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  1. Javeajag's post beat my post by a minute and addresses the matters raised in my post.
  2. What about this threat which surfaces every few days about being kicked out of the SPFL.? Is this something to which we should pay serious attention? I see SPFL Lawyers are saying that if we continue dragging Scottish Football through the courts we will be kicked out of the SPFL! My understanding of this threat is that if Arbitration fails and we return to Court, action will be taken that can lead to our membership of the SPFL being terminated! Does this fall into the category of attempted intimidation or are we simply being reminded of the possible consequences of seeking justice through the courts?
  3. I have been too busy with other things to tune into the hearing. Been relying on news and this website for information and opinion. Did Lord Clark actually rule that this case can return to court should Arbitration fail! This seens strange to me because Arbitration by its very nature cannot fail! The panel will hear evidence in addition to written submissions and then make a decision. Whether we like the decision or not is immaterial!
  4. I am not certain of my ground here, memory not as good as it used to be, but I recall that when it was anounced the Championship were considering a 27 game season M Gregor (Ross County) declared he was appalled by this idea! His inference being there should be no promotion to or relegation from the SPL!! I would assume if this is a popular idea with the SPFL then the same will apply to other Leagues! I wouldn't fancy the SPFL's chances of getting this through a vote! So why not give the SPFL Board executive powers so that formal voting is not required!
  5. Should be easy to achieve given something like 26 + clubs were against reconstruction. We have to be careful though we don't get into a position of 'cutting off our nose to spite our face'! I would be happy that we fight this injustice as hard as we can and win or lose beat these teams on the football field, not give them money by going to away games and in future ensure we vote with No. 1 in mind (subject to comments in first paragraph)! A good example would be Ross County being relegated and calling for reconstruction. Jags in a position where reconstruction makes no difference - we vote no and tell McGregor he should take his medicine!
  6. I wasn't suggesting it was a legal argument nor in fact as you describe it, a small p political argument! I was simply trying to say that when you enter into a process to find a solution you don't compromise the process by threatening and alternative and aggressive course of action in the event a solution is not attained. That would demonstrate a lack of good faith!
  7. I wouldn't have thought it was appropriate to initiate legal action while 'meankngful' discussions on reconstruction were taking place and which only ended two weeks ago!
  8. This is how it should have been proposed in the first place. 1. Vote to 'call' the season (and distribute prize money) 2. No relegation 3. Meaningful talks on reconstruction to reward teams at the top of their respective division with promotion. This 'to reward' emphasis would have resulted in a more positive approach/debatd and IMO 14-10-10-10 would have been accepted have been accepted
  9. Thank you for this information. I appreciate it. I completely agree with you about clubs turning against us. They are already against us. Thistle fans need to recognise that we have few friends in the game and the days when the Jags were everybody's second team are long gone. We have to accept we are generally on our own and in future we need to make decisions in terms of what's best for PTFC. In effect if a change is proposed and there is no direct benefit in the change for us we vote for the status quo! Thereby relegating the greater good to second place. If we want respect and influence the only way to do this is to put a winning team on the park, get back to the SPL and stay there! I hope more Jags fans will come around to my view which is: 1. to attend as many home games as possible (I live in the North East of Scotland so getting to Firhill is a hike), 2. not attend League 1 away games, for example, Forfar and Clyde who have made statements about revenue from our travelling support) 3. Donate gate money saved by not attending away games to PTFC. 4. Review when we return to the Championship (for example, Raith Rovers, Dundee, if still around, and Ayr Utd definitely off my travel plans) If enough fans do this the £75k - £100k that Forfar estimate they will receive from 2 home games each v Falkirk and Jags will be well and truly shafted! At the same time PTFC revenues will be that bit healthier!
  10. Quote from Gary Dean's Falkirk Chairman "One of the lowest points of my football experience was sitting a week past Sunday watching some of the clubs comment about how they were going to vote," Deans said. "Some of the commentary that was coming through, why they were justifying no votes, was sickening." Would have loved to have been a fly on the wall at that meeting of, I assume, lower league chairmen. Would speculate that Hearts and Jags were the subjects of much abuse!
  11. Not sure about the "misleading part but agree with your comments about attempting to get other clubs actively onside. Achieving this could be an attempt to demonstrate its all of us against Hearts and Thistle! A way of illustrating to a judge 'therefore we must be right and Hearts and Thistle must be wrong'! Much has been said on this thread about the weakness and lack of credibility of our case but this letter, the purpose of which I think is to achieve the above seems a bit desperate to me and makes me wonder about the weakness and credibility of the SPFL response to our petition! I am frequently told lawyers and judges deal in facts, cold hard facts, so this letter, its encouragement to enlist more active support from clubs and our joint statement in response should in fact have no influence whatsoever on the facts of the respective petitions!
  12. Going back to the substance of the April vote (to 'call' the season) I see tactical similarities with the SPFL's letter to member clubs Jags fans will recall the SPFL linked the distribution of prize money to a 'yes' vote to call the season! Some clubs, mainly Hearts and Thistle argued that there was no need to link the payment of prize money to the vote! However it must have been clear to everyone that by linking the two, the SPFL would achieve their desired outcome which was to 'call' the season. This outcome with Dundee's help was eventually achieved! To the SPFL's letter. Now the SPFL are saying to clubs if you want to see copies of the petitions you have to become a respondent in the case! So are the SPFL sincere when they say some clubs have in fact asked to see the various petitions/Court papers or is this an attempt to encourage active support from member clubs to become respondents. This would demonstrate to the judge the SPFL enjoys the overwhelming support of clubs, for example, the SPFL Board + 39 respondents (didn't include Stranraer) lining up against Hearts and Thistle! Re the extracts of the letter we have seen so far I see nothing that could be described as wrong or misleading so there must be other adversarial or inaccurate comments yet to be revealed! The style of leadership illustrated above by the SPFL which is in the 'you do something for me and I'll do something for you' mode is known as 'transactional leadership'! Although there is a time and a place for such a leadership style it is generally consider a less than positive style and not in the least motivational, inspirational or likely to inspire loyalty!!
  13. Two away from top tier! Would need to scroll back to check but I am sure I mentioned this point when the reconstruction talk was around 3 leagues of 14 clubs. I was surprised to hear that 4 clubs including Clyde, and Peterhead would cote against this as they considered joining with the League 2 clubs equivalent to relegation. I argued it couldn't be a relegation as they ere still two levels away from the SPL!
  14. Too simple, obvious and pragmatic an idea for the SPFL. Smacks too much like reconstruction to me! Good idea though!
  15. Just like McCall! "Back to the Club he loves'! Reading an article reflecting the views of David Winnie his views suggest we have a 50-50 chance of winning but our biggest hurdle is it seens getting the judge to agree that this matter should be a matter for the Law and not just left to football (SPFL & SFA)! Last time we went to court we didn't get past this hurdle and I fear the same will happen again. Scottish Courts do not like adjudicating on sporting matters! A view which I feel is a denial of justice but there it is! If by some chance we do get past this hurdle then there may well be some potential for settlement but doubt it will involve reconstruction! Oh best of luck to Robbie Nelson. Should generate a lot of 'hate" from Dubdee Utd fans for him and Hearts in addition to that coming our way!