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  1. Win 3 home games in a month ! Remind me again how many home league games we have won so far this season ?
  2. It wouldn’t be the first time that there were allegations of someone at the club betting against us
  3. Very attacking midfield and with the old reliable pairing of O’Ware and Saunders at the back, what could possibly go wrong ?
  4. With our current form and record in front of the cameras I won’t be holding my breath for a win
  5. Is there such a thing as enough caramel wafers ?
  6. They probably don’t want their pitch cut up
  7. Firhill is our major asset, yet it is only generating revenue for around 20 days per year (this is one of the biggest issues facing the football industry) any way to generate more revenue has to be explored by the club.
  8. Two wrongs don't make a right. Lets not do it in the future.
  9. I have doubts about the rest of you, but I’d do a better job than McCall. (Mutley for assistant).
  10. And if I was the old supplier or manufacturer, I wouldn't want to find out we had lost the contract this way. The club has commitments and t's&c's with sponsors, suppliers and manufacturers, both old and new which leaks like this could jeapordise. As others have said, I would leave things like this for the club to announce
  11. Do they have to replace someone ? Can’t we have them as well ?
  12. I’m not sure that was an option. The previous board didn’t want to continue and were trying to sell their shares. However they couldn’t find anyone to buy them that wanted to run the club themselves, which is exactly why we are where we are
  13. Deleted post. Haddn't read everything before posting
  14. In other words, where would we be without hope ? .... Alive !
  15. I thought that until the arrival of Mayo. I don't think he came to sit on the bench and I don't see Brownlie or O'Ware being dropped For me, 3 at the back exposes us defensively, unless the defenders are uber concentrating. They need to cover for the wingbacks going forward and they need to watch for one of their own joining the midfield. So easy to be exposed 2 on 1 out wide or 3 on 2 down the middle. It would be 4-1-4-1 or 4-4-1-1 with the wingers supporting the front man for me, but I'm not sure we have the players for that
  16. I never want to see 3 at the back ever again. It was a shambles at Arbroath. If we try that, we will lose
  17. My expectations are low and I would probably not be surprised if this Thistle team fails to meet them. I'm relying on others to do us a favour.
  18. I hope that luck doesn’t come into the equation and that we are still in next seasons Championship on merit
  19. I thought it a good effort for wee Joe to get big Aaron in a headlock. Ref probably didn’t give it because he thought it couldn’t possibly have happened.
  20. Have to disagree. They may have gone about it in a different way but still got only 1 shot on target and had a calamitous defensive blunder. Think I’ve seen that story before
  21. Firstly that was definitely a penalty. O’Connors arms were all over him. The only way that is not given is if you are in a green/white or blue shirt. Brownlie as much to blame as Banzo for the goal. As soon as he set off you could see the space open up and knew he had to win it or we were in trouble. Graham did look good I the first half when he had support. When they dropped deeper second half he looked isolated. He will score more. Overall that was pretty typical of so many recent games. We looked good at times without ever threatening to score (did Doohan have to make a save ?) We were always just one moment away from conceding and you knew it would come. Need some big games next month Edit to add that bbc stats say we had 8 shots with just 1 on target. Sounds like an old story
  22. 4-5-1 ? Looks a bit defensive unless the midfield are going to get forward to support Graham. Wonder which of O’Ware and Brownley will play on the left
  23. Any players would have to have been registered by midday today to be eligible to play tomorrow, so not exactly a big deal. Other than saying he wants player X, I'm not sure that the manager has much to do with the legal shenanigans behind transfers.
  24. It probably needs players to move on to release the money to bring someone in. I expect that the ground work on who he wants/is available has been done, but other factors mean that he can't
  25. Now there's a program I would watch .... Matt Baker taking a chainsaw to Alex Jones !