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  1. elevenone

    Gary Caldwell confirmation

    First 2 must get signed up imo.
  2. elevenone

    Gary Caldwell confirmation

    All the best Gary and Brian. Onwards and upwards.
  3. elevenone

    Who's next?

    Nolan is a decent shout (dunno if he has applied). Personally thought he overhauled Notts County and had them playing decent stuff alrhough after slight sticky spell that was readily forgotton.
  4. elevenone

    Who's next?

    Today’s paper has Scott Gemmill flattered to be linked to job although he hasn’t applied and his focus on under 21’s this week.
  5. elevenone

    Who's next?

    Bookies odds in these markets are generally a reflection on the money that comes in. Wish i was rich just so as a joke I could stick a few grand on Dick Campbell just to see the panic set in with folk on this thread when his price comes into evens.
  6. elevenone

    Who's next?

    Joe Dunne of Cambridge Utd, he managed to get a hat-trick out of Ade Azeez this evening.
  7. elevenone


    Same ref today that sent him off previously for the reserves too. Also I saw Gary Fraser got straight red in 1st half whilst turning out as trilaist for Cowdenbeath on Sat. Jack should take long look at what happened with Gary and the wasted talent and screw the nut, however can’t see that being with us.
  8. elevenone


    Just been sent off again this afternoon in reserve game. What is this boy thinking?
  9. elevenone

    Archie sacked

    Had to happen. Guy has a family so never nice but club is more important. Onto next chapter and all the best Archie/Shaggie in your next venture.
  10. elevenone

    PAWS 2018-19

    Deja vu from last season these blank Saturdays, did think they would be less so this season.
  11. elevenone

    Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    Oh not sure, never even noticed the wee head hiding behind goalie til now.
  12. elevenone

    Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    Indeed it was.
  13. elevenone

    Jags Related Gg's Today's!

    Now my good luck with photo finishes today and my ocd has made me stick 50p e/w on this. Any winnings from it I will stick into PAWS.
  14. elevenone

    Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    Apologies if its a doubler, can’t remember the last 165 pages.
  15. elevenone

    Jags Related Gg's Today's!

    Poppy Jag runs in the 8.30 at Newcastle tonight. Wears our colours too, however not a likely winner and can be backed at 18/1 at the mo.