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  1. elevenone

    Mobile Phone Covers & Cups

    My phone case arrived yesterday, very good quality and well packaged. Would recommend.
  2. elevenone

    Alloa 15.12.18

    If Fitzpatrick is fit then him in for Mutombo otherwise same starting 11 for me.
  3. elevenone

    Happy Birthday Dools

    Happy Birthday Dools, a true Thistle legend.
  4. elevenone

    Stats Watch 2018-19

    Will try and get as much info as possible out of him next time our paths meet including whether he was that Dolan in that line up. Only info that I remember is he played around that era and also played down south, I think for a London area club. Celtic fan but we all can’t be perfect. Will PM you as much info whenever I meet him again.
  5. elevenone


    I personally think he can pass and hit a deadball better than anyone we have but i suppose these pesky red cards may get in the way long term.
  6. elevenone

    Stats Watch 2018-19

    Wasn’t one of the dafties but was Dolan no9 Davie per chance? If so finally found game he has played in, stays next street to me, good guy.
  7. elevenone

    2019 PTFC Calendar

    I’ll start with Jack Storer....next
  8. elevenone

    Max Melbourne Prediction League

    Congrat Scotty, romped it. And thanks BB for running the comp.
  9. elevenone

    Dunfermline 8/12/18

    Bell? Really? Oh God.
  10. elevenone

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    Heard that too. If true switch off the lights as we leave Firhill.
  11. elevenone

    Player Sponsorship 18/19

    Echo all said above BB, a sign of our current plight. I did have a Caldwell pledge on the sidelines from October but was waiting on first win to make it official, sadly this is yet to happen. Personally speaking I feel given all your history of hard work and the amounts this forum has donated in the past seasons that the club could have cut you some slack in terms of payment demand but maybe they have other interest in Caldwells sponsorship. Anyway if still up for it in January put me down when we sign Shankland.
  12. elevenone

    Meet the Manager - Tuesday 6pm

    Yeh me too, working so can’t make it. Thanks.
  13. elevenone

    New Coach

    Welcome Ryan, all the best. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/ryan-mccann-appointed-head-of-professional-phase-coaching/
  14. elevenone

    Stats Watch 2018-19

    I remember Benny Rooney opening my school fete whilst Jags manager and kids in my class asking him if he wanted their autograph. Will Gary ever get to cut a ribbon somewhere?
  15. elevenone


    Jacqui Low’s promised monthly update from the boardroom is due this week, should be interesting.