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  1. Does anyone have a photo of the fans in the stadium in Metz? There’s a big one in the Aitken Suite with all the fans that me and my brother are in but we’re right at the bottom corner just in shot.
  2. I think it’s a hairnet you’re needing, not a facemask!
  3. I’m buying one of then, absolute genius.
  4. When the home top was revealed it said the away top would follow in the next few weeks, there wasn’t any date given.
  5. He’s going back to the club he loves and getting paid more (and will hopefully make them even worse and get them relegated), just like McCall! The league reconstruction is never going to happen.
  6. 2019-20 has been a total Fuc Cup!
  7. James Anderson is a winner, something suspicious about that!
  8. I can’t see them being the actual strips, why would we have 3 kits anyways? the away top is nice and the 3rd strip is just an Ayr Utd strip, we got their manager, their captain and now we want their strip!
  9. Peterhead voted for the 14-10-10-10 going by the BBC, they might be back on the go-to list!
  10. Yes we are now joining up with Hearts after receiving legal funding! Let’s go!
  11. The vocal support has done nothing at away games for the last 3 years, mibby if no-one showed up and all games were behind closed doors we might do ok?!
  12. Aye their games will be as late as possible, if the fixtures are completely random then how have the OF never played each other on day 1 of the season aswell? It’s always 7/8/9 games in when it means something! Fix!
  13. Aye, canny be arsed with folk moaning after we’ve been Chateaux Neuf De Papped down to League 1.