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  1. sandbank boy

    New Owner

    At last, a well presented, simple, common sense statement which gives clarity to the current situation. As he admits communication from the board to the fans has not been good. If only they had issued this 4-5 weeks ago.
  2. sandbank boy

    Championship summer transfer thread - all the ins...

    Hamilton sign Jimmy Bone to coach their strikers.
  3. sandbank boy

    New Owner

    I don’t know if I can take anymore, I’m off to listen to Brexit debate.
  4. sandbank boy

    New Owner

    Dreams are are permitted DD. When I was a very wee boy I always dreamt we'd win something ( and in my dream it was by stuffing one of the ugly sisters) Then, that glorious day in October '71 came along. See? They do come true.
  5. sandbank boy

    New Owner

    Yes it is a mad idea. Look at the amount of squabbling on this forum ( on practically every topic), can you imagine what it be like if the fans actually had control of the board?
  6. sandbank boy

    Lyle Taylor

    Scored again today for Charlton v Stoke, wonder if he rounded Lindsay to do so
  7. sandbank boy

    New Owner

    Or a seriously rich foreigner. I for one would be more than happy to emulate Leicester City, can you imagine that?
  8. sandbank boy

    League cup - last 16

    One of the ugly sisters away please, for obvious reasons.
  9. sandbank boy

    Is this new or did I just miss it

    I like it I think it’s good
  10. sandbank boy

    Alex Jones is a Jag

  11. sandbank boy

    New Owner

    I agree with most of your post but generally, players tend to sign for the club which writes the most zeros on the cheque.
  12. sandbank boy

    Scott Fox Signs

    I met Martin Hardie outside Firhill a few hours before the semi final with the then Rangers and similarly he said to me, ” ah hope yez dae well”
  13. sandbank boy

    Miller signs

    For the love of God, if nothing else does, then this highlights the level of Scottish Football let alone how Caldwell thinks our club should progress. He’s forty, bloody forty and if is the best we can get or Caldwell thinks it is , then I despair Get these new owners in quickly .
  14. sandbank boy

    New Owner

    Thank you