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  1. With all due respect, Sandy, that's way off the mark. Been plenty of decent football played at Firhill. Just not by us.
  2. Putting league status decisions aside every club will be worse off because a good chunk of their support will be suffering hardship. What is unknown is which clubs will routinely spend above their means and which ones will compete on a realistically scaled down level. That's one reason I'm slightly uneasy about the Club setting ST prices just now.
  3. Not that you're actually saying it but Q o t S don't deserve to be relegated. Nobody deserves to be relegated.
  4. According to the SPFL we'll know our fete next week.
  5. I'm fairly sure I was at this game. Looks like Ronnie Simpson in goal for Hibs
  6. I'll no doubt still buy a season ticket regardless of what league we're in. One thing miffs me tho' is I think the concession pricing is still at the same level we were getting charged when we were in the top league.
  7. To be fair it's only "true" in your mind, BC. I thought there was sufficient improvement latterly to suggest we'd get off the bottom. Most significantly there was significantly more grit showing both up at Tannadice and back home against Dunfermline. I don't think we'd have been in 10th place had we had started showing that sort of determination earlier in the season. But then that's only my opinion.
  8. Can anyone can tell me why the status quo of three leagues of ten clubs each (2nd-4th tier) is a good thing? Can anyone tell me why playing nine clubs four times each is considered more appealing than playing more clubs just the twice?
  9. Racehorses will have been in training and trainers/jockeys largely unaffected or less affected by social distancing . Even if social distancing was to be relaxed players will now have to go thru a pre-season. So even if Ascot or Goodwood got the green light it wouldn't be much of an indication re football.
  10. It's not just a case of promoting the current top club in each league and relegating the bottom club. Scrapping the play offs will leave other clubs (eg ICT and Airdrie) properly miffed. Maybe Queen of the South and possibly Accies should be relegated as well. Assuming the season is over the fairest way is still temporary reconstruction. Sadly our authorities will be far more interested and occupied with coming up with a solution that'll be acceptable to both arse cheeks. We'll just be viewed as collateral damage.
  11. It was different that season top six being the target as opposed to avoiding the relegation/pay off spots but the same mentality came into play. After securing safety at Tynecastle we gifted County the final game. That proved to be costly in terms of potential final place revenue. The following season after safety we got turned over 1-4 by a horrendous Killie outfit. Shortly after that we evidently came very close to signing Lyle Taylor. Would higher placement revenue have given us the latitude to get that deal over the line? Next up we missed out on the top six by a single goal (game 33 at Dingwall). Instead we ended up ninth behind Dundee and ICT thanks largely to losing to that pair at Firhill immediately after the cut. After that we reached safety at Rugby Pk but once again failed to win a post safety match. I believe the template for disappointing end of season results was well and truly set before we even kicked a ball yon top six season. Up to that time I would say about my only criticism of Archie was allowing his teams to switch off at the run ins after achieving a target. So our largely poor post top six results shouldn't have come as a surprise. A soft underbelly?
  12. I had heard that when the SFA were discussing the Barnsley dual ownership thingy that Maxie had no vote. I've no idea whether that was under Maxie's initiative, normal procedure or indeed completely true.
  13. I'm under the assumption that both applying points penalties and the amount are under the jurisdiction of the SPFL.
  14. A couple of questions. What game was that? And, are they climbing in or climbing out?
  15. Could easily be either Harkins or Donnelly. Often when you hear talk of "natural ability" it's followed with a "but" so on that basis alone I'd go with Harkins. McCall tho' could just be as easily be talking about a guy with great talent with the ball but offering nothing else. Step up to the plate, please, Ryan McStay.
  16. There's no clubs in administration just now. Come early autumn I'd be very surprised if there's not more than a mere handful. Most will be undeserving cases caused by these unforeseen cash flow issues. Thus the most prudently run clubs will/can find themselves in that situation. I'd say imposing a points penalty on top of the other restrictions clubs under administration endure (restricted recruitment being the most pertinent) would be grossly excessive. It would do more harm than good. I actually expect, bumbling and inactive as the SPFL/SFA are, that points penalties will be waived for the start of the next season, whenever that is. My concern would be that it's used as a soft soap measure. I do agree that decisions don't have to be made just now. Eufa may force the hand a bit re European qualifications but that should be another matter entirely.
  17. It gets even more unfathomable if you are to anticipate clubs going into administration. Under current rules clubs all over the place could be getting docked 10 points. I should imagine the consensus would to waive that rule due to the special circumstances but if it's a case of carrying on where we left off it would be a case of changing a rule during a season. I think the one thing we all can agree on is there's no fair outcome. I still think the fairest option is end the season as it is and to allow promotion with no relegation. Of course I would say that with us sitting in bottom place and being a strong proponent for larger leagues.
  18. Wish I hadn't posted now as I really can't mind all five. Think you might be right about Gibson but I've come up with a third, Richie Hart (definite) and a fourth I'm almost certain about is Bob Harris.
  19. I mind many moons ago Dobbie was one of McCall's FIVE target signings to get us promoted. Dobbie was the most unlikely to sign and he duly headed south of the border. I don't believe we signed any of the five. Pat Clarke was one but I'd have to give it some thought to mind the other three.
  20. This wasn't actually the article I was meaning but this is fairly clear https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/dundee-united-accounts-reveal-wage-20730201
  21. Sorry, don't think I could find it. I believe their last audited accounts showed something like 130% wages to turnover. Their current situation is based on the fact the 130% or whatever didn't include Shankland. I wouldn't imagine then that the figure would've come down and would be extremely unlikely it's dropped anywhere near below 100%.
  22. I think it was actually Tom Hughes and he later said he was misquoted or his statement misinterpreted.
  23. Reading in that Telegraph article that Dundee Utd have placed their entire staff and players on furlough. That's the Dundee Utd who were reportedly paying wages well in excess of their turnover for the second consecutive season.
  24. Felt the same way at the time but have a feeling we didn't sign Dougie till just after Prudham was recalled. Eddie P didn't exactly set the heather on fire after he left. If I'm right about the timeline then just maybe we wouldn't have signed Somner.