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  1. AlgarveJag

    I have had enough of the clubs administration.

    it's your enthusiasm and love of all things Jaggy (and especially the nostalgic ones) that blinded you to the sticky web you were entering. I get all teary eyed at any mention of the Auld days but nostalgia is just not what it used to be...
  2. AlgarveJag

    I have had enough of the clubs administration.

    'Flycatcher'... Appropriate noms de plume. You caught a few this time In fact, you might need a bigger boat. Regards Algarvetrawler
  3. AlgarveJag

    PTFC v QoS 4/5/19

    Can we breathe?
  4. AlgarveJag

    PTFC v QoS 4/5/19

  5. AlgarveJag

    PTFC v QoS 4/5/19

    Can’t believe I’m shouting for Dundee United
  6. AlgarveJag

    Who's picking the team?

    We are indeed, a broad church.
  7. AlgarveJag

    Caldwell’s Massive 7 Days

    I'm up fur some of that!
  8. AlgarveJag

    Cardle...Any reason why he is not getting 90?

    Thought last night that Steven Anderson was reminiscent of Jackie Campbell in his commanding of his teammates and no nonsense yet calm and assured demeanour. He's been an extremely positive, organised and calming influence on our defence.
  9. AlgarveJag

    Scott McDonald scores v Alloa Athletic 20.04.2019

    Thanks C. Great to see from any angle!
  10. AlgarveJag

    Board Changes

    That’s a pity GRE. Like you, I don’t get as much use of my season ticket as I’d like but I’ll be keeping my season whatever the result this season. I suspect and hope you’ll do the same. Wearethistle.
  11. AlgarveJag

    vs Alloa 20/4

    On my way...
  12. AlgarveJag

    Farewell Malky McCormick

    A recognisable style and a great talent from a bygone era. We could all do with a greater ability to laugh at ourselves and he held up a mirror that made that possible. RIP
  13. AlgarveJag

    Board Changes

    'Nail' and 'Head', Jaggernaut! Supporters like you buy shares that they will never sell and season tickets that they seldom use and others provide capital for projects like Propco or a new training ground on extremely favourable terms (writing off loans at other times) when there is a multitude of better things they could be doing with their money if they were looking for an 'investment'. All of these people give selflessly and certainly don't deserve to be viewed as pariahs or sharks. Its disrespectful to suggest otherwise of fellow supporters. We buy 50:50 tickets knowing that we are donating funds to the club but are we less worthy if we win and accept the prize? I think not! Online Dictionary Definition "INVESTMENT" - "a thing that is worth buying because it may become profitable or more valuable in the future"
  14. AlgarveJag

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    I've only see the highlights from the reserve games on Jagzone but I haven't seen anything that would persuade me to select Soulyemane ahead of Doolan, McDonald, Mansell or Roy and I presume that the manager feels the same. No explanation required. No conspiracy anticipated. I'd hoped it would have been different but my euphoria has almost subsided now.
  15. AlgarveJag

    Board Changes

    Absolutely spot on. What kind of 'investor' would substantially over pay for an immovable liability, incapable of achieving any kind of planning permission and tie up his capital for an indefinite period on the 'promise' (with no guarantees) of an insignificant return with absolutely no liquidity or prospect of ever being able to recall the capital at any time in the future? I doubt that anyone ever has so much money that they just want to give it away regardless of how well off other people may consider them to be. Receiving 'free money' makes the recipient careless and reckless (just look at what governments do with other people's freely given money). There should always be a consequence and that drives responsibility. Right deal or wrong deal, it's the deal that was made at the time and I'd wager that it ranks right up there alongside the poorest investments those guys have made with their own money.