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  1. jags on tour

    ICT Away

    Sounds like the Thistle injury list, snap, crackle and pop.
  2. jags on tour

    ICT Away

    It depends what team shows up, if Bannigan starts then we have a better chance. Don’t know if Storer is injured but according to his social media he has been down in Birmingham all week so it doesn’t look like he’ll be involved. I’d go for Bell Elliott Mcginty Keown Penrice Ntambwe Bannigan Storey Slater Mutumbo Doolan
  3. jags on tour

    East Fife away

    Forgot about Brice, would play him instead of Slater in holding mid, then Slater in place of Storer? who knows!
  4. jags on tour

    East Fife away

    Storer’s suspension is just for the reserves. Archie saying he will make some changes, he wants to give Scobbie and Mutumbo some game time. He said both Sneddon and Bell have knocks but one of them should be fit. Bannigan won’t be risked as its an astro pitch.Gordon and McCarthy still out.Storey struggling with a knock aswell. I’ll go for Bell Elliott Keown Scobbie Melbourne Penrice Slater Fitzpatrick Storer Mutumbo Doolan
  5. jags on tour

    Dan Jefferies

    It was Dundee Colts he played with so that still makes him unavailable apparently.
  6. jags on tour

    East Fife away

    £10 on returns £18.33 with Bet365, most other bookies £18 return. Seems like quite a generous price.
  7. jags on tour

    St. Mirren

    I don’t think Archie would leave even if they did come in for him, we’ve stuck by him through thick and thin, why would you want to go to a club who has just changed managers twice in 3 months since getting promoted.
  8. jags on tour

    Home v Morton

    How was the new catering in the JHS? I’d love to give the ref a pizza my mind. If we keep playing like this we should be topping the table soon. Morton had a slice of luck with the goal being chopped off. The Morton players were falling like Domino’s. Pleased that the Goodfellas won. My Papa John was at the match and said it was well worth the dough.
  9. jags on tour

    Home v Morton

    Let’s get a bloody win tomorrow, enough of everyone’s pish, get intae this mob right frae the start, get behind the team and we’ll be fine.
  10. Is Coulibaly a nominee? He’d get my vote, he’s not put a foot wrong so far.
  11. jags on tour

    Dundee Utd (away) Match Thread

    Same back 4 but Melbourne instead of Penrice, Penrice and Slater in holding mid with Mutumbo, Storer and Spittal infront and probably Dools upfront but if Storey is fit I’d go with him.
  12. jags on tour

    Dundee United v Partick Thistle Preview

    John ‘the hound’ McGoldrick?
  13. jags on tour

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    For his ‘team initiation’ I heard he belted out some Nile Rodgers.
  14. jags on tour

    Team rebuilding

    I wonder if Coulibaly had a wee word in Wishart’s ear to see if he could help his situation!
  15. jags on tour

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    Hopefully the Jagzone interview with Archie will clear things up, hopefully he will be asked although I’m not counting on it!