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  1. I think the January loan signings have been less culpable for this season than a lot of our signed players. Put another way if they weren't loanees and all our players were under contract just till January I don't believe those three would be the first out the door by a long chalk. Also Hall seemed to fit in OK in a back three on Saturday and I detected a wee bit more pace in defence. O'Ware had an exceptional game so perhaps that made Hall look better?
  2. At least Roughie sold the jerseys after he retired, unlike too many so called Jags players in recent seasons.
  3. Little relevance but I noticed a PTFC tweet re Stenny. Got me thinking how important such a little word as "for" can be. Take it away from this tweet and it applies to many a Jags fan far too often of late. Scot Rail tho' might be an exception to the rule.
  4. Gordon's goals and contributions have been responsible for at least five of our last six points. Yet those slating his performances aren't exactly off the mark. I'd like to think it's easier to get a goalscoring midfielder to start being busier on the pitch than get a busy midfielder to start scoring goals. Perhaps significant that in those last two winning games Gordon has come off the bench to change things. At worse the lad can be summed up as an impact sub. Think tho' the he is young enough to become a more complete midfielder. Don't believe Gordon should be (or will be) one of the players that McCall will sacrifice in January. That said a lot of work to be done to make him anything like a key player.
  5. Great result today. Could be a season changer. Positives were attitude and also shape (while we had 11 on the field). Also forcing not just one but two goals when we were under pressure. Negatives not taking a lead into half time and not really defending our two leads in a coordinated manner. I think the latter wholly down to the lack of leadership on the pitch. Maybe sounding a wee bit contradictory as I was impressed with O'Ware as much for his attempts at organisation as him winning everything in the air.
  6. I guess we've just gotta hope Jordanhill Jag and javeajag make their tea the same way.
  7. I said afford him. United were running at 130% wages to turnover prior to Shankland signing. They're taking a hell of a gamble on gaining promotion and him staying fit.
  8. My fault for not understanding. Tho' technically it was the pub's fault for serving me too much drink.
  9. You're spot on. There was a fine book about Jags legends published maybe 10-12 years ago. Chic, Archie & Lambie I'm sure were all included. Subsequently Doolan is an absolute stick on as a Jags Legend and I don't think Erskine can be too far behind inclusion. Btw I don't understand your reference to Alan Rough.
  10. Not sure I understand this, BR. Unless you know differently I don't think the timeline supports what you're insinuating. Our first bid for Shankland, which would have been a record bid from us was knocked back by McCall/Ayr. Subsequently there's no club in our division that could afford to sign Shankland.
  11. The boy's lucky he got another chance. You often only get the one. Things have worked in his favour but he's an exception to the rule.
  12. No matter how warranted a dropping I don't think we'll see the left sided McGinty replaced by the 22 year old right sided Hall. Regardless, I think it's almost impossible to select a starting eleven based on our last two Saturday defeats. Even with someone like Gordon, who's been poor, you could argue the team played no better after he was replaced at Ayr. I sense most of the starting eleven will be chosen above all by attitude and fitness. Tho' he's not been great, starting Zanatta ahead of Mansell to play alongside Miller might be the better option. I say that only based on Dario's previous goalscoring record. If Cardle starts I'd play him left side midfield even if not on a wide role. But as I say it'll be based more on attitude and fitness.
  13. Judging by the only other person in the crowd, I think that was one dodgy punter.
  14. Morton can't even get a point away from home and we can't even get a point at home. In a situation like this there's only one man to call upon. Cue, Bobby Madden!
  15. Yes it looks like the thread is winding down. Who knows if some put their minds to it, edit a few posts here and there, agree that further due diligence on a deal that ain't happening is largely worthless, then we could get this thread done and dusted in only another 150 pages.
  16. Because of his previous connection to the Club I wouldn't be surprised if Maxwell was excluded from the SFA decision making in this instance. That of course doesn't necessarily mean he can't convey a message of clarification.
  17. I thought McNab as well but I don't associate him in pre sponsored jersey times.
  18. It's not all been in vain. I've absorbed a copious amount of of details about Barnsley Football Club.
  19. Agree it would be funny but after away wins at Berwick & Dalbeattie I don't think the Spartans job will be available.
  20. ...and the irony being the last time we could play three at the back convincingly was with Barton during his pre waster season.
  21. Good & accurate summation from jaf. To add to that Williamson's clearly better suited to a wingback position. OK that effectively means more justification for having extra centrebacks but not one of them is what I'd term a ball playing centreback. I'd start Penrice ahead of Robson about every time but the former is best suited to playing in a conventional back four. Nothing against the signing of Miller and the re-signing of Cardle but clearly (and I know about Austin) that has to be balanced by pace. Instead we've got de Vita and Harkins playing regular and cameo roles respectively. Also as I said on another thread Cardle is best utilised cutting in from the left but our other wide player, Zanatta, doesn't look comfortable switching to the right flank. I always think signing one or maybe two wild card players is fine. Coulibaly springs immediately to mind. That didn't work but McDonald most certainly did. However Caldwell went to town gambling on what I'd classify as wild card players to little success.
  22. Definitely not. I would've remembered that. A draw or maybe a narrow win for us. Think Ewing scored.
  23. Not sure about Keillor-Dunn. Good player and someone we should've been signing in the late summer or whenever he was released. Just don't believe he's the type of player we need to get us out of the relegation mire. Put another way he's a creative player who'd create the odd goalscoring chance for just who?