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  1. Swap " manager" for "captain" or "pilot" and you'd have a better analogy. I wouldn't like to be on board a shoogly ship and be told "fear not, the manager is at the helm". Carry on with the discussion, Team.
  2. The appointment of Caldwell was of course a disaster but that in itself didn't make J Low bad chairperson. Hundreds of chairmen have made disastrous mistakes re recruiting managers. The lack of Club/Fan communication from a so called communication guru was deplorable. Also the way Doolan's exit was handled showed her up badly from a PR point of view. Those two issues were enough alone to welcome her departure.
  3. Perhaps because we had such prolific forwards we could afford to be that bit more cagey? The quality there made it highly likely one of theses players would score or provide an assist. Stop the opposition scoring and the game's probably won. Turn that around and if you've no or little quality upfront then you have to be more attacking as you're going to have to create so many more chances. My own memory of the Bertie years were of occasions when we were negative but these spells were isolated and in no way were we serially ultra defensive. On the whole a most enjoyable period.
  4. Very much of a similar opinion. To put a positive spin on this it means if McCall has identified players he wants to bring in, and assuming he can get them, he can hopefully get rid of a player in a similar position. Put another way if he has a centreback in mind to bring in then a centreback leaves. Same goes for forwards, wide players and so on. Bigger decision for McCall will be whether to try for a quick fix like Caldwell did last season (Anderson, McDonald, Harkins & Cardle) or bring in younger developing players, who may not make so much of an immediate impact. I'd suggest whatever route he goes down the lack of pace has to be redressed.
  5. My immediate reaction as well. Just more point scoring and I told you so.
  6. Difficult. I come up short in anything compared to the training ground. Obviously the Academy or the Main Stand are already under the Weir name and both justifiably. Can only think of the Davie McParland Awards Night coupled with trophies in his name. Must be something else?
  7. Given Davie's legacy as a manager was so largely youth orientated, I couldn't have thought of a more fitting tribute to the great man than naming our training ground in his honour. Davie would've known more than most that PTFC have a history of shooting themselves in the foot. He probably wouldn't have been surprised at this let down. Don McVicar's delayed "minute" and John Lambie's delayed testimonial being two examples. Something has to be done to celebrate the memory of Davie McParland now and not ten years from now. It also has to be on par with the fitting nature of the original proposal.
  8. If Joe hadn't got injured he'd surely have played in the 3-2 Wembley game. Jimmy Johnstone had to call off before the game and I reckon McBride would have been preferred ahead of Willie Wallace. Certainly a parallel with Davie McP re being unfortunate that there always seemed to be some player or other just ahead of them. With Davie I think it was Graham Leggat and then more notably Davie Wilson that kept him out of the Scotland games. With Joe there was the three you mention plus Ian St John and Neil Martin spring to mind. If Davie McParland and Joe McBride were playing at their peak today we'd be building the international team around them.
  9. I've no idea the rules of this competition. I know we've gotta start with 6 or 7 from first team squad. Not saying we should but perhaps we could sub most of them in the first minute?
  10. Give him the benefit of doubt and say he was rusty. Can see he's fast and doesn't look like he'll get brushed off the ball easily. Very one footed. I think the only time he used his right foot was to tap the ball into the net (would settle for that if he's a regular goalscorer!). Played wide left (kinda orthodox winger) for most of his spell till Jones went off, when he switched to the middle. To be honest it would be hard to judge any player tonight due to the level of opposition. For instance Hall, Robson & De Vita looked very good yet when they play league matches they don't usually impress.
  11. Not too sure but I don't think Clyde played many regular starters. I'm guessing a lot of their squad players are youngsters. The game was as the score suggests a total mismatch. I counted at least seven missed half chances in the first half alone and I'm being generous calling them half chances. Credit to Clyde for still trying to play decent football till the end. Enjoyed the game even more after we subbed some of the senior players but that's often the case. Harkins for the most part played the game at walking pace before he tired towards the end.
  12. Because he wasn't applying himself and was enjoying things outside of Firhill too much. The guy says that himself.