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  1. Strange, isn't it? I've noticed the more I have to drink the further people move away from me.
  2. I can only go on concession pricing but I thought last season's 2nd tier STs were very much aligned to top tier prices from the season before. With that in mind I'd expect a reduction. Obviously ST pricing will be reduced pro rata to reflect the reduced amount of fixtures.
  3. He's certainly got the physical attributes. Perhaps the strongest tackler in the squad.
  4. Perhaps go with something like, due to the pandemic shutting cafes and grounding ice cream vans that particular rule could not apply.
  5. I'm thinking along the lines of suspended punishment, either on its own or in addition to a token punishment. Punishment held under suspension more or less will guarantee our compliance.
  6. think that was Sonny Curtis who wrote the song
  7. Or for us old timers, Bobby Fuller (he of the mysterious death)
  8. It's maybe been mentioned before. Re this SFA meeting does anyone know if they can impose a points penalty on us, either directly or thru the SPFL? From Doncaster & Co's point of view I imagine imposing a suspended points penalty would have the desired effect.
  9. Slight irony with myself. I don't pay any TV subscriptions as I've always preferred attending live football, and can't within myself justify the cost of both. For clarity by live football I'm talking near 100% Jags games. Perhaps the irony then being for the first time I'm considering cutting back on attending football matches. I'd need something to keep me out the pub so maybe a TV sports package would help and thus pay for itself. So maybe once I start paying for TV football/sports I put all good intentions aside. Perhaps I'm still visiting the pub too much so next up for question is my season ticket. After all if I'm now cherry-picking away games I'm out the habit of attending Jags games once a week. So i may feel like doing likewise with home games. This is kind of a round about way of saying I agree with jagfox re a "boycott" as such. Not attending away games for supporters who routinely do could in turn impact on PTFC adversely. At the same time I fully understand folk not going to certain away grounds (I may be one of them) but with one exception* I feel this decision should be an individual one rather than collective. *as said before if the supporters buses are deliberately not running then I'd likely not go either as I'd view that as similar to crossing a picket line. That I'm presuming is an unlikely scenario.
  10. My take on Mansell is he's too easily pushed off the ball for a fair sized lad. He doesn't need to bulk up just use his strength more effectively. Whether there's a player in there i have real doubts. But if he could hold the ball up more effectively he'd at least be of some use.
  11. Jags Colts v Clyde (Challenge Cup). To be fair to Clyde they didn't field their strongest side tho' we weren't allowed to play any overage players. So an impressive win all the same.
  12. Don't disagree but the last few months have been exceptional times. Hardly surprising that folk's circumstances have changed.
  13. Dick D asks a pertinent question. I think a lot depends on Rudden and Graham forming a decent partnership. I've seen absolutely no signs yet to suggest that's imminent. I also realise that Rudden wasn't fit enough and Graham wasn't having one of his better spells. I know he can have a few off days but I'd be hopeful of Lyons scoring a good few and as mentioned Gordon has a knack of getting amongst the goals. Mansell will probably be used only when others are injured or coming off the bench to replace a tiring forward and keep what pace there is up.
  14. A 32 year old keeper turned into a haddy by a goalkeeping coach? You'll have to do better than that
  15. I think there's just too many unknowns to just assume that us and Falkirk will have the biggest available spend. A curtailed league may/should suit part time clubs better. Possibly we'll have the higher gross spend but some players will be better off at part time clubs playing for less.
  16. Very good point. I'll travel to Broadwood and pay to get in to support Thistle but would not pay Clyde to watch a stream. In fact thinking about it, paying for a stream would seem about the most hypocritical thing folk who are deliberately not traveling to away grounds could do. Tho' that said everybody can and should make up their own minds.
  17. Certainly can't remember Davie being sent off on any other occasion. Be rather surprised if he was.
  18. First glance getting the bonus home game a plus. Also if we see Falkirk as our main rivals then we're only away the once to them, another plus. on the political front assuming East Fife are one of the clubs who voted for a 14 club top tier we only make three trips to "friendly" clubs. I see more than half our away games take place to clubs who live north of the Tay. That must be a first???
  19. I've looked and looked but can't see any chips on the shoulders.
  20. Just for clarity it's confirmed in the Embra Evening News that ICT, Pars, Morton & Arbroath all voted in favour. Adding the three relegated clubs plus Falkirk and Peterhead that leaves another seven clubs who voted for a 14 club top tier. Anyone confirm who the other seven clubs are, please?
  21. Of course not at this moment of time. I'd like to see a fair chunk of our players that are both youngish with careers ahead and contracted beyond the end of the season. In any given season there's always going to be one team of part timers who'll kinda peak and Falkirk, the club who many will see as our our main competitors have course experience. I think we will make the play offs comfortably enough but that's where I feel having key players contracted beyond the season is all important.
  22. Given the demographics of League One this season living in Perth will be handy mileage wise? Tho' I suppose you've lost the Dundee clubs and Arbroath.
  23. Turn this on its head. How many Jags fans who don't normally go to away games are going to make a special exception and travel to Peterhead?