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  1. Mentioned countless times on here about Nisbet. Good luck to the guy, anyway. Not many of us, certainly not me, could screw the nut at that age. One positive is his move is cracking PR for the academy and useful for recruitment.
  2. Motivational coaching from Adam Barton. Community Liaison Officer - Adam Strachan.
  3. Who? Doolan or the poster Bobbyhouston?
  4. Perhaps tho' Brechin will have been granted dispensation to play in the Vanarama National League.
  5. I suppose we could always crowd fund to raise the £5.
  6. Could make the same excuse for Cole as Bannigan. The real disappointment in midfield in the second half of the season was MacKinnon. His no show meant there was no steel in defensive mid and Cole and Bannigan had to cover too much defensively. Just possibly with Bannigan having to mind his Ps & Qs (he only picked up one yellow over the last 13 league games), Cole was too often out of position. Put another way one of Cole's strengths was his willingness to play a forward ball into the box. We saw next to nothing of that latterly and I don't think that was all down to a lack of form or ability. Regardless of differing opinions about Cole, signing MacKinnon was a dreadful bit of business. He was well overweight and can't have have passed any serious fitness test. Nobody goes from Championship quality in January to Drumchapel United level in 6 months. A worse signing than Gary Harkins.
  7. Maybe they shouldn't have been paying wages well in excess of their turnover. Then again, given how their close neighbours also apply themselves, there's maybe no equivalent word in Dundonian for contingency. My heart truly bleeds for them.
  8. Scores a goal roughly every four games at League One level. Maybe a guy who would give a better return if he was full time but he'll be near 24 year old by the time the season kicks off.
  9. Always a danger to get too precious but one club we can take the moral high ground with is Brechin City. Their chairman (who is on the SPFL board) voted to end the season early knowing that his club would then not have to face a play off against Brora or Kelty. I'd have thought the correct thing to do would've been to abstain. I might be wrong on this one but I've a feeling prior to that, anticipating his club dropping out of League Two, he was allegedly instrumental in repositioning Brechin as a "Lowland club". Then a compromise was found that would allow Brora and Kelty promotion and still keep Brechin in League Two. He of all people should've realised how fortunate his club had been and how unfortunate Brora and Kelty were under the circumstances. For moral reasons then, there was only one way he should've voted.
  10. We know the SPFL doesn't know the meaning of "duty of care" so this is of no surprise. We also know that TV trumps "Scottish Football", so again no surprise.
  11. In some ways I suppose we are as we've been forced to accept SPFL voting against reconstruction. The way I look at things is that if we were successful and weren't relegated (demoted) then those who voted for NO reconstruction would be the clubs to blame for United & Raith staying put. The irony of course being that both Dundee Utd and Raith Rovers voted for the status quo and thus would be contributory to their own misfortune.
  12. Darian MacKinnon signs for Drumchapel United. Interesting moves throughout his career.
  13. The information disclosed that Dundee's vote was received at 16.48 is now common knowledge. As I understand it the information disclosed to the tribunal is not made public.
  14. Choosing a Saturday of all days to allow pubs to re-open was plain daft. Especially as nobody had a scooby how many bars would open. I'm sure there must be towns where only a handful of pubs opened and too many punters poured in.