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  1. Awful fare, a complete s***show. None of those players deserve to wear the shirt. Miller top scorer, footballing brain etc? No thanks he would be one of the first out of the door. Take Gordon with you...in fact out with extending Cole’s loan and Sneddon and Penrice (at a push) none of these guys are fit for purpose. Banzo and Slater, its the very sentimentally surrounding players like this which have us in this mess. Caldwell has left us in the quagmire and must rank along with Clark,Johnstone and Campbell with his legacy. I do not normally post this fed up/angry but enough is enough!
  2. HAHHHHAHHHHAHAAH Bonus Round 4 games Thanks.
  3. What, we conceded 4? Not good enough!
  4. Yeh back again, did we beat Arbroath and Dundee Utd?