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  1. Yeah I think he’ll still try for a centre back, ICT losing Donaldson to County may put a hold on McCart but I can see him going for Brownlie or another loan.
  2. I take it Rudden never played for them in the cup? Had a look through the Rangers U21s and they have a keeper called Lewis Budinauckas, Kevin’s son I take it?
  3. McCall not only in for Cammy Smith but also Granny Smith?
  4. I think he means the Airdrie 2-1 game when Christie scored late on to give us the win, although it didn’t win us the league.
  5. At least the sinks and wash hand basins will be untouched!
  6. I’m delighted with Rudden signing, a real potential talent who has scored goals in this league already. Hopefully he can bang a few in, I think he’ll become a real fans favourite similar to Lyle Taylor. I expected him to do better down at Plymouth but he still played alot of games so he is match fit. How many times have we seen our rivals sign a boy like this and think ‘ I wish Thistle signed him’ and been disappointed. Good work from Mccall and Co!
  7. Banzo in the papers saying it is an impossible task to beat Celtic, nothing like a good positive attitude!
  8. Just checked DUTD’s last fixtures, 10 wins and a draw in last 11 with 8 clean sheets and we haven’t managed 1 clean sheet all season! I fancy a win though!
  9. Typical Jagzone/Archie interview before the Alloa game. ‘Aye we hope to have signings in early next week’, fans get all excited then nothing happens... I hate the transfer windae!
  10. I would like to see Graham sign but Smith is a bit meh. Another wee lightweight guy similar to an Aidan Nesbitt or a poor mans Spittall. The Dundee Utd fans on P&B are glad to see the back of him, hides in too many games and goes missing too often. I hope I’m proved wrong! Don’t know anything about Mayo and Barjonas. We seem to like giving deals to guys who haven’t kicked a ball for at least 6 months then need to wait a season before he is fit to play so we’ll see what DKD is up to.
  11. I see Jack Storer has signed with Paget Rangers! A quick wiki search says they are in the 10th level of English fitbaw! How did we end up with this fraud? Oh aye, Archie!
  12. A rolll n pie n beans is one of the best things ever!
  13. SoD vs Dunf Erskine vs Airdrie Sod vs DUTD Dools vs Hibs. my pick would be Sod vs Dunf, unbelievable build up play and finish!