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  1. JUST IN

    Don’t disagree, but there’s also usually nobody to pass forward to....
  2. JUST IN

    This. 100% this. I just don’t trust Archie signing 4 more players.
  3. Ayr at home

    The blanket referring to all concerned fans as knicker wetters is just as bad imo. While yesterday wasn’t the end of the world there is genuine cause for concern. For me it’s still needing 4-5 decent quality signings - not squad fillers - at this stage, more so given Archie’s record of last minute random panic signings. Did we have any signing targets other than Tam O’Ware lined up early in the close season??
  4. Team rebuilding

    “Waiting to hear on a couple of quality loans” sounds awfully like the repeated missing out on top targets of the last few years. Looking forward to the usual panic signing jobbers then.....
  5. Team rebuilding

    He got praise from 2 out of 2 at my work today. “Good then we signed Foderingham for some reason” was the common theme.
  6. Team rebuilding

    All for signing younger lesser known guys with a point to prove, but the spine of the team needs a bit of experience and knowledge of the division. Shug Murray’s influence on the last title winning side is overlooked. Brought a calmness and authority to a side of youngsters. Loved a sending off against Morton, though...
  7. Team rebuilding

    No to ATS and then suggest Craigen.... Vigurs has signed for County. Gary warren at ICT has been told to find a new club to cut costs. 33 but could still give a decent season or two.
  8. Team rebuilding

    I was on board until shankland. Hes mince. Ill go: 1. ATS 2. Scott Cuthbert 3 Craig Sibbald. Dundee Utd trying to sign him apparently
  9. Chicago

    Was there for a week in March 10. Cracking place but try to go in the summer/autumn as it was baltic! We stayed near Millenium Park, which is pretty central and has loads of amazing sculptures and exhibits, open air concerts in the warm months too. Its near the magnificent mile (shopping for the good lady) and Navy Pier which is touristy but good fun. Other things to do: Blues clubs - Buddy Guys Legends has live blues every night, was brilliant. Bit of a dodgy area though so get a cab. Gangster Tour - we booked a gangster tour via the hotel, sounds cheesy but gives you a good bit of the history and takes you round the city, the 2 guys that did it were hilarious too. Sears/Willis Tower - go on to the Skydeck - 2 glass boxes that jut out of the building on the 100-something floor. Shat myself. River cruises - another good way to see the city & some of the history. Take in the ice hockey, Bulls or Bear, easy to look up/book in advance in Ticketmaster. Lots of museums and a good aquarium too. Go to Giordanos for an original chicago deep pan pizza. We got a small between 2 and couldn't finish it. Thats why so many americans are fat. Enjoy!
  10. Just In...

    Agreed re Balatoni, thought he was excellent against a tricky opponent in Tade, and composed on the ball. I'd have him back next season in a heartbeat. Tommy Stewart reminds me a bit of the super swede himself, Mr Lindau. Doesn't seem to be doing that much then pops up with a great finish. Same as Dundee, and his lob against Morton. Would like to keep him, but with another striker too. Wishful thinking. And David Rowson - most fitting last kick of the season we'll ever see, with a genuinely touching moment when he was mobbed by his teammates, which carried on to the reception the team got at the end. Resigning him must be a top priority.
  11. For Those Of You Who Were There Today...

    12. Too busy letching at the wee burd on her hen do?
  12. Mccoll -Manager Of The Month?

    Agree totally. Fox was absolutely flawless today.
  13. Just In

    Have never been totally in the McCall must go camp, but after that if he doesn't resign we simply can't afford not to change things & get rid. Line up/formation was just bizarre, we were effectively playing 5-5-0. May as well have stuck a strip on a golf bag and put it up front, would have been more effective than Sid, with Doolan & Buchanan wasted on the wings. Pass marks to Flannigan & McNamara, that's it. Paddy Boyle was absolutely brutal, although his fresh air swipe was comedy gold. McCall said after our horsing at Raith he'd go back to basics, making us hard to beat. 5 defeats out of 6 in the league since then Ian, with your tinkering and random selections/formations more than playing their part. Get a solid spine to the team - Robbo & Kinniburgh/Archie in the middle, Jaggy Mac holding in midfield, with Flannigan/Rowson/Cairney (where is Cairney?)around hime and our 2 best strikers - like it or not, thats Doolan & Buchanan - up front. If you can't see that, then do us all a favour and do one. PS regardless of the tight budget, too many squad members aren't up to it at this level. Erskin, Grehan, Boyle, Hodge.