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  1. lady-isobel-barnett

    Centenary Fund

    That's a relief. Things are really looking up at the Club. All we need now is for our chairperson to reply to emails from Bowen Boys and Fawlty Towers and we'll be one big happy family once again.
  2. lady-isobel-barnett

    May plods on with her deal....Low plods on with Caldwell

    Ain't it just. The time to table a motion of no confidence is long overdue.
  3. lady-isobel-barnett

    Archie Interview

    It was just a Sportsound interview not a senate hearing.
  4. lady-isobel-barnett

    Winter window

    I look on today's announcement as just another Caldwell error of judgment. We'll know by the end of the month the full extent of the error when we can assess the post window squad against the pre window squad. I have serious reservations that a manager who played Christie Elliott at centreback and Andy McCarthy at right back should be in charge of the purse strings but it's too late now.
  5. lady-isobel-barnett


    Perhaps milhouse is meaning would we be happy if Chris had remained in the full knowledge that Caldwell would never have played him (injury crisis aside)?
  6. lady-isobel-barnett

    Boycott Stranraer Game?

    I'll happily go and sit at the North End of the JHS but I'm not sure sitting alongside 40-50 Stranraer fans will achieve the desired effect. I'd rather storm the AR Lounge and steal all the half time pies.
  7. lady-isobel-barnett

    Winter window

    Replacing Caldwell just now will be basically damage limitation. I reckon the only viable alternatives to a temporary promotion from within will be some out of work has been. Apart from just maybe Danny Lennon I doubt we could temp any manager/coach away from his current employment to join our mess.
  8. lady-isobel-barnett

    Winter window

    javejag's probably right about a next month deadline. I feel he either should've been sacked after the County (maybe Morton) game or given the whole of the transfer window. A lot would've depended, re the former, on Gerry B being kept in the loop re signing targets. Whatever, we're going to struggle to get any quality replacement manager in place before the end of the season. A likely scenario, if Caldwell goes, will be a temporary appointment from within the Club out of necessity if nothing else. I suppose some sort of emergency management involving Doolan and Erskine would've been considered. I'm not paranoid, really.
  9. lady-isobel-barnett

    Winter window

    So Erskine is not good enough for us. So Erskine has been poor for the last blah blah. And to what league is he going to?
  10. lady-isobel-barnett

    Stranraer Cup Game

    Should feel a bit for Caldwell re this fixture but my inner voice is telling me don't be a complete twat. Having already beaten them under the old faulty regime 5-0 in Stranraer, our new individually tailored fitness regimen, Para/SAS bonded squad,supported with 13 weeks of very good training really need to skoosh this game by at least a six goal margin at the very least.
  11. lady-isobel-barnett

    Winter window

    So I presume we'll be signing Davies.
  12. lady-isobel-barnett

    Winter window

    Quite right. Thanks, DP. ....and sincere apologies to that model pro, Kenny Milne.
  13. lady-isobel-barnett

    Winter window

    If memory serves me well (it doesn't usually) the official version was along the lines Jamie Mitchell had something to discuss with SF and Kenny Milne tagged along. So the best place to have this discussion was deemed to be outside the ground. No idea what the parley was about tho' I believe it coincided with the running of the Grand National.
  14. lady-isobel-barnett

    Winter window

    Ah Steve Fulton. Far from being in my normal nature but I was the whistleblower yon time I saw him and few others sneaking back into Starks Pk after a mid match trip to the bookies and/or pub. Gotta say I handled it wrong and should've contacted the Club in confidence. Apologised to Brown McMaster afterwards but he was fine with it. All this talk of Dick Campbell's time at Firhill is indeed depressing. Ironic tho' to the extreme. If voting for manager of the season was to take place just now I wonder who would be favourite?
  15. lady-isobel-barnett

    Falkirk game

    Yeh, felt it a bit harsh tho' he must realise he's thought of as a hero in comparison to Mr Paton. Looked to me Osman played just like he ended up playing with us and is quite likely finished at any level above us. Would rather remember Abdul from two seasons back and beyond when he was one of our most important players.