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  1. I didn’t know that there was a quota for the number of cards that a ref can show in a game
  2. I wouldn't think he would play if we meet them in the final. That would be a conflict of interest and he will probably be excluded from the team talks. As for the semi, he will be cup tied for us, so I suspect that he would play if required
  3. You're right. Could have sworn we had him on loan around 07/08, but it's not on the records. I've been supporting him as one of our own. That will now stop.
  4. I was thinking the other day about former players that I would take back. As well as SOD, John Fleck and Lyle Taylor I'd have in a heartbeat, but now way out of our league. George Moncur, Liam Lindsay, Jack Hendry, Aiden Fitzpatrick and Kevin Nisbet would walk into this team as would Omar Kakay who I guess now counts as a former player. More debatable, Mark Stewart, Ryan Scully, ATS and even Graeme Dorrans. Not a bad team that you can put together from former players
  5. I’d prefer Stranraer home or away in the next round
  6. I'm sure that there will be conditions on performance. If he scores the winning goal for Scotland at the Euro Finals and beats Messi to the Ballon d'Or then I doubt it would be a small fee.
  7. They look pretty good, but in general, I don't like black kits
  8. So .... what is he being asked to do, and who is the replacement that is simple to find ? If Fox could command the whole 18 yard box he wouldn't be playing for Thistle
  9. A good point. Steven Anderson is a legend at McDairmid while Chris Erskine is a legend for us. Which of these would you rather have to keep you in the top flight ?
  10. You've not met him. It was from his son !
  11. So close, but the Marina was a Morris. The Austin Atlantic is probably the closed to a boat pun. Sorry m’lady
  12. And Rudden has just signed for 2 years (or will do when the ink dries)
  13. I have been away for a week, so catching up and I'm reminded why I love this forum. There is a sort of mass manic depression about it. When I left, we had just had a couple of decent games and it was all about just a couple of tweaks to the squad and we could be pushing for the play-offs. After a bad game against United, it is get rid of the lot and we might just avoid automatic relegation. Got to love the wild swings !