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  1. No to be clear! You cannot argue and fight tooth and nail to keep the process behind closed doors and then decide just because you won that it is ok to blow your own trumpet. They cannot have it both ways, they wanted secrecy they got that wish. Now if they disclose everything along with all the evidence then go for it full transparency, not just the bits the SPFL want you to see because it makes them look good.
  2. Well given they wanted it all to be done hush hush behind closed doors in the first place instead of being played out in public yes, they should have declined. They don't have the right once again to move the goalposts to crow about it like the schoolyard bully just because they won. This does nobody any good and once again sticks the knife in on member clubs they are there to supposedly represent and protect. Had they lost you would not even be hearing about this now!
  3. They should have drawn a line under it to protect all member clubs and moved on, they seem to want to prolong and stick the boot in at every opportunity to Hearts & Thistle.
  4. Possibly not, if we make it clear we are available to do business who knows what other options may appear.
  5. I don't like either because even if the fans take control, they are wet willies and they showed that by welcoming Low back with open arms after promising she would be nowhere near the club. No doubt she will still be there after fans seize control and the idiots will probably build her a statue. Her latest embarrassment as seen over on P&B is that she is assisting the young fans with a banner to say Scottish Football is Corrupt, she is an embarrassment!
  6. Let's not! Unless we want to remain a League 1/2 club forever
  7. Pmsl you cannot argue that he is not successful in business, i will give him that. Think we are as Low as we can go (pun intended) at the moment.
  8. TBH i would rather never hear from the again for as long as i live. Best thing to do is remove Low and get some real business people in charge.
  9. Don't really know him but he knows we are a massive club so gets plus points for that
  10. Pinhead

    New Kit

    Tiresome gammon eh? Resorting to racial slurs now just to try get your point across tut tut. It is losers like you that cause so much hate and divide for these causes because you single them out as needing special attention whilst ramming it down everyone's throats. All these people want is equality not your pity or the club using them as a marketing vehicle to sell more strips as you pointed out. Nothing wrong with supporting the community i have never said there was, but this constant pish of being seeing as martyrs for the cause is tiresome. So get on your bike and get that helmet camera on so you can post videos online of drivers for that feeling of being so almighty.
  11. Pinhead

    New Kit

    woke endeavors haha you really are a snowflake, probably chowing down on your vegan pie in rage
  12. Pinhead

    New Kit

    That will go well alongside your Confederate flag
  13. Pinhead

    New Kit

    Just hope it doesn't have any bleeding heart causes or PC pish on it
  14. We were never after him anyway
  15. I would be surprised if that sells on ebay, would probs need a specialist auction for something like that. Even with that £1500 is quite a lot unless it means something to the buyer.
  16. Yes keep her unplugged so we don't need to hear her dross
  17. I agree and will be interested to see if Maxwell has the balls to turn up for the legends v Maryhill game.
  18. See if Thistle win, will you do the Honorable thing and resign from the forum @Woodstock Jag? Or will you sit and rightly take any pelters that come your way while still arguing you know best? Honestly the Javeajag and Jordanhill Jag spats were at least funny at times, your know it all attitude is just simply boring.
  19. You genuinely sound like you are enjoying this, are you really a jags fan?
  20. Looks like they are trying to get the lawyer teams working on 2 things at the same time to try and divide and conquer. I say it is now time to abandon the SFA arbitration and slap an injunction in on the start of the season. Time to burn this shithole to the ground and take as many down with us as we can.
  21. Quite simply that guy is a tit with a very obvious axe to grind
  22. He has been playing pub fitba for years, no ta
  23. Pinhead


    Think both have made their thoughts clear that they would be back in a heartbeat if offered the chance