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    Apart from the Jags, I enjoy reading crime fiction, doing crosswords, watching most sports, playing golf (poorly) and trying to keep fit.

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  1. Fawlty Towers

    Easyfundraising & Easysearch

    There are a few events at the end of this month and the start of next month which might require some online purchases so if that is the case for you please remember to do it via easyfundraising as that will help to raise funds for our football club: https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/ Let us work together on this as it benefits the club we all support. Thanks for your support!
  2. Fawlty Towers

    50/50 Draw - Season 19/20

    The first prize this evening was a very respectable £303 - thanks for your support. The winning numbers were: 1st - 109013 2nd - 109265 See you back at Firhill in a couple of weeks.
  3. Fawlty Towers

    50/50 Draw - Season 19/20

    If you are going to the game tonight then please remember to get your ticket so we can maximise the amount raised for youth development. Thanks for your support!
  4. Fawlty Towers

    Poor crowd expected Nomads game

    It is on channel S4C if that helps.
  5. Fawlty Towers

    50/50 Draw - Season 19/20

    Give yourself a chance to win tomorrow and help support youth development by getting your 50/50 tickets. Thanks for your support!
  6. Fawlty Towers

    50/50 Draw - Season 19/20

    Just a reminder that tickets will be on sale at Saturday's game so please continue your excellent support and give yourself a chance to win.
  7. Fawlty Towers

    Annual Accounts....

    The accounts for year ended 31st May 2019 are now on Companies House for those who are interested: https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/SC005417
  8. Fawlty Towers

    Easyfundraising & Easysearch

    If you are planning on doing some online shopping please remember to do so through easyfundraising as that will raise funds for our football club: https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/ Let us maximise the amount we raise for our club. Thanks for your support!
  9. Fawlty Towers

    New Owner

    The same forum you just posted a link to as you believe that a topic there supported your position. You can't have it both ways.
  10. Fawlty Towers

    New Owner

    Just so we are clear on the rules of the game then - I don't want to stoop too low. No quoting fans of the teams who actually have experience of the consortium and no quoting journalists who have observed the clubs in question either. So that just leaves what the consortium have told us what they plan to do with our club.......
  11. Fawlty Towers

    New Owner

    It appears we have gone from the consortium being transformational in a positive way to the lesser of two evils and/or no worse off when they leave. As concerns from fans of Nice and Barnsley are being dismissed let's see what a reporter with no axe to grind makes of it; Andy Giddings, BBC Radio Sheffield sports editor Many fans would blame the club's recruitment policy, not the head coach for the circumstances they find themselves in. And Reds fans are angered that a popular, promotion-winning, manager has left at a relatively early stage of the season. The use of a fairly brutal statement hasn't gone down well either. Barnsley use a 'Moneyball' spreadsheet model for finding players. Not all of them are going to work and trying to make the ones that do arrive work in a harder division than League One was always going to be tough.
  12. Fawlty Towers

    New Owner

    Be fair, they are rich so the rest of us should just doff our caps and do as our betters tell us!
  13. Fawlty Towers

    Easyfundraising & Easysearch

    As we head in to a new week just a reminder that if you will be doing any online shopping during it to use easyfundraising as that will raise funds for our football club: https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/ Lets work together to raise as much as possible. Thanks for your support!
  14. Fawlty Towers

    Thistle vs QotS Thread

    I don't really want to get in to a prolonged discussion on this but based on discussions I had with Maxi when he was in his role and with Gerry my impression is that they don't perform a Director of Football role. Anyway if I have been able to get you and Javeajag to agree then I will be expecting a nice trip when I go to collect my Nobel Peace Prize!
  15. Fawlty Towers

    Mobile Phone Covers & Cups

    As we are heading toward Christmas (yes I said it) jut thought I would dust this thread down. Remember there are mobile phone covers, mugs and passport covers: https://nostalgiacases.co.uk/pages/partick-thistle The club does receive a royalty for each product purchased as well.