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  1. jags on tour

    Morton vs. Thistle

    we want 6!
  2. jags on tour

    Morton vs. Thistle

    Caldwell fcuk off.
  3. jags on tour

    The Gaffer

    Caldwell GTF.
  4. jags on tour

    Morton vs. Thistle

    Caldwell has come in and somehow made the team worse, he’s fcuking hopeless, totally clueless and he can go anytime, I wouldn’t even give him a transfer window to turn it round, just get him to fcuk the now!
  5. jags on tour

    Alloa away

    How long will it be before the Caldwell GTF starts? I’m saying next week about 4.20 when were 3 or 4 down to Ayr, Shankland with all of them.
  6. jags on tour

    Alloa away

    Get Goodwin in, oh wait, too late ........
  7. jags on tour

    Gary Caldwell confirmation

    It should be a good Face Off between the two teams.
  8. jags on tour


    Was it corrected to ‘ the red card for Storer’?
  9. jags on tour

    Ex Thistle managers...........

    Is that a new kind of square sausage?
  10. jags on tour

    Who's next?

    I wonder if the African application is from former Killie player Dylan Kerr, who is head coach of a team in Kenya. Here’s his wiki.... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dylan_Kerr
  11. jags on tour

    Who's next?

    Caldwell has come down from 25/1 to 8/1, he was 13s yesterday.
  12. jags on tour


    Have we signed McIntyre as a player instead of manager?
  13. jags on tour

    Who's next?

    Is he wanting a share of Archie’s compo for getting him sacked?
  14. jags on tour

    Archie sacked

    I wouldn’t say the season is a lost cause, aye we’ll not win the league but we’re only 2 points off 4th, I’d be happy if we could reach the playoffs this year and see how that goes. We need someone to come in and boot a few baws and shake the dressing room up a bit, too many players have been too safe being played every week no matter how shecht they are.
  15. jags on tour

    Ross County Home

    coulibaly at right back?