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  1. G SUS


    Not true. Alloa play Queen of the South so if either side wins we'll be two points behind the other with a game in hand. If they draw, they'll be three points behind with a game in hand which, if we win it, will take us above Alloa.
  2. G SUS

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    I think what JagFox was meaning(if I'm wrong JagFox just let me know!) was that guys like Slater, Banzo, Harkins, Spittal and anyone else that has played in centre mid have had the chance to impress over a number of games and let GC see what they are capable of doing on the pitch. At this crucial time of the season with just a handful of games to go, Gordon would have probably been left out of previous squads/starting elevens purely because GC, prior to the reserve matches, hadn't had the chance to see what he is capable of and how he was coping after his latest injury set back. With the tight nature of our position a manager wouldn't want to add an unnecessary risk. - sure you can watch games from the start of the season or a year or so ago but there are no guarantees that you are getting that player.
  3. G SUS

    Caldwell’s Massive 7 Days

    Being slightly pedantic but if all the results went against us we'd be a point adrift of Alloa in 9th and 5 points behind(albeit with a miles worse gd) Queen of the South - still an enviable position to be in but not as cut adrift as you are making out.
  4. G SUS

    Ayr away 12th March

    Which midweek would you like it to be played on? Tuesday 5th March - ruled out due to the Scottish Cup tie against Hearts being a Monday night. Tuesday 12th March - ruled out because of the Scottish Cup replay(match originally scheduled for this date) Tuesday 19th March - ruled out because Ayr United have three players away on International duty which is why their fixture against Greenock Morton on the 23rd is off. Tuesday 26th March - ruled out because Ayr United have three players away on International duty. Tuesday 2nd April - fixture against Greenock Morton rescheduled for this date fitting in with the SPFL's policy of re-arranging fixtures for the next possible date on their first attempt - ours doesn't get priority because it is onto a second attempt of re-scheduling. Tuesday 9th April - Ayr United unwilling to play due to game on Friday night - perfectly understandable. Tuesday 16th April - Ayr United unwilling to play due to game on Friday night - again perfectly understandable. Tuesday 23rd April - Game scheduled. Four midweeks are ruled out because of International duty and two consecutive Ayr United games chosen for live television coverage(which is a pretty unfortunate occurance). If Ayr had a backlog of fixtures then I could understand it being played on the 9th or 16th. They don't so are prepared to take their chances that no more than one of their outstanding fixtures is postponed. For Thistle it could be beneficial. An Ayr United side sitting confirmed in the playoffs but adrift of 2nd place might be a distracted opponent to play.
  5. G SUS

    East Fife v Jags, 9/2/19

    No. Storey was the only player booked for booting the ball awayl
  6. G SUS

    East Fife v Jags, 9/2/19

    Against Stranraer in the last round of the cup
  7. G SUS

    Winter window

    Can you link me to any interview where Gary Caldwell talks about the contacts he has? I seem to have missed this one by and can't remember any time he has said that he has contacts to draw upon to improve the squad - but I may have been mistaken, and if I am I'll hold my hands up.
  8. G SUS

    Winter window

    No it wasn't. Dumbuya was signed because Elliott had picked up a significant injury in pre-season and there was no cover at right back. When Jack Hendry left, we were another central defender down(a position that Gary Miller could cover if required) so bringing in Dumbuya/a right back was a no-brainer. That he fitted into our system better than Miller(as a right back) was just one of those things. He was probably one of a number of targets earlier that pre-season but was out our budget(having played semi-regular League One football for the previous four seasons) but signing him in September made him lower his demands slightly(as no-one else was interested) but made us increase our offer(because we needed him).
  9. G SUS

    Winter window

    Scobbie is on loan until mid-January.
  10. G SUS

    Junior Mendes leaves club

    The only places I recall it being mentioned last week were by a journalist on twitter who said it was going to happen. St Mirren confirmed the move yesterday afternoon - https://www.stmirren.com/news/club/all-news/2337-junior-mendes-returns - with Thistle following suit around 10-15 minutes later. It might well have been a move that was agreed in the last few weeks but a notice period would have to be served before the move was "official", similar to any other job. ETA: Junior was on the pitch with the team on Saturday doing the pre-match and half time warm ups as normal. I'd imagine the same happened with Scott MacKenzie - a notice period would need to be done both ways and it would be tied up in legalities?
  11. G SUS

    Thistle vs. Ayr

    Not sure that's strictly true. As Shankland was under 23 when his contract expired a fee would have been due as Ayr had offered him terms,
  12. G SUS

    Who's next?

    That's not true. He handed Kenny McLean his debut mere months after being appointed(assuming a June 2010 appointment as per wikipedia is accurate). He also introduced John McGinn to first team football. A casual glance also indicates Jon McShane, Thomas Reilly, Sean Kelly and Jason Naismith were handed their debuts and opportunities to play. Granted, not every one was a success but no academy has a 100% success rate in developing players.
  13. G SUS


    According to AA's JagZone preview interview - Chris Erskine was 50/50 to play on Friday night after picking up a knock in the Queen of the South game.
  14. G SUS

    Team rebuilding

    I thought he came on as a late substitute v Cove Rangers where he made his 250th Thistle appearance? IIRC, he suffered from a back injury in pre-season, was ruled out for a bit then the team were flying when he was fit so couldn't get in the side.
  15. G SUS

    Team rebuilding

    David Rowson joined Stenhousemuir in early January on a 28 day loan. He came back to Firhill following the loan and left the Club on the same day that Jackie McNamara moved on to Dundee United - I remember he wrote a letter to the fans on ptfc.co.uk which everyone in bits.