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  1. On the subject of Dennis McQuade. I first saw him in a reserve game at Firhill v Celtic. The Celtic team I think also included Dalglish, Macari and others who became 'name' players. I could be wrong but I think we won 1-0. I was at the front of what is now the JHS. Remember the wall with the sign 'Johnstone for Rolls, Firhill for Thrills' . I had a birdseye view of McQuade destroying McGrain and for the rest of his career I don't think McGrain had a more difficult game!
  2. I actually thought the corner flag might be in danger! I was at that game - how fortunes have changed for us and DU. Where did we go wrong.
  3. Said before and will never tire of saying it - in the modern game when it comes to composure ( in general and in tight situation), first touch, intelligence and doing it consistently over many years Doolin is up there with the best. Those still playing I think Griffiths has similar qualities and also Mcdonald. If he had played for Celtic he would have scored loads more goals.
  4. We bought Charlie Smith from Falkirk for £8000 around 1970 (?) - possibly just before our promotion. At the time I think this was described as a record transfer for Thistle. Think he generally played no. 4 and today would be called a right side Midfielder. He never really hit the heights with us. Though in the great 3-2 win v Rangers at Firhill he did belt Colin Stein with a lovely right hook! They were tangling for the ball and fell. When getting up and the Refs attention following play - thistle starting yet another attack from the loose ball, Smith belted him! Rangers fans were furious, Jags fans applsuddd/cheerier! Think that was the height of his career as a Jag! My memory of him was very good technically, good passer of the ball but pitifully slow, even than George O'Neil! I also heard but can't confirm that he was a bit disruptive but that may have been because McParland didn't play him very often.
  5. Correction to my earlier post! I was at that game and there was about 5/6 mins between the Rangers goals. However you are dead right the Referee did play 6/7 mins ofi njury time which as you say was unheard of at that time. You can see from the highlights that there was no time wasting by The Jags and that the players were dead on their feet for the last 10 minutes or so. Why that was I don't know. My feelings on leaving the ground were on the one hand disgust (with the ref) and regret that Bone was injured. With him playing we would have won. No Jimmy Bone meant Frank Coulsdon wasn't as effective as normal!!
  6. I think this was the game where the referee added on about 6/7 minutes of injury time and the Rangers goals shown as being scored in the 89th & 90th mins were actually scored in the 95th & 96th mins (or something like this). The following week in the press - The Monday Round-Up -! McParland still couldn't hide his anger with the ref. Apparently he asked the ref why he added on 6/7 mins of extra time and was told because of Thistle's time wasting. An allegation which McParland flatly rejected and which made him even angrier and he commented "possession football is not time-wasting, we have the ball it's up to Rangers to come and get it"! The inference in the press was the ref was very partial towards Rangers and not wishing to exacerbate the situation the SFA let the matter slide otherwise McParland would have been punished for his remarks. We were cheated by a referee in yet another episode in a long line of refs partial to the ugly sisters!
  7. Were we ever South of the river? I thought we played North of the river near Whiteinch and had to vacate our ground because the land was needed as the site for a new ship building yard. Will need to take a closer look at the club history again!
  8. My soon to be wife and I were at the League Cup Final (there is only one) standing in the terracing. There was virtually no segregation and there were two very drunk Celtic Fans nearby. Imagine the two of them leaning together to hold each other up. Their half-time conversation went something like this: Fan 1 "naw a jist cannie swallie whit yer sayin" Fan 2 "why no" (1) " jist cannae accept it" (2) "whit am a sayin that ye cannie swallie" (1) "that a team that's 4-0 up at half-time is f****!! lucky"! I'll remember the game, the general occasion and this conversation as long as I live! Also getting very happy in my local pub that night as pint after pint kept appearing at out table. Bought by friends of my father who just happened to be 'blue noses'! Wouldn't have been polite to refuse! Apologies for digressing from the theme - a little!
  9. Are we not sponsored by an Employment Law Company?
  10. We're Partick and Thistle not two separate football teams who were located close to each other, in Partick (somewhere) and Whiteinch? I think but not sure that Partick were the bigger team and that a some point they merged when Thistle ran into financial difficulties. I remember reading a bit about the history in the Partick Thistle Book, which I borrowed) years ago. Was it published to mark our centenary?
  11. Unfortunately you are absolutely correct. Her Ladyship is also correct that the requirement for 4OF games has become an immovable object! I sometimes feel though that we are too quick to lay all of the blame on the TV Companies. Equally to blame are the likes of Stuart Milne (when he was in charge at Aberdeen) who repeated favoured any league structure that would give his club 2 home games each against Rangers and Celtic. Suspect Hibs, Hearts, Motherwell and the Dundee Clubs did the same. On the other hand most fans and a number of players have been crying out for years for a return to bigger leagues. Anyone in authority listening?
  12. Count me in for the PTFamilyC one. Well done BB.
  13. To those posters who have had the energy and determination to study this 'document' my undying admiration! I don't follow it at all but then gave up at Premier League 2. Seems that someone is doing somersaults and splits to get 2 home games against the ugly sisters (4 in total)! When will the powers that be start thinking about what's good for Scottish Football. Two Leagues of 16 (premier & championship), League 1 of 14 underpinned by Highland and Lowland Leagues. Would mean 37 league games. Each team plays home and away = 30 games. Split into two league of 8 = a further, 7 games total 37 games. Recognise above structure means a lot of movement in lower leagues to start but clubs will find their level over time. Simple structure
  14. I was supposed to go to that game treating my daughter and my grandson to their second jags experience. I couldnt make it so she and my grandson went without me. After about 15 mins she sent me a text saying Thistle were playing great stuff but weren't going to win because the referee was very much a homer. Then of course Fox was sent off. A few weeks later she showed me a profile of said Ref run by the local paper. It was a local boy made good type of article. Apparently the ref was born and bred in the local area and if I recall the article correctly inferred his early support for Dundee FC. My daughter's description of him being a homer was correct in more ways than one!! She was also correct about us not winning. Think it finished 1-1.
  15. I remember a similar Fraser goal against Hearts in a 4-2 win for us at Tynecastle. I think with Fraser injuries played a big part in not fulfilling his potential. With Strachan it seemed to be behavioural problems. What about Jordan McMillan - I had high hopes for him! From my own experience I think luck has a big part to play. I won't mention any names as I don't want to name drop but I played football for 3/4 years with a guy who subsequently became a Scottish International and very successful player in Scotland and England. He got his first serious injury, missing 3 months of a season, when in his early 30s. Two of his close friends (not me) weren't so fortunate. One had a very badly broken/shattered leg playing in junior football and which ended his career when he was about 20. The other developed an illness and although he did manage to make it to professional football level regrettably his career ended by 21. Both IMO would have gone on to be full internationals! I don't know what you could put their differing fortunes down to other than 1 doze of good luck and 2 of bad luck!