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  1. I mind many moons ago Dobbie was one of McCall's FIVE target signings to get us promoted. Dobbie was the most unlikely to sign and he duly headed south of the border. I don't believe we signed any of the five. Pat Clarke was one but I'd have to give it some thought to mind the other three.
  2. This wasn't actually the article I was meaning but this is fairly clear https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/dundee-united-accounts-reveal-wage-20730201
  3. Sorry, don't think I could find it. I believe their last audited accounts showed something like 130% wages to turnover. Their current situation is based on the fact the 130% or whatever didn't include Shankland. I wouldn't imagine then that the figure would've come down and would be extremely unlikely it's dropped anywhere near below 100%.
  4. I think it was actually Tom Hughes and he later said he was misquoted or his statement misinterpreted.
  5. Reading in that Telegraph article that Dundee Utd have placed their entire staff and players on furlough. That's the Dundee Utd who were reportedly paying wages well in excess of their turnover for the second consecutive season.
  6. Felt the same way at the time but have a feeling we didn't sign Dougie till just after Prudham was recalled. Eddie P didn't exactly set the heather on fire after he left. If I'm right about the timeline then just maybe we wouldn't have signed Somner.
  7. Since we're talking McQuade it was nice to see he's looking well and attending Thistle games. Seen Denis a few times heading for Firhill and he was also up at Tannadice last month.
  8. I'm fairly sure we only played north of the river. Partick , Meadowside & somewhere around the north entrance to the tunnel perhaps.
  9. JRP Gordon of Newport on Tay's day job was working for a Dundee sweetie company. It was not an uncommon event for Mr JRP to hand out packets of his merchandise to grateful sports hacks reporting on the game he was refereeing. Literally a case of sweetening the press.
  10. Assuming it'll be as a manager rather than as a player. I think then it's a safe bet it'll be from his previous spell. The 1-1 cup draw at Ibrox immediately springs to mind. I can remember a cracking 4-2 win at Livingston. Rowson & Harkins scoring a goal each, playing in the pink strip.
  11. Another one where you probably had to be there. And again not at Firhill but at one of the most prestigious events on the sporting calendar. Yes, an East Stirling v Jags Reserve Cup game some 10 or so years ago. We were in the old first division whilst East Stirling were as usual at bottom of the third. Bumped into this ES supporter outside Firs Park who informed us of the easiest way to get round into the ground and hoped we enjoyed the match. Nice guy? Inside the ground he morphed into their version of Hamilton's "Fergie". Christ knows what the guy must have been like at a first team match against Stenny. Anyway he was giving it laldy and moving down pitchside to give the linesman a piece of his mind. Can't remember much of what he was bawling out (in truth it was mostly streams of consciousness) but two shoutouts come to mind. Clearly not impressed with the standard of play from us visitors out came "You ******* lot are ******* disgrace to ******* First Division Reserve football!!!". Shortly afterwards he turned his attention to the Jags goalie, "Ha ha. You'll never ever play for Scotland, you ******* clown!!!" . This provoked a quick reply from a rather bemused Craig Hinchcliffe "I should hope not. I'm 38 years old". At this point even the much abused linesman was close to doubling up.
  12. Never given it any thought. I don't even know the employment status of footballers (simple PAYE or whatever). Are some of the higher earners self employed under sole contract?
  13. Far too convoluted. However I have some sympathies. Things are always going to be convoluted when the 4 x OF games are an immovable force. There are two positives within the proposal. Firstly the split between top tier and 2nd top tier removes the current imbalance where some clubs have to play three times away and one time at home or vice versa. Secondly introducing regionalisation at a higher level could be the difference between survival and extinction for many part time clubs. At present the likes of Stranraer and Annan traveling to Peterhead and Elgin not just once but twice a season is nonsensical. Especially when it's virtually impossible to avoid these sort of fixtures in mid winter. Well that's two positives (I suppose you could add a third, as the subject's being discussed) but the rest is mostly madness.
  14. That's right Fox got himself stupidly sent off and Gallagher came on and saved the penalty. Typical Jags display in a way. Absolutely coasting it then ending up glad to come away with a point.
  15. As an aside I reckon that first half at Dens was perhaps the best 45 minutes we played during our last spell in the top tier.