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  1. that's it JoT, blame the keeper - nothing to do with the dead wood back 4 and/or lazy midfield in front of him! please note potential conflict of interest - I'm a fully paid up member of the keepers union
  2. There's already a wood over the terraces at Cathkin Park & let's not forget the hedge at Brechin glebe park
  3. Totally agree there's no chance of either of the filth coughing up 4 million quid each to support lower level football in Scotland - despite one of them being in the same priveledged continual European competition qualification as the German teams - 30 odd million in the biscuit tins and keeping the lot to themselves. Also agree with jag36 - 42 way equal split of 2 million is just preposterous - largest share should go to lower level clubs to keep them alive rather than being a drop in the ocean of a large club - 50k to Forfar will be welcomed with open arms but 100k would do so much more for a small community club like them
  4. we just have less of them in proportion to the size of their support
  5. every club has people like this in their support - we're not immune
  6. sounds like he's broken his contract and Charlton should stop paying him - reason given by him is laughable
  7. budge's invisible donors - got a whiff of h*ns dodgy bullsh*t dossier about it - any multi millionaires who are being advised properly should know that budge has zero clout whatsoever
  8. I doubt we are in a position to start playing on August 1st either - given the ongoing costs of testing players and staff alongside playing in an empty stadium that requires constant upkeep and payment of rent/rates/utilities etc. Think regrettably it's looking likely we won't be playing before the new year and phase 4 - with reduction of 2m separation distance to maybe 1m as per WHO guidelines.
  9. the budge plan will fail as it clearly is designed to save her team & sis the 4 who'll drop to join the league 2 division - looks like we're doomed and potentially mothballed
  10. sorry ladies & gents, forgive me for thinking aloud, but can you all set up another political blame thread & get the f*** off this one please
  11. It won't get through so no point elevating any sense if hope ... different voting % in the divisions ranging from 92 to 75% apparently (BBC) "For the proposal to pass, it would require 11 of the 12 Premiership clubs to vote in favour, as well as eight of 10 in the Championship and 15 of 20 in the bottom two tiers "
  12. I prefer a manager effin and blinding any day instead of a quiet doball with a notepad, pen and gilet