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  1. eljaggo, Fascinating. It flies directly in the face of the issues. Which, for all their obvious faults, neither party, Jordanhill Jag nor JaveaJag could realistically be accused of failing to address. It is what they do. Controversy is good. It is what a web site expects. It is fuel for further discussion. I kind of doubt that our good friends Jordanhill Jag or JaveaJag have the impact on the media that you imply. This, it seems to me, to be local. I am unaware of why admin ought to close down anything.It is not my call, but why, exactly?
  2. So what happened to the site? I thought it was just me that had been banned for being a crap moderator? Incidentally, the rules I apply come from my friend Callie Arcale who moderated Space.com. for ages. I have very few hero's or heroines, but she is certainly one of them. If you think that this site is controversial, you ain't seen nothing yet. And, sadly, Space.com no longer has a forum, a.f.a.i.k. Because their controversy was 'interesting'. You had folk believing in ET, and you had folk that thought they were crazy. But there were corporate interests that appeared to want the site to be in the pocket of capital, and not having folk talk - often rubbish - which wasn't attractive to folk with a buck to make. I do not want this site to go down that route. Could we please be as respectful on here of others opinions as if we were meeting face to face? There has been aggression expressed on here that would start a fight in a nunnery. I will do my best to moderate that. However, it is frankly down to you to moderate yourselves. The more 'interesting' debates are not free of ad hominems nor aggression. You know who you are. Stop it. You'll get a warning, then a temporary ban then a permanent ban. Is that a route you want to pursue? It is not a road I want to have to follow. If you do not recognise that as your behaviour then you, probably, have nothing to worry about. If you do recognise that as your behaviour then pause and reflect. Peace and mutual respect guys and gals.
  3. May I intervene here? This is all fun and games, but it is not fun and games. It is frankly ridiculous to pretend that TFE were ISIS related. One is the takeover of a football club and t'other is, ahem, murderous. YMMV. It is also a tad strange that everyone see's everyone else as a 'liar'. I go to games, not as often as I would like, but most fans seem to me do not call other fans 'liars'. Please desist. I will, probably, delete posts that describe other posters as 'liars'. It is unproductive and wrong. Could you good people please accept that there is more than one opinion about what is best for Partick Thistle? It is worth remembering that our survival a good few years ago wasn't guaranteed. We are lucky to be here. Please, moderate yourselves. Make my job easy.