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  1. Congratulations to this week's winner (not sure about that guy with the second prize): https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/virtual-50-50-draw-results-7th-august-2020/
  2. 2 hours left to get your tickets and give yourself a chance of winning: https://tickets.ptfc.co.uk/packages/221/e/78 Good Luck!
  3. Tonight is the night for the draw so get your tickets (£1 each) before 8.15pm to be in with a chance of winning: https://tickets.ptfc.co.uk/packages/221/e/78?target_facility=314 Good Luck!
  4. In 24 hours someone will have won the 50/50 draw and if you want to give yourself a chance then get your tickets before 8.15pm on Friday: https://tickets.ptfc.co.uk/packages/221/e/78 Good Luck!
  5. Remember to get your tickets prior to 8.15pm on Friday to be in with a chance of winning: https://tickets.ptfc.co.uk/packages/221/e/78 Good Luck!
  6. No issues with full disclosure here, I can reveal that the 50/50 draw is on Friday evening, tickets cost £1 each and can be bought until 8.15pm on Friday. Also, you can only win if you have bought a ticket: https://tickets.ptfc.co.uk/packages/221/e/78 Good Luck!
  7. With the option to show classic matches on a Saturday now gone the draw will be on a Friday evening so get your tickets to be in this Friday's draw: https://tickets.ptfc.co.uk/packages/221/e/78 Good Luck!
  8. Jim, I definitely agree that balancing the books is vitally important and whilst having a large budget does not guarantee success it is preferable to having a small budget. I am pleased you said the core when referring to people generating revenue as I am not pushing a no businessman approach, we definitely need them but we also need people with other skills as well. I think that when fan ownership comes up, here or at other clubs, people start imaging the guy who sits behind them on matchdays suddenly making the key decisions. What is important is the people the owners put in place to generate revenue, make sure the office runs efficiently, deal with media, etc.
  9. I always get confused with these discussions. Do we not have fans who are also business people? If they say they support fan ownership have they stopped running their business? Also, as someone who is absolutely not a businessman I do feel a little slighted by the logical extension of the argument which basically says I have nothing to offer. We need to have a range of different backgrounds and experience in my opinion.
  10. As we start a new month just a reminder that joining easyfundraising means that if you shop online you can raise funds for our club at the same time. The more income our club can get from different sources the better so please sign up if you have not already done so: https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/wearethistlefundraising/?q=weare&cat=cause-autosuggest Thanks for your support!
  11. Cardle signs new 1 year deal: https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/joe-cardle-signs-one-year-contract-extension/
  12. If we get promoted from league 1/2 do we go to league 1/4 and why is not league 0.5 in this age of decimalisation - I demand answers!
  13. No inside knowledge but I suspect that with League 1 and a reduced season now confirmed we will see a change in the pricing of season tickets.
  14. Congratulations to this week's winners: https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/virtual-50-50-half-time-draw-results-31st-july-2020/