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  1. Me too. I will buy that, I would like it it in grandchildren sizes too! You are doing great work!
  2. My alternative: Wait until COVID - 19 had passed and things are back to normal, no matter when the 'all-clear' is given. Continue this season to it's eventual outcome. Which might well take us to December. Play a shortened 'home' and 'away' (once only) season in the Winter of 2020/21, Spring of 2021. Let these results also stand. All fixed for a full season in 2021/22. Any thoughts?
  3. May I suggest that our goalkeeper merely stands up, rather that diving right or left? As his anticipation appears to be always wrong, perhaps he should tell his anticipation that it is always wrong? Standing still might have saved a few more penalties than his current nonsense. The man needs to break with his beliefs and save at least one penalty, once.
  4. You banned my last post?



    1. admin


      I haven't banned anything. I sent  an email to your personal email account.



  5. Were you and I not supposed to have a pow-wow?


    Here is my e-mail address: for any other ways of you communicating with me have obviously failed.


    [email protected]



  6. Could you set up a place where I could talk to you off - line?   Frankly you need to talk to anyone, not just me, about powers you assume we have, but don't, and what you are going to do about it.  Your 'complaint' about having your meal in NYC interrupted would be more convincing if you had dealt with devolving authority.  Which you haven't done to my immediate knowledge.

    You need a fora for folk like me who work on this site to ask you questions. They are not onerous, they are obvious, but require your steer.

    Please provide that.


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    2. douglas clark

      douglas clark

      Fair enough Tom. You probably thought, as did I, that this site is worth saving.  And we both put our names forward. And then we went "Wow!", we have been given a live hand grenade.

      So, I am in an exactly the same position as you.

      I do not understand how this site is supposed to work and frankly how it works. (For instance, I haven't a clue whether this is being read by you alone, you and other moderators, or the entire membership. Neither do I understand what my role is supposed to be. I thought I knew what a moderator was, but apparently not. )

      I would be happy to meet you. I am not at all reluctant to do so.  And will do so, if you want. Maryhill as a place, anytime.  Your call.  Not 19th Dec before 17:00 otherwise.....

      But, perhaps a subsequent meeting should be a tad wider than that?

      It seems to me that a lot of people care about this web-site and the invite should extend to anyone that regularily contributes on here? 

      Can we try to move this forward?


      --Cardle equalizes at QoS! -!










    3. douglas clark
    4. douglas clark
  7. Well, at least explain your complaint. As it stands you have no arguement?

  8. Garscube Road End, Just so's you know, your post 3 hours ago is pending moderation. " Report post (IP: Posted 3 hours ago Intially TFL were to purchase the major shares with Colin Weir's money. Didn't happen. Three Black Cats now hold the majority shares. Bought out Propco to take Firhill into club hands. Three Black Cats own the ground. Not Partick Thistle. An interim board appointed ( fair enough) with a space for another director. Now one of the interim has left( last of the old board) and is replaced by a previous director who was hardly on the board before his removal and is there only until March. He hardly knows the club and what does he bring to the club? I suspect he is J. Low's puppet. Buzarre Training ground. It was said that with the takeover this was to gi go ahead. Now we are to piggy back a junior club's ground. We were to have sole use of the training ground, now we are to be tenants. The money for the academy and the Women's team are welcome. But the Academy are only getting back what was withdrawn when Colin Weir spat out the dummy. It all stinks to the high heaven." At first glance it makes statements that require backing up or deleted. If you cannot provide evidence then I'll delete your post. This is a forum which is vulnerable to the wrongful charge that by allowing comments (yours in this case) to be shown the light of day makes us complicit. I doubt, very much, that you want to kill off this forum. You have the ability to delete your post.
  9. Anyone else remember the enclosure? Memory isn't what it was, but I think I saw most of my early days of supporting this club in there. Until we found our own, personal staunchion across the park. We were ahem, 'a tad annoyed', if anyone else took it first. Much like our modern season ticket holders!
  10. eljaggo, Fascinating. It flies directly in the face of the issues. Which, for all their obvious faults, neither party, Jordanhill Jag nor JaveaJag could realistically be accused of failing to address. It is what they do. Controversy is good. It is what a web site expects. It is fuel for further discussion. I kind of doubt that our good friends Jordanhill Jag or JaveaJag have the impact on the media that you imply. This, it seems to me, to be local. I am unaware of why admin ought to close down anything.It is not my call, but why, exactly?
  11. So what happened to the site? I thought it was just me that had been banned for being a crap moderator? Incidentally, the rules I apply come from my friend Callie Arcale who moderated Space.com. for ages. I have very few hero's or heroines, but she is certainly one of them. If you think that this site is controversial, you ain't seen nothing yet. And, sadly, Space.com no longer has a forum, a.f.a.i.k. Because their controversy was 'interesting'. You had folk believing in ET, and you had folk that thought they were crazy. But there were corporate interests that appeared to want the site to be in the pocket of capital, and not having folk talk - often rubbish - which wasn't attractive to folk with a buck to make. I do not want this site to go down that route. Could we please be as respectful on here of others opinions as if we were meeting face to face? There has been aggression expressed on here that would start a fight in a nunnery. I will do my best to moderate that. However, it is frankly down to you to moderate yourselves. The more 'interesting' debates are not free of ad hominems nor aggression. You know who you are. Stop it. You'll get a warning, then a temporary ban then a permanent ban. Is that a route you want to pursue? It is not a road I want to have to follow. If you do not recognise that as your behaviour then you, probably, have nothing to worry about. If you do recognise that as your behaviour then pause and reflect. Peace and mutual respect guys and gals.
  12. May I intervene here? This is all fun and games, but it is not fun and games. It is frankly ridiculous to pretend that TFE were ISIS related. One is the takeover of a football club and t'other is, ahem, murderous. YMMV. It is also a tad strange that everyone see's everyone else as a 'liar'. I go to games, not as often as I would like, but most fans seem to me do not call other fans 'liars'. Please desist. I will, probably, delete posts that describe other posters as 'liars'. It is unproductive and wrong. Could you good people please accept that there is more than one opinion about what is best for Partick Thistle? It is worth remembering that our survival a good few years ago wasn't guaranteed. We are lucky to be here. Please, moderate yourselves. Make my job easy.
  13. Well, we have the other side at Firhill on Saturday, let's hope we gub them too, but com·pla·cen·cy ain't a good look! You do know I hope we win?
  14. It seems so. Congratulations on 14,000 posts here, that is frankly astonishing.