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  1. RaveOnBobbyLaw

    Spittal offski

    Couldn’t fault his effort last season but not overly fussed. For every decent game he had four or five ranging from meh to invisible.
  2. RaveOnBobbyLaw

    Caldwell Like or Loathe

    This. The winter transfer window was crying out for a quick fix. Not only did Caldwell have to clear out the utter garbage that Archie signed, but change the soft centre and mental weakness that saw us bottle so many leads and fail in crunch games. That was never going to happen overnight but progress has been made; the analogy about turning round an oil tanker is valid in our case. In this context I think he’s done ok but been harmed by the aiming for promotion sound bites when first appointed. Was never going to happen. I counter that with caution over some of the sh*te he comes out with and bizarre team selections at times. Equally he can make refreshingly bold subs and tactical switches to correct his initial mistakes! So in summary, deserves the chance to build further over the summer and into next season imo and not deserving of the some of the constant whining and abuse dished out.
  3. RaveOnBobbyLaw

    Alloa 16/02

    Banzo’s expression though. Some boy.
  4. RaveOnBobbyLaw


    This. Just as wearing is the “Archie had got us more points than Caldwell” argument. Archie’s team was on the slide in terms of performance and confidence IMO. Not convinced by Caldwell and he should undoubtedly have got more points in the board, but you can see some of the glaring deficiencies on the playing front being addressed.
  5. RaveOnBobbyLaw

    Ross County Home

    This. A no nonsense midfield boss should have been Archie’s absolute priority, instead he ends up scrambling around and signing Ntwambe. That and not signing a right back were his final transfer calamities.
  6. RaveOnBobbyLaw

    Dunfermline away.

    There can be absolutely no defence for such a negative line up away to Dunfermline having played reasonably well in an attacking sense in our previous game. None.
  7. RaveOnBobbyLaw

    Training Ground

    It’s perfectly normal for planning permission to be subject to a number of conditions which have to be cleared to allow final permission to be granted. Public consultations and objections are also the norm.
  8. RaveOnBobbyLaw

    Team rebuilding

    I’m ok with th signing of Scobbie as a short term reaction to the OWare injury. It’s the lad from Dundee and no right back cover that baffles me.
  9. RaveOnBobbyLaw


    Don’t disagree, but there’s also usually nobody to pass forward to....
  10. RaveOnBobbyLaw


    This. 100% this. I just don’t trust Archie signing 4 more players.
  11. RaveOnBobbyLaw

    Ayr at home

    The blanket referring to all concerned fans as knicker wetters is just as bad imo. While yesterday wasn’t the end of the world there is genuine cause for concern. For me it’s still needing 4-5 decent quality signings - not squad fillers - at this stage, more so given Archie’s record of last minute random panic signings. Did we have any signing targets other than Tam O’Ware lined up early in the close season??
  12. RaveOnBobbyLaw

    Team rebuilding

    “Waiting to hear on a couple of quality loans” sounds awfully like the repeated missing out on top targets of the last few years. Looking forward to the usual panic signing jobbers then.....
  13. RaveOnBobbyLaw

    Team rebuilding

    He got praise from 2 out of 2 at my work today. “Good then we signed Foderingham for some reason” was the common theme.
  14. RaveOnBobbyLaw

    Team rebuilding

    All for signing younger lesser known guys with a point to prove, but the spine of the team needs a bit of experience and knowledge of the division. Shug Murray’s influence on the last title winning side is overlooked. Brought a calmness and authority to a side of youngsters. Loved a sending off against Morton, though...
  15. RaveOnBobbyLaw

    Team rebuilding

    No to ATS and then suggest Craigen.... Vigurs has signed for County. Gary warren at ICT has been told to find a new club to cut costs. 33 but could still give a decent season or two.