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  1. I thought Brownlie was right sided. Trying hard to mind who his centreback partner was in the U20s.
  2. Easy to blame the wind and in truth such conditions like yesterday can cause an upset. Sadly losing to Arbroath these days is no upset. As an admittedly rather loose general rule of thumb the full time team plays the ball on the ground whereas a part time (especially Dick Campbell} team relies more on the aerial game. Yesterday was just one blatant example of an exception to the rule. We looked like a part time outfit, a naive collection of journeymen at that.
  3. Gotta agree the BBC possession & shots stats make us look a lot better than we were. As mentioned earlier I suggest the corner stats (4-10) reflect a fairly accurate picture. With such a strong wind down the pitch it's near impossible if playing well to not force more than a handful of corners. They did and we didn't.
  4. That's just the point it wasn't a game of two halves. The Arbroath goalie didn't kick the ball out of play once. Maybe he would've if he had seen the ball anything like number of times Fox did. Also we defended the first half into the wind with three centrebacks & a defensive mid. An understandable tactic even if we still managed to ship a couple of goals. What puzzles me tho' is we could just have easily been playing with the wind behind us in the first half with what would've then been a ridiculously overloaded defence. In short had we had the wind in the first half, a clear advantage, based on the way we failed to manage the conditions we'd still have struggled to get a point today.,
  5. That was horrendous. Whatever the respective corner count was will reflect just how much Arbroath were in command. Thought at one point that Fox was trying to get the game abandoned by kicking as many balls out the ground as he possibly could. He even enlisted McGinty's help on that score. Can't think of a single positive the whole game.
  6. Shame. Mayo would have been good in the dressing room.
  7. At the same time we've gotta be realistic and give the team time to settle. With that in mind I think if one newbie is to settle right away I hope it's MacKinnon. Number one priority as I see it is providing some cover for our brittle defence and just as importantly, some organisation.
  8. Then as JeanieD says he isn't the Messiah. By my reckoning Messiahs would start every game. More to the point would be knowing Graham's record of assists, particularly in recent seasons. I'm not expecting a high goal return from BG. I see him more as causing a nuisance to defences, playing in more mobile players thru hold up play and providing enough assists. One thing we've been guilty of this season is losing the ball too often in attack. We've got a shaky enough defence without providing opponents so many counter opportunities. Cardle & Miller have particularly been guilty of giving the ball away too easily and in return wrong footing their teammates. Graham should be far less extravagant with the ball.
  9. Take your points but I think you have to take into account the process. If you look at it as a two stage thingy, this window and the summer, then you can excuse any lack of balance. For instance (and it may not be the best example) that McCall wants to bring in Forrest in the summer then he's limited to a short term deal (loan) just now in bringing in a wide player. That considerably reduces his chances of bringing in width just now. He's also constricted in the market by who he can move on from our squad. On a specific Bunter may have ideally preferred a wide player to Barjonas but none are currently available. He takes what's on offer. Also he's taking on players as they become available and not necessarily in the order of importance position wise. That will come clearer when the window shuts. I fully expect come February we'll still have a work in progress squad and that'll necessitate the odd player playing out of position and/or quality issues in a couple of positions. With potential suspensions and injuries that's likely in any case. There's also a balancing act of getting a squad together to get us out of our current predicament and building a squad for the future. I'm impressed so far on both counts but we've still got a way to go re the latter.
  10. Added bonus. Graham I assume will be useful in defending set pieces. No assumption required when I say defending set pieces is something we could improve on.
  11. Don't know if this helps https://instatsport.com/football/article/penalty_research Also not sure if recent rule changes make it a wee bit harder to score. When the goalie had to be rooted to the floor you got less down the middle kicks. Now that they can move laterally it would appear to give the goalie an edge. But you often see the better penalty taker delay fractionally helping him to anticipate the goalie's movement. For what it's worth I thought our historic completion rate slightly lower than I would've imagined. Like partickthedog not too surprised at missing 3 out of 10 these days.
  12. From what I've been reading Graham's a good character to have in the dressing room in that he speaks his mind. Just as I hope MacKinnon will help keep the defensive players on their toes perhaps BG will help sort Zanatta out.
  13. Was thinking that myself. He definitely has ability. Know where you're coming from re running hot and cold but perhaps if Zanatta was more like Erskine in attitude he'd be more valued.
  14. A club like ours rarely hands out 1 year plus contracts. When we do it's to players we can potentially sell on while under contract for a profit, or at least break even on the deal on expiration. Whatever value Graham has today come 34 year old it will be considerably less. As said elsewhere I've a lot of faith in McCall when it comes to contracts but on face value us giving a 32 year old an extended (for us) is surely worth remarking about.