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  1. I honestly would not put any money on their being any football played in Scotland during this calendar year. I wouldn’t actually put any date on the game restarting, since I’m not a relation of Mystic Meg nor a potential Nobel Prize winner for Medicine.
  2. You could never have guessed that was going to happen-shite, just shite.
  3. Och the whole thing is a complete nonsense!
  4. Unfortunately, we’re doomed! Don’t deserve to stay up as we’re simply not good enough to be totally honest.
  5. Not difficult to work out why we’re bottom of the League. 45 minutes not a shot on target!
  6. Without being negative: I can’t help, but think we’re doomed!
  7. I honestly couldn’t tell you: maybe Billy GIbson.
  8. It’s one of those times (far too many since 1982!) when you just get a feeling in your water that the ‘tides of fortune’ have turned against us and that no matter what we do we’re doomed.
  9. Excellent news can we now dare to hope for better things for the remainder of the season?
  10. That match signalled the first of my estrangements and unfortunately it wouldn't be the last as that dismal decade progressed.
  11. Surely someone (anyone?) would be willing to take him on loan? I mean Hibs and Derby excepted he hasn't actually played for anyone decent yet.
  12. Listened to the game on the Jagzone (as I’m in hospital again!): from what I gleaned from the commentary it seemed like a typical game in this Division. Fairly even and decided by the only player capable of injecting a touch of quality to the game. Today’s touch of class being provided by Paul McGowan. Difficult for me to make any other comment apart obviously from lamenting the fact that we’re back in the bottom two again.
  13. Couldn’t agree more:: if you cross that white line simply expecting not to lose. Invariably you will. This defeatist attitude is perhaps the reason that we have such an atrocious record Ipso facto,, against the O.F. particularly in the recent past.