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  1. Dick Dastardly

    Championship summer transfer thread - all the ins...

    But look on the bright side. If we had made dozens of signings, we'd only be on here complaining about how bad they were. At least there are no bad signings yet.
  2. Dick Dastardly

    Lewis Mansell

    Welcome back to Firhill https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/lewis-mansell-is-here-to-stay/ Now make yourself a legend !
  3. Dick Dastardly

    Cammy Bell freed

    What new striker coming ? Have I missed some news ?
  4. Dick Dastardly

    Cammy Bell freed

    I'm not defending Archie's signings, but I think that is unfair. I remember us all being delighted when we landed Bell, but it just didn't work out the way it should have.
  5. Dick Dastardly

    Vaguely Jaggy Factoids

    not sure when the Lord Rosebery colours were used, but Palermo have had pink tops since 1907
  6. Dick Dastardly

    Pre Season

    We also got 3 from the academy. I don't know if that makes up the ones he was talking about (I'd be disappointed if it was) but technically there are 4 new faces.
  7. Dick Dastardly

    Championship summer transfer thread - all the ins...

    Transfer window has been open for ages and despite several statements that "Kris Boyd is going to sign tomorrow" there is still no sightings on Maryhill Rd. Am I allowed to panic yet ?
  8. Dick Dastardly

    Chief Scout Appointed

    He would have very long reports on our current squad !
  9. Dick Dastardly

    Chief Scout Appointed

    Maybe it is his advice that has stopped us from signing a load of duds
  10. Dick Dastardly

    Chief Scout Appointed

    Why not contact the new chief scout via the club e-mail. I'm sure that one of the duties of the chief scout would be to manage the scouting network.
  11. Dick Dastardly

    Chief Scout Appointed

    Are we in danger of looking professional ?
  12. Dick Dastardly

    Phil Bowen

    I think this deserves a thread of it's own https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/wearethistle-fundraising/ Well done Phil and well done us.
  13. Dick Dastardly

    Chairman’s Statement

    However the examples that have been given of where the Weirs might have provided funding are all one off events which are outside of the day to day business. If as suggested that he funded the players trip, what would have happened if he hadn't ? We wouldn't have gone. Same for SAS gate. These things are not budgeted for and therefore not in any way putting at risk the day to day. To me, the statement is quite clear that the board set a budget which is within our means .... "Our finances are now structured on a rolling two year basis (with a view to extending that to three years) so that we know exactly what we can spend in year, without compromising the Club’s viability for the following year. As the season ended, we came in on budget without depleting our reserves" What part of the above is not clear ? And while we are at it, I have not seen you (or anyone else) commenting on this from yesterday ..... "The Club would like to thank all users of the WeAreThistle Forum and, in particular, Phil Bowen for their fundraising efforts this season. In total forum users have raised £2613 through the Pay as We Score fundraiser and player sponsorship." Firstly Phil But what sort of way is it for a club to rely on the generosity and hard work of the supporters to provide additional finance. What a terrible state of affairs and it must be returned or we are in danger of administration. Or is this somehow different to what you were complaining about ? And while we are there, I might take you more seriously if you were willing to do something about it, but WTF difference do you expect consistent moans on here will do ? What are we, as forum readers supposed to do ? If you think there is something that needs sorting speak to the club rather than bombarding us with FAKE NEWS.
  14. Dick Dastardly

    Chairman’s Statement

    Because after beating Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Juventus, we would lose to the team from Lichtenstein. It's the Thistle way.
  15. Dick Dastardly

    Chairman’s Statement

    I would much rather have an ambitious manager that thinks of us as a stepping stone than one that thinks managing Thistle is the pinnacle of his (or her) career. I hope that Gary goes onto win the Champions League as it will mean he has been successful with us.