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  1. What a great story. Welcome Kai, to Firhill. Home of the best Goal Keepers in the land.
  2. ^^^^^^^^^^ leaves the room before the pun polis arrive
  3. Loved the team rocking out to Olivers Army
  4. Unfortunately, can't attend but I'll certainly raise a glass on Tuesday.
  5. Both are just kids and so not in the 'experience will get us out of this (see Anderson)' category. Lewis a defender and Barjonas a midfielder so neither obvious replacements or filling the most obvious needs (that I can see) for any of the current squad unless they really are as good as their jaundiced supporters views of "both are class (source: WhatsApp)".
  6. The club (and therefore the manager) already know what’s available. We work to an agreed budget. Balance the books with what you’re asking for and you’ll get what you’re asking for. iMac knows the drill.
  7. This is tragic news, so very sad. Thoughts are with all of his family.
  8. Kenny Arthur - smashing bloke and all round good guy - lovely gesture
  9. can't see a lot happening in the window to get excited about (hope I'm wrong). In Archie's recent interview he couldn't hold back a wry smile when it was suggested that players might be fearful of being replaced in January. I'm slipping into my protective Thistle shell where I expect nothing (or worse) and I might just be pleasantly surprised.
  10. as it's Panto season, "oh no it doesn't" (where do you pay the fine?)
  11. that kind of thing enriches my day and elevates me to higher level of snobbery and inflated self worth. Bring it on! OTIG
  12. and it's too late to ask him
  13. Striking similarity with the Legends of Loch Ness, Bigfoot and the Abominable Snowman. Rather more Legendary than Legend.