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  1. never have I been such a big Dons supporter!!!
  2. ICT, Aberdeen & Rangers pls. Yes to semi final
  3. Spectacular fall last round - so very Thistle..ah well - onto this round ICT, Clyde, Motherwell, Aberdeen, (chokes in throat) Rangers 2012 & Hearts. 23 goals Not that I am a betting man by wonder what odds for a PTD treble? Good luck all
  4. Couple of punts here plus... HHHA AHHA HAAH HHAH BONUS on 30 pls
  5. Should that question not belong on another long running thread? Otherwise if the bloke really has had a tough injury then I wish him well
  6. Bonus 4 pessimist says hell to freeze over before we score..but Optimist say - no teams pls
  7. Round 3 AHHHAHAHAHHAHAAH Bonus - 7 games
  8. Greetings BB and thanks as always for giving us a minor distraction from our current collective forum concerns. Will try AHAAHHHAHAHHHHHA & Edinburgh city
  9. To paraphrase the great Bud Neill "Jobey's the wee Boy!"
  10. £25 heading from the western isles asap Shuggie
  11. Thanks elevenone. Prob get the same as it's my favourite home top . My actual top just about still fits and gets an airing at walking football occasionally.
  12. Recently bought a phone cover with the 1994 home top then ended up changing phones! It fits a Samsung a3 2017. If anyone out there can use this ,PM me with name and address and its yours. Would rather someone here can enjoy it than chuck it in a drawer.