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  1. Tyler Machamilton

    On line tickets

    I had same issue then when I got in after attempts all over 8 characters , wouldnt let me change adress or collection . Have contacted club to ask them not to send to home adress but received no replies fear the worst and it will be sent to home adress whilst I,m on mainland all week before the game
  2. Tyler Machamilton

    Morton 30/3/19

    The Heb is the dogs bollocks the Clansman is an ok substitute when the Heb is away in dry dock
  3. Tyler Machamilton

    Morton 30/3/19

    This is my home game LOL I commute from Uist every other week to watch Thistle. The top road over through Achnasheen is quietest and quickest route to Dingwall from Uist . I was also at 4 -0 game a long dismal drive home after that one . Hoping for a result this time as a few County following friends need the smile wiped off their faces LOL
  4. Tyler Machamilton

    Ayr away 12th March

    Not blaming club I know that it would be imposed on them its the blazer brigade at HQ who never consider the fans who who suffer every time with rescheduling and early kick offs for long distance travelers etc
  5. Tyler Machamilton

    Ayr away 12th March

    They never consider the fans who have to travel to these games and book travel and accommodation well in advance . I wont be able to make games now so club misses out on 3 people paying tickets , half time draw etc etc and I still have all the costs to pay . Disappointing for Nomads who try there best to support the club even at great expense , just need to hope we win and we get a chance to plan for the next round .
  6. Tyler Machamilton

    Dunfermline away.

    Yes it definitely was Christie but just shows how poor the BBCs top journalist is when he cant even identify who caused the error . Niall even had a head bandage on so to confuse them beggars belief LOL
  7. Tyler Machamilton

    Dunfermline away.

    From the BBC website :- The decisive goal came in calamitous fashion with 69 minutes on the clock. Andy Ryan sent a teasing cross into the danger area over the heads of the home attackers but, as Niall Keown attempted to clear, he knocked the ball straight into the path of Connolly to tap in. Christie Elliot of the hook ???
  8. Tyler Machamilton

    Volunteer Required

    Hi myself and wife would do this on Saturday if you wish . We travel down regularly from North Uist to attend matches . We are regular customers of Ian when attending games and we will be happy to help Kenny MacDonald
  9. Tyler Machamilton

    PAWS 2018-19

    Hi put me down for £1 a goal cheers
  10. Tyler Machamilton

    Who will be the furthest travelled jags fan v Livvie

    Leaving stadium on Sunday for the long drive North I listened to a vocal group bemoani g the £40 ticket money for, playoffs as a waste of money.They said would have been better if we had gone down automatically. Didnt bother to enlighten them to my 2 nights accommodation 12 hours driving and 4 hours ferry crossings , yes it was disappointing but being a lifelong jags supporter was never easy. Positives for me are 2 games in highlands which cuts travelling times but had hoped not to be going to Dingwall this season coming. Will be at pre season friendlies and Betfred cup games as per usual and as many games in league as possible.Onward and upward.
  11. Tyler Machamilton

    Who will be the furthest travelled jags fan v Livvie

    2 hour ferry and 6 hour car journey from North Uist , hoping to end season on a high . Managed down at least once a month and only dissapointment was my "home" game at Dingwall. Hoping that we play the passing game that the team is very capable of playing and press them up the park and dont sit deep.
  12. Tyler Machamilton

    Ross County 3/4/18

    First 30 minutes we were better team then it all fell apart. Interestingly the 2 County management team were out very animated . They even berated one of their players for rolling about in centre spot feigning injury telling him to get back up with play. Archie was usual folded arms and quiet , dont think Scot came out of dugout. At one point Archie went back and sat in dugout . They seemed resigned to far too early on . A small group of fanss turned on the players and were chanting were going down toward the end and Archie out. Never good to see this but can understand there frustration. Its as toothles a display as I have seen in 50 years watching thistle , very little fight or determination. As a long standing fan I live in optimism they can do a miracle but not confident .
  13. Tyler Machamilton

    Ross County 3/4/18

    Currently in Inverness having travelled down from Uist , was snowing this morning now sleety rain . Game should go on but soft wet underfoot . Snow not lying on ground at moment.
  14. Tyler Machamilton

    Online Ticket Problems

    Thanks guys looks like it is an ongoing issue , poor customer service which is a pity as club missed out on 4 adults plus halftime draw ,food etc. I,m sure they need the revenue so lets hope they improve in future.
  15. Tyler Machamilton

    Online Ticket Problems

    Hi tried to order tickets online on Friday night for Rangers game. It was a last minute decisions travelling down from Uist and wasnt sure I would get off island on Friday . It allowed me to get so far but when it got to selecting ticket screen went blank and wouldnt allow me to go any further ? So ended up online listening to game which I could have done from Uist. I sent a message on Friday night in vain hope somebody in office would maybe get back to me on Saturday morning . I got an auto reply about re applying for a season ticket ?? Nothing since from club . Dissapointed as I dont get down as often as I would like but to misss game was gutting as I was there last time we beat them at Firhill and had high hopes for the game ( unfounded unfortunately ). Anyone else have similar problems or was I just unlucky ? thought club would have got back at least to say what happened . Watched game on jagzone but not same as being their in person.