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  1. I would say we are in a 4 team mini league with Alloa, Morton & QoS. The 2 games against QoS will be vital and we need to give everything to get 6 points from them.
  2. If the game goes ahead tomorrow there will be 50/50 tickets on sale so remember to get yours. Thanks for your support!
  3. A lot of discussion in other threads over how at other clubs everyone is pulling together to help their club. Easyfundraising offers that opportunity to anyone who supports our club as each purchase raises funds for our club: https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/ Let's work together to maximise the amount we raise for our club. Thanks for your support!
  4. A better man than me once said: "Every Kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand"
  5. As other duties meant I missed the opening part of the game what happened with the Raith player fouling someone and the ref initially showing a red before changing to a yellow? Having watched the highlights why did O'Ware start off marking their first scorer then decide it would be better to mark Saunders?
  6. I will keep it short this evening for obvious reasons. 1st (£289) - 117243 2nd (Signed Ball) - 118152 Thanks for your support!
  7. Tickets will be on sale at tomorrow night's game against Raith so please continue your excellent support and get your tickets from our sellers.
  8. A couple of Scotland U17 games in March as well: https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/news/venues-confirmed-for-u17-elite-round/?rid=13925
  9. I wonder how people would vote if given the option of a plastic pitch which would have an initial cost but then reduce costs as we could use it to train on, reserve games,etc or a grass pitch which suffers later in the season due to additional games played on it to generate income. We could have a grass pitch and only use it for our first team matches which would keep it in a much better condition but would need to find other ways to increase revenue.
  10. Best wishes to Jackie.
  11. That might be true but I know which approach I would favour.
  12. Organisations that do well are ones which have very clear aims, everyone in the organisation knows their role and how it fits in with achieving those aims and there is usually a clearly defined structure. I am not sure we have had all of this in recent seasons.
  13. We all want to see the first team perform better and the club operating in a professional manner but at this moment in time we need to get our priorities right. We need the results on the park to improve so we don't get relegated and then we need to sort out the other side,