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  1. Real shame to hear about Chico passing away. Rest in Peace. Thoughts with his family and friends.
  2. Happy New Year To All Jags Fans.
  3. A true scottish football legend, and one of my heroes growing up, despite him not being a jags player. Rest in peace.
  4. I heard something earlier about Brian. Hope he's on the mend.
  5. We were totally shite first half and a wee bit better in the second. Reminded me a bit of the Morton game where we were just not given the time to play football. It just seemed no matter what we did we were not going to score. Poor night all round. On the plus side the big Hamilton fan with the tits pulled a hammy.
  6. Really saddened to hear the news......RIP George
  7. Really Sad News........RIP
  8. eddieg

    Worst Films

    Aye 'Weekend At Bernies' was the biggest load of pish I have ever seen.......
  9. Good luck in your new job Ami.............you are one in a million!
  10. Would anybody be able to recommend a good car repair place in the North Glasgow Area? I have a small dent in my car which is only 7 months old (the car not the dent) and am trying to find a place which wont charge the earth but will do a good job. Any information would be appreciated, thanks. Eddie
  11. eddieg

    The Jokes Thread

    I told the missus I kept on getting a burning sensation in my a*se and I didn't know what it was. She said "ring sting". I said "what the f*ck makes you think he'll know?"