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  1. lady-isobel-barnett

    Falkirk vs. Thistle

    Spittal has been nowhere remotely near as bad as Storey. He's also mainly been played centrally so hardly likely to be beating a man that often. And just for the record I think Spittal has been mainly disappointing so far this season.
  2. lady-isobel-barnett

    Falkirk vs. Thistle

    Jack Storer's screamer v Morton. That's if you view getting subbed for Storer as an assist.
  3. lady-isobel-barnett

    Bill Mullen

    Echo what Auld Jag said. I rarely miss a match these days but that's mainly due to the family issues that once kept me away making it easier for me to attend now. Anyway sad to hear of Mr Mullen's passing. Fair to say back then referees used their own initiative more than today most often applying commonsense. If the ground was hard they'd come down stricter on bad tackles. If the ground was muddy they'd allow for mistimed tackling. If a goal bound ball struck a defender's arm it was a penalty, regardless of whether the arm was in a natural position. Wasn't all rosy as the ugly sisters still got preferential treatment tho' I don't recall Bill Mullen ever being swayed that way. A bit anal but maybe someone knows when the referee's home town disappeared from press reports? None appeared to come from Glasgow but strangely places then technically outside the city, Rutherglen and Giffnock spring to mind. There was one ref, Gordon of Newport on Tay, who presumably was allowed to officiate at games in Dundee. He was a press/media favourite and any criticism of his refereeing was a very rare occurrence. Not because he was particularly any good. He was a director of Dundee confectionery business and handed out copious amounts of sweeties to the hacks after each game. eta as this is the only nostalgia thread around I add this unconnected article https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/teams/scotland/scottish-football-s-10-greatest-rebels-1-4831513
  4. lady-isobel-barnett

    Falkirk vs. Thistle

    Could play with a back three but that would maybe mean playing Scobbie in the middle? I've no idea if he's still up to it or not tho' the couple of times he's played there he seemed OK. Banzo's less of a liability now in the ball winning department (tho' his reputation in Ref Land won't have improved). Clearly our best player, it would be great to see him deployed exclusively doing what he does best.
  5. lady-isobel-barnett


    Perhaps it's the old sales manager in me. You tend to set your reps or customers achievable but rather overoptimistic targets, just to avoid complacency.
  6. lady-isobel-barnett

    Dools optimistic!

    Would never doubt any directly attributed utterances from Kris Doolan. He always chooses his words carefully and he's probably one of our most articulate players ever. His comments about his partnership with Quitongo are interesting. Suggests that the two will regularly both start for now at least. The salient words of course being the unquantifiable "given time". I'd be interested to hear other posters' views on this developing pairing. My own opinion being it'll be difficult to give time playing two strikers if neither is scoring (or even missing good chances). So we'd really need to see development in this partnership rather faster than at current level. On the plus side it looks to me that the pairing should be, if not quite ideal, very useful. Jai is capable of dragging defenders out of position. He's reasonably nippy and strong plus his hold up play isn't that shoddy. Give Doolan the space he's been crying out for and in this division he's still capable of a healthy goal tally. It's the given time thingy that worries me.
  7. lady-isobel-barnett


    Plus we're led to believe he'll be supported by additional funds in January. I'd imagine only a part time and/or a promoted team would have avoid relegation/relegation play offs as a target. Repeating myself but even if behind the rhetoric the aspirations have been downscaled, you'd still have to target a 4th place finish or circa that expected points total. Otherwise even now aiming for a 5th to a precarious 8th place finish would signal very low motivation.
  8. lady-isobel-barnett

    Falkirk vs. Thistle

    I find it difficult to understand the rationale of bringing on Scobbie today when he left him on the bench at Cappielow after removing McGinty. Certainly makes the Elliott to centreback move a fortnight ago even more baffling. The fact we weren't any worse off going forward playing Scobbie only emphasises just how poor Storey was today.
  9. lady-isobel-barnett


    With the praise he was heaping on the team after today's performance against such woeful opponents, I'm wondering what superlatives he will come up with if we ever win a game. He's set himself quite a linguistic challenge.
  10. lady-isobel-barnett


    Valid points. Midfield in particular is a bit of jack of all trades. too many similar type players. I don't know about your last point but the manager's comments don't do much to disprove it. It's up to Caldwell to fire the squad up.
  11. lady-isobel-barnett

    Falkirk vs. Thistle

    The reason we've played two holding midfielders is because we've not got one capable of playing there on his own. That dates back to Osman (16-17). We've played two up on numerous occasions and I don't believe we've had better results from doing so. Tbh we're probably in agreement just coming to conclusions from a different viewpoint. I don't think whatever formation we play is that crucial, more the inability to attack as a unit at fault. (Btw we do defend as a unit, albeit deplorably far too often). In attack we rarely get midfielders past the striker(s) and all too often attacks breakdown by either bad judgment or no one in a better position to pass to.
  12. lady-isobel-barnett


    I'm stating we're guilty of not creating enough chances. You're indicating the opposite. The only way we'd be both correct is by adding the word quality. I didn't really get past the four shots at East End Pk before I noticed a flaw in those stats. I suppose if you include as shots Storey's blasts into orbit and Slater's efforts, which are the strength of a miss hit pass back, then maybe we'd be nearing the 77 mark. In reality when we're in attack mode the play is too often ended by either the wrong decision or the fella on the ball running out of options.
  13. lady-isobel-barnett


    Fair points. I still maintain that the degree of composure & control (chuck in possession as well) in advanced areas reflects poorly on the amount of goal scoring opportunities created. In seasons gone by we enjoyed an almost telepathic understanding between the likes of Doolan, Erskine, Lawless and Bannigan (when he was more box to box). Whereas Quitongo, Doolan, Spittal, Slater and Storey can all be playing well individually but the interaction isn't there. Even allowing for a rather unfair comparison I'd still expect to see more effective interplay by now. They're hardly now strangers to each other.
  14. lady-isobel-barnett


    Perhaps I'm nit picking but (also taking the Morton game out the equation) our decision making early in the game, when we're not under undue pressure, has to be questionable. Agree that we do keep our control and our composure earlier in the game but for all that we haven't a single goal to show for it. And it's not a case of missing sitter after sitter. We all know we've problems in defence. It's not then unreasonable to assume we'll come apart in that area when the pressure builds. For all their shakiness the total of nine points dropped thru three goals lost needn't have been so high had we put all that control and composure to good use at the other end of the park.
  15. lady-isobel-barnett

    Falkirk vs. Thistle

    Wouldn't touch him with a ...