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  1. I had Reece Cole phoning me too asking the same thing he seemed a very nice guys, this is amazing from the club and staff
  2. From now on i will not be commenting
  3. Why if someone suggests anything or any one for that matter they suddenly get mocked or dirided, they are actually a person at the end of the keyboard Graham has been scouted by scottish senior clubs
  4. A quote from an Ashfield fan from yesterdays game on Callum Graham 42 competitive goals and 53 if you include friendlies. Amazing goal haul & should have scored more yesterday.
  5. And a headline Striker Callum Graham with another hat-trick for Ashfield against Annbank that takes him to 30 odd goals this season got to hav e a look at him.
  6. He did come over especially for the Glasgow cup games
  7. The disruption in fixtures we have had this season is ridiculous you could accept it if we getting the top league money and must be loosing money with this.
  8. Offer them Firhill for the Pie and Peas or the Downdee Unt game ?
  9. Zannatta was going down due to slipping though i though the defender caght him at that point.
  10. We did have a youth team player many moons ago called Scott Fleck
  11. I am sorry but Sevco and Celtic fans can celebrate all they want, just do not do it in the Thistle end. it is not asking much is it ?
  12. When we played Sevco a couple of years ago, i think it was the one they scored in extra time, i was in the Colin Weir Stand and in front of me was a guy celebrating i lost and said "Can you not go over there" pointing to the Sevco end he turned round and gave me what for with foul mouthed abuse and the guy with him who was a jags fan gave me what for too, so not too sure why iam going but lesson learned if this happens again i will just be going to a steward.
  13. A rumour about a month ago we had an American Midfielder, it was on FB he was showing up well in training then a week ago i heard Downdee United had signed a American Midfielder wondering if this was the same guy ?
  14. Great to see the club doing this, i let Gerry know about Calum Graham at Ashfield FC