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  1. Playing him instead of playing Dumbaya out of position at left back at Motherwell would have been a start.
  2. Great news. All we need to do now is start giving the boy some well deserved regular game time.
  3. It was very noticeable yesterday that Archie has had words with Lindsay and told him to concentrate on the basics of defending. A few correctly put into row Z instead of trying anything fancy. Perhaps exaggerated due to the sticky pitch and risk of getting the ball stuck between your feet.
  4. Which Higgie will turn up? The one from last season or the season before.
  5. Tickets on sale now at office or online. Match all ticket.
  6. With many calling for non OF season tickets then surely if this is indeed a reality they need to wait and see if one or both halfs will be in the equation. Even if non OF tickets are not available the revenue difference of Sevco in the league or not would influence where to pitch the price of a ST.
  7. I'm not a huge Conrad fan but regardless of Sebournes fitness I would stick with him. Like last year with lee mair or similar good solid defender by his side he is a good no2. It's when he takes the leader role he struggles.
  8. Yes.....he played on Saturday so misses tonight. Think that's how it works. He'll be back this Saturday and Franz will be injured.
  9. And after recent performances this will not worry too many.
  10. Moose


    In his defence last night when he went straight up the tunnel he was followed by one of the back room team which would perhaps indicate he'd taken a knock. Agree he's been mince this season.
  11. Yes I'd second that. For a brief period I was fooled into thinking he'd been transformed into a human being.
  12. Dalziel Services are 50% owned by Billy Allan.
  13. A fairly consistent theme to today's match. 1. Majority of possession. 2. Very few chances created or shots on goal. 3. Slack defending. At Least we have point 1. Point 2 we'll struggle to resolve unless Higgy hits some form (which he showed glimpses of when he came on today) or we freshen it up with a signing or two. Point 3 we need Frans and Seabourne both fit for the run in. Very capable of achieving comfortable safety in the bottom six but equally very capable of getting sucked into playoff scrap if not carefull.