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  1. Firhillista

    Winter window

    We are where we are in the league BECAUSE we've been 'too nice' in the past! Really time for a bit of ruthlessness. "Doesn't work that way in a provincial club"? Really? You think Lambie and Auld were successful because they were nice guys? Or Stein or Shankly or Busby or Ferguson? I get you just want to criticise Caldwell, but in this case, he's spot on.
  2. Firhillista

    Winter window

    Delighted to hear he's training with the youths. Delighted he's nowhere near the first team. I was always concerned that we were too 'nice' under Archibald - too many 'really nice guys' signed who fitted well into the squad, but made us an easy three points all too often. Time to get some right ******** in. Time for some ruthlessness. It's not a youth club we're running - seriously don't care if some 'senior pro' has his nose out of joint because he's been held to account for some frankly attrocious performances. There are a few others in that squad I hope are training with him and the youths...
  3. Firhillista


    Dear God, enough already. For all the magic moments he's given Thistle fans over the years, he's done next to nothing in the past year. Has everyone forgotten he was an integral part of the squad that got us relegated? He'll always have a special place in the affections of Thistle fans because he supports the club, just like us, but he's not the first favourite player to leave and he won't be the last. Anyone see him come on as substitute for Livi against Hearts? He was rotten. Exactly as he has been for us in recent months.
  4. Firhillista

    Winter window

    If, and it's a big if, we were doing better, the reaction to Erskine leaving would be completely different because of one simple fact - he's made little or no positive contribution to the team either this season or last. And the argument that he would have done better if only he'd been given more game time won't wash - he's had numerous opportunities to show the kind of performance he was capable of in the past and it's just not happened. For all his undoubted love for the club and all the tremendous things he's done in his time with Thistle, he was never going to be more than a squad player this season. However, him going to Livingston reflects badly on Caldwell simply because it shows, yet again, a lack of judgement on his part. He's on the record as saying that his biggest mistake at Chesterfield was losing the fans - well, guess what, Gary... If another manager was responsible for this, we might be saying, shame to see him go, but a good bit of business if we can bring in someone better. So, over to you, Mr. Caldwell.
  5. Firhillista

    Dundee United vs. Thistle

    A lot of the negativity on here is coming from folk who weren't at the game and I absolutely understand that - losing a lead and letting the opposition back into the game in the second half is an all too familiar story, but yesterday's game was a much more positive event than that. The performance in the first half was the best I've seen from a Thistle team in the past twelve months. If we'd gone in three up, United could have had no complaints. They couldn't handle us - the movement from the midfield and the front two had them chasing their tails for the whole of the half. If their goalie hadn't pulled off two great saves and if we'd been a bit sharper in the box, the game would have been over. It was inevitable they were going to come back at us in the second half - they were the home team and looking to challenge for top of the table, so they were bound to be fired up after having escaped lightly from the first half. We coped okay initially, but they were causing us problems, so Caldwell changed things around (he called players over to him and was clearly giving them instructions) and, after a period of adjustment during which we struggled a bit, we began to get a grip, only for the ref to give them one of the softest penalties you'll see in a while. They then had their tails up and it was backs to the wall stuff for the rest of the game, although Roy could have had a sensational debut if he had shown better control near the end. For me, the most positive thing about yesterday was Gary Harkins. Not that his individual performance was that great - he's capable of playing much better - but with him sitting in the middle in front of the defence, he allowed Bannigan and Slater to run the midfield - they were immense. And Miles Storey had his best game (first half) in a Thistle jersey. United couldn't cope with him. His pace and strength took him past two and three of the opposition at a time. If he could only learn how to pass/cross ... As for United, they weren't that good - hopeless in the first half and not that great when they were dominant in the second. I know many will feel that we would have been better off with Neilson in charge at Firhill, but would we have been happy to see Aidan Nisbet rocking up at the Jags? The fact is that there's very little between any of the teams in this league. What I took away from yesterday is that we won't be relegated. Where we'll finally end up, God knows. Three wins in the next three home games would be a good start.
  6. Firhillista

