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  1. Bong ... I do like Somerset Park but would prefer to be watcing football
  2. Ayr at home

    Based on performance levels today, t's going to be a long and disappointing season. As for Archie, can you please do your deep thinkng act during the week but get off your fat arse during the game and rant/rave/berate/communicate with the players & show the rest of us that you care.
  3. Thistle v Motherwell

    The SPFL should just cancel the last day of the season and relegate us, county & hamilton straight away - we've all been an embarrassment this season and brought nothing to the league - can't really say we deserve to stay up even via a possible play off - less than 40 points is a f***in reddy & despite being a defender of the status quo this season, these players need a new boss who will toe their lazy holes up and down Firhill Road until they get the message
  4. Ross County 3/4/18

    Full Time Posted at 90'+2' Second Half ends, Ross County 4, Partick Thistle 0.
  5. Ross County 3/4/18

    Pumped good and proper. Seems the players minds are already on their holidays before the split this season.
  6. Goodbye

    ... bet it feels like a right load off!
  7. Game Off

    with our buses leaving at 9 a.m. would it not have shown a bit more common sense to get a local ref up there to call it off before 9 a.m.? no excuse for that - pish poor from the staggies/SPFL
  8. Conor Sammon scores v Hamilton Academical 24.02.2018

    steady hand with the zoom on ... mind you from your angle looks like the keeper should have saved it
  9. The Battle of New Douglas Park

    I mentioned this in a Killie post back in December ... "We are, whether you like it or not, a bottom six team in premiership or top six in championship and a team that rarely flatters in any cup competition - given that we are effectively mid-range on that scale is no real cause for major concern on my part - Archie got us up and should be given the opportunity to get us out of this too." Jags fan through thick and thin - I've been happy enough to large it up through the good times last few seasons ... now it's time for getting behind the team when pickings are lean. Mon the Jags
  10. Sellick Away

    It's laughable that this game is all ticket - lucky if there will be 30k at it - gates should be open for walk up cash at turnstiles and the away support should be treated with much more respect - maybe those going should do some form of mass protest and take over a section behind the goals - no way 10 polis and 20 part-time jobsworth stewards would stop the R&Y army on the march I'll be giving this shit8heap a miss this time - going up to Fife for a long weekend hope, as ever, we pump them good and proper
  11. The Rangers 6/2/18

    Dispatches from a h*n mind #1 h*n mate said he was in line tonight and Edwards goal was a beezer and onside - but then went on to say - f*k him as he should've been red carded for a tackle on Jack earlier in the season Every time we get pumped by those unfiltered sewage sevco kh*unts I go back and watch games like Damon Gray scoring at ibollox to cheer me up
  12. World Cup Build-Up...

    Regan was a chief exec on the cheap - think he came in from the sparsely supported and low paid world of cricket iirc - he was a management automaton and a blazer nothing more - there are plenty more blazers doddering about at headquarters so they'll be on the lookout for another cheapo generic manager who'll lick their baws and not upset the twa cheeks status quo
  13. World Cup Build-Up...

    Back in the day managing your country was the pinnacle of any managing career - nowadays £750k is chicken feed and unlikely to tempt top candidates as they'd get more than that per month in top leagues - might as well give it to the Archie's (that goal against Holland in '78 argentina) boy as he's had the 17's and 21's can't really do any worse than Levein
  14. Slf Tickets

    Looking for 2 tickets to see the Fingers in March - anybody gets a sniff give me a PM please.
  15. St Johnstone 27/1/18

    yassssss! don't want either the h*ns or county to win tomorrow - draw please.