sponsorship 18/19

    I’ll do a Peaty doing a sandy BB. Thanks again for running this in an extremely difficult season. I personally can’t take it on again for new season however hopefully someone on here will.
  13. elevenone

    Robert Watson

    Thoughts with you AJ in this difficult day. You are an inspiration keeping Robert’s memory alive.
  14. Just getting ready to submit my prediction then noticed I’m out. Big thanks for organising this AJ, much appreciated and best of luck to those still in.