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  1. It's just I have seen a few posters ripped to bits because of their writing being perceived as not good enough. The points they made, whether good, bad or indifferent were ignored, not deemed worthy of any consideration or debate and they were basically just made fools of. I can think of a couple of posters that this has happened to and understandably, they don't post anymore. It just doesn't seem right to me, I don't like that kind of thing.
  2. Some of the posts are not my cup of tea. I find some of threads very boring and struggle to read them. However, I don't have to read them, it's not like I am stuck in a room with folk droning on and on, or being subjected to some dull as dishwasher speaker at some god awful event, who's in love with their own voice, that's steadily making me lose the will to live. I am not keen on the following though: People who rip it out of others because they are deemed to have a poor standard of writing. I think these "clever" people are the ignorant ones and not those that they seek to disparage. You have the morality police, the ones that say things like there is "no place" for views, thoughts, or opinions like this in "today's society". These folk have some front, thinking they can go about, laying down their law. Who do they think they are? Then you have the characters that always shout about "diversity", until it's a something that they don't agree with, then they suddenly become very reactionary and diversity goes right out the window. Some of the folk on this forum aren't too easy breezy. That's for sure.
  3. Thought Penicuik were very good, seen worse teams come away with a win. Our team is very poor, think we have too many rotten apples in the barrel and it really isn't helping matters. We have a smattering of honest pros that have the guts to stand up and be counted, take pride in themselves and the club and refuse to hide and drift through games. Sadly, this is countered with the fact that we've far too many wasters, bums and passengers, that are at best, totally and utterly anonymous. Let's be honest, who in their right minds would want to "take on" many of these players? Can't see this being sorted out in a single transfer window.
  4. AndyMac

    Jacqui Low

    You can't please everyone can you? and nothing lasts forever. Nevertheless, let's put it this way; Nicola Sturgeon - SNP - widely supported and respected by her own. Ruth Davidson - Conservative - widely supported and respected by her own. Kezia Dugdale - Labour - not widely respected or supported by her own. Was Kezia Dugdale's leadership held in poor regard by Labour people because she is a women, or was it because she was a total calamity in the job and unable to provide what her own people wanted? All this Tories have no place a Firhill stuff, is (IMO) nothing more than bigotry. I couldn't care less that JLow was a woman, or that she was a Tory. It was her inability to do the job that bothered me. Jlow couldn't run a bath, never mind run a football club.
  5. AndyMac

    New Owner

    You want more Boris Johnson?...........cool Have to say, I agree with Javeajag on this one, I would take TFE over the consortium any day of the week. Colin Weir has done much good for Thistle. Furthermore, I would much rather see Colin invest his money in Thistle, rather than waste it on the SNP
  6. To be honest, I've seen a lot worse. Both teams at least tried to play football and the game could have gone either way. I think once the decks have been shuffled a bit in January we will start to move forward. Delighted to have Ian McCall and Archie back, think they will compliment each other and will be a greater force than the sum of their parts. I also hope that Colin Weir buys the club. We didn't become a bad team overnight and we won't become a good one overnight either.
  7. AndyMac

    New Owner

    No I am just speculating. What are you doing? Pot, kettle, black. Yes, that's why I think they may be selling the club. Which respect, you're talking nonsense. It's the people running our club that are overwhelmingly responsible for it's health. What is wrong with people expressing their opinions on a forum? That's what it's there for. Why do you want to shut down debate?
  8. AndyMac

    New Owner

    I don't think the Jags Trust would go for the consortium buy out, although I may be wrong. They may not support the status quo either. I don't know. I think the Weir's 10% share and the Partick Thistle Supporters Trust 20% share are one of the same thing, a 30% share block controlled by the Weir's. On the face of it with the Weir Thistle Academy, the training complex , the Colin Weir stand, general generosity, largesse etc etc, most people would be forgiven in thinking that the Weir's have a long term ongoing commitment to Thistle and it's therefore not possible, that the Weir's are actively touting to sell their share of the club. As previously posted, I think because the way the numbers stack, that it's probably the Weir's who are engaged with the consortium.
  9. AndyMac

    New Owner

    It's more than a bit odd, is it not? Some may say that the Weir's own 30% of the club! However, if we add together the Weir's, The Partick Thistle Football Club Trust and the Jags Trust shares, all of whom (you would think) would be considered as bankers for supporting the status quo. This combined shareholding amounts to 37% of the total shares in the club. If this is the case, the consortium has to buy 51% out of the remaining 63% of shares, which are scattered far and wide. This is a big ask. In these circumstances it is extremely difficult to see how they'll be able to buy the club. Perhaps, it's the Weir's that are selling? if so, then it's a completely different ball game. Some might say, that the consortium would then only have to buy 21% out of the remaining 70% of shares to own our club. Stranger things have happened.
  10. Funny, how. people see things differently. I thought he was pretty poor at organising the back line. When he got injured, I believed it was a blessing in disguise, as Paul Gallagher was a much better keeper in every respect and pretty much saved our season. Hope you're proved to be right Thistleberight, I really do
  11. Funny you should post this CCjag. I took my boy up to Cathkin Park last night to show him. His Grandad and great uncle were big Third's supporters and sadly his Grandad passed away a year before my boy was born. Think there must have been a bit of reincarnation going on as they are both very like one another. Not long before my father in law passed I took him Cathkin Park, he was kind of forgetful, but remembered everything about Third Lanark, and was very animated telling me about it all. I also remember as a kid, you used to get cheap plastic footballs (which were always rock hard, misshaped and flat) with all the different teams names printed on the panels, Third Lanark's name was still always on the balls and this was the mid 1970's! It's a very sad tale though, how financial mismanagement/dishonesty totally destroyed the club. I have never seen the footage your father shot. Thanks for sharing it. I hate it when old grounds are demolished and clubs move to Lego land stadiums, but it's incomparable to a club dying out. I hope by some miracle, someone, somewhere brings Third Lanark back and that they rebuild Cathkin Park to its former glory. It's a weird wonderful place. That's for sure
  12. Sorry don't rate Scott Fox at all. Very slow to get down for low shots, not good with catching the ball at crosses and generally flounces about a lot. Never mind he's a Thistle "legend" and will get by as a he was part of the championship team that's so fondly remembered. The first season up, much is correctly made of the contribution, in the seasons second half by Higgy and Lyle Taylor. However, of as much importance was Scott Fox getting injured and Paul Gallagher getting put between the sticks, all the big mans saves, bravery and organisational skills helped keep us up that year. If Fox hadn't been injured I think we would have gone down. Hope to be proved wrong. He reminds me of Cammy Bell.
  13. AndyMac

    New Owner

    Fair comment, perhaps the consortium takeover bid wasn't widely reported by "every" major newspaper. Nevertheless, it was reported on by the The Sun, The Herald, The Daily Mail and The BBC. If you're right and it's no more than rumours or gossip. Why don't the club simply issue a statement of the "facts", stating that there's no truth whatsoever, in the alleged takeover bid? If the club were to put out such a statement, it would certainly help to clear up the matter and bring all this wild speculation to a close
  14. AndyMac

    New Owner

    Perhaps the board will be good enough to make a statement. It would certainly help to clear matters up and put an end to all this mindless speculation