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  1. Glad to see you're ahead of the scientists on this.
  2. Our record against these same teams was terrible all season. We had an amazing record against teams below us. Celtic and particularly Aberdeen were embarrassing, but otherwise it was business as usual. Not saying that's okay, but we did always seem to be more up for the games that were against who we saw as direct rivals. And I do think that psychologically we never felt that we belonged in the top six. One thing you can't accuse Archie's team of was bottling it in real crunch games. Morton in 13, Hearts in 14, Motherwell and Ross County in 15, Killie in 16, Motherwell in 17. Even Dundee in 18 (though obviously the play off went all wrong).
  3. Can't bring myself to "like" but I do agree. If the season can't be finished then calling it on current points average is more valid than declaring a season that is 3/4 complete as void. In my opinion.
  4. We played 27 winnable games before the shut down and won six of them
  5. I don't really agree with that. You could calculate average points per game and we'd still be bottom. Personally I think the season should be played to an end. Whenever that is. It becomes difficult if football comes back on in November. It becomes easier if it doesn't start up til say next February when you'd have lost a straight calendar year. I know people will argue about squads being different, but it's the club that gets promoted/relegated, not the team, so I don't have any issues with that. Failing that, awarding places based on current points average seems like the most logical way. But to be honest I think the whole thing is getting ahead of ourselves. I'm just hopeful that Thistle and all the other clubs are still around. (eta: Maybe with the odd exception, mentioned above...)
  6. There's a very big question for Thistle in that idea. Which league would we play in? Assuming that you're just basing it on current leagues, and we're in league A, I think it looks a lot like a plan put together by a Thistle fan.
  7. Great idea. Remember that game well
  8. Looked again. I think East End Jag may well be right, that it is a different Partick FC, but the information on the Internet about these players is pretty inconsistent and there are plenty references to Thistle. Link below seems pretty reliable though. http://ptearlyyears.net/two-partick-footballers-started-professional-football By the way I'm not sure I'd recommend it. After getting excited about the early references to Partick it went downhill pretty quickly.
  9. How times change. Top of the English game, accusations of cheating by spending excessive money to bring in two players with big reputations, from Partick Thistle
  10. Just started watching it. The link below, you may have to zoom in, would suggest that they were indeed Partick Thistle players, and therefore that the Jags introduced real football to England. https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=BkICPoHh3oAC&pg=PT19&lpg=PT19&dq=fergus+soutar+jimmy+love&source=bl&ots=PRuIJD3V3z&sig=ACfU3U09Cu4Wjg2ATNbev97prB5BUu5t5A&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiS96imhr7oAhUHilwKHdDDAKcQ6AEwAHoECAoQAQ#v=onepage&q=fergus soutar jimmy love&f=false
  11. Seriously fed up with constant immature and frankly pathetic bickering on here. This isn't twitter, where any random person can turn up and badmouth any random person, and while there's not a lot can be done about it it's easily avoided. This forum is a relatively small community of Thistle fans who want to discuss Thistle. It might be online, but anyone coming on here and slagging other people and just basically looking for trouble is acting like the ar*ehole in the pub, attention seeking, dominating discussions and ruining it for everyone else. It's on virtually every thread and therefore difficult to avoid. The rest of us just have to scroll through it to find the decent conversation which is regularly drowned out. I'd ask people to stop, but I know that won't help. Anyway.
  12. Considering the situation at half time it's a decent outcome