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  1. If it's QP away then I'd prefer that it was played at Cathkin Park on grass and some proper old terracing - rather than lesser Dumpden
  2. It isn't funny JoT it's just typical of the SPFL ... you're right in that they should be docked the points and St. Johnstone awarded a 3-nil win... they won't do that though incase it sets a precedent and they have to similarly award 3-nil victories against the OF should they fail to field a team this season
  3. Looking forward to getting back in but the reservations are there too - EIS snap survey revealed about 80% of staff did have some reservations about return - given that I am of a certain vintage (be quiet sandy boy!) the links to advancing years, baldness, being tall and slightly overweight is a minor worry... ...mercifully I am a young, finely honed athletic midget with a fine head of hair
  4. We're not adopting the Danish model of teaching kids in pods and use of alternative venues for teaching though - it's everyone back in school by 18th August - I'm back in to a secondary school on Monday and it's been total radio silence in procedures, risk assessments etc
  5. yep, nearly a hundred cases from about 30 boozers in Aberdeen over one weekend ... .. . it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what will transpire when 2000 primary schools, 360 secondaries & 130 odd specialist schools open their doors from Tuesday
  6. Hawl you! I said that yesterday - stop plagiarising my opinion!
  7. Sandy will know - he's a 78rpm hand cranked Dansette kind of guy
  8. are you not a fan of the Scottish Cup then?
  9. Looking at the list of prospective penalties, points deduction does not feature. For Championship, L1 and L2 clubs the maximum fine is £500k - I would surmise that the maximum amount of the fine would be on a sliding scale between the divisions, with championship clubs paying more as a maximum and L2 clubs paying less. The other potential sanctions listed are (time limited) suspension and full termination of membership. I would think that the suspension and termination options are unlikely for a 'first offence' & we are about to get a fine - the magnitude of which depends on whether they want to set an example & damage our club even further or take the moral high ground since we're not appealing arbitration & give us a tickle on the wrists.
  10. From the NSFW part of the clothing range!
  11. many thanks for your pointless explanation I was being facetious btw.
  12. Maybe you should do a straw poll to find out how many fans planning to do that CAPITAL LETTERS THING actually have a sky package.