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  1. lady-isobel-barnett

    State of Play

    Aye, sorry. Wasn't really meant to come over like that. Simply musing as to what would've been the better result for us today. I for one haven't a clue and I guess a question mark would've come in handy in my post.
  2. lady-isobel-barnett

    State of Play

    I wonder what would've been better for us. St Mirren with a parachute payment or as it turns out, United. We now miss out on a couple of home derby games (well, sort of) where as the Dundee clubs will have their coffers boosted that way.
  3. lady-isobel-barnett

    State of Play

    Well I suppose you can also go through Fife and over the Tay Bridge now and again, just to break the monotony.
  4. lady-isobel-barnett

    State of Play

    I think like jagfox we'll go with about 20 available players. Maybe a slightly larger squad when you include a few younger lads out on loan. Arsenal famously won their league playing 42 matches and only using 16 players.
  5. lady-isobel-barnett

    Ryan Edwards

    Not really. My St Mirren brother in law and a couple of Jambos I know would certainly support that assertion. Archie said on a couple of occasions Ryan's the fittest he's seen anyone at the Club. Think I only saw him run out of steam the once and always thought his stamina was phenomenal. But yes it's only a subjective view. Main point being it's about all a manager can ask of a player to give his all and conduct himself professionally. As an aside, apart from Edwards, there's been others recently I've really wanted to see succeed most, if only for their attitude and enthusiasm. Christie, Jimmy Craigen, Azeez and Scott Chaplain to name a few.
  6. lady-isobel-barnett

    Ryan Edwards

    ....or indeed two threads
  7. lady-isobel-barnett

    Ryan Edwards

    From what I heard Ryan was/is a delight to manage, on and off the park, in the same way Christie Elliott was. Edwards is arguably one of the fittest, if not the fittest, player in Scotland. That said I was still surprised to see him given a start in a Cup Final, but if any player deserves to play above his level it's someone with his attitude.
  8. lady-isobel-barnett

    Ryan Edwards

    Was chuffed to see Ryan score. I realise fitness and stamina came second nature to the lad but Edwards always gave 100% to us. I also realise there's a parallel with Miles Storey and enthusiasm plus fitness isn't everything. Just maybe, with Shea Gordon being injured for so long, we seriously missed Edwards last season. Certainly there were too many times when we were lost for pace and stamina in midfield. Whatever I'm glad to see an ex Jag score in a final.
  9. lady-isobel-barnett

    State of Play

    Agree but I think tho' our problem could be getting players to the level just below the loaning out stage. Kevin Nisbet, altho' he didn't do well on loan, was maybe more of an exception as he was fully grown and strongish. Liam Lindsay would be a better example. Others, some even older than those two were, just aren't physically ready to go out on loan. I feel that could be the level at which these players may struggle to get competitive action.
  10. lady-isobel-barnett

    Out of Contact Players

    Some clubs may be luke warm to signing Shankland going on his 2nd half of the season form. I think tho' when you take into account he was playing for a team that may have been overachieving, his goal scoring record is highly impressive. Provided his over all fitness is up to scratch (there were some doubts) you'd think he'd have at least third tier English clubs queuing up to sign him.
  11. lady-isobel-barnett

    State of Play

    No Coulibaly & Jack Storer this coming season as well. I felt privileged to have witnessed all three of Storer's red cards. Seriously tho' the last game of the season we had only one player on the bench and a real youngster at that. Felt sorry for the lads as a well drilled Dundee United set up knocked 8 past them. I thought rather than scrap a reserve team we could've dropped down to the lower reserve league where more of our age group we fielded could compete better. I suppose there's a cost saving in what we're doing to be taken into consideration. I'm just not sure that we've got joiny up pathway from the late teens to first team squad in place. More use of the loan out to the Juniors perhaps?
  12. lady-isobel-barnett

    State of Play

    Wolves are evidently going with a small first team squad and they've got Europa games as well. Nuno Santo is no mug I'm told. The downside of not having a larger squad is obvious but I think in terms of team interaction there's some benefit. The main benefit should be, in theory at least, a case of quality over quantity. Then again Caldwell may hold back a good old chunk of his budget for the January window. I suppose there could be merit in that as well.
  13. lady-isobel-barnett

    A night with GC

    No answers from me. There's good problems and bad problems. Not having enough room to accommodate everyone is most certainly one of the former.
  14. lady-isobel-barnett

    A night with GC

    Sorry, allyo, that doesn't wash. There's been plenty of "meet the manager" events in the past, when concern/interest in team affairs should just have been as high if not higher.
  15. lady-isobel-barnett

    I have had enough of the clubs administration.

    And I just walked straight into the trap