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  1. Fleet Alliance were on the back of it last year, they donated their spaces for the Charitable Trust as well over last few years
  2. Would disagree with that. There was cover but there were also three full backs who were injured before Lawless was put there - Mustapha Dumbuya, Callum Booth and Christie Elliott.
  3. G SUS


    Brian Graham came through as a youth at Greenock Morton around 2006, not playing regularly until 2007/08. Young players, probably even today, tend not to be paid a great deal of money. His highest goal tally, not withstanding a loan spell at East Stirling, came in his last season with 9 goals and he left to join Raith at the age of 24. I'm not sure many people were enthusiastic for us to sign him until after his spell at Raith when he piled them in.
  4. There is a "border" between Highland League and Lowland League, which I think, is the river Tay. Berwick went down last year and went into Lowland League when Cove Rangers came up. I think it causes an unbalanced division, but I think clubs in that division are happy enough to have that flexibility - it would be an extra home gate after all!
  5. Yeah, the results popped up for a long time when I was watching the stream today - https://youtu.be/IEWbKTDd1qk - about 50 minutes in.
  6. Every club in the SPFL(and probably beyond) have the rights to broadcast(in audio or through a stream) all their games(whether home or away) as long as the stream is geo-blocked to outside the UK and Ireland. What Thistle probably lack is the demand(less than 100 subscribed when in Prem) and the expertise to do it - the statement two years ago indicated it was cos they took a feed off tv cameras.
  7. I don't think you'll get your physical ticket for quite a while. One of the early club updates said that all office staff were working for home(and probably some are on furlough so it will be a skeleton staff).
  8. If the club are moving to a new manufacturer then the deal would probably start on 1st June(or 10th June if they follow transfer windows as a season end) - which means that any new kits would be unable to be launched until then. The tricky bit would be if TTL owe one final payment to the club at the end of the contract, and not pissing them off. - why throw away cash. That's without the matter of actually manufacturing the kits as I imagine, especially if they are based in Asia, they would have been shut down for a long time so there wouldn't be anything to "show off" bar a provisional artist rendering, which could look terrible.
  9. According to this article from last weekend - that match is already on JagZone OnDemand - https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/stay-at-home-this-weekend-with-free-jagzone/
  10. Celtic, Rangers and Motherwell have all mathematically secured a top six place so were probably paid the minimum payment given to top six clubs - hence why it is more. A sore one indeed.
  11. Why not take a screenshot of each of the barcodes and save them in your photos - that means you can access all three even if you have 4G/WiFi issues?
  12. If they 'can't be arsed' why have they covered, and actively promoted, every other Glasgow Cup game? The only difference with this one is QP made it closed door and I don't think the club has ever covered closed games - must be a reason for it.
  13. Queen's Park made the game a 'closed door' game, not Thistle. I don't think the club have ever covered a 'closed door' game before(did they cover the Falkirk friendly)? I think the club do think of it as important, since they have covered every other game in the Glasgow Cup on Twitter and advertised on the website - maybe they were asked not to cover it by Queen's Park(I don't see anything on their twitter).
  14. Dario Zanatta is cup-tied having played for Hearts Colts earlier in the competition.
  15. Yeah, but what pub would you like to recommend for a pre-match refreshment? Sadly The Jukebox Rebel isn't about at the moment so there are none of his absolutely brilliant threads to read and the Thistle universe is missing a website that updates with stories/detailed reports, from times we don't remember so we can't "get lost" in the midst of times. If we had that, and a band of authors/publishers behind it then it would be amazing. One to wish for!