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  1. It’s interesting that after yesterday’s game McCall has said “Dario Zanatta will be a very big player for Partick Thistle”. So I wouldn’t think he’ll be off anytime soon.
  2. It’s fair to comment on services which the club fails to deliver., what’s wrong with that. Enjoy your Sat evening
  3. No live text on the official site. Poor show. I hope this isn’t a sign of how the club will be run in the future.
  4. I do try to let ‘bounce off” as you say, but sometimes , especially when you hear it 500 hundred miles south of Glasgow, not only does your heart sink and you feel embarrassed about your home city but it also screws up your day!
  5. I’m in the the City of Winchester this evening. I held open the door for a couple who were leaving the same accommodation into which I was entering. On hearing his accent I said “ Where is home for you”? Him “Clydebank you?” Me “Maryhill” Him “ Celtic”? Me “No” Him “ F Off” Him “Thistle”? Me “Yep” Him “ F Off” In less than a month our calendar will show the year 2020, not for some methinks. As I type this I feel embarrassed and sick.
  6. Carole’s was down to experience with anticipation the ‘keeper would spill it.
  7. The text commentary on the official site is worse than useless.