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  1. Just watched Jagzone, Banzo and Cardle suspended for tomorrow according to The Scallywag.
  2. What team do we play? By the sounds of it last weeks win wasn’t a great performance and with the Banzo, Palmer, Gordon, Kakay Zanatta back available do we change the team with the Alloa game in mind next Tues? I’d probably start the same team as last week, maybe even try starting Zanatta and Mansell and rest Kenny for Tuesdays game? I don’t think we’ll see too many changes after Auchinleck beat Ayr last season with IM in charge.
  3. Nowadays we just have a flow of urine on the pitch and jobby on the touchline!
  4. Apparently they have a Norwegian supporters club and they named the stand after that.
  5. Was it not Stevie Lawless in the ARR Craib cup!!
  6. In the Championship winning season we were 1-0 up vs Cove then Craig was sent off after 27 mins, we scored again through an OG, they scored late on but we won 2-1.
  7. Camallain get yer erse oot the pub and upload these goals pronto!
  8. Nisbet for Rangers? Really haha? Rudden scored for fun in a terrible Falkirk team last year and has been punted away on loan. Why didn’t they try to sign Shankland in the summer who has scored about 10 million goals in the last few years?
  9. Martin Hardie’s goals had us topping the table a few times. He was one Mozzarella of a player. Sad to see we didn’t get any dough for him. We really knead a player like him at the minute. I was mar-ghareeting when he left. Did Papa John Lambie sign all 3 of them? All 3 players are Goodfellas. Thistle are rising again. Anyone who doesn’t like these puns is a weirdough.
  10. Fix! That guy Martin Towers always seems to win every month.
  11. haha aye I think so! We look quite tidy with the ball but alot more direct, the Mansell and Gordon subs looked like a tactical masterstroke!
  12. My sister managed to get all 3 goals on camera somehow. 5787CB82-8FD3-4DC8-B467-FB567C23A8A9.MP4 1FFA33D2-B973-488D-B192-B52282D72E07.MP4 AB970605-B5E6-4D93-B9C7-8613B568B095.MP4