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  1. chunky jag

    Who's next?

    Neilson is the outstanding candidate but there’s zero chance we can afford him. Goodwin to me on paper is the sort of appointment I’d want. Young hungry manager, who has promotion already on his cv. Knows our level of football too
  2. chunky jag

    Where Do You Think We'll Finish?

    I’ll take a stab at 5th. Hard to say. I highly doubt we’ll challenge for the league, may challenge for play offs if everything breaks right
  3. chunky jag

    Cammy Bell

    Really pleased with this, always liked him at Killie
  4. chunky jag

    Team rebuilding

    Yeh the boards comment about promotion is still confusing to me. Very little chance in my mind that we can win promotion the now, in fact with the massive rebuild i would not be surprised with a lower half finish (hope im wrong of course)
  5. chunky jag

    Team rebuilding

    They are getting at the fact we were relegated again right away, and after 1 year we were in 3rd tier, and thus them being clever as we were out the 2nd tier. Its the sort of argument my wife makes when shes trying to get on my tits
  6. chunky jag

    Team rebuilding

    There are no names I'm really that excited by that we could realistically get. Paton I'd take if at the right price, still think he would contribute at a high level in the first division. The first 6 weeks of the first division winning season under Jackie was the best run of form I've ever seen from a Jags team, the football was out of this world, and Paton's pressing and aggression in the middle was a huge part of that. That said, going back the way isn't always a good idea, but then again I thought Rowser was just as good a contributor when he came back as he was when he was first with us, so Paton in my mind would be worth a punt. But last time we won the league - who had heard of Doolan, Erskine, O'Donnell, Taylor-Sinclair, Lawless, Craigen etc before we signed them? Not many folks. I'd rather go down the route of hungry young guys and build again. We have enough experience with the guys we've held onto, lets get some young guys with a chip on their shoulder.
  7. chunky jag

    Playing Squad Update

    I think it's maybe officially June but the released/freed players can now be signed or announced?
  8. chunky jag

    World Cup Pop Up

    thanks for setting this up BB A - 1,4,3,2 B-2,1,3,4 C-1,4,3,2 D- 3,1,2,4 E-1,2,3,4 F-1,4,2,3 G-1,4,3,2 H-1,3,4,2
  9. chunky jag

    Club Statement Archie

    JJ - this is one of my major gripes from this season. I am in no way shape or form an expert in this field, but I feel the management of the long term injuries, and the subsequent reliance on them coming back to save us, shafted us this season (amongst other things). Lost count of the amount of jagzone interviews where Archie seemed perplexed Bannigan had broken down again, and stated they had been advised wrongly about waiting on him being operated on. Archie puts a lot of stock into the sport science part, you often here im say things about how many miles players have in their legs etc, and how he consults junior mendes about who is fit and who needs a rest. But injuries are such a common thing for us that you could argue it's not working. It could however just be bad luck, we'll see this season. As previously stated by many - if we don't get off to a good start, the natives will be restless. The statement was a bit strange. Patronising toward Archie a bit, whilst admittedly wholeheartedly supporting him. A bit aggressive with "win promotion or bust" messaging - I presume this is sell season tickets. But with no Maxi, and squad about to be ripped to shreds, it's a huge task to get us promoted right away, I'd be delighted with play offs this year, but fully expecting 5th-6th. Then make a push next year. We'll see how it goes, hope the loyalty pays off for the board, and I hope Archie can turn it around this year.
  10. chunky jag

    Club board meeting

    I'd rather a BLT to be honest
  11. chunky jag

    Paws 2017-18

    elevenone did I sign up for this? I did it last year but don't know if I signed up this year. im skint just now-paid a week tomorrow so if I signed up - let me know and i'll send u money a week tomorrow is that ok? Cheers
  12. chunky jag

    New Management

    agree with this - I would be open to keeping archie for this reason - but board would need convinced has he learned why this season was as poor as it was. Injuries yeh but we can't keep falling back on that. Recruitment, out of form players who were previously reliable, management of the long term injuries, failure to get any continuity on the pitch (again injuries are partly to blame), players relaxing into a comfort zone, "losing the dressing room" - there can be questions asked of all these issues. The goal difference is embarrassing. Losing in the play offs to Livi is embarrassing (but good luck to them). Huge questions for archie to answer if he wants to stay, which isn't a given. I hope he's learned from this season, and could use his experience and anger at what happened to lead us back.
  13. chunky jag

    New Management

    agree with most of that laukat - team has reached the end of their shelf life, its been a great ride these past 5 years, and as you quite rightly say it was McCall that put the wheels in motion. I've been a huge supporter of Archie, but my biggest concern appears to be he hasn't really moved us on in terms of on the field plan - to go into yesterday, the biggest game in our recent history, and the plan is still for Dools/Erskine/Lawless to win it for you, that was the plan 5 years ago, why have we no alternative? I too would take 5th-6th right now for next year, too often you see teams (happened to us remember) going straight down, we need to stop the cycle of losing every week and not scoring goals. Comfortable 5-6th would do me, and make a push for play offs/promotion the next season.
  14. chunky jag


    this forum is unusable for me on my iphone, my laptop seems fine but the fone just gets overtaken with amazon voucher ads
  15. chunky jag

    IN or Out

    Hard to comment on following Archie's comments about the clause in many players contracts that they be released or accept a pay cut. I'd like McCarthy, Erskine, Lawless, Dools, Elliot, Penrice to stay. Edwards and Cerny too if the price was right, think they could be 2 of the higher earners. Storey I think would do well in first div, but a whole season on the bench, there's no way he won't trigger his release clause and wind up with accies or dundee or something. Everyone else, I'm no bothered. If Barton's head was in it and wanted to be here, I think he'd stroll the first div at centre half, but he doesn't want to be here from how it looks.