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  1. If we lose to them, that would take the biscuit
  2. Teams to score before Thistle ? - It will either be none or double figures. Confidence is low, so I'll say 11.
  3. I certainly saw him sent off in a 5-1 gubbing at Easter Road
  4. My shock is that Chic is not in that list. Did he not get sent of about 17 times and surely a big proportion of them were playing for the Jags
  5. To quote Murray Walker - anything could happen and probably will.
  6. Both goals, he arrived with a late run and no defender picked him up.
  7. As we can’t get a point at home and they can’t get a point away, I’m going to predict Match Abandoned. Whats the weather forecast ?
  8. So, in dead bird terms more like a Pheonix than a Norwegian Blue Parrot, and certainly not yet a Dodo
  9. Information is vague enough to allow us another 200 pages discussing whether it is dead or not.
  10. ATS has just signed for Livvy, so that is an option gone
  11. Without wanting to start another 300 page discussion on very little, I suspect that the only current plan is sell the club and make it someone else’s problem.
  12. Sorry but looking back with rose tinted glasses at players who are way past their best is not the answer.
  13. You are far to optimistic. Are you now surprised ?
  14. The closest they got to the moon was a piece of blue cheese in the film studio canteen.