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  1. Firhillista

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    The Weir thing - whatever it turns out to be - will be tied up this coming week or next, apparently. It's why it's all gone quiet from TFE recently - it's all been overtaken by events. (And for anyone who wants to know how I know this - whispers and rumours. But I think they're accurate.)
  2. Firhillista

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    There is nothing inherently good about 'Business'. The fact that people set up organisations to make money for their own self-interest doesn't make them competent or trustworthy. The assumption that the role of any football club, and their fans, is to simply hand over their resources and money to such organisations because they 'know what they're doing' is risible. 'Business models' have created huge amounts of human misery and led to the downfall of not a few football clubs along the way. There is an inherent snobbishness about many of the comments on here about the money invested in the club by Colin Weir - he only won it, he didn't get it by running a successful business ( in other words, making profits from other people), so it's not the kind of money we want. It's a 'comfort blanket', it's only a subsidy, it'll run out. Colin Weir's millions are just as relevant as the guy Conway. More so, in my opinion, as he didn't gain them through venture capitalism. Conway and his ilk are parasites. I don't want them anywhere near Thistle.
  3. The least of our problems is who's in goals! The Ayr players looked like they had an invisible force field around them that stopped the Thistle players getting closer than two or three yards to them. The amount of space they were given in midfield and by our defence was criminal. And it wasn't the first time we've been guilty of that kind of play. The first 20 minutes against Dundee was exactly the same. Fortunately, Dundee weren't playing anywhere near the same level as Ayr. (And let's acknowledge that Ayr United were very good on Saturday. Not only is it true, but it's reassuring to think that a team put together by Ian McCall can play as well as that.) If we stand off the opposition, we'll get slaughtered. If we get in their faces and deny them room, we can compete. These players have shown they're capable of playing like that already this season.
  4. C'mon, I know we're all pissed off about Saturday, but a bit of perspective - these same players won at Inverness and Dundee. They're perfectly capable of putting in a shift. It's up to McCall to get that from them. And then we can replace some of them in January...
  5. Ayr were really good. We were really bad. Still think we've got some good players, but we're miles away from having a good team. Best we can hope for now is that we go into the January transfer window still in touch with the group. On today's evidence, it's a big ask.
  6. Tam O'Ware is not a midfielder. In any way, shape or form. We need to change it. Soon.
  7. I thought yesterday's performance was impressive. Not so much the actual play - Joe Cardle had his worst game in a Thistle shirt, some of the misplaced passes, particularly in the first half, were embarrassing, we still lacked much of a threat in the penalty box - but in the attitude and heart of the team. That two of our players should end the game bleeding from head wounds pretty much sums it up. The Dundee game will be a completely different match. They're unlikely to limit themselves to horsing the ball into our box in the hope that some big guy can batter our defenders out of the way, or try to half any of our players who look like getting close to their goal. So we'll actually have to play some football. But if the Thistle team show the same determination they showed yesterday, I'll be happy.
  8. Kakay looks some winger! Better than that guy of the same name who played at full back the other week...
  9. What the hell is wrong with Joe Cardle? Has someone put something in his tea?
  10. Okay, did a quick head count - nearer 500. Quality, not quantity, though...
  11. Rough guess, there's maybe 300 folk here? Maybe there'll be a big rush nearer the kick off.. in 8 minutes time..
  12. Firhillista

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    It's one thing to have to put up with the way money influences the modern game, quite another to accept the predations of a group of venture capitalists. Quite a feat of moral gymnastics for someone who's' anti-tory'. And I'll choose who my team is for myself, thanks. I've been following Thistle for the past 50 years and I'm not giving up now. Irrespective of who the owners are.
  13. Firhillista

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    I haven't lied about anything. The main criticism of the consortium is NOT that they'll sell young players - you made that assertion, no one else. The main criticism of them is that they're only here to make money - sporting success for Thistle won't be their priority.
  14. Firhillista

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    You think trumpeting 'lesser of two evils' over and over makes a convincing case? Or are you now accepting that the consortium WON'T be good for the club? Is it a 'big lie' that those who fetishise 'business people' are likely to be Tories? I doubt it. And even if they aren't, this view that only 'business people' can be trusted (and not any corruptible elected folk) is well deserving of the accusation of 'toryism'.
  15. Firhillista

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    Sorry? You want to point to something I made up? Where, exactly?