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  1. allyo

    Queens park game at Airdrie

    Were they Bad?
  2. allyo

    Queens park game at Airdrie

    I think teams have to be able to play on plastic these days, it hppens so often. So there's no point using it as an excuse. It's like blaming the sunshine or the moonlight.
  3. allyo

    Queens park game at Airdrie

    Err. Wake up Thistle fans!
  4. allyo

    New Owner

    Yeah okay. I thought it was quite funny.
  5. allyo

    New Owner

    Maybe. Was just a wee joke
  6. allyo

    New Owner

    I'm reallty confused. So is Chien Lee Jacqui Low's investor or DBeat's? (And what about Status Quo?)
  7. allyo

    New Owner

    These people quite clearly have no understanding of Thistle, if their objectives are based on us being successful.
  8. allyo

    New Owner

    That's true, but it would be enough to make me concerned about how it could all turn out. Not you?
  9. allyo

    Alan Rough the legend booted out

    To be honest, and this may be unfair, Alan Rough has always seemed a bit non fussed about Thistle to me. More of a soft spot than a passion. This is totally based on media appearances; I don't know him . As. I say, may be unfair. I just feel he was probably brought in for display reasons, and I'm not sure what he contributed. I'm not convinced that it'll be a major loss for either Thistle or Alan Rough.
  10. allyo

    New Owner

    Yep, sounds like there are a few of us who'd like to understand the whole trusts thing a bit better
  11. SOD and ATS played like that while we were only playing with two central defenders. It's no wonder we were so entertaining back then.
  12. allyo

    New Owner

    Not really
  13. allyo

    New Owner

    Alloa just there at the end of the season?
  14. allyo

    Alex Jones is a Jag

    That was my first impression but he's scored a few goals, which gives me some hope.
  15. He's scored some goals. Best of luck to him at Thistle