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  1. We've been too nice for ages. I don't know how good he is these days, but in principle I'm all for this.
  2. We don't just yoyo. We bungee. Generally drop a lot further than the likes of Dundee, Ross County, St. Mirren , Inverness before climbing back up.
  3. allyo

    Jags vs DABs

    I do think we are vulnerable. A pretty dodgy statistic is that in every single (league) game where we have scored the first goal, the opposing team has gone on to equalise. However what we are now is inconsistent. That is a huge improvement on what we were at the start of the season. Even in games like yesterday I can see that, when the game is pretty much lost, McCall is using the game time positively to try out other things (Saunders at right back, Penrice in midfield, Mitch Austin on the pitch). I may be a bit chartable, but I just think he is still assessing what he has, and I feel positive that issues will be addressed and we will improve. So, disappointing as yesterday was, I didn't come away with the depressed feeling I got earlier in the season.
  4. The 3-1 east Fife game had a last minute equalising penalty and I was standing behind the goal. That was the game when i decided that I wanted to go to the football every week and not just on the odd occasion. Reckon i was about 12 or 13.
  5. Well he has three second names
  6. allyo

    V Alloa

    Feeling a bit more confident after recent games. I give McCall a lot of credit for the way he has used the time since he came to us. He's tried different formations, given everyone a chance while scraping enough points to keep us in touch. Now he seems to have settled the team and against Inverness and Morton we've seen a couple of good performances and convincing wins. Even the Dundee game, while disappointing, didn't feel like a huge deflection. Fancy us to win, but it won't be easy. (It never is)
  7. Erskine vs Airdrie or Zidane at Hampden?
  8. Definitely my favourite team in 35 years of watching Thistle.
  9. Happy new year everyone. Best wishes.
  10. I feel that story has justified the thread. ☺
  11. Higginbotham's cross for Doolan's goal in that same period (post split 2014) was something special. I agree that for that few months in 2014 he was as good as I've seen in a Thistle shirt. https://spfl.co.uk/videos?v=UN5xnFeM1rA&pl=PLAmNSUlUap5u6U2KmjUdYxmjlPghjkJJ6
  12. In terms of reaction, Christie Elliott against Airdrie has to be up there. For quality, Chris Erskine volley against Airdrie in the same season was pretty spectacular. (It was also crucial as we were still chasing Morton and it broke the deadlock)
  13. I think that's the team I'd go for; though I'd be tempted to have Christie Elliott in for O'Donnell, who I thought was hit and miss for us and to be honest I'd never have picked out as a future international. Shows you how much I know.
  14. I reckon Kenny Miller fancies himself as a defensive midfielder... and an attacking midfielder, a centre forward, a right winger, a left back. Probably as a goalkeeper too.
  15. You somehow don't notice his baldy spot as much these days.
  16. Still no shut-outs in the league this season. We don't win games easily. But the defense is definitely looking better. Only one goal conceded in each of our last four games.
  17. I really like that McCall stuck with the same team as last week, despite defeat. It suggests that he knows his squad and has a plan, and is in contrast to Caldwell's constant chopping and changing.
  18. Other results don't look great for us, but who knows? If we were to end up in the playoffs then today will have been ideal.
  19. Good shout. Rowson, Archie and Cairney are other possibilities from early in the decade. I'd probably go with Archie and Lindsay at the back (though Muirhead was excellent for the promotion season).
  20. If you want to be pedantic I doubt very much that there was ever a year 1
  21. As we move into the 20s, a chance to look back on a decade of highs and lows for Thistle. We end the decade with the same manager that we started it with, but for the most part it's been others in charge. And obviously players have come and gone. It's been a decade where I truly believe that we have been represented by players who will go down as legends in the club history. And also by a few numpties. So, who'd make your starting eleven? In my view there's an eaay option to pick the 2012/2013 in full, but with 5 years in the premier league following that, there are plenty who proved at the higher level that they'd challenge for a place. Did Christie Elliott ever exceed the level of O'Donnell? Booth over ATS? Cerny or Gallagher or Fox? And what about Osman, Higginbotham, Lyle Taylor? Plenty to consider.
  22. RIP true Jags supporter but more importantly seemed to be a truly decent person with a conscience focused on what is important. Thoughts with family and all those close to him. And thanks