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  1. I don't understand where you get the £625 per employee per month figure from. The furlough payment is 80% of salary upto £2500 per month, so £625 per employee per month is the MINIMUM that they would have to find per employee per month. Many of the employees will be way over that threshold (£37,500 pa) so the amount that they would have to find is likely to be far higher. There are also likely to be many employees on much less than that.
  2. I see nothing to smile about in the country's current predicament. Those who do aught to have a good look at themselves.
  3. I think you are probably right, but I also think that the principal of having penalties comes from UEFA
  4. When it comes to natural ability, Graham Gibson is surely in a league of his own.
  5. I missed the game on Saturday. Who won ?
  6. Maybe not in Scotland, but this is a global crisis. As I said Bolton would have an issue if points penalties are waivedfor another club, especially one in the UK. Whatever we do with the current season, we need to do the same as every other league or we will risk litigation and or sanctions.
  7. An there lies the problem. One arse cheek will be pissed off if Celtic are awarded the title, while the other will be pissed off if they don't get it.
  8. I’m not sure that you can just waive the points deduction for administration. Firstly that would not be fair on clubs already in that situation. Bolton might have something to say about that unless you give them their points back too. Secondly it would be a get out of jail free card for any club wanting to clear their debts. I have to agree with Mr Rubble. Our authorities are pretty good about doing nothing and that is exactly what they need to do now.
  9. Down South the BBC are showing Euro 96. Might give that a miss
  10. I have to agree. There is no way that the current season will be restarted so the only options will be current places or null and void. However the SFA/SPFL can’t afford to unilaterally do that now. If they did they would risk sanctions from UEFA and financial compensation from TV companies and league sponsors for breach of contract. The only way to get out of this is to hold tight and wait for the government to make it legally impossible to recommence
  11. I think that unlikely at this point in time https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/apr/03/clubs-risk-champions-league-exclusion-if-seasons-abandoned-prematurely-uefa
  12. And our Fox will be free from covid-19. He couldn’t catch a cold
  13. The most amazing thing about that goal was that, having done the hard work, everyone expected him to hoof it over the bar or wide of the post.
  14. I remember going to a game in the 80's, maybe Stirling Albion, and saying to the guy beside me "WHAT'S THE VIEW LIKE FROM OVER THERE ?"
  15. No, but there has always been a rumour and I only said it was a rumour that may have no truth.