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  1. Thistle vs Aberdeen - Game On

    The same guy said that the most exciting moment for Thistle fans was when “Christie pulled down Erskine” , but Erskine made a meal of it and that’s why the ref never gave it
  2. Game Off

    So, will it be back to a midweek game or will common sense prevail again and use the free weekend on March 24th
  3. Grand For A Century! Jags Trust Marks The Occasion.

    Hmmm. Now there's an idea
  4. Harry Calderhead

    I always remember when Harry was getting on the supporters bus. didn't matter how far away we were going, the first thing he would ask was if I would get him back in time for the bingo. R.I.P Sir. A true jags legend who will be sadly missed. Condolences to Mary, Heather and the rest of his family.
  5. Derek Harvey

    So sorry to hear this sad news. My thoughts and prayers are with the family at this difficult time.
  6. Archie Nominated For Manager Of The Year

    Just voted to make it vote no. 1971.
  7. It finished a bit flat Allan.
  8. Drove coach to Aberdeen and back, incident free. Got back to garage, cleaned out coach, no problem. Heading home for my date with Jack Daniels. Puncture in my car 20 yards outside garage. Great end to a bad day. Never mind. Jack waited for me.
  9. Ross County: North-West Bus

    Cruise control is usually on once we pass Perth, my socks hardly touch the pedals after that.
  10. Ross County: North-West Bus

    I'm sure it's a great read, but not such a good idea whilst driving a coach to Dingwall.
  11. Any Baseball Fans Here.

    BJ, It was a weekend series I was at, couldn't get a ticket for the Friday night game which the Giants won. Got tickets for the Saturday and Sunday games which the Bosox won. 40,000 fans at both games and half of them were Red Sox fans, 3000 miles from home. No segregation, sitting having a beer watching the game, all very civilised. Sitting at a live game is a lot different from watching it on the telly, there is so much going on the average 3 hour match just flies in. Hope you manage to get to a game sometime.
  12. Any Baseball Fans Here.

    As you may tell by my avatar, i'm a Red Sox fan. first game i went to was in Toronto (BlueJays v Minnesota Twins), been hooked on the game ever since. Been to games at L.A Dodgers, L.A. Angels, San Francisco, Toronto Blue Jays, and Tampa Bay Rays Stadiums. never quite made it to Boston (yet) I have sometimes even arranged holidays to the states around Red Sox fixtures (my better half still thinks it's a coincidence that the Bosox are in town at the same time as us).
  13. Changes To "laws Of The Game"

    I noticed during "The Euros" that there has been a few changes to the laws of the beautiful game. The first, obvious one was that, at Kick-Off, the ball can be kicked in any direction. Did anyone notice this one. Leaving the field after treatment “If a player is injured from a challenge which is punished by a red or yellow card, he can have quick treatment on the field of play and does not have to leave. It always seemed unfair that the victim team was down to 10 men and the guilty team has 11 against 10" Common sense at last.
  14. Jags Related Gg's Today's!

    Good article in the Sun today about Thistle Bloodstock owner, Mr. Jimmy Long.
  15. Jags Vs Ict 21/03/2015

    Happy days. Time for bed now. (Might have another couple of Tiger beers first though)