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  1. Good point. I was tho' going to add the addition of MacKinnon should be a steadying factor. One of the problems we've faced is that Saunders, O'Ware and even McGinty can have good games but playing as a unit, whether a defensive pairing or part of the back four, they're too often faulty. Hopefully Darian's presence will help in the organisational side of things and that will include the fullbacks.
  2. I doubt I'm alone in agreeing with you but still believing he'd have been a better option than what we've had this season. His attitude being the polar opposite of one or two of our more skilled newbies. Quite like the idea of the O'Conner lad on loan. Apart from buying time till we can source a proper right back I thought he looked strong and mature enough to fit in.
  3. I suppose they had to say something like that but ultimately it's the polis that control things. Without getting involved in the big picture under fan ownership we should at least be able to get this sort of thing sorted. If not we'd only have ourselves to blame. As an aside, just as there's hypocrisy about the police allowing Celtic fans into the Colin Weir Stand, given the reason why they're not supposed to be there, there's perhaps a wee bit hypocrisy amongst some Jags fans. I know if I couldn't get in the away end at say Dumbarton or East Fife I'd most likely try my luck in the home end. And at the other end of the scale most of my visits to Wembley in the 60s & 70s (add in yon Wales game at Anfield) my tickets weren't intended for us visitors.
  4. That's kinda agreeing, blakey. I don't think a full back/wingback should be so one footed that they can't tackle confidently with their weaker foot. I mean thru necessity and for as far as I remember right footed full backs often find themselves played at left back. More to the point tho' I do agree it was the lack of options that forced McCall into playing Robson down the right. And I also agree that as Williamson is so weak defensively it made little difference. Robson at least tries to tackle. Not sure if Williamson would fit in as a wide midfielder (his crosses usually come after an overlap) but his final ball is usually very decent.
  5. A left sided full back/wingback should be able to play down the right side without too much difficulty. Certainly from a defensive point of view. It can kinda negate his contribution going forward and even against class opposition we still need our wingbacks to get up the pitch..
  6. Can understand McCall playing three at the back and a defensive mid but such a set up virtually rules out building a goal. The quality of the hoof balls from our three centrebacks didn't help the long game either. Positives were we kept our shape and we had a few good individual performances. I guess another plus will be morale shouldn't have suffered. In fact tonight might well have helped the team.
  7. Looked not bad the other week in the Glasgow Cup. Think he captained Celtic Colts.
  8. You do have a point. It does tho' make a mockery of having strict segregation at recent Jags games such as at Montrose.
  9. Thanks for that GRE. In a way that shows our recent run (10-8-9-6-11) in the top flight favourably. It also shows just how much of a yo-yo club we would've been under today's league set up. Realise you can't match like for like but by my reckoning there's at least* four relegations and three promotions within that spell. *more if we lost imaginary play offs in '61 & '65.
  10. I'm friends with a Jags fan who will not need to think twice about turning up at Inverness, Dingwall, Pittodrie or wherever on a Tuesday night in mid winter but will not set foot in Firhill when either of the ugly sisters visit. In short he won't make a six mile round trip for one game but happily travel 360 miles for another. Next I'll see him is in Arbroath but I'll be sure to point out what a part timer he really is.
  11. We retained an interest in Liam Lindsay as I understand we retain one with Aiden Fitzpatrick. Nothing unusual about that. Assuming Rodden is a relatively hot prospect and assuming he had been a free agent, then the only way we could have signed him on a two year deal would've been on a lowish trigger clause. That's of course hypothetical as he was under contract. Again on a high assumption re the lad's prospects and with a year on his sevco contract, I doubt we could've bid anywhere near his transfer value. The only way round that is to allow the selling club to retain an interest. That "interest" no doubt involves sell on fees and/or possibly a buy back clause. The latter as likely as not is roughly on par and thus roughly the equivalent of the trigger clause threshold had he been a free agent. Sorry if that all sounds rather convoluted but it's more the way of transfer deals these days, particularly involving young players. There's really only two ways a club our size will ever make daft money selling on a player. Either by producing our own (Weir Academy) or by sheer good fortune.
  12. The damage is done this time but as I say we're supposed to be a fan owned club the next time the ugly sisters come calling. Perhaps in the future Jags fans will have fan tags or whatever as it'll surely be in the interest of a fan owned club to know who their fans are for a multitude of reasons (voting etc). No ticket selling scheme will be full proof but we should be able to come up with some system that's as near as damn it.
  13. Most definitely tho' this lad should hopefully be oven ready. Given Zak's relatively young age I won't be that disappointed if he runs hot and cold. He has tho' been over the course before and he's added a year in maturity. Scoring 12 league goals playing for last season's poorest team was some achievement. So here's hoping!
