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  1. Well, you should understand the nature of the 2nd World imperialist war. I am not a left communist who see the USSR as an imperialist power, and I support Trotsky's position of the unconditional defense of the USSR. However, apart from the question of the USSR, the 2nd World War was an inter-imperialist war from which the international working class could get nothing. The claim of the "war against fascism" is a pure myth; in fact the "democratic" imperialist governments were accomplices of fascism. For example, Churchill, Roosevelt et al, who knew very well about what was happening in the Nazi death camps, did nothing to stop the Holocaust, and even refused all the German government's proposals to free them by the hundred thousand, because the transporting the Jews would hinder their war effort. There is no enough room for writing about the crimes of "democracy". As Trotsky clearly stated, the only policy towards the 2nd World War was revolutionary defeatism -- turn the imperialist war into civil war against the bourgeoisie.
  2. Could you tell me how much can PTFC get by winning the Ramsdens Cup?
  3. When I attended Firhill on Saturday and Murrayfield on Sunday, I was irritated by the silent prayer, because I have absolutely no sympathy for those who died for British imperialism. I remember that an African-American basketball player, who refused to attach the sign of mourning in the NBA game while the Gulf War, was sacked by political pressure. When 2 Japanese diplomats were executed in Iraq by the resistance force, I applauded the Iraqi resistance, but the so-called "anti-war" demonstration organisers refused my participation because of my placard applauding the execution. The same thing happened in South Korea. The anti-imperialists who applauded the execution of a Korean working for the US military as an Araibic translator were attacked in public. Several years ago, Hearts supporters did booing while the silent prayer for the Pope at Hampden. If I were there, I would have done the same thing. I support the "Show Racism the Red Card" campaign. However I cannot support any sort of ceremony supporting imperialism. Please tell me your opinion.
  4. By the way, are you Club Secretary?
  5. If yes, certainly he can be considered as an option. But there would be many other club interested in him if he has really recovered.
  6. Has Gordon already recovered from injury?
  7. I do not know game chants. Is there any music and lyrics site?
  8. I am delighted with the result today, but the team gave too many unnecessary free-kicks in the 1st half (equalised from a free-kick). This point should be improved. The pressing from the FWs were effective today. There is no worrying about this point.
  9. And the GK jersey should be changed. The colours of GK and FPs were not different enough. Since the FP colour is almost yellow, the GK colour should be all red (red shirt, red short, red socks, and red head-gear if necessary). If that is not possible, GK could wear FP's purple away kits.
  10. Yes, I hope his early return. I did not see much of the performance of the sub GK (there was no shot on target), but his long-licks were seen a bit short and inaccurate.
  11. Has the league game on Tuesday already been rescheduled to Wednesday?
  12. Sorry, could you tell me what "bellend" means? There is no this word in my dictionary.
  13. What I cannot understand is the reason the SFA did not sack him after the failure for the 2012 Euro. There were other candidates -- although the best manager Moyes was not available since he does not want to leave Everton.
  14. Now the 7th Futsal World Cup in Thailand is going on. But I can find no information on Scottish/English papers. Probably Futsal is not very popular in the Anglo-Celtic Isles? http://www.fifa.com/futsalworldcup/ The Japanese FA has tried to make this tournament popular by a legend Kazu, 45 years old, playing for the 2nd Division side Yokohama FC. He was the first FW of Japan's national team in the early 1990s, but Japan failed to qualify for the 1994 World Cup in the USA by Iraq's last minute goal from corner. This is called the "Agony of Doha". In 1997, Japan succeeded in qualifying for the 1998 World Cup in France by beating Iran after extra time in the final Asian play-off. Kazu played most of qualifiers, but finally was not chosen for Japan's squad for the World Cup tournament. Have Scotland ever qualified for the Futsal World Cup?
  15. Well, I wrote to them for several times, but have got no response. As for the Highland League, I have a Wick Academy strip.