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  1. C'Mon Robphil, give us once again your account of the 'mazy' goal scored at Firhill, its well worth a repeat reading.
  2. As Jaggernaut said " the title of this thread is McCall"
  3. It was 1985 Wrighty and as they say,’I was there’ Sadly I it was the night Jock Stein died. Incidentally, I think Leighton started out in goal but Roughie took over at some stage?
  4. I would also be arguing the point that as we avoided relegation in our final game of the season, there is no way they can automatically relegate us with 8 games still to play.
  5. With fan ownership? That’ll be right!
  6. Which is what they’ve always done, except for the one time they didn’t and came up with the idiotic idea of the splitting our premier league two thirds of the way through the season.
  7. I enjoyed that. Shame about the swearing. I got the impression Kris only swore to keep up with the others.
  8. And McGinty playing in a team that scores 4 and the defence keeps a clean sheet!
  9. ......to the Centenary Draw ? only 10 days late. Are we returning to slipshod ways where we can’t organise a raffle?
  10. Amidst all the doom and gloom, at least your positive post has cheered me up.
  11. I don’t. I agree he always gave 100% but thought he was completely lacking in skill. He wouldn’t have got near the team I supported all those years ago. To me he was an indication how We and Scottish Football in general have ‘dumbed down’ over the decades.