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  1. Does anyone have one they'd be willing to sell or pass on? Thanks.
  2. Was up at Firhill earlier. Told both stands have sold out, another 500 allocated for the West Stand.
  3. Posted this in the match thread but thought I'd start a new topic just so more people can see. Our allocation has sold out so I'm looking for one ticket! PM me if you can help. Thanks.
  4. Allocation has sold out apparently - if anyone is selling a ticket please let me know.
  5. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Brand-New-With-Tags-Partick-Thistle-15-16-Shirt-Strip-Joma-/301793767037?hash=item46444f6e7d:g:oKgAAOSw5VFWP3Di Not a great fit so selling the new top on ebay. Thought I'd just put it up here so any Jags fans can take a look. Sorry if posting links isn't allowed.
  6. Don't see a topic so thought I would start one. Can you pay at the gate for this game? The official site seems to be pushing online ticket sales.
  7. Celtic Football Club @celticfc 3 minutes ago Fixture update: Partick Thistle v Celtic, postponed from 1st January, is now scheduled for Wednesday 11th February KO 7.45pm.
  8. Can you still buy a brick with a personalised message? If so, who do you contact, and how much does it cost? Thanks.
  9. This has rankled me for some time. Ever since I can remember, our half time warm up consists of the players standing huddled in a circle, half-heartedly bopping the ball back and forth, occasionally having a wee go at the crossbar challenge. I'm not expecting them to go full pelt for 15 minutes, but surely a couple of shuttle runs - perhaps some form of organisation - isn't too much to ask? Last night Celtic were jogging back and forth from one side of the pitch to the other, while our subs did a bit of keepy uppy. Does this annoy anybody else or is it just me?
  10. I wasn't at the game today but stop bedwetting.
  11. I'm not sure how many people actually read 'stickies' or 'pinned' topics - I would make this a normal thread and just bump it regularly.