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  1. sandbank boy

    Vaguely Jaggy Factoids

    Our original home was in Partick so I think it is relevant
  2. sandbank boy

    Vaguely Jaggy Factoids

    He certainly does , from the previously known ‘Barracks’ now the Wyndford.
  3. sandbank boy

    Chairman’s Statement

    Agreed DD. We may be curious, we may be nosey/inquisitive, we may be concerned - but - and I think some are missing the point, we do not NEED to know.
  4. sandbank boy

    Chairman’s Statement

    Very few of us on here NEED to know.
  5. sandbank boy

    A night with GC

    I didn’t think there was much originality in his presentation. His ‘counter pressing’ is just another way of saying what John Lambie said in Grasping the Thistle, “ if don’t get in aboot them, they’ll be f*****g questions asked” !
  6. sandbank boy

    A night with GC

    McGinty came from Torquay, he was recommended to Archie by Balatoni who also had a spell at Torquay
  7. sandbank boy

    This forum

  8. sandbank boy

    Close season type thread: funniest chant

    Going way back and to the tune of Lily the Pink ” We have a left half Who broke his right calf And his name is George O’neill So we gave him the Scot Symon compound and now George is The man of steel.
  9. sandbank boy

    PTFC v QoS 4/5/19

    Storey not even on the bench
  10. sandbank boy

    Jags v Ayr 23/27 April

  11. sandbank boy

    Jags v Ayr 23/27 April

    As it stands we need Alloa to lose or draw next week to guarantee safety
  12. sandbank boy

    Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    Dunno, didn’t they go out of business?
  13. sandbank boy

    Caldwell’s Massive 7 Days

    This Caldwell ‘ thing’ is now boring. Can we all lighten up please? Last week we drew away from home against the league leaders. Yesterday we took 3 points from relegation rivals. Fans of any club in a similar position to ours should appreciate that surely.
  14. sandbank boy

    vs Alloa 20/4

    Queens 1 up
  15. sandbank boy

    With The Jags in Sweden 1972

    Wonderful CC and thank you There was something wrong with my damned eyes trying to watch this, they seemed to be a wee bit cloudy.