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  1. kevin energy

    Rumour, gossip or lies

    I did hear on Rocksport Radio say cannot reember who it was saying they had heard the dressing room was not a happy place.
  2. kevin energy

    Meet the Manager - Tuesday 6pm

    Terrible time and day for me to go, pitty
  3. kevin energy

    Rocksport Archie's interview

    Does he Actually go to our games,? I get the feeling if he goes to games it would be Celtic Park
  4. kevin energy

    Rocksport Archie's interview

    Did anybody here the Gerry Collins interview saying he was not happy by being replaced by "One of the problems" and it was not Gerry Britton he was talking about.
  5. kevin energy

    Rocksport Archie's interview

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9DgrzlFHDg Fast forward to nearly 20 mins https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arn45vCbMao Gerry Collins Interview, they talk to Darren Dodds the former Bechin City Manager then Gerry Collins starts to tell alot of what he used to do at Firhill and his views on Archie and the current team, very interesting what are everybodys views after hearing all of this. Fast Forward to 1 hour 3 mins
  6. kevin energy

    Morton vs. Thistle

    Well in the first half he took on his man 3 or4 player he was up against infact he beat one man and beat him and he got fouled.
  7. kevin energy

    Morton vs. Thistle

    I thought Storey had a good game but it is all about opinions
  8. kevin energy

    Cammy Bell Out

    Idealy getting one of our young keepers out on loan woudl really benefit them.
  9. kevin energy

    Thistle vs. Ayr

    Think it might have sounded more like Scobie
  10. kevin energy

    Thistle vs. Ayr

    For some reason my parents was thinking of caling me Scoobie for a first name didn't happen though
  11. kevin energy

    Stu Bannigan in The Mail

    I heard a rumour Could be rubbish that under Archie we only trained 4 Half days a week this, i do not know if this is true and i'm just repeating what i heard.
  12. kevin energy

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    Santala (Training compensation)
  13. kevin energy

    East Fife away

    Any cranes and coal and betting what piles of coal it was taking this time ?
  14. kevin energy

    Team rebuilding

    I do like the idea of an enviroment of caring for the players, i think it creates an enviroment alot easier to express themselves.