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  1. Ah but almost impossible to better was the original Rubaiyat.
  2. Shows the level of Scottish football if two of our 'top flight' teams want a keeper of Fox's ability (albeit as back up)
  3. Was there ever a hill of firs? Maybe over the the old canal bridge around Murano St?
  4. That’s a bit harsh, could you do better? I like it.
  5. We’ve been able to pay monthly for as long as I can remember.
  6. Hard to disagree with most of that. We’re exactly right back where we started with no consolidation achieved, whatsoever
  7. I thought that style of management went out with the Arc
  8. Seems to be a sensible proposition. I wonder what reasons the governing bodies would give to its objection?
  9. Coulston and Bone went together like fish and chips
  10. If you go ahead with this one BB please count me in
  11. Did we pay for initial advice? I don’t think so
  12. Of course he wouldn’t, he’d be screaming for the club to keep him employed on full pay. Its a simple and obvious statement to make , i.e. We don’t have the money to make a legal challenge