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  1. Agreed and on your last point, remember what happened last time we took them to court - it turned out they were allowed to make the rules up as they went along. We wasted £50k then that could have been better spent on the team (though the management team we had then would probably have wasted it).
  2. Possibly because a club playing in the Place of the Badgers desperately need their placing prize money now?
  3. Caldwell is not solely responsible for this. Others above him ought to be making sure things like this are checked.
  4. Apart from Mansell, all of them have contracts which end this May (2020), so will be on their way soon anyway. Mansell has another year on his contract. Might be a useful squad player as can hold the ball up well and push defenders around; no great shakes goal scoring but hasn't been given much game time this season. OK I know there must be better out there but he may not be easy to get rid of so should consider if he can do a job for us, though obviously not an automatic starter. Since he hasn't had much game time it's hard to see how anyone would want to take him off our hands. I should point out some others are out of contract in May too including one or two we might want to keep. One however is MIller; would anyone want to make a case for him?
  5. Would it be fair to say that a comment you made a while back about older players having a different agenda came into play? That is, Rangers had a full team of young triers while we had half a team of older guys just playing to get fit and not taking any risks?
  6. Think MacKinnon will be more important if he's fit to play. Need someone with a bit of dig anyway but especially against Celtic. Thought we might play 3 at the back but Williamson's out so looks like Saunders RB and McGinty CB beside O'Ware. Cole and Banngan have to be in there so the question is whether we put a four in midfield or maybe play 4-3-2-1 (e.g. Fox, Saunders, O'Ware, McGinty, Penrice, Cole, MacKInnon, Bannigan, Cardle, Jones, Miller - with Rudden getting a run out at some time). We're short of defenders with Williamson out and Hall gone so could see youngsters on the bench.
  7. Ah! My ancient memory playing tricks. It was West I was thinking of when I said Kelly. Thanks. Yes. DJs brief time and more recent experience shows how vital it is to get the management appointments right. If you get the right manager and give him resources you'll get the right players and the best out of them. We always seem to follow a good manager with a bad one (or at least seem to have since after Auld left us).
  8. I seem to remember we had a few decent players at the time including loans of the likes of Dodds and Kelly (I think) on loan from Chelsea. But Bates imposing Johnstone on us undermined everything. Bates really was taking the p!ss with that appointment which showed his attitude to us. I've often wondered why on earth he bought us. (Or was it just a controlling share? I think the Reids were still around somehow.)
  9. You more or less said what I was thinking. Our youth policy seems to work quite well up to the stage when you need to have a way of bedding a youngster into the first team and then we fall down. I think management have been scared to give youth a chance, relying instead on older guys who sometimes are no better or worse than the youngster would have been (even unwilling to give youngsters 10-15 minute run outs towards the end of games). Lindsay and Fitzpatrick mentioned but don't forget they both got chances in part because of injuries to other players not because the managers really trusted them at first. Penrice seems to be the only youngster who has managed to play regularly even when there is an older option (Robson) and seems to have embedded himself in the team. But we really should have had 2-3 more.
  10. Over the piece I thought the difference in the teams was the front lines. Basically they have one and we don't. Jones can't do the job he is asked to do and to my mind would only work as a second striker running onto layoffs from an old fashioned centre forward but since we don't play that system we're stuck. Miller may do a job in midfield but until we can sign a proper centre forward he should be the main front man. Without that attacks break down too easily which is why Fox was much busier than their goalie.
  11. Cheers BB. Looks like a young Celtic side apart from Hendry. Celtic score in added time to get a draw, 1-1. Looks like we had made a few subs, bringing a few of our youngsters on. (I'm getting all this from the twitter feed which gave the Jags team but not Celtic's). OK result I suppose.
  12. Thistle 1-0, Niang who is subbed soon after probably due to getting a booking. Celtic hit the woodwork but still Jags ahead. Would like to know the Celtic team. Just saw Thistle goal disallowed from Harkins free kick.
  13. Now the OS is stating full time and we won 1-2. Bizarre.
  14. @sandbank boy Yeah was about to post that it's really weird they have 86 mins as their latest post and no mention of our third goal scored nearly 5 mins before that.