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  1. It’s going to be weird to see what happens with players who have signed pre contracts if the season is extended even further, the likes of Docherty at Ayr, surely he has to complete the season with Ayr then join us, but if his contract with Ayr ends at end of June, can he then leave and join us and play our remaining games this season?
  2. I think he we had a 2-1 win and three 1-1 draws vs Falkirk last year. I remember a good few years back we kept getting pumped 4-0 off St J, might have been 3 times in one season again in the first division?
  3. During the transfer window everyone wants to know who we are signing and be ‘ITK’ and hear all the rumours ahead of it being announced by the club, yet someone has said we’re getting a new strip next year and it’s a crime! A quiet kit launch will do me fine, we seem to spend all our time showing that we are amazing supporting all these things and make an absolute baws of it on the field!
  4. Sounds like an Irish back 3, O’Brian, O’ Ware and O’ Connor. Imagine the reception at Ibrox!
  5. I was thinking about the Ayr game today, I don’t have any faith in the team to grind out a win or to even ‘be up’ for the game. I can see Ayr coming and getting stuck into us, no team talk required from Kerr at all, I just think they will want it more than us. Harsh possibly, as we’ve signed a lot of new players but the Arbroath result has completely destroyed any confidence I have, it’s as though a curse has been placed on us for the last few years, Ayr have signed a big centre forward on loan and has apparently played well vs County and ragdolled the ICT defence at the weekend, he will probably single handedly cause our defences arses to collapse in the pre game handshakes! Apart from that I’m looking forward to the game!
  6. Guaranteed we won’t be clever enough to use the wind to our advantage in the 2nd half, we’ll keep trying the daft tippy tappy pish as usual. Arbroath will outscore us playing into the wind aswell. It’s like someone has cursed the whole club, doesn’t matter who the manager is, what formation we play, who we sign, we just keep failing every week.
  7. He ruled out a move for Mayo as Rangers had a few injuries at centre back I’m sure. I loved his Jagzone interview where he referred to the board as ‘ the high heid yeens’, brilliant!
  8. Yeah I think he’ll still try for a centre back, ICT losing Donaldson to County may put a hold on McCart but I can see him going for Brownlie or another loan.
  9. I take it Rudden never played for them in the cup? Had a look through the Rangers U21s and they have a keeper called Lewis Budinauckas, Kevin’s son I take it?
  10. McCall not only in for Cammy Smith but also Granny Smith?
  11. I think he means the Airdrie 2-1 game when Christie scored late on to give us the win, although it didn’t win us the league.
  12. I heard it was his brother, Austin.
  13. At least the sinks and wash hand basins will be untouched!
  14. I’m delighted with Rudden signing, a real potential talent who has scored goals in this league already. Hopefully he can bang a few in, I think he’ll become a real fans favourite similar to Lyle Taylor. I expected him to do better down at Plymouth but he still played alot of games so he is match fit. How many times have we seen our rivals sign a boy like this and think ‘ I wish Thistle signed him’ and been disappointed. Good work from Mccall and Co!