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  1. why do we need??

    Like old school 4-4-2 players? Maybe the game has evolved, formations have evolved and players roles have become more specific. Are box to box midfielders harder to find?
  2. Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    Only strip change I remember, around that time was away at Brechin in the Cup.
  3. Team rebuilding

    It's never been confirmed how much it was. Any value suggested is just a guess.
  4. Team rebuilding

    Where has it been said we got 450k for Liam?
  5. Andréa Mbuyi-Mutombo New Signing

    Seems like only a few days since the Mods were again asking for folk to stop the personal abuse. How time flies.
  6. Challenge Cup draw

    Away tie, outside the country.
  7. James Penrice scores v Falkirk 11.08.2018

    Very Taylor-Sinclair
  8. Chris Erskine scores v Falkirk 11.08.2018

    Finished at this level according to some "experts", on here.
  9. Thistle vs Falkirk - Relegation Decider?

    Was he selling tat from a stall outside? #itsnoteasy getting another club.
  10. Alan Archibald?

    Living in Paisley at the time, socialising with locals, having in-laws who all support St Mirren, playing 7s on a Wednesday night with St Mirren fans (and because of that) being a regular viewer on the St Mirren forum. It felt like the majority wanted him out. Then held their hands up when the reality set in.
  11. Team rebuilding

    A third of that
  12. Archie out - Now or Never.

    Good question. Why pay 20 quid for dinner when I can eat in the house.
  13. Archie out - Now or Never.

    It's just a game. Nothing more nothing less.
  14. Archie out - Now or Never.

    So is it one or the other, or both? Or is it just a game?
  15. Archie out - Now or Never.

    Football is a results business. I don't care how we play it's winn8ng that's important. Football is an entertainment industry. I can accept us getting beat if we play good football. Pick whichever one suits your argument.