  14. This unfortunately is a likely scenario. We all know that this match is a money spinner for us and we all know that we require the money to strengthen the squad. I just wonder if a cup game at Firhill against the likes of Hearts, Hibs or Aberdeen wouldn't have generated about the same amount of lolly without the hassle. By the sound of it three or four times more Jags fans would go (that's maybe a conservative figure). Give any of those three clubs the JHS and we'd still have a bumper crowd and I'd imagine policing and other incurred costs would be lower.
  15. My issue is more to do with the Cardle, Miller & Harkins as a triumvirate. Cardle is the more productive of the three, but given any team we put out is already short of pace, playing more than one of the trio at any time is damaging. I accept we've had to do just that recently but this month hopefully should see the back of it. I wouldn't be upset to see all three move on this month. That likely won't happen and I think Joe is the one of the three at least that could still contribute.
  16. Tickets have been on sale for weeks and we're nowhere near selling our allocation. Saturday night in with the steam iron is proving a popular alternative, bobbyhouston . Rather stupid for Celtic fans to advertise where they're sitting but hardly surprising they'll be in the Main Stand in numbers. Be interesting if any flares are ignited. Duty of care issues? Anyway this should be a one off. We're supposed to be fan owned come April and we'd literally only have ourselves to blame if this madness is repeated.
  17. Just taking this to a general point, tho' it might be relevant re Fox. Could it be that some goalies who are less confident on making instinctive saves will be more likely to challenge for the ball off their goal line? Conversely other keepers who have sharper reflex reactions may feel better off staying put, where they're less likely to be hampered making saves? I use question marks as I haven't a scooby.
  18. No need to be embarrassed. You won't be alone. Most of us will have mental images of Ryan fearlessly slide tackling wide players, herding and bundling opposition attackers out of play. Hardly surprising he's almost unrecognisable hiding behind Wee Joe Cardle.
  19. Get your point re Austin. You can only assess players once they're match fit let alone just recovering from a prolonged injury. Gotta point out even if I'm being a tad pedantic that Bannigan and O'Ware are certainly not "injury prone". Apart from that one serious injury Banzo has hardly ever been out the game for more than a knock. O'Ware I believe is similar.
  20. Worth taking into account the ridiculously small leagues. Prior to that if a club wavered over two seasons between say 10th place and 14th place it would be of little note. Today it's more likely than not to cost a manager his job. I've pointed out before that we won the League Cup one season and finished in 13th place the following. In today's terms 12th place is automatic relegation yet nobody as I recall thought Davie McP should've been sacked. As pointed out we are historically the 10th most successful club since the leagues began. As javejag suggests we've probably dipped a little since the wee leagues came into being. Just guessing but if we're anything between 11th and 13th since '75 then it's hardly surprising to be considered a yo-yo club. I thought at the time that David Beattie's aspiration of making PTFC an "established" top tier club a tad on the hopeful side. To accomplish that in such a small league you really would need to be what you'd describe as a "top six club" to provide the necessary cushion to avoid regular flirting with relegation and thus yo-yo-ing. The three clubs mentioned in the OP are obvious exceptions to the rule. Perhaps what David Beattie was meaning was that the longer a club is established in the top tier, where what money there is lies, the relatively richer that club will become in comparison to the newly promoted club from the 2nd tier? That would certainly help explain why those three exceptions (none of whom have an exceptional support) have not been a yo-yo-ing. Provided you're well run, the longer you stay in the top tier the easier it becomes to stay.
  21. I assume so. I think Docherty is a more adventurous player than MacKinnon, certainly more mobile. Also assuming we'll have a more competent centreback pairing next season, so a defensive mid with a bit of attacking flair won't go amiss.
  22. Good points been made by jagfox & exiledjag. Motherwell would've been a yo-yo but for lucky circumstances. If I remember the "Motherwell Rule" has been enforced three times otherwise I believe they would've spent a fair amount of time in the 2nd tier. St Johnstone thru a combination of luck and good club management have enjoyed a steady time of it. Luck in as much re how they found themselves at McDiarmid in the first place. And secondly finding themselves close by to Perth Crematorium.
  23. My favoured option as well. Probably the most expedient way of shoring up the defence as well. I have a lingering doubt about MacKinnon, tho'. He's definitely been the type of player we've lacked since pre injury Osman. He near single handedly kept Accies in the top tier a few seasons back. It's the past tense that concerns me. In our promotion season we had Thug Murray. His legs had gone he was still an excellent character to have around the squad. Just now we desperately need our Murray/MacKinnon type chappie to be on the field and for 90 mins at that. Hopefully Darian will be fit enough.