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  1. We seem to have done a lot better since accepting that alignment across the UK wasn't working out too well.
  2. A fifth in proportion terms, not in total numbers
  3. Reading this thread reminds me that we're still a football club.
  4. Sorry. They had a lawyer on. Hopefully i can represent it correctly, but the gist of his main point was that this week's decision wasn't really the big issue. That arbitration is every bit as serious a legal process as court is, and that everything is still to play for. He also noted that the finding suggested that there was a case for the SPFL to answer. Daryl Broadfoot also fairly knowledgeable on it and spoke extensively. No one suggested that this is done and dusted. It definitely went against the BBC version that we'd "failed" to get relegation overturned. That to me seems a misrepresentation of the outcome.
  5. Sportsound was interesting today
  6. You're talking crap now. I think you've made a lot of good and well informed points but when you start claiming to know what I'm thinking better than I do myself I know you're havering, and your arguments lose a lot of credibility.
  7. No I didn't suggest that. And I don't think it. Read it again. Everyone isn't trying to argue with you. I suggested that it was a reason why some of us are feeling reasonably positive after the hearing.
  8. We'll never know for sure whether the documents would have been disclosed without court. I suspect a pretty strong arm would be required given SPFL resistance. You missed the my point on the second one. I acknowledge that the arbitration process has not been changed by the court ruling. I'm just saying that for most Jags fans the process seems more independent and therefore more positive than we'd assumed.
  9. I think that's true. I think the documents is the difference between arbitration first and arbitration now. The other big difference in many of our eyes is that arbitration sounds a bit more independent than we'd assumed. Fingers crossed.
  10. BBC reporting that we failed to have relegation overturned. Were we trying to do that today? I didn't think so
  11. I apologise to the prospective panel. My assumption had been SFA blazers. Maybe there is hope.
  12. The findings wouldn't be too bad if we had any faith in the independent process. I think the judge's finding appears very reasonable. But I wonder if he realises just how useless the people he is passing this over to are.
  13. That would have taken some make-over