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  1. Doolans boots in memory of Robert Watson 15/7/85-24/3/17

    Great idea, AJ
  2. Shea Gordon scores v Stenhousemuir 14.07.2018

    Thanks Camallain btw the Club could be in for a sizable fine for major crowd disorder. You can clearly see Jags fans leaning on the wall despite continuous warnings from the heid steward about eh, leaning on a wall.
  3. Stenny Away

    Apologies for the selective quoting but in my mind Sneddon's distribution and particularly his overall footwork is about the best I've seen in recent years from a Jag's goalie. Didn't really see anything today to change my opinion. Rest of your post is more or less as I saw it. Christie obviously needed a run out and Erskine improved when he was moved off the wide areas. Biggest let down for me was the over reliance on the "Gary Fraser" style passing. The combination of surface and wind didn't lend itself to that kinda game. Good tho' to see midfielders at least trying to be creative. With that in mind if Banzo was playing we'd probably have been more effective in ball retention. Understandable he wasn't risked on that surface and hopefully we'll see him play a key part in midweek. eta I didn't see the comment re Bannigan's knee.
  4. Davie McParland

    Very sad to hear this news. Davie is a true club legend at least three three times over. As a player he turned in consistently high performances in a ridiculously varied number of positions. As a captain he was inspirational, demanding, a exemplary character both on and off the park. As a manager & coach , well we all know his greatest achievement but don't forget his man-management of a handful of youngsters leading up to that famous event. So highly regarded none other than Jock Stein was quick to appoint Davie as his assistant manager. With above in mind simply calling Davie McParland a legend is hardly sufficient. I just don't know the word to use that reflects his standing in the history of PTFC
  5. Alan Gilzean

    Slightly off on a tangent. Conversation came up re the World Cup and Scotland's non appearances compared to England's regular attendance. I was saying during my lifetime there's only been three spells where I would've confidently backed Scotland to beat England (head talking and not just heart). One of those spells was circa 1962-64. Gilzean was a majestic player around that time. Good with both feet but also a fantastic header of the ball. This was a time when Scotland had at least two class players for every position, which explains Gilzean's relatively low number of caps. For instance Alan would be competing with the likes of Denis Law & Ian St John plus a good few other class players to earn a cap.
  6. Stenny Away

    I think Duncanson is still with us and right back/right wingback is his natural position. As usual anyone with knocks or recovering is unlikely to play on plastic so probably be last weeks starting line up as near as possible. Could turn out to be a difficult game if we don't score early. When I last saw them play Mark McGuigan actually looked quite useful!
  7. Training Ground Update

    It's not really that unusual to hear about some folk having a complex about cats. Coat's on!
  8. Team rebuilding

    Thought he might've been able to do a job in the top division. In fact I thought there was a strong chance we'd have signed him as a replacement for Higginbotham. Guy obviously experienced in our league but struggling to get a game with St Mirren suggests he's not living up to his potential. Lawless to the Buddies, perhaps?
  9. Training Ground Update

    Ah, this looks grand. McParland Park is of course the best possible name from a Jags point of view. I don't believe anyone associated with the Club could come up with a more appropriate or deserving man to honour than Davie. Big thumbs up then to the Weirs not just for their investment. It would be fully within their rights and completely understandable to name the complex after themselves.
  10. World Cup Musings

    I'm sure I read somewhere only 35% of all stats proved an argument.
  11. Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    The No 8 could be Joe McBride. Ronnie Simpson in goal for Hibs?
  12. World Cup Musings

    Turn that on its head just a bit. Croatia has a population less than Scotland. if England can be proud of what they did, what adjective would you use to describe Croatia's achievement?
  13. World Cup Musings

    Help urgently required. What should I drink? A large glass of Fettercairn Fasque or a large glass of Balvenie Caribbean Cask (14 year old)?
  14. Its a small world

    The summer following the Peterhead play off win I was heading back from the South of France and had an overnight stop in Burgundy. My motor had a Jags sticker on the back window. Lo' and behold another car pulls in and parks beside me. it too had a Jags sticker on its back window. Jags fan in question was heading south. eta and of course, Dick Campbell famously once did my gutters and soffits.
  15. How will we play

    I can mind a lot of pre season optimism that year perhaps stemming from the 5=0 game down at Palmerston in the Spring. Everything clicked that day. So maybe not many thought we'd win the league but I believe there was considerable belief we'd have a good season. What struck me was the high fitness levels during that ARR Craib Cup. Others can point out we've had good pre seasons followed by a poor league campaign on a few occasions. While true I'd put fitness over results anytime. Just so happened the results yon summer were good as well.