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  1. We are clearly in a mess when it comes to playing football. As regards off the park organisation and planning I don't really feel qualified to comment. Other than to say we are clearly in a transitional stage and facing a lot of uncertainty. However looking at "where we should be' only Celtic, Rangers, Aberdeen, Hibs & Hearts are bigger clubs and at a level which I suspect is beyond us! Of the others Dundee Utd could be considered a bigger club but that's a relatively recent (in the history of the game) development since about 1980s. Dundee, Motherwell & Kilmarnock have had their moments but would I seriously doubt, pass a FFT investigation, especially the latter. I don"t see why we can't be the equal of these clubs. Of the others we are certainly equal to and can be bigger than Livingston, St Johnstone, St Mirren, Hamilton, Ross County, ICT, Dunfermline, Falkirk, & Morton. I rember Jackie Charlton saying that when a club starts to decline it can be a monumental task for a manager to firstly arrest the decline and then turn the club around. I think IMC job is to arrest our decline, even if it means going into League 1, stabilise the club and move upstairs to become Director of Football. At which point a new Head Coach will be appointed to take us back to the SPL (and keep us there) Afraid I don't see one manager doing it all as we are falling too far too quickly! If we can return i To the SPL within another 4/5 years we will be doing well.
  2. I understand the feelings about Fox not coming off his line and in fact have commented, critically, about this aspect of his game. I think though we have to put this into the context of the modern thinking about goalkeeping. The 'old' days when the prevailing thinking was that a keeper should come for every cross ball and hold every ball crosses and when saving shots are gone. Set pieces unless crosses are right onto the goal line are the responsibility of the defence. The keepers role today is simply to stop the ball crossing the goal line by any means. If a ball breaks from a keeper its up to the defence to clear. The keepe's other main responsibility is to be a sweeper, good with his feet and to distribute the ball thereby initiating - playing from the back. In summary, shot stopping and sweeping/distributing - that's it! Joe Hart, remember him, was the last of a line of traditional keepers, and he has been struggling to get a game at a PL or Championship Club. It wouldn't surprise me if IMC plays Fox, not due to any perceived weaknesses Sneddon may have, but because he considers Fox to be one of the stronger players in the team!
  3. How many games have we won at home?
  4. Wasn't at the game tonight (again) but value the thoughts and comments of those fans who were there. As a life long thistle fan I have witnessed a few highs an more lows. The last 10 years have been a bit of a comeback period for me as an active fan but the last 3 years have been tough ( for all fans). Being jags fans I am sure we expect our fair share of defeats, we'll at least I do! For most of my life Thistle teams, when losing have gone down fighting and looking like a football team. Recently though there has been 3 years of apathy where players, not all but quite a few, seem not to care or are clueless! An acceptance that defeat seems to be inevitable! Shamefully when I saw tonight's result I was totally immune from any shock, upset feelings or disappointment! I expected defeat as a likely outcome because I am starting to feel having seen only 6 or so this season that all the posters on this and other threads are correct - this particular team is at best clueless and at worst, doesn't give a damn!
  5. Really sad news. Let's all recognise the pivotal part he played in the Jags revival and express our hopes and wishes this young man can make a full recovery. Thoughts are with his family at this difficult time.
  6. Totally agree with the above. A football club like Thistle should be playing in the middle section of the SPL! I mean somewhere between 6th & 9th. To do that we need to have a stable core of players in the team and on the bench with new signings made when necessary. We also need a steady flow of good young players coming through from the Academy. We will never achieve the above by off loading 7/8 players and signing a similar number every transfer window. All the off-field 'shenanigans' and decisions have created serious levels of instability and this has impacted on the playing side as well in the form of a lack stability, confidence and team cohesion or if preferred, togetherness. From being confident in December that we could stay up I am now not so sure. I do though have every confidence that McCall. Given the time, can sort us out but have said previously he might not be able to do it quickly enough to stay in this division. We badly need stability in our club. I would hate to count the number of players who have come and gone since relegation from the SPL - 50, more??? Call me old fashioned but with the rate of change in the number of players I find it difficult to have the level of empathy with the team that I used to enjoy! Bring back the old days of a settled team!
  7. He'll be sitting somewhere enjoying a nice drink with a big smile on his face thinking "serves th right"!
  8. As per other fellow jags fans on this thread 3 at the back just doesn't do it for me. I would prefer an old fashioned 433 or 442 with probably a slight preference for the latter. The only problem is I can't, from the midfielders we had under GC and we have under IMC. find the right balance of players for Midfield. I think we would be better defensively with the above formations but probably not so good in midfield. For the time being suspect we will set up as has been suggested with 3 at the back, 5 spread across midfield and with Rudden injured one up front with someone tucked in just behind. A 3511 formation. Still hoping for the best but please mark or play that little nark McGowan out of the game.
  9. I don't disagree with any of the comments about the scale of the job IMC has to keep us in this league (never mind get to 4th), the quality of the squad and some of the poor performances. I also think that the reason for our collective depression plummeting to an even lower level is that we actually went to Arbroath with renewed hope only to be let down by an abject performance. Where did this 'new hope' come from - the team showing signs of actually playing better, starting to look like a football team, a promising transfer window where the general perception was we brought it better than we off loaded! Afraid as Jags fans we just have to keep the faith, stay strong and be positive in supporting the team. We all know life is not easy supporting the Jags.
  10. I said prior to the 0-1 home defeat if we get a grip of McGowan we have a chance! We didn't and he more or less ran the show in the midfield. He also got forward to score the goal. So I am going to say the same again "get a grip of McGowan and we can win this game! I have been critical of Zanetta & Cardle who apparently played well against Ayr, especially first half. Perhaps if both play they can keep the momentum going and terrorise the Dundee full backs. This will also give us a chance of winning the game. Regarding a result - just hoping for the best
  11. I find all this speculation about what we need to do to stay in this league interesting, honest I really do! I agree that generally and excepting a catastrophic collapse we can ignore Dundee Utd as they will most likely beat nearly every other team. For the rest everyone can beat everyone else! So what do we have to do. Well, sorry to be boring and perhaps stating the obvious. but we need to focus on our own efforts by taking one game at a time, selecting the right team, getting the tactics correct and then do everything we can to win the game. No more not turning up performances. I think if we do this we can look at the table at the end of the season and see a Thistle team sitting somewhere above 9th with around 40 - 44pts. Then for next season we get ready for the big promotion push back to the SPL with an effective (summer) transfer window...................... or am I dreaming!!
  12. So do I. Always liked Christie and felt some of the crigksm was very harsh. Yes his crossing could have been better but he always played for the Jersey and put the team before himself.
  13. Should have read :save more of the poorly taken etc penalties.