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  1. Cardle has been running and cycling all lockdown to keep himself at peak fitness, which should aid his negotiation and show willing and determination to other clubs. you’d have to rate him in L1 with his experience too.
  2. Commercial department in the past few years has pulled off some fabulous deals from companies that clearly just want to support the Jags as there must be very little return on the investment for many of them. How many in the Jackie Husband or John Lambie have scratching their heads during lockdown wondering where they can find an international Life Science validation and compliance specialist? I wonder how many billions were redirected from Jags fans vaults to Kingsley Capital Funds in an attempt to "protect and enhance their wealth through access to contemporary and global multi-asset investment solutions"? We owe a great deal of thanks to these companies and congratulations to the visionaries that introduced them to the One Team In Glasgow
  3. So Doncaster can now threaten L1 clubs with relegation and propose league reconstruction if clubs don’t comply with his views.
  4. Is it at all possible that the SPFLs ability to stage a vote has once again been exposed for the shower that they are. Is it just a coincidence that the Mansell button was next to a picture of Stephen Dobbie? Well done Lewis anyway, you had a better ‘goals per minutes played’ than Shankland.
  5. We won't be waiting on a vaccine. We don't have one for SARs, Ebola or strains of Flu. The focus of lockdown is to eliminate the virus by stopping it spreading. We are moving into the controlled phase, not the cure phase, surely.
  6. In the interest of even handed debate and just to play devils advocate for a minute I have to politely disagree - it is a Forum after all
  7. This injustice was forced upon the smaller clubs by the SPFL. We can't resign from the SPFL or you have no-one to play. We need other clubs and they need us which is why I wouldn't want to see ANY other team go to the wall. They are all part, for better or worse, of the rich tapestry and history of OUR football. As the anger subsides we'll all go back to supporting our team and I hope that the current injustice galvanises us in a way that makes us stronger. That is what will provide the strength, character and determination to put PTFC back where we belong. Support the Jags, home and away (but send PTFC the money if you do choose not to attend away games), buy a new scarf to celebrate a new era. The alternative is self pity and martyrdom.
  8. I'm afraid that's most likely the answer. The bosses are incompetent and that filters through the system such that it doesn't attract the sharpest minds.
  9. how do you think we’ll line up and is it time to rest Dools?
  10. Managed to buy twice as many as I planned as I got an ‘oops there was a server error ‘ message after I paid so I did it all again. So don’t be disappointed if you don’t win as I’ve now doubled my odds. looking forward to a great game.
  11. The common factor might be Ziggy Gordon, did they think of that? I read somewhere that a rise in shark attacks in Australia can be linked to increased sales of ice cream.
  12. note to Caroline Mackie... - WE NEED A NEW TARGET
  13. we're all in a spin. Please, somebody hand out the chill pills
  14. Jaf, do you remember the wee season book with bios of the players, a word from the manager and the whole seasons fixtures for the entire league?