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  1. elevenone

    Morton away/ Ayr at Firhill

    Agree. If we have any aspirations of top 4 then a minimum of 4 points from these 2 fixtures although 6 would be grand. Would like to see Robson come in for De Vita and Sneddon getting back between the sticks. Bobby Madden the ref for Friday
  2. elevenone

    Challenge Cup

    Confirmed for the Saturday 3pm. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/kick-off-time-confirmed-for-montrose-game/
  3. elevenone

    Dross county Saturday bet fred cup..

    Best I have seen us in a while today. Started well and finished strongly too. Thought McGinty was terrific and Robson made a big difference when he came on. Corking free kick by Penrice too. Fox was a bit shoogly with crosses but otherwise pass marks to all. As for Spittal, I have no idea his problem with us but even last season I mind him scoring for us and looking moody and not celebrating with the fans so to see his reaction today especially when he was getting no grief perhaps sums up his character. Anyways Blair, Karma and all that.
  4. elevenone

    Newborn fan!

    Or do if you are looking for a good bedtime story to get the little one off to sleep quickly.
  5. elevenone

    Partick Thistle wagers 2019/2020

    Tam O’Ware (assuming he starts) 17/2 to score anytime
  6. elevenone

    Challenge Cup

    Same here, a new ground to tick off my list so looking forward to it. Is it just me though or is the name of this cup the most tinpot thing ever even by Scottish football standards.
  7. elevenone

    Partick Thistle wagers 2019/2020

    Had Shea again too but he doesn’t start so anytime Cardle now 11/2.
  8. elevenone

    Championship summer transfer thread - all the ins...

    I mentioned Hemmings in this thread a few weeks ago, I do wonder if we considered him at all as he is exactly the type of player we are crying out for at the moment. He will do well in this league (hopefully not against us now).
  9. elevenone

    New Owner

    35mins without a post in this thread. What is happening?
  10. elevenone

    League cup - last 16

    Ticket info now released. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/ross-county-tickets-on-sale-now/
  11. elevenone

    Partick Thistle wagers 2019/2020

    Just to rub salt it was Thistle who blew my over 2.5goals coupon which would have netted me £77.
  12. elevenone

    Storey re-signs for Thistle..

    Sorry could not resist thread title.
  13. elevenone

    Partick Thistle wagers 2019/2020

    Shea now into 11/2 just in time for me opening a bet365 account, you all must be lumping it on
  14. elevenone

    New Owner

    If true regards the bus that seems very poor especially as there was cash to fly squad including trialist over to La Manga.
  15. elevenone

    Lack Of Press

    https://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/sport/17813578.gary-caldwell-goes-back-began-search-another-new-beginning-partick-thistle/ Shame for young Wilson as i thought he did ok in brief cameo from bench.