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  1. lady-isobel-barnett

    Falkirk 16 March

    Another way of looking at things is extremely few fans would be surprised or anti Archie's dismissal back in the autumn when we were at 8th place. Many thought he should've gone in May (either back then or in hindsight). I doubt very much those responsible for selecting Caldwell would have done so thinking if some twenty or whatever league games later we'd be (at best) one league place up the ladder. That's one way of looking at things. I realise that's not really the point you're making but in no way can Caldwell's tenure to date be seen as a success. In fact I guess I'm speaking for everyone when I say if we finish the season in 8th place there will be a collective sigh of relief. However it's glaringly obvious the goalposts have changed since the outset of Caldwell's appointment. I'm willing to be fair and accept he overrated the strength of our squad back then so perhaps we should now judge him from January. In fact if you give Caldwell some grace in so much as he didn't have all signings in place early in the month and take thing from the QoS match then he's won 4, drawn 1 and lost 2 (13 points from 21). That points rate is easily well inside the promotion play off placing slots. And that's the other way of looking at things. Reckon what I'm saying is there are two conflicting viewpoints re judging Caldwell's performance. It's not surprising then to have opinions on the subject on here so stretched. The encouraging aspect is the latter performance record is the positive one, but even at that we still desperately need to keep up that improvement in results.
  2. lady-isobel-barnett

    A Bing Solution

    Decking in Maryhill? Seen enough over the years.
  3. lady-isobel-barnett

    Ptfc Trust Update

    Not too sure. Prices in the Canary Islands are creeping up these days.
  4. lady-isobel-barnett

    Falkirk 16 March

    Football is vastly different from most other industries in so much that most managerial applicants will have be sacked at their previous employment or never have managed before. At our level the only other managers who've not been sacked are likely to have only managed at part time club level. Any interviewer in the football world will know that a previously sacked applicant will be very likely to be considerably economic with the truth when discussing previous employment. It's up to the interviewer to sort out the lies and distortions of the truth from any hard luck stories and rosy spin. Perhaps with Caldwell we're in a grey area somewhere in between?
  5. lady-isobel-barnett

    Falkirk 16 March

    I'd accept that but I can envisage cases where a manager of a lower league club feels obliged to play a loaned player from a higher level club. But this specific is regarding a goalkeeper and also regarding a club fighting for survival in their division. Further, whereas they may get miffed if an outfield player is marginalised, no parent club would wish to see their youngish goalie being played if off form/not ready/lacking confidence.
  6. lady-isobel-barnett

    Caldwell’s Massive 7 Days

    Would pay more attention to routine mutterings in the press if one of our players came out and said he didn't think we have the quality to avoid relegation. Anyways I've just read Slater's direct quotes in the ET and I suggest he conducts the post match interviews rather than our manager. Certainly describes the way a match developed a hell of lot more accurately than Mr Caldwell does whenever a BBC mic is thrust under his trap.
  7. lady-isobel-barnett

    Falkirk 16 March

    Excuse the selected quoting. Not disagreeing in any way but with a bit of fine tuning within those three sentences there's almost a microcosm of so much of the season to date. 1/After a lengthy period when we've been the better side, we're running out of ideas and getting bogged down. Then someone comes on as a sub mid 2nd half and sparks new life into our attack. 2/We really look like scoring a winner/equaliser. 3/But the opposition defence just gets the better of our invigorated attack. We leave the ground pondering over what could/should have been.
  8. lady-isobel-barnett

    Falkirk 16 March

    As it turned out all the "must win" games where we didn't win would've been irrelevant if we had managed one further solitary "must at least get a point here". I guess Queens and Alloa will be happier with yesterday's result than both Falkirk & us but perhaps not getting beaten will turn out to be the most important aspect.
  9. lady-isobel-barnett

    Falkirk 16 March

    I think Bannigan has been our best player this season. Rarely if ever my choice as MotM but as often as not next in line. Admittedly he was off the pace on Tuesday night and was so-so yesterday. Also agree he's not back to pre injury form but that could be as much to do with having to play two roles (holding midfield as well as his preferred position, which is more creative). Reckon he'd comfortably fit into many top division sides on this season's form.
  10. lady-isobel-barnett

    Falkirk 16 March

    Thought a draw was about right. We had maybe more of the ball in opponents half but they missed the better chances. We had three/four ball playing midfielders but continuously punted balls out of defence over their heads to the two up front. McGinty for Anderson was an obvious worry but I felt the loss of Elliott affected the balance in the side and Christie was the bigger miss.
  11. and lucky to be alive https://www.scotsman.com/news/environment/giant-bluefin-tuna-found-dead-on-scottish-beach-1-4822606
  12. lady-isobel-barnett

    Conor Hazard

    Aye, but I thought it was an age thing.
  13. lady-isobel-barnett

    Conor Hazard

    Was at the ******* game and I'm still thinking he was out on loan! .