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  1. I do not believe for one second we will do that and i also do not believe we would win. If this legal advice has come in any way shape or form with influence of Miss Low i expect us to be bankrupt before Christmas!
  2. I think they will vote for it, they are crying out for money!
  3. Seriously?? There is no league reconstruction on the table! It is just pish to try and get clubs to vote the way the want. Once they get what they want they will say ahh there was no appetite for change. Don't be so gullible and don't believe for one second that Thistle don't know and agree we will be relegated!
  4. We should grow a pair and actually challenge the authorities, every time we have been ****** over in the past we have released a strongly worded statement and them crawled back into our corner where we belong. What make it worse is our limp wristed fans who say ach well we are bottom we deserve what we get. We are our own worst enemy, just look at Partick Thistle Family Club pish for how weak we are. Utter ******* drivel to sook up the suckers in our support.
  5. you would have to be mad if you were! and before anyone starts it is not cause she is a woman!!!!
  6. That is just the usual weak statement we always get, we will do as we are told as we always do!
  7. So Thistle, Stranraer, Kelty Hearts and Brora are the clubs being penalised. Brechin must be shitting golden nuggets at being saved!
  8. We won't sue we are weak. We will do the usual and release a strongly worded statement stating we shall not lie down and will fight it all the way and then do what we are told! Jackie will then put some shit spin on it saying because we are Partick Thistle Family Club that we will go up and down the country to far off outposts and seasides telling everyone about the gospel of Miss Low and how great she is.
  9. As soon as Low is away i will back this but for as long as she has her grubby mitts on our club it is not for me. These charlatans that are going for fan ownership are weak and will keep her as chairman of the club for sure.
  10. surely if it was doolan he would have brought him back in january?
  11. Dobbie owes him a season, maybe we will get him 21/22 when his contract expires. TBH even a 39/40 year old Dobbie would do the job. More interested though in who he coached at Thistle with the same talent/skills as Dobbie and where he ended up.
  12. This is what jagzone should be doing during downtime - streaming classic games we can all re-live live
  13. how much does the club make form these?
  14. What the hell is that overthought convoluted pish all about? Please tell me that is a joke haha