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  1. douglas clark

    J Low

    I have never been particularily interested in the financial side of running a football club. However with around 2500 paying fans - y'know excluding kids go free and suchlike - at say £20 pounds each, it is £50000 per fortninght or £25,000 a week in gate money alone. That makes us a million pver a 40 week season. This takes no account of all the other money that the club gets and I have no idea how much that might add up to. There are payments for final league position, transfers and move on's. And the pies are dear as. Without all of the latter, it is unlikely that our earnings are much under £1.5 million per annum ( made up of gates over the assumed 40 weeks and the price of the pies) Outgoings are perhaps more interesting. The cost of the player pool and those that put them on the park ought to be the first order of business. Beyond that priority we absolutely require is a way of producing our own talent. And that means all the way from five year olds to potential first team players in a seamless manner. There should be nowhere where the gap is too large to broach, we ought to have teams at every level. Whoever can take PTFC to that would have my support, but, so far, no-one is offering anything like it. At least as a meaningful manifesto for taking our club forward.
  2. douglas clark

    New Owner

    The Herald has a 'Board Response' up: " PARTICK THISTLE have responded to claims made around the running of the club with a statement, refuting suggestions that manager Gary Caldwell transfer budget has been altered. The statement read: "The current board of directors have honoured the playing squad budget signed off by the previous board, a major proportion of which was already committed when the new directors were appointed. However, the budget did run at a significant deficit which could not be recouped from the club’s recurring income. This shortfall has been partly covered by the fees to be received following the sale of Aidan Fitzpatrick and the sell on percentage which the club will receive as a result of Liam Lindsay’s transfer from Barnsley to Stoke. The remainder of the deficit will be funded by adjusting aspects of our logistical operations, not by reducing the funds available for the playing budget. “The current playing budget available to the manager is likely to be around the third or fourth highest in the league. As a result of these factors we are able to fully support the manager’s aspirations to challenge at the top of the Championship this season. Any suggestions that the ultimate target is anything other than promotion are false. “The current board strongly refutes any suggestion that £200,000 has been removed from the playing budget, as the figure available to the Manager remains as it was under the previous board.” More to follow... "
  3. douglas clark

    New Owner

    I have had to delete one post, Please do the political stuff somewhere else.
  4. douglas clark

    New Owner

    Well, not a lot that I can see. The two people that want to take us over are both Americans. There are a lot of places where whether London is Moscow on Thames or not is a legitimate subject. I am not at all sure that this web site is one of them. Please take this 'discussion' elsewhere.
  5. douglas clark

    New Owner

    The problem for me is the lack of verifiable facts. Everything around here is rumour built on very narrow foundations. Will probably turn up for the Saturday event.
  6. douglas clark

    New Owner

    Fearchar, I think that the two investors are American. Correct me if I am wrong. Linking them to Moscow on Thames seems a bit of a stretch.
  7. douglas clark

    New Owner

    Jagsman is asking interesting questions. Is Gary Caldwell about to be sacked? I'd assume not. It is argueable that his 'spread sheet' theory of football is actually very attractive to our potential new overlords. I share his worries that fans are not getting meaningful updates. This is a tough question. There has to be a gavotte whilst the two sides find common or uncommon ground. How that works out matters to fans like you, me and Jagsman. The good, or bad, future of our club is at stake here. And we have inadequate information to determine that, as fans. Our exclusion from that discussion is both understandable and frustrating, equally. I have been insultingly angry about this. Put that down to a lack of up-dates, and a lack of news. It is a heck of a frustrating. What we have seen, so far, is what they want us to see, so far. It is "a riddle, wrapped in an enigma..." Maybe
  8. douglas clark

    Jags Trust Meeting with Chair & CEO of PTFC

    I expect we are in a mutual 'discovery' period. This might take a while before any decisions are made, on either side. ( This assumes that a deal has not already been done and that both sides are working towards a common objective, which may be true.) So, we sit and wait whilst our club is subject to what? I know not. It is a bit ridiculous to say that it could be 'transformational' for Thistle without spelling it out. (Ridiculous, I know, but being taken over by Elon Musk would also be transformational, but, not, necessarily in a good way. The Firhill Space Port? No room for football?) I, for one, hope it will be positive, but the lack of facts to support that, whether suppressed or not, is a bit worrying. Fans make clubs. We ought to be on the inside loop.
  9. douglas clark

    Queens park game at Airdrie

    And me
  10. douglas clark

    New Owner

    Point taken, I apologise. I am just finding this whole thing very frustrating but that ain't a decent excuse.
  11. douglas clark

    New Owner

    Jordanhill Jag, You say: " because they cant influence any share Sale outcome - there duty is to there Shareholders - nor could they discuss it without advising all shareholders atb the same time ? " It seems that they have control over the shares they own. It is their, not there, btw. To the extent that they own shares, then they certainly do have a voice, or do you have evidence to the contrary?
  12. douglas clark

    New Owner

    Just wondering if they knew, whether they would share it with us, y'know, mere fans? This is getting ridiculous and beyond a joke. We need a meaningful statement either from the buyers or those against it. Perhaps this will happen this week, or next week or the week after? So far, proposals appear to be on a continuum of 'next week' on a rolling, next weekly basis. Y'know, never. In other words there is no conclusion and this will just forment here until it is a 25 year old malt whisky or summat.
  13. douglas clark

    New Owner

    " This is my problem. Rich American Investors are unlikely to by philanthropic benefactors. But I just don’t see how they can make money out of Thistle (legally). " And you know this how?
  14. douglas clark

    New Owner

    eljaggo, Any reply from them?
  15. douglas clark

    New Owner

    Key to what? There are two roads in front of us. Either we agree that we are a selling club - the Aidan Fitzpatrick scenario - and their are many other examples, where we are making some money, sometimes, and the losses of players are a bit correlated to our negative league positions, and we live with that? Perhaps so. Or, We have enough capital or income to keep these players on wages they are happy with, unless and until the money becomes ridiculous. -------------- Perhaps the Ajax model is a third option. Get yourself up to a level where you do produce players that sell for ridiculous amounts of money and you re-invest it in your youth.