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  1. allyo

    Caldwell Sacked

    If Caldwell's plan was to get us playing like Belgum then he fell some way short.
  2. allyo

    Caldwell Sacked

    Doubt it
  3. I love the thread title. So I think it deserves some consideration. Eh... No
  4. allyo


    So he's done a good job but he's an utter fraud for what you predict might happen in the future, at which point he wouldn't be getting paid any more? sorry Barney, nonsense. To be fair I think as this thread has developed you've realised it yourself. I'll judge Miller the same as any other player, is he working well for us...? As far as I've seen he is.
  5. allyo

    Caldwell Sacked

    Only in football management... In any other business experience is recognised and appreciated. It's not everything but it's something. Seems that in football its only your failures that are remembered (regardless of th extent f your successes). McCall for me but I'm still waiting for someone to explain why John Hughes is such an offensive idea. And Jackie McNamara... Been watching Thstle for 35 years and he put together the best team I've seen, so I'm struggling o care about what he did at York City.
  6. allyo

    Caldwell Sacked

    I always knew what it meant at Celtic and Rangers.
  7. allyo

    Caldwell Sacked

    LIB mentioned it previously and I actually thought it on Sunday. It was so far removed from the misery of the last couple of years that it put it all into sharper focus. May also have been an opportunity to sound some people out.
  8. allyo

    New Owner

    Give them a chance. They're still looking into Ernie Walker's think-tank.
  9. allyo

    Who Will Replace Caldwell?

    Furball for Thrills
  10. allyo

    New Owner

    101 with six darts. Let's see what you could have won.
  11. allyo

    Arbroath Friday!!!!

    Calm doon
  12. allyo

    Kris Doolan Testimonial

    Exception of Banzo, who's already there as far as I'm concerned. I reckon he was our most important player between about 2012 and 2015, and the one who was central to our successful style at that very successful and entertaining time.
  13. allyo

    Arbroath Friday!!!!

  14. allyo

    Kris Doolan Testimonial

    Yesterday was great, and an emotional day and I'm sure everyone agrees that Kris Doolan (and Chris Erskine) are legends. It was great to see them back and to get the chance to show our appreciation. One thing I would stand by, is that Gary Caldwell has to (or at least should) stand and fall by his decisions. On that basis I had no problem with him letting these players go, he has to look after the team, and his own prospects have to be based on the success of the team he builds. It may have been done badly, but in all honesty it was pretty easy to make a case for letting them go based on the football they'd been playing for a year or so. I think to keep them on for sentimental reasons, or even to support others, would have been a bit of a waste of their talent, if they can contribute more elsewhere. Unfortunately Gary Caldwell has not improved the team. That is the problem in my eyes, not the good people he's let go. I like others hope to see them both back when the time is right for them and us.
  15. allyo


    We cannot cope, they're so unclean Their brains are made of plasticine Sorry, I'm enjoying this, even if no one else is.