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  1. Did someone say Seaside League next season. Bound to get crabs there.
  2. So the SPFL admit the rules aren't fit for purpose so are asking the clubs to let them decide what's best (and no changing yer vote Nelms.) Maybe come up with amendments to the rules would be a better idea. Otherwise we get to the end of next season and they say it doesn't count cos you only played 27 games....or am I being paranoid?
  3. Apologies if this has been put forward previously. I wonder if there is any appetite for a championship to include clubs willing and able to play behind closed doors if necessary for part of the season and for other clubs to go into hibernation. If so who would be included, Thistle?, Falkirk? and possibly Queens Park if the stories of them being bankrolled are accurate.
  4. T shirts just arrived! Well chuffed with speed and quality. Big thanks to BowenBoys and everyone else who are involved. OTIG!
  5. Ordered a couple of t shirts. Great job by Phil hope it raises a load for the club. How about a photo of everyone in their t shirts like when we paid for the centre circle a few years back. Might make a few more quid by selling prints Thoughts?
  6. Heading to Arbroath on Saturday by train. Apart from Tutties Neuk any other pubs worth a visit?
  7. I've a season ticket in the JHS but went to the North Stand around half the games this season for the atmosphere. The sheer arrogance & incompetence of the board is no great surprise given their track record. I've emailed the club advising I am cancelling my Centenary fund membership and withholding my season ticket renewal until the board reverse this decision While on several occasions last season, the noise from the main stand was impressive (Jambos, Dons, Dungdee Utd) it was close to capacity, I can't see around 600 (average number in NS) being able to generate anything like the same amount of noise, certainly cant remember much noise from Ross Co, ICT, St J fans
  8. my 11 year old nephew said he was bored for the last 20 mins of the Raith game 'cos it 'its so easy'. Long may his boredom continue!
  9. Didn't Denis McQuade have two degrees?? and who was the most 'educationally challenged'?
  10. Not your usual dream about Angelina Jolie, a tub of Hagen Das strawberry cheesecake ice cream and a bottle of Baileys then.....
  11. Thistle have been part of my life for over 40 years. I love the club and can't imagine not being at Firhill on a Saturday but I will not be back if Thistle and Scottish football is bullied/blackmailed/bribed into allowing the newco into Div 1 to appease the current SPL clubs and Murdoch and his Sky mob. I'd rather go watch a local junior team than a team playing at Firhill who had sold their souls for a few pieces of silver...'cos it wouldn't be MY Partick Thistle any more
  12. used to flagelate themselves with their scarves when things weren't going well.......
  13. Stick a fence up at the bottom of the bing (one of those ones that slot together fixed into concrete bases would do the job). Let the flag holders/owners in to attach them before the game & get them back after. Lots of colourful flags to distract from the bing. Would need to leave a space to allow one of the gates to open so the ballboys can collect Paton/Atchie/Rowser's shots (delete as required)!
  14. Not sure if it should be something rousing or ironic ('Promised You a Miracle')! Think the club should ask for suggestions, maybe use a couple of different ones during the season. IIRC Dungdee used the theme from 'The Great Escape' which made a point to their own fans Personally I'd like something noisy by the Clash, but I fear 'White Riot' or 'I Fought the Law' wouldn't fit the family friendly image