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  1. AlgarveJag

    4 minutes of NOTHING!!!

    ...Owen Coyle spotted on Garscube road.
  2. AlgarveJag

    New Owner

    No one needs to thank me for supporting my football team, that would be patronising and condescending. They just have to treat it with the same love and respect that I do when managing its affairs. Keeping it solvent and debt free works fine for me (not to mention ploughing their own money into it)..
  3. AlgarveJag

    Maryhill Juniors

    would take both back in the team for Saturday against Alloa
  4. AlgarveJag

    Buzzing for Clyde game

    Quite right, you had the better view on the night and for that I'm jealous. But firstly, to be pedantic, if the ref didn't give it then it's not a goal (and the linesman was well placed too). Secondly, with the benefit of slow motion action replays from multiple angles David Mitchell makes save but confuses everyone by touching the side netting while the ball is still in front of the goal when viewed from behind. It does indeed, on first watching, look deceptively like a goal. I guess without the dreaded VAR we can continue to debate but I think the players and the club have agreed it wasn't and the ref didn't give it. On to the last 16...
  5. AlgarveJag

    Buzzing for Clyde game

    I hate to disagree with a legend like Badger but I'm afraid it wasn't a goal.
  6. AlgarveJag

    Championship summer transfer thread - all the ins...

    allegedly spotted in Majorca on business
  7. AlgarveJag

    Mitch Austin

    Welcome Mitch. That'll be the news and announcement then... Looking forward to seeing your electric pace and quality crossing! Have a great season.
  8. AlgarveJag

    Championship summer transfer thread - all the ins...

    Kenny Watson
  9. AlgarveJag

    Mitch Austin

    Sounds like a case of no story here. Boy feels fine and fit to travel with an intention of a new job and a contract in Glasgow when he gets there. Took a knock in his last game and club are doing due diligence (as you would expect) to be certain they are getting what they will be paying for. His past injury is known and the club are relying on their own experts and advisers before moving forward (or not). Normal course of events, nothing to see here... Expect an announcement when the experts have their opinion. Hope he's a raging success and we've found a real cracker here.
  10. AlgarveJag

    Mitch Austin

    Edna would be too cruel
  11. AlgarveJag

    Mitch Austin

    He’ll be Skippy, just like every other Australian before him.
  12. AlgarveJag

    Where is Jagzone?

    It’s enough to make you go and watch the golf