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  1. World Cup Musings

    That's fair comment
  2. World Cup Musings

    I'm sad that Messi is on his way home but delighted that Ronaldo is.
  3. New Signing - Sean Mcginty

    Thanks LIB as you say that's an interesting listen
  4. World Cup Musings

    That's a shame, he speaks very highly of you !!
  5. World Cup Musings

    I did see that one PTD but for me that has been the exception. Three 1-0 s yesterday fair switched me off!
  6. World Cup Musings

    So far, I think it has been quite boring.
  7. New Signing - Sean Mcginty

    Let's hope he's a good squad player and not an automatic choice. Oops I've just slipped from being a HC to a KW and not a ball kicked yet!!!
  8. Thistle trivia due to boredom

    Neil Warnock
  9. Team rebuilding

    Are you having a laugh? Balatoni's last job was to play centre back for Torquay United who were relegated to the NEXT level of non league football.
  10. The big announcement on Friday

    The title of this thread is ' Red Top' rubbish. What the Board stated when commenting re: Archie being retained is " further details will released by the end of the week."
  11. New Management

    C'mon Archie, do a Sean Dyche. I'm sure you were hurting as much as the rest of us, let's put it right eh?
  12. Thistle v Motherwell

    He's off to join his brother
  13. Ross County 4/5/18

    There speaks an experienced Jags fan.
  14. Hamilton

    I wonder who JL would have wanted to win?
  15. Goodbye

    Many thanks to you both, your efforts are very much admired and appreciated