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  1. Pinhead


    **** man, they will have more than we will!
  2. Pinhead

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    Didn't really, just wasn't in the mood for dad jokes
  3. Still on 2019, there ain't been too many dramatic changes so i can't justify buying it until it goes on sale early next year
  4. what highlights have you been watching?
  5. Pinhead

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    It was on jagzone as well
  6. He has had 1 decent game the rest he has been bombscare to bang average...fits in well with the rest of them mind you
  7. Ye what? If he is decent then we really are bad
  8. i watched the highlights too and what it showed as it also does in previous highlights is that he was too slow to react, watch it from behind the goals. The players hit their shots and the ball leaves their boot...fox then for some reason instead of diving does a silly jump and then dives. Kinda like what a keeper would do in training practice. He is not acting instinctivly he is acting long after the fact. I would put it down to our goalkeeping coach but no other keeper we have had does that. I never rated Fox in his first time with us but 2nd time around he seems to be a shadow of what he previously was.
  9. If Scott Fox is in goals next week then god help us, yes our defence forward is shocking but pretty much every week he is slow to react to shots. And what is with that silly jump he does before diving...it slows his reaction times down even further!
  10. Pinhead

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    Don't worry, it is normal in this PC Butthurt snowflake society where people seek out new ways to be offended!