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    We're partick thistle( fans).........well moan when we can
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    Just,just in had a fleeting glance through this thread some of the drivel on here is appalling,Sean welsh made a tackle/ foul which was for the team he got a second yellow sometimes these things happen,if we look at his first then Archie/ jackie should shoulder the blame as it was so obviously not a free kick let alone a booking that led to it ,we obviously don't have a policy on complaining during matchtime As far as some comments re Forbes totally unwarranted he is a class above ok some times he appears to be lazy but his skill factor over the piece more than makes up for it. let's not forget that this team we have now are the best we've had for decades.support them don't slag them
  3. I would give rowser 90 minutes in this one,he's still got it in him and deserves the chance to be in a successful thistle team after having carried us on a number of occasions
  4. We did have Barry Douglas as a youth player(let him go because he was too small I believe) I think he'll have a reasonable career at a good level
  5. Not disputing that regulars will get tickets but i think You're missing the point ,there are fans who for various reasons are not regular,but will move heaven and earth to attend our first final in forty years,and who knows may even become a "regular"
  6. Also worth bearing in mind this will be Thistles first cup final of note in forty years, and we have a history of coming out in big numbers for games of note eg Scottish cup semi at hampden,quarter final at tynecastle,celebration in paisley,cup game against Ayr (when we were in the second div) to name but a few
  7. Don't know if the venue can be changed,but I think we should be asking the question. To gauge the ticket requirements of both clubs, would it be possible to pre order your ticket requirements At £5 a ticket (fee returnable if tickets cannot be honoured) if this was done say through the month of December it would mean that the clubs,sfl and sponsors would know with a degree of accuracy what size of venue was required and have time to respond. As I've said previously this could be a showcase not just for teams involved and our league but for the sponsors
  8. Don't understand your logic as to everyone who wants a ticket will get one,even before last weeks game the majority of fans felt that the ticket allocation may well fall short of the actual numbers required. As to getting about 5000 tickets to a ground that only holds just over 10000 ,I think we'll be about 500 short of that.bearing in mind that both teams may well be chasing a title. As to putting everyone's concerns into one thread , I agree But I also recognise that the op does have a valid point ,and being a fellow supporter I don't think a response of "deal with it" helps anyone
  9. Sevco would've bit your arm off for it ( not that that means much)
  10. My quote is based on many long years of following thistle,and I do know approx 10 - 15 people that will want tickets, that for various reasons can't attend regularly,a story that will undoubtetbly be carried throughout our support
  11. There are a lot of thistle minded people/ fans,that for various reasons ( all justified) don't attend games regularly. This forum only looks towards a select minority. The venue chosen ( in my opinion) is too small to accommodate thistle fans that would like to attend
  12. We seriously lack in the set piece department ,today I can't think of any that put raith under any pressure.
  13. Your mates sound like fun