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  1. Fawlty Towers


    The Aitken Suite is open from Noon before tomorrow's match with Queen of the South. All supporters, both home and away, are welcome in our family friendly bar located in the Colin Weir Stand. Get a curry & a pint for just £8.95 - perfect fuel for the 90 minutes ahead!
  2. Fawlty Towers

    Half Time Draw 18/19

    Just to remind you that tickets will be on sale around the stadium tomorrow so please continue your great support by purchasing a ticket. Remember that you have to be in it to win it! Thanks in advance.
  3. Fawlty Towers

    Training Ground

    Why are we talking about the facility only being 6 acres in size? It is going to be 4 pitches, a building which has changing facilities, a gym, canteen, offices plus car parking for staff and players. I am not an architect but I would imagine that would be quite a bit bigger.
  4. Fawlty Towers

    Half Time Draw 18/19

    After a long gap we are back to Firhill on Saturday and that means a return for the 50/50 draw. For those who have asked if Ian will be back the answer is yes (we did speak to the Canadian authorities but they sent him back). Tickets will be on sale around the stadium and the more we sell the bigger the prize you could win plus the more we raise for youth development. Thanks for your support!
  5. Fawlty Towers

    Training Ground

    A bit more info here: https://www.kirkintilloch-herald.co.uk/news/plans-for-new-4m-partick-thistle-training-facility-at-kirkintilloch-1-4802022
  6. Congratulations to all the winners: https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/september-centenary-fund-results-2/
  7. Fawlty Towers

    Training Ground

    That's correct. The current position as I understand it is that the design is all done and the suppliers, contractors are all in place so it is just a case of waiting for the thumbs up from East Dunbartonshire Council and we will be good to go.
  8. Fawlty Towers

    Chief exec update

    It has bee a while since I thought of the fine detail relating to PropCo but as I recall the investors put in money to obtain the land and once it is sold there will be a split of the money between them with the club getting something as well. A "quick" trawl through this shed some light: https://document-api-images-prod.s3.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/docs/5TSYcciFpju0AqYMBcJi-82CtqprkJNLqxVI0xxfUEg/application-pdf?X-Amz-Algorithm=AWS4-HMAC-SHA256&X-Amz-Content-Sha256=UNSIGNED-PAYLOAD&X-Amz-Credential=ASIAWRGBDBV3JJTC7WUV%2F20180915%2Feu-west-1%2Fs3%2Faws4_request&X-Amz-Date=20180915T103600Z&X-Amz-Expires=60&X-Amz-Security-Token=FQoGZXIvYXdzEE8aDOa0BRTYhNgk5apc8yK3A%2BCMjUnO%2BkxOG7VF06l4j0CzVsB89oauHEWAmDvMMh06gTJke4ayWpB85e0XRlALiThxO%2FRn2r6K1nksXgOFz5f9WIlCnAles2K26y3gKS4OLEs%2B8%2FNeIIODBdQ%2BL2nyVWCKhA%2FOPKIYlRBe4m8l%2Fc%2F8RADD5YK6Wx1T2RooCFbvg0E6FxR5L1NyuljkFO45dTr4fUi2MqXgqutdfkGAYJlmGn3kLQC4zyzAjmFViS0lvk8Cfv9QsmDa4VPBbPbQkMy%2FBTEa58rb0jdanLMYwYPn6aLd1dBnSZUn%2Flf0T3lq6g%2Bo6nDFuMetW5fF7IfPkYGpbB4sVa720vQJZZ%2FaQksIN6ntHc5RGVBmwAjncDWVdpqkKorGPg5oVjz%2FQOKNx2kl16%2FTjDsXK6uLmno8nSFmXtfWiNKwCbtVWYajaIn8J%2BgleHTMEZaQ0h7lIHKCUhyJnKXI1Nm88PXLoBXGCaOWxv%2FctmvzE4NZaVOeoLjQZ1lzM0ZcpKEIgSQJerq7t%2BLjoxevwWed9qmC56cJ6W1hHA2sQL6jkLhZPDX0wodhQ%2B2WXz3FD4oU12MIhLvKdPgE%2FF4orWgo77by3AU%3D&X-Amz-SignedHeaders=host&X-Amz-Signature=dcb6abc28d061962ae0cf0b92770851aba832596ac33843058a86acb7f24bbb2
  9. Fawlty Towers

    Training Ground

    Where did you see about the meeting? I recall early on when Ian Maxwell was still here he said that they would look to have the pitches in place first so it could be that by operational in July 2019 they are talking about the pitches and the other parts will follow on.
  10. Fawlty Towers


    I prefer Big Daddy
  11. Fawlty Towers

    Easyfundraising & Easysearch

    If you are planning a break over the September weekend you can book it online and by using easyfundraising you will also raise funds for our football club: https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/ Lets all work together to raise as much as possible for our club. Thanks for your support!
  12. Fawlty Towers


    Good news indeed but let's remember at that age even players who went on to have great careers were still a bit up and down so it would be unfair to expect him to start every game from now on.
  13. Fawlty Towers

    CEO update

    Archie in his time as manager has always conducted himself with a degree of class that has often escaped his critics.
  14. Fawlty Towers

    A Good News Story

    Something to end the weekend with: https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/meet-sena-junior-star-stuck-13213214 Good luck to the lad.
  15. Fawlty Towers

    Easyfundraising & Easysearch

    Remember to use easyfundraising when you are making your online purchases over the next few weeks and months so that we can raise as much as possible for our football club: https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/ Thanks for your support!