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  1. jags on tour

    Tommy Robson signs...

    I wonder if GC told him it’s my way or the 2468 motorway. Sorry in advance if I’ve racially offended any motorways or the likes, incase folk get their wee frilly knickers in a twist.
  2. jags on tour

    Fixtures out this coming Friday

    9am tomorrow! Really hoping for a home game first. Can see us being away to Dundee or Dundee Utd first though.
  3. jags on tour

    Lewis Mansell

    What about big Stevie?
  4. jags on tour

    New Owner

    I wouldn’t mind being a Feeder club for Barnsley, they have a youngster called Buck Rodgers who is highly rated. Hopefully we won’t Tumble and Fall this season. Can’t help but be positive for this season, It’s just the way I’m feeling. I’m glad there will be no ‘ We are the People’ at Firhill this year.
  5. jags on tour

    New Owner

    Apologies, it wasn’t meant to be racist in any way, it was because it sounds like the guys name. I’ve never seen the clip as being racist, I just assumed she never knew the words and made them up as she went along!
  6. jags on tour

    New Owner

    You missed out LGBT.
  7. jags on tour

    Kit 2019-2020

    It looks like the board spent all their time trying to get the away kit right then forgot about the home one and picked the first basic design from the Joma bargain bin at the last minute! Absolute mince!
  8. jags on tour

    Kit 2019-2020

  9. jags on tour

    Kit 2019-2020

    There’s the usual shitey preview that we get every year on Twitter, looks like red collar and a yellow shirt with wee faint thistles sewn into it. I’m praying we don’t get a copy of the new St Mirren home top, its terrible! I’d love to see us back in hoops!
  10. jags on tour

    Fixtures out this coming Friday

    Arbroath or Ayr at home please.
  11. jags on tour

    Pre Season

    I thought there would be some news about pre season friendlies, I’ve only heard we are playing Falkirk in a closed door game, it’ll probably just be all bounce games at Garscube or lesser Hampden.
  12. jags on tour

    Championship summer transfer thread - all the ins...

    Graeme McGarry saying on Twitter that there should be a striker coming in, ‘maybe today but if not soon’ was his words.
  13. jags on tour

    Chief Scout Appointed

    Tidser after we got promoted, aye, he was solid that season and a stand out against us but not now, where does he fit in with Banzo, Gordon, Slater and (Harkins) . Hope I’m proved wrong but I think his best years are behind him.
  14. jags on tour

    Chief Scout Appointed

    First full day after appointing a new chief scout and no new signings announced? Sack the board.
  15. jags on tour

    List of supporters buses required

    https://ptfc.co.uk/fans/supporter-buses/ cheers