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  1. their keeper jumped out of the way of the baw - no touch for me!
  2. Spare a thought for thd rest of us that had to endure the next 89 minutes Would sign their big number 5 defender & number 9 midfielder tomorrow thought they were both outstanding - started to wish they'd score so I could visit a new ground.
  3. Another 5-0 win for them today - all goals on their twitter site including their straight down the middle baldy penalty taker - don't think the oppositions tubby keeper was up to much mind https://twitter.com/PenicuikAth
  4. Interesting to see the 2 Edinburgh clubs getting a new manager bounce today - players taking the piss with the old managers?
  5. It'll be 2-2 in a few minutes
  6. Backs to the wall for next half hour
  7. Same highlights as you boss - but I'm looking at them with keepers head on - since I've been one for 40 years! The Chelsea keeper let in 4 tonight - does that make him a bombscare too? What about the Southampton keeper letting in 9 against Leicester. As I mentioned in a previous post, he was beaten by 2 well placed shots (= crap defending), a 6 yard header (= multiple crap defending) & the 3rd looked like a deflected effort. If you're looking at goals against its 99% of the time due to the sh*te in front of the keeper but they're always an easy target for the embittered outfield players.
  8. Sorry GRE - got to disagree with that statement regarding the keeper. Going on the highlights there was not much most keepers could have done. Agree with the rest about the defenders being a bombscare.
  9. Just braved the Ayr highlights & apart from the 3rd goal (perhaps a deflection?) don't think he could have done much better. Done by placement in first & fourth and a free header 6 yards out for second.
  10. Gave this one a miss today thankfully. Couple of banana skins coming up against Stenny & Penicuik - not very confident that we will negotiate either.