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  1. Simon Donnelly is the stand-out but could IMac really claim to have 'coached' him? Interesting one. Doolan on the other hand, there is no doubt.
  2. it is lazy but sadly that's the nature of journalism these days - it took a whole month to get it written up and/or published and it still wasn't checked for veracity. I did wade through it and found some of Ian Wright's comments interesting. "My vision of the future is involving all of the Partick Thistle fans in a community structure, getting them to feel and realise that this is their club," he said. "That’s what Colin Weir has left us, he’s left us a football club. That will be his legacy. What we have to do is convert somebody who turns up to watch Thistle now and again to believe fully that Thistle is their club, that ‘We Are Thistle’ could not be any truer. then consider Ian McCall quoted elsewhere in the same rag (...concerned SPFL will be unable to complete season)... "Some clubs are worried about the financial future, but I feel in these situations, if you have a group of fans who boo and shout abuse, they are the ones who gather round when there is trouble. They are on the phones wanting to help and rally around. I think it is an irony that the unhappy ones are the ones wanting to help and it is fantastic." We are in incredibly interesting and unusual times as a football, sorry, family club. How we react to fan ownership and how we pull together in the coming months may well define the future of PTFC. The fans, as always, have a massive role to play and the idea that we can criticise our team and boo them on the park yet support them to the hilt as they are part of our family is very important. We can no longer sit back and complain about Us v Them. This truly is OUR club and it's time for everyone to take responsibility for that.
  3. I see other teams are following suit now with Motherwell announcing that their 20/21 season tickets are now available with free entry into either their first UEFA or Scottish Cup game included depending on what happens to league conclusion and European football. Caramel wafer, anyone?
  4. I understand how you feel GRE (we don't even know who we'll be playing) but I'll be renewing mine, as today (for me) it's about supporting my club and the people employed there that are giving back to the community at this very difficult time. And I accept that I'm fortunate enough to be able to do this ahead of the time that I'd have done it anyway (and I won't be paying for flights for a few months either ). Proud to be a Jag at the moment (and not just because we're undefeated since Valentines Day)
  5. 2020/2021 season tickets are on sale now Get them while they're hot https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/partick-thistle-fc-make-2020-21-season-tickets-available-following-fan-demand/
  6. DD you missed a cracker. LOL Erskine refusing to walk the ball into the net and waltzing it in instead. Lawless given MotM and a glimpse of the Archie genius using Stephen Craig for the opener and subbing him at half time for Dools to score in the second half. Managerial masterclass. ...and I know you know who won
  7. described in the paper of the day as capable of 'hanging in the air, like a Harrier Jump Jet"
  8. nice piece of history and a great photo of the Brake Club
  9. Nice open letter from Ian on the official site. Talking of his favourite QotS game, ironically v Ayr and dropping a teaser to hear about his favourite Jags game in his next 'letter to the fans'. I wonder what Gary Caldwell's favourite Jags game would be (but don't reply as this is an IMac thread). What do we think Ian McCall's favourite Thistle game might be?
  10. our thoughts are with you AJ
  11. I'm sure that works for both parties
  12. That takes the biscuit. clearly popular, this Uwafer Cup malarkey. ... am a wafer ma coat
  13. Newcastle Jets have announced Kenny Miller as their Senior Technical Director
  14. I see your point and when you don't feel that these people have added value then I understand your frustration. However, we tend to be happy to accept 'contacts' that a manager pulls on when, in our opinion, things turn out for the better. Scott McDonald saved our season and he wouldn't have darkened our doorstep without a hint of nepotism. Only Lambie could have convinced his own prodigal son, Chick, to return to Firhill. ...and ...I won't hear a word said about Gerry's daughter who is a star performer in the pie stall and if it wasn't for Gerry getting on extremely well with her mother we'd never have had a snowballs chance of signing her!