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  1. Amidst all the doom and gloom, at least your positive post has cheered me up.
  2. I don’t. I agree he always gave 100% but thought he was completely lacking in skill. He wouldn’t have got near the team I supported all those years ago. To me he was an indication how We and Scottish Football in general have ‘dumbed down’ over the decades.
  3. There’s an update on today’s official site.
  4. Completely agree DD. There seemed to be a feeling/culture/malaise, call it what you will around the club, that affected ( or dis-affected) the players when they signed for us. I’m amazed ( but pleased) that despite having a temporary Board, serious efforts are being made to get us back on track.
  5. As the great man said " the game isn't played on paper" From now till the end of the season McCall is really going to have to earn his crust.
  6. From hereon in, this is when Mr McCall earns his money
  7. Who am I to argue with the mighty Dumfries and Galloway Standard? I'm more than willing AFK to bow to your version of events, at least we can now that say that a Jags keeper holds the record for saving the most re-taken penalty. BTW were you aware of this or just employing sleuthing skills?
  8. I’ve been trying for years to have this ‘story’ confirmed. I read many years ago that we held the record for the most re-taken penalty kick. Evidently it took place in 1945 against Killie ( if my memory is correct) and we had to re-take the penalty 5 times, I.e. taking it six times in all. In true Jags tradition when the kick was deemed to be legal, we missed it!!
  9. Half of the team being part time!