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  1. Team rebuilding

    Wonder if Craig Slater was looking for more money than we could give him ?
  2. Legend Joins Board

    I remember John Baird paying Goaly against us
  3. Team rebuilding

    Anybody know the team line up ?
  4. Team rebuilding

    Was there a bounce game with Clyde lasnight ?
  5. David Beattie stands down

    Is Greig leaving too ?
  6. Fixtures out

    First and last games away, poor
  7. Centenary Fund - May's Results

    Me too
  8. Season Tickets 2018/19

    Bought a season ticket with Jagzone yesterday
  9. Season Tickets 2018/19

    Love being off work going up on a sunny day its a tradition.
  10. Playing Squad Update

    Booth did we stil want to keep him or did he want to leave ?
  11. Season Tickets 2018/19

    Going to buy one but prefare to do it in person getting a day off work and going to the office it is tradition.
  12. Season Tickets 2018/19

    Thanks lads, Jagzone is £60 I take it is the same price as last year, thought they would take some money off for paying up front, also you don't get much on Jagzone for 2 months not much Incentive there, though have they put it up monthly ?
  13. Season Tickets 2018/19

    How do you find out how much they are ?
  14. Breathtaking Hypocrisy

    Dermot Desmond has a few skeletons in the closet, you do not become a billionaire being a nice guy https://www.theguardian.com/business/2011/jul/17/panorama-expose-care-home-boss-resigns http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/15427634.Dermot_Desmond_bank_fined_after_FBI_probe_in_to_North_Korean_scandal/ https://www.scotsman.com/regions/glasgow-strathclyde/paradise-papers-celtic-majority-shareholder-s-firm-used-offshore-tax-haven-1-4606461 I could go on, its so good to see the old firm with no morals even in the board rooms
  15. Team rebuilding

    When was the last time you heard the EPL or anytime being called monotonous and the media and players etc going on about meaningless games ?