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  1. lady-isobel-barnett


    I see you haven't included Slater. Since Gordon got injured Slater, who always gets many a touch, has seen even more of the ball. I don't really have much of an opinion but his omission would be surprising. For all his industry often his decision making and/or final ball hasn't been that great. Don't want to sound like I'm comparing him with the likes of Edwards, Fraser or Craigen but I don't feel Slater's been anywhere near as effective as he could be.
  2. lady-isobel-barnett

    Training Ground

    Don't suppose we'll be signing Gary MacKay-Steven anytime in the future.
  3. lady-isobel-barnett

    ICT Away

    It's a bit chicken or egg but I've thought for sometime that our defenders have taken too much stick in relation to our attackers. When we do score a goal and are on top in a match our failure to add a second is as often as not clearly evident. Much as you're saying we pussyfoot about too much and tho' we maintain possession we lack any decisiveness and have little or no penetration. If the defenders/goalie controlled the ball out of defence, and at considerably more pace, they'd take pressure off themselves. Instead their ponderous play and/or their lumps up the bark inevitably invite more pressure and the inevitable errors. We tend to remember individual defensive errors whereas we forget about large chunks of a game where we've been comfortably on top but with nothing to show for it.
  4. lady-isobel-barnett

    Last jag standing .Blair Spittal away top.

    Jags 2-1 QotS
  5. lady-isobel-barnett

    scottish fitba management styles

    Debatable whether the Jim McLean/Dundee Utd blueprint would work today. He built that team mainly on youth progression, fueled by the then ability to hold youngsters to lengthy contracts. That in turn gave him considerable leverage enabling him to be a somewhat more feared figure than he would be today. Also his era was pre Bosman, again a major assistance to his dictatorial management style. I certainly don't disagree with your template for an ideal manager, just not sure Tannadice in the 80s is an ideal example.
  6. lady-isobel-barnett

    ICT Away

    I certainly agree there. All the more infuriating when in the last game he played for us he suddenly showed that missing urgency. I won't argue that he wasn't a good signing and his fine shot stopping certainly saved us a good few points. The other side of the coin tho' was his deliberate slow distribution, recycling and/or aimless punts up the field might well have cost us points as well.
  7. lady-isobel-barnett

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    Jumping to conclusions, methinks. The words "clearly" and "SFA" don't sit well together. I do tho' feel slightly more reassured after this statement. And at least we've had a positive result with Sena (now confirmed).
  8. lady-isobel-barnett

    Stats Watch 2018-19

    That's a cracking question. If his bookings do indeed carry over I can see Banzo deliberately picking up a yellow so as his suspension coincides with a visit to an artificial pitch.
  9. lady-isobel-barnett

    ICT Away

    Fair to assume they're told as a bit of advice to never read this or any other relative forum. So on the "don't touch that, Sonny, it's hot" principle it's almost certain that many will, from time to time at least, read this forum.
  10. lady-isobel-barnett

    scottish fitba management styles

    Not answering your question as such but it's not a new phenomenon only more obvious these days. I might be wrong but I think in the past fewer players bothered about progressing into football management/coaching. Nowadays, and again I could be wrong, but it looks like every club squad throws up two or three players who have aspirations to stay in the game. By the simplest of arithmetic across the board only one can succeed whilst another one or two wait eagerly in the wings. I don't believe this over provision is conducive to good management. Further compounded by the rather illogical fact that contracted players can only move on within a transfer window whereas managers can move or be removed at the drop of a hat.
  11. lady-isobel-barnett


    Gardening leave at the Bing.
  12. lady-isobel-barnett

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    Pharaoh 'Nuff
  13. lady-isobel-barnett

    ICT Away

    I agree with you but this discussion just keeps going round in circles.
  14. lady-isobel-barnett

    ICT Away

    erty13, I tend to side with GRE's subsequent comments. This is after all only a forum. Not just that it's a forum where I. you, him/her post under pseudonyms. Undoubtedly there's a few posters on here, for reasons I struggle to understand, who take themselves rather too seriously. No one involved in this instance but on the question of opinion I'd suggest, albeit completely unscientifically, that virtually all opinions on here are ill informed.
  15. lady-isobel-barnett

    Training Ground

    Heard from a reliable source that two chocolate labradors and a cocker spaniel named Alec are objecting to the development.