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  1. allyo

    Vs Morton

    Four of my favourite Thistle players
  2. Watching Liverpool v Man City yesterday Bernardo Silva drilled a finish into the bottom corner just inside the post and my dad said, when was the last time you saw a Thistle player just drive one inside the post like that? And I said, yesterday.
  3. Agree. And I think Shaw's goals at Parkhead are legendary. But he is a character on the legendary tale, rather than the legend. In my opinion. PS - This is all very subjective. I won't be arguing about it.
  4. allyo

    Vs Morton

    Sometimes it's difficult to defend him but I still think Banzo has a lot to offer and would be a better player in a better team.
  5. allyo

    Vs Morton

    Along with the Nomads game, Kenny Miller now guilty of two of the worst misses I've seen at Firhill. To be fair I still think he offers a lot
  6. allyo

    Vs Morton

    Agree 100%. Was my favourite player in the promotion team which relied on him greatly to be able to play as it did. Real Thistle guy. But he has struggled in a bad team, and his mistimed tackles and completely unnecessary cards are a real problem.
  7. So are we all wearing purple today? https://www.scotsman.com/business/glasgow-legal-firm-just-employment-law-hitting-purple-patch-for-charity-1-5037522
  8. Yep. Thanks for clarifying. I think I remember games against Aberdeen and St Mirren at Firhill but it was when i was getting lifted over the turnstile.
  9. I kinda feel that legend status has to include a fairly substantial time period with the club. I'd probably say that Chic, Lambie, Archie, Erskine and Dools are the genuine legends in my time watching Thistle. In fifty years they'll still be associated with this club. You could just about add Alan Rough, but my memories are very vague.
  10. allyo

    New Owner

    I don't want to be part of a multi club ownership model. No ifs or buts. I'd rather watch an independent Partick Thistle than the Scottish branch of an international portfolio of clubs. In fact I wouldn't really be interested in watching the Scottish branch of an international portfolio of clubs. Certainly not paying for it. This for me is more important than football success. Becoming the top club in Scotland under this model would mean very little to me. It would just be economics. It's about identity. The multi ownership thing is a massive dilution of the club as we know it. 220 pages and you'll never convince me that this would be a good thing. But that's just me. I'm not trying to convince anyone to agree. Having said that, I do think the non response if true sounds a bit shoddy.
  11. To be fair the "legend" was singular. No one went there expecting three pizzas with a single ticket. I think it would have been more accurately branded "A pizza, a pint, a legend, a talisman and an enigma". But that's maybe a bit too.long.
  12. Olive these puns are a bit cheesy