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  1. Many happy returns Did she mention anything about the land transfer?
  2. I wasn't being sarcastic.
  3. This is a forum and if you've "had enough" BB, then fair enough. Nevertheless, no one is forcing you to read this thread and these posts. Whether the posts are rubbish or not, is open to debate, which is after all is the whole point of a forum in the first place. What is wrong with so many people these days? Why do so many seem to believe that they have some kind of divine right to shut down any debates, or points of view that they don't agree with? Respect is a two way street. Everyone is trying to get through this the best way they can. Not everyone wears their heart on their sleeve and to be honest, telling folk to "shut the **** up" doesn't help the situation one little bit.
  4. And we're proud to have you Jacqui. As proud as punch
  5. Well thank goodness no one's using these tragic events as an excuse to indulge in petty political point scoring.
  6. I think they will wait to see what the English Leagues decide, then quickly copy it.
  7. Much is made of Jacqui Low being a Tory. Let's be frank Jacqui is a chameleon, a shape shifter, an imposter and a fraud. Jacqui was a Tory when she thought it would help her career. Spin back 30 years and she would have been a fully paid up member of the "hang em and flog em brigade. Today; the wolf is wearing very different clothing. Jacqui is now a tub thump-er for political correctness, she is slowly building up a power base within the club through "using" her special interest groups. Nosey Besom
  8. Thank you for your posts Woodstock Jag. I wouldn't trust these people as far as I could throw them. Jacqui Low is a 3 time loser and a serial liar. The PTFC Trust is a sham organisation and the board of directors are stooges for the black cats. Whether we go down this year or next, it doesn't really matter, because sure as the sunrise; with these imposters in charge, our club is going to go right down the toilet.
  9. Apart from Jacqui "carpetbagger" Low.
  10. Javeajag. You believed the fairy tale that the Black Cats would deliver us a training complex. It must be great to have your faith. Would you like to buy some magic beans? Or how about the Brooklyn Bridge, or a couple of twinkling stars?
  11. Jacqui the Jonah......................back at the helm, with a steady hand on the tiller..............What could possibly go wrong?
  12. I certainly hope so. The circus just wouldn't be complete without Caldo the Clown.