    The Gaffer

    I get that people are angry and frustrated - there's been nothing to cheer about for a year or more - but.... Caldwell can only play the players in the current squad. That's the same players who produced the results that resulted in Alan Archibald being sacked. He's tried to get the defence - one of the worst in the league - to play more cohesively. There's been some small improvement, but Saturday showed that you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. Who else can he select from that squad for the defence? Melbourne is no improvement on Penrice. Scobbie's hardly played in months and seems to be nursing an injury. Jeffries - remember him? - is an untried youth player from Dundee, who seems to have disappeared from the scene. He's stuck with these players until January. That he took McGinty off at half time is, I think, really significant - his comments after the game show that he felt that we weren't competing for the ball in our own box and, presumably, he felt that McGinty wasn't delivering. It almost certainly cost us the game, but the message to the players is crystal clear. Seems to me that Caldwell is playing a longer game - he needs to assess what he's got in this squad before January. And every player in the squad needs to know that they're playing for their contract. Is Caldwell a good manager? I've no idea. And neither does anyone else at this point. He cannot be judged on the basis of three games, nor on another four or five. The board will give him the season and so they should. Fans are totally pissed off at the moment and they have every right to be, but it's going to be brutal before it gets better. For me, he should stick with Sneddon, Penrice, McCarthy, Bannigan, Fitzpatrick and Coulibally, the rest should be moved on or considered squad players at best. It is, as they say, going to be a long season.
  7. Firhillista

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    Read this. https://www.kingfut.com/2018/08/23/coulibaly-responds-to-aahly-advisor/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  8. Firhillista

    Team rebuilding

    Apparently the management team at Hearts have been playing him at centre half - he replaced Soutar in his first appearance. At 6'2 he's certainly got the height. Maybe he's the backup centre half we need.
  9. 'Most teams' would have beaten Celtic yesterday? What, most teams in the Championship? Most in Scotland? The world? 'There is nothing we can take from this game'? Seriously? If you can see nothing positive in yesterday's performance then I pity you. Maybe you're supporting the wrong team. Although your definition of 'support' and mine are wildly different.
  10. Firhillista

    Team rebuilding

    I was ready to file this story under 'clever windup', given it started from the same source which had us in for Charlie Mulgrew this time last year, but I'm not sure now. Anyone can edit a Wikipedia page, but Transfermarket is independent, or am I wrong about that?
  11. Firhillista

    1971 League Cup Final

    Charlie Smith wasn't even that good. Kept out of the team by a certain Ronnie Glavin...
  12. Firhillista

    Motherwell 30/9/17

    Barton and Edwards in midfield will result in similar results as this in the future. Neither of them can run a midfield. Without Osman and Bannigan not back to his best, we're going to struggle. For anyone not at today's game, don't be deceived, that was the worst display from Thistle since coming back into the Premiership. We absolutely need to improve massively on that.
  13. Firhillista

    Rangers Lite At Firhill 15 And 19 September

    Maybe it's me, but I really don't get the angst about Old Firm fans in the Jackie Husband. I've been watching Thistle play Rangers and Celtic at Firhill since the'60s and I've NEVER attended a game where there were more Thistle fans than Old Firm ones. That's NEVER in close on 50 years. It's simple: there's more of them than there are of us. It seems to be being suggested that we artificially manipulate that by limiting the number of Old Firm fans who get into Firhill so that the Thistle fans outnumber them: that way we'll shout and sing louder than them and Thistle are more likely to win. As I said at the beginning, maybe it's just me, but that strikes me as pathetic: I've spent nearly 50 years supporting Thistle in the face of being outnumbered by the usual Old Firm crap, having more of them in the ground than Thistle fans isn't going to put me off.
  14. Firhillista

    Sportsound And Tommy Wright

    I get why Tommy Wright's St. Johnstone take the plaudits for being a top six team, getting into Europe and winning cup competitions - it's pretty much exactly what we want for Thistle. But I still agree with Jagfaelivi - they're a nightmare to watch. If we're playing them and the Jags aren't playing well (not a difficult scenario to envisage) there's nothing on the park worth watching. The Saintees (dreadful nickname) will simply close the game down, waste time and see it out for the three points. It would make your eyes bleed. I think the reason they never get beyond their first contact in Europe is that European teams by and large aren't fazed by St. Johnstone's style - yes, their players are closed down, but they just retain the ball and move it about until they can do some damage. (Which is what Thistle should have been doing on Saturday, rather than booting the ball as far up the park as possible every time a Saint's player came near. Yes, Adam and Niall, I'm looking at you...)
  15. Firhillista

    St Johnstone At Mcdiarmid Park

    Far too early to think there's an issue. Huge difference between playing Hibs on their first game back and Hamilton playing them today. We competed against Celtic. We should at least have got a draw today. Yes, there's improvements we can make - still got concerns about Barton, not convinced he's the player we all thought he was. Still feel we'll be fine in the longer run, but we'll just have to accept it's going to be another poor start to the season.