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  1. The only way to deal with violence and sectarianism is to deduct points or kick them out of competitions. All the Ugly Sisters get (and other clubs with thuggish and racist "fans") are paltry fines. The blame lies with the SFA, UEFA and FIFA who are unwilling to punish them severely. Change begins at the top but football suffers from weak, inept and (at times) corrupt leadership.
  2. Not confusing at all, Tricky Dicky. I was replying to Red Monkey's earlier instructions to "SFTU" in his own blunt language rather than my own. He is intolerant of anyone who expresses views that are contrary to his own. This should be an open forum for all supporters, including critics such as The Cup and BGM, not just fanboys and cheerleaders. ETA - I agree with Thick As Thieves above. Dundee and Killie have benefited from escaping their debts or having them written off. Similarly, it's possible that we will be, even are now, competing for players with Hearts and Hibs who are also debt free. The playing field is not even.
  3. ^A few teams seem weaker. It's hard understand why Accies released Antione-Curier, especially with Andreu leaving too. They've scored at least 20 goals this season. It's also good to see McKay leave ICT without being replaced. The Arabs will miss GMS and Armstrong too. By contrast, we have strengthened our attack and should pick up a few more points from the clubs above us over the rest of the season.
  4. ^ I'm not taking twisted satisfaction in a failed signing and give all signings the benefit of the doubt. I'm taking exception to Red Monkey's false accusations and his repeated attempts to stifle debate. He likes to dish out criticism but can't take it. It's a bullying, sociopathic mentality that is deeply unpleasant.
  5. What line of argument has been debunked? Doubts that Eccleston and Carroll were not as good as ATS and Taylor as you and Dark Passenger claimed at the end of August? When have I criticised the manager stance on the touchline, suggested that he lacks passion or stated that he should wear a suit? Please provide links to the relevant threads. If you can't - stop trolling, give us peace and STFU!!
  6. This a forum where posters are entitled to express their opinions, even poor or misinformed ones. What gives you the right to tell anyone to "STFU"? You are not a moderator, just a mouthpiece for vested interests who want shut down debate on here. Your authoritarian tone is nauseating. So why don't you, to use your own terminology, GTF?
  7. McNamara paid Killie £150k for Robbie Muirhead. That should should weaken them a bit.
  8. That's unfair. There have been a few poor signings, including Piccolo. But they are balanced by good signings like Higginbotham, Gallacher, Fraser, Osman, Frans and Seaborne. Our signings this season have, with a couple of exceptions, been as good as or better than last season's. The key is to sign players who have played at our level or higher, i.e. League One. Ideally, the manager should have the chance to scout and/or assess players on trial. Hopefully, the new scouting system at Thistle Weir will help the management team identify a few gems.
  9. Has Duggan recovered from the injury that he got at Queen's Park?
  10. FAO Dark Passenger Celtic have signed Michael Duffy from Derry City. The SFA website also says that St Mirren have signed Michael Brewster from FC United of Manchester. Aberdeen have signed defender Lukas Culjak, ex Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich.
  11. <p> Meh. I was just surprised that Neil Lennon went back for a player who hardly featured under him.Celtic's deals for GMS and Armstrong are much more significant
  12. The BBC has just reported that Filip Twarzik has signed for Bolton Wanderers for an undisclosed fee.
  13. I hope that Jukebox Rebel will post more of his historical photographs, ideally in screensaver/wallpaper dimensions.
  14. You are right but IIRC the rules have been changed since that ridiculous case. Watford had to sign a few players on permanent deals or terminate their deals.