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  1. kevin energy

    New Owner

    Just thinking as Norge said the other night that someone else was interested in Thistle could it be them other than Chien Lee & Co ?
  2. kevin energy

    New Owner

    If we are being lined up by the new board to be sold will the new owners be Chien Lee & Co or Someone else ?
  3. kevin energy

    Fixures date change

    How much do we get for this BBC deal ?
  4. kevin energy

    Liam Lindsay

    Blair Henderson ?
  5. kevin energy

    New Owner

    I seem to agree with everything you say on different subjects including this one
  6. kevin energy

    Season Tickets 2019/20

    Tried to purchase on the website not working says problem with my password, I will need to phone up
  7. kevin energy

    Season Tickets 2019/20

    Can you still go up to the office and purchase a Season Ticket ?
  8. kevin energy

    A night with GC

    Are you allowed to tell us what your sources said Norgethistle ?
  9. kevin energy

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    Speculating here, Would it be nothing about the claim by his previous club , and that is why he got de-motived ?
  10. kevin energy

    Championship summer transfer thread - all the ins...

    I think we need a Defensive Midfielder, cover for Right back and Left back and 2 or 3 Strikers and Cardle, does not add up when Caldwell was quoted and saying from someone on here that he has a bigger budget this year than last.
  11. kevin energy


    My opinion but if i was the Chairperson, i would have stated to the manager at the interview that if he takes the job he woudl have to have Chris and Kris while he is here, take it or leave it.
  12. kevin energy

    A night with GC

    I did not get a place tomorrow night they said i was on the reserve list, Could someone ask Do we need an out and out Defensive Midfielder to protect and fill in the the Defence which last season left the defence vulnerable ? Thank you
  13. kevin energy

    Season Tickets 2019/20

    I will be as usual renewing my season ticket as long as I can afford it I will be there.
  14. kevin energy

    Out of Contact Players

    We seriously need an out and out Defensive Midfielder just to sit infront of the defence and protect them as some goal were conceded by teams going through the middle and pulling our center backs out of position.
  15. kevin energy

    County 13/04

    Ran out of likes and laughs