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  1. Wtf?

    Not strictly true: an 'independent' citing officer (4th official) has that function.
  2. Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    Alan Mackin, John Donnelly, Gordon Smith v Dumbarton 9/8/86
  3. Queens Park

    Bobby Dickson was also a teacher at the time at Thomas Mur High in Bishopbriggs. He left Queens Park to sign for first Clyde and then Queen of the South.
  4. Braehead Clan/north Stsnd

    The Warriors' average gate has trebled since leaving Firhill despite having a smaller capacity at Scotstoun.
  5. Piccolo

    Fox 1.72 Gallagher 1.66
  6. Piccolo

    Sorry, but that isn't true. He was only substituted once all season; against St Mirren (09/11).
  7. Piccolo

    Average goals conceded per game with Piccolo 2.28 Average goals conceded per game without Piccolo 1.33 Now that's not to say he was the only one at fault, but the defence as a unit was weaker with him.
  8. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maryhill_Central_railway_station
  9. Maybe because it was at half time of the 2nd Hampden game that season in December.
  10. Last Player To Score Over 50 Goals For Thistle

    The true King of Firhill, Kenny Watson, scored 60 competitive goals for us.
  11. Off-Beat Low Points As A Jags Fan

    It was Calum Milne and Billy MacDonald that were sent off that day and Boyle had to knock in the rebound after the keeper's save deep into injury time. The sense of relief at that moment will probably never be matched. Probably the most emotional I've ever been at a game in all honesty. It was also Kenny Arthur's full debut.