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  1. Will include a welcome to hong kong rangers to the lower leagues of chinese football.
  2. quoting the walkover score - understandable. Been following your posts and take on board the challenging assessment ahead. Might all be over by 12 today but... As one who never would put the Jags down for a defeat, even on one of Bowens Boys predictors, I will always believe we have a chance. Yes I am an eternal optimist.
  3. Sounds a fantastic route which presumably all clubs can benefit from if they have offered a refund on season tickets. I remain comforted in thistle and others taking action given there is not a single club out there that would not have been aggrieved if they had been in a similar position.
  4. Spot on. Seem to remember going there to hear the henry gorman band.
  5. Peaty FC

    New Kit

    Agreed - interestingly noted the "championship" sleeve badge - are we being told something here????
  6. Think we may just have created the Association of hebridean supporters guys. All thanks to BBs t -shirts. Good to know you are out there.
  7. Morning cuppa, sun sparkling on the Minch and nae midgies! Perfect.
  8. The key word there is too! Just wrong spelling.
  9. That is the nub of all our frustrations as supporters. Separately i see a report suggesting the ugly sisters may be seeking inclusion of b teams in any league reconstructions . Seems there is no end of sucking oxygen out of the rest of Scottish football from these 2.
  10. Nah. They need it to pay the money for all their fines due to their "wonderful" fans banners, songs, flares etc.
  11. My day had been going quite well until you posted that thought.
  12. Looking forward to getting the 6 pack torso obviously free with every shirt. Order coming later bb.