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  1. Barjonas is more of an attacking player from what i am led to believe from a sevconian at work so i doubt he will be fighting for banzo/cole/mackinnons position and think it will be the more forward cardle/zannata type of position he will fill
  2. I wouldn't either, had he not already done similar misses already this season
  3. I would go for Fox, Sneddon & Arthur in goal - build the team around that
  4. Too many outs, where are the ins? Come on jobby give us a signing
  5. I think we have no chance but i hope to be completely wrong come full time on Saturday!
  6. Cannot say i am unhappy at Banzo signing on, still think on his day he is one of the best in the Championship. Yeah he has had poor form when coming back from injury and his discipline at times has let him down but i would rather have him in my team any day of the week than have him line up against us.
  7. Pinhead

    V Alloa

    Ryan McCann maybe? https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-management/ryan-mccann/
  8. 2nd January and no signings, i am bored lol
  9. Our youth system needs to come to fruition, i understand the urgency and need when we are struggling to leave out the youth and sign seasoned pro's but we need to remember that last time when we were on our knees we ended up with Kenny Arthur & Alan Archibald. Had we not been so financially ****** both of them could have been yesterdays Kevin Nisbet or todays Callum Wilson. As has been pointed out Nisbet instead of Pogba would have been no worse, Wilson instead of Palmer would have been no worse. If we are going to have a real youth system we need to throw these guys in and keep them in. Not pop them in and if they have a bad game drop them out, stick with them and let them grow. Tbh i would rather see one of our own be a raw talent and make mistakes and then grow into a player than have someone else's youngsters on loan. Fair enough they may fail and not make it long term but give the lads a chance.
  10. fingers toes baws crossed lol ok maybe not the last part!
  11. seems like a dodgy penalty, time to dig in and hopefully not collapse now
  12. Good start as long as we ain't peaked too early lol