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  1. Thanks for the memories... but now kindly just **** off.
  2. Archibald deserves to get told to **** off does he? One of the best servants this club has had in the past twenty years? Where were you sitting today? Were you telling him to **** off to his face? Even if you want him out the door show him some respect. Shower of tossers on this site - you & The Cup deserve the team you've got right now. All you've got to contribute is smiley faces.
  3. Why don't you **** off? Regardless of whether or not Archibald is the manager for us or whether stays or goes he's contributed more to Partick Thistle than you ever will. A**ehole.
  4. How many of today's starting team played last season? If we sack our manager, who will come in to "turn things round"? Motherwell have just sacked their manager. Who would choose us over them? Yiravinalaff.
  5. We're the worst f**king team in the whole of Britain. That should get us trending on social media, lol
  6. Who does the text commentary on the official site? It reads like he's greeting in between updates.
  7. Let's hope to god it's a Gary Teale/St Mirren situation, then.
  8. Pretty sure we've taken some serious pumpings off Celtic since getting promoted, including a six-nil of our own. Don't know why it would reflect badly on Hartley unless you want to give the same treatment to Archibald.
  9. What's your red line for backing the manager? At what point would you stop supporting him?
  10. Well, it was good debating with you.
  11. Well, let's hope the board doesn't cut Archibald's budget even further next season. If he's staying he's got to have something to work